Posted on June 7, 2021

Sights and Sounds of the New South Africa

AR Staff, American Renaissance, June 7, 2021

Power outages are common in South Africa. They are called “load shedding,” and in most places there is a blackout of at least a couple of hours every day. Eskom, the national utility, is kind enough to warn of cuts in advance, but imagine having to run a business – or even a home alarm system – with power cuts every day.

Part of the problem is the huge number of people who steal electricity by making illegal connections to power lines. This video shows the typical jungle of cables in the “townships” where blacks live. Note the living conditions.

This man discovered that making electric connections can be dangerous.

Corruption is everywhere. Here, men use a police vehicle to deliver firewood for a barbecue. Are they officers in civilian clothes? Or did they steal the vehicle? Or the firewood? The text, in Afrikaans, says “For barbecue (braai) firewood call 10111. They will deliver.” 10111 is the national police emergency number.

Wanton destruction – wrecking things just for the fun of it – is common. Here, a man tours his devastated beehives. “What the hell is wrong with these bloody people?” he asks.

And, finally, this is what happened to heavy equipment left overnight at a construction site.