Posted on February 16, 2024

Furious Fani Willis Insists ‘Physical’ Relationship With Nathan Wade Ended Before She Hired Him

Geoff Earle, Daily Mail, February 15, 2024

Nearly 90 minutes into her dramatic testimony in a Georgia courthouse, Fulton County DA Fani Willis gave a nuanced answer indicating her ‘physical’ affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade ended before Donald Trump and 18 associates were charged with a racketeering conspiracy.

But whether the relationship itself had ended completely before the bombshell indictment was not entirely clear.

Deep into her testimony about the ‘romantic’ relationship that she did not disclose to colleagues and when it began, Wills got pressed when the pair split, after revelations they were an item blew open the Trump prosecutions in Georgia.

‘The romantic relationship ended before the indictment was returned – yes or no?’ asked Trump lawyer Steven Sadow inside a Fulton County courthouse Friday.

‘To a man, yes,’ she said – indicating that the ‘physical’ relationship with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade had ended by that time.

‘To a man yes, to you no?’ Sadow followed up.

‘Did the forthcoming indictment have anything to do with that?’ he pressed.

Willis had ventured her views on male-female differences that were crucial to her answer. It was one of many times the DA offered attention-grabbing and sometimes extraneous information in the blockbuster hearing – including her preference for Grey Goose vodka, her keeping a stash of up to $15,000 cash in her home, and not venturing a guess as to what continent Belize was on after traveling there with her flame.

‘Let’s go on and have a conversation,’ Willis said.

‘Mr. Wade is used to women, as he told me one time, the only thing a woman can do for him is make him a sandwich. … I don’t need anything from a man. A man is not a plan. A man is a companion,’ Willis said.

‘I don’t need anybody to foot my bills. The only man who’s ever foot my bills completely is my daddy.’

‘So it’s clear, the physical relationship ended pre-indictment,’ Sadow asked her.

‘I’m not sure that the tough conversation didn’t happen until after, but the physical relationship – I’m sure if you asked Mr. Wade, because he’s a male, he would say we ended June or July, because physical contact ended then,’ she explained.

‘In my mind, being a woman, it’s over when you have that like hard conversation. I just think women and men think differently.’

In either scenario, DA and the prosector who signed a contract to help lead her team were jointly committed to the task even while engaged in a relationship.

Wade and Willis each testified that the romantic relationship began in 2022, after she had brought him on.

They also both said they met at a judicial conference in 2019, although Willis emphatically denied hooking up with Wade at the time.

‘I’m not on trial, no matter how hard you try to put me on trial,’ she told Merchant.

Sadow also questioned Wade on the end of the relationship, asking if he had ‘any personal relationship at all’ at that point.

‘Are you asking me have I had intercourse with the district attorney?’ Wade shot back.

‘The answer would be no.’

‘You say personal. We’re very good friends,’ he told Sadow. ‘Probably closer than ever because of these attacks. But if you’re asking me about specific intercourse, the answer is no.’

Although lawyers frequently coach witnesses on giving curt answers on the stand, Willis provided long answers filled with tidbits while flashing obvious fury at some of the lawyers to were interrogating her.

Speaking of her trips with Wade and meals and drinks they had, she said he likes wine.

‘I don’t really like wine to be honest with you. I like Grey Goose,’ she allowed.

Sadow also pressed her on the start of her relationship, after Ashleigh Merchant and other lawyers tried to establish that the pair were dating before they claimed and before Wade got hired.

‘Did you have contact with Mr. Wade in 2020,’ Sadow asked her.

She said they had ‘very limited contact’ because of ‘a form of cancer that makes your allegation somewhat ridiculous.’

‘I’m not going to emasculate a black man,’ she told him, emphatically repeating the line. ‘Did you understand that?’ she asked.

Willis also said she didn’t know details of locations of Wade’s work trips, speaking in some detail about four trips she said they took together. She said she booked cruises through a travel agent and reimbursed him for one excursion with $2,500 in cash.

‘Let’s take the Belize trip for example. That was a birthday trip to me, so I paid nothing for that trip,’ she said of the 50th birthday extravaganza.

At one point Sadow asked about the ‘cash horde’ she she brought around to different locations. ‘The money would be wherever I laid my head.’

When he said ‘horde,’ she said, ‘thought you said something else.’

‘As a woman, you should have at least six months in cash in your house at all times,’ she advised. She said her father, who Merchant wants to call as a witness, ‘bought me a lock box and I have cash in the house.’

‘If you’re a woman and you go on a date with a man you better have $200 in case,’ she further advised.

Willis said on her ‘worst days’ she had $500 cash. ‘At my best days, I probably had $15,000 in my house, cash,’ she said.

At another point, she said she kept $9,000 at home.

The details came in a dramatic hearing before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee over whether Willis’ office should be disqualified from the case.

Trump and 18 codefendants are charged with a variety of racketeering and other charges related to Trump’s effort to overturn the election results in the state, which went for Joe Biden.