Posted on August 10, 2021

Baltimore Professor Who Sold Grades Gets One Year in Jail

Chris Berinato and Alexa Ashwell, WBFF, August 9, 2021

A former math professor at Baltimore City Community College was sentenced to one year in jail as part of a plea deal after an investigation revealed he made thousand of dollars off students in pair of schemes that spanned nearly seven years.

Edward Ennels, 45, pleaded guilty to bribery and misconduct in Baltimore County Circuit Court August 5,


According to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, in 2020 Ennels collected $2, 815 from nine students as part of his bribery scheme.

Investigators detailed Ennels directly solicited students, offering and often bargaining with them for favorable grades in exchange for money.

For example, offering $150 for a C, $250 for a B, of $500 for an A.

Prosecutors say he would haggle with students if they declined to pay. {snip}


Ennels’ second scheme dates back to 2013.


{snip} Ennels sold 694 access codes for approximatey $90, totaling more than $62,000 in profits.