Posted on April 29, 2022

Photos: Minneapolis After the Riots

Gilbert Cavanaugh, American Renaissance, April 29, 2022

In 2013, I published a photo essay of Minneapolis that showed how foreign and non-white huge swathes of the city had become. Recently, I visited the city for the first time since the riots in 2020, and went back to Lake Street, a major road and the site of most of my 2013 photos. Things have gotten worse.

Nine years ago, Lake Street was alien. The BLM riots hit this part of town very hard, so today, it’s both alien and “bombed out.” There are many vacant lots and boarded-up or destroyed stores.

Destroyed Minneapolis Police Precinct

This is the what is left of the Third Precinct Police Station that BLM rioters burned.

Destroyed Minneapolis Shell Station

Rioters destroyed this gas station.

“Amir”  refers to Amir Locke, a black man. Police shot and killed him after he pointed a gun at them.

Closed Aldi's in Minneapolis

Some stores still have boarded-up windows, but post large signs to assure the public they’re open. Otherwise, customers might walk right by this Goodyear Tire store:

Goodyear Is Open

Note the “Tuck Frump” graffiti.

Other stores have changed what they sell. This notice is on the front door of the Target that was looted and destroyed in 2020.

Blacks often shoplift sports trading cards.

Blacks often shoplift sports trading cards.

Unlike nine years ago, there is now trash everywhere.

Hoodie on Lake Street

There used to be a lot of graffiti on Lake Street. Now, there’s even more.

Proud Boys Minneapolis

Here are two city workers cleaning spray paint off a historical marker:

Graffiti Cleaners in Minneapolis

The stores are still largely alien, mostly Hispanic but also African.

Las Cuatro Milpas

Note “Make Tacos Not Walls” on the awning.

Like all dangerous multiracial areas, Lake Street has many murals celebrating multiculturalism.

This quote comes from the radical black terrorist Angela Davis.

Sometimes, it’s unclear if something is graffiti or a commissioned mural:

Painted Post Office

This Post Office’s decoration is incomplete. Presumably “begin” or “start” should follow “Let Healing.”

Some murals are confusing. The reason for the focus on smartphones in these paintings is unclear to me:

“MCAD” stands for “Minneapolis College of Art and Design,” so this was definitely commissioned.

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify who the subjects of a mural are. Here, the three people in the foreground are identified, but nobody else.

I think the interracial couple might be the pair behind the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court case, but I have no idea who the two people flanking them are.

This large mural pairs various non-white groups with an animal.

Interestingly, the African-American seems not to have an animal companion.

Despite all the crime and chaos, the area remains as leftist as ever:

Send Omar Back

Lake Street has never had a shortage of panhandling and often intoxicated American Indians. It’s also the location of the Division of Indian Work, an organization that seeks “to support and strengthen urban American Indian people through culturally-based education, traditional healing approaches, and leadership development.”

This mural covers the lower portion of the organization’s large building:

This is what dispossession looks like. This is the end of white America.