Posted on November 5, 2019

The Fort Hood Shooting Is Only the Latest

Dave Gibson, American Renaissance, January 2010

Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan

The day after Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allah Akbar” as he gunned down fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, President Obama told us not to “jump to conclusions” about motives. Since then there has been more than enough evidence to prove that Dr. Hasan was a fanatic who put loyalty to Islam above all else. His statements to colleagues, his Internet postings, and his disturbing behavior have been widely reported elsewhere, but if confirmation were necessary one need only to look at Maj. Hasan’s business card. It included not only his qualifications and contact information but also the line: “SoA (SWT).” Experts tell is that SoA stands for “Soldier of Allah,” and SWT stands for “Subhanahu Wa Ta’all,” or “glory to God” in Arabic.

Taking their cue from the President, the mainstream media downplayed Maj. Hasan’s fanaticism, and offered threadbare excuses about mental instability and harassment from non-Muslim colleagues. Typical was MSNBC’s Hardball anchor Chris Matthews’ explanation as to why the Army and FBI did nothing when Maj. Hasan tried to get in touch with al-Qaeda: “That’s not a crime to contact al-Qaeda is it?”

Perhaps most revolting was the reaction by Army Chief of Staff General George Casey on Meet the Press. He, too, warned against drawing conclusions about Maj. Hasan’s motives, and lamented that “it would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.” He seemed to imply that “diversity” was more important than practical measures to keep murderous Muslims out of the military.

Despite the government cover-ups and media spinning, there is no doubt that we have Muslim terrorists plotting and attacking inside the United States. If we are to survive, we must open our eyes to the facts and stop worrying about who may be offended if we take measures to protect ourselves.

With 86 percent of Americans identifying themselves as Christians, radical Muslims realize that they will never convert us and some, as directed by the Koran, have now decided to kill us. However, you will never hear that painful truth from the mouths of network anchors or from our spineless politicians.

What follows is a list of known plots and terrorist attacks carried out since September 11, 2001 by Muslim radicals living in the U.S.:

  • On July 4, 2002, Egyptian national Hesham Mohamed Hadayet walked into Los Angeles International Airport and shot and killed El Al stewardess Vicky Chen and Los Angeles resident Yaakev Aminov. Mr. Hadayet also stabbed an El Al security guard who shot and killed him. Israeli officials were unanimous in calling the attack terrorism, but Americans disagreed. FBI spokesman Matt McLaughlin told reporters: “There is no indication of any terrorism connection in this matter,” and Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn called it “an isolated incident.”
  • In March 2003, while he was stationed in Kuwait with American forces preparing to attack Iraq, Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar tossed a grenade and fired into a tent filled with sleeping soldiers. In an attack clearly aimed at officers, he killed Army Capt. Christopher Seifert and Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, and injured 14 other soldiers. Mr. Akbar, a black who was born Mark Kools, converted to Islam after joining the Army, and identified with Iraqis rather than with his fellow soldiers. “You guys are coming into our countries, and you’re going to rape our women and kill our children,” he said after he was arrested. Sgt. Akbar was sentenced to death and is awaiting execution.
  • In October 2005, a 21-year-old white student attending the University of Oklahoma accidentally exploded a backpack bomb outside of a sold-out football game at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. According to eyewitness accounts, Joel Henry Hinrichs was sitting on a park bench about 100 yards from the stadium fidgeting with his backpack, when the bomb went off. He is thought to have been arming the bomb before carrying it into the stadium crowded with 84,500 fans. Mr. Hinrichs had a Pakistani roommate and had marked Muslim leanings. Police searched their apartment and discovered more bomb-making materials as well as anti-Semitic, anti-American Islamic literature. The FBI claimed that Hinrichs was simply a “troubled” young man.
  • In March 2006, a young Muslim named Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar rented an SUV and drove it into a crowd of students at the University of North Carolina, injuring nine people. The Iranian native told police he was retaliating for “the treatment of Muslims around the world.” At his arraignment, Mr. Taheri-azar told the judge he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah,” and has since pleaded guilty to nine counts of attempted murder.
  • In July 2006, Naveed Afzal Haq forced his way into the Seattle Jewish Federation and shot six people, killing one, before surrendering to a SWAT team. He attacked only women, one of whom was pregnant. Jewish Federation employee Marla Meislin Dietrich told reporters that as Mr. Haq walked the halls firing, he shouted: “I’m Muslim-American” and “I’m angry at Israel.” His father is a founder of a Seattle-area mosque. The authorities refused to call this terrorism; Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels insisted it was “a crime of hate.” The city’s police chief, Gil Kerlikowske, added that he was “protecting mosques because there is always concern about retaliatory activity.”
  • In August 2008, two weeks before the Democratic National Convention, Somali-born Saleman Abdirahman Dirie was found dead of cyanide poisoning in a room at the Burnsley Hotel in Denver, just a few blocks from the state capital. In his room was more than a pound of sodium cyanide, which is commonly found in rat poison. It can also be mixed with certain acids to produce extremely lethal cyanide gas that could have killed a large number of people. The FBI downplayed any possible connection to terrorism, and the story immediately dropped from sight.
  • In October 2008, Shirwa Ahmed exploded a bomb in a suicide attack at a United Nations checkpoint in Northern Somalia, killing 29 people. Ahmed was a naturalized U.S. citizen, living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after immigrating from Somalia, and is thought to be the first American citizen to kill himself in a suicide attack. In 2008, more than a dozen men of Somali descent disappeared from Minneapolis. U.S. law enforcement believes all of them have returned to Somalia to attend terrorist training camps or to join the al-Shabaab terrorist organization, which is closely allied with al Qaeda.
  • In December 2008, five Muslims were convicted of a 2007 conspiracy to commit an armed attack at Fort Dix, in New Jersey. Mohamad Shnewer, Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka, and Shain Duka, were sentenced to life in prison, and Serdar Tatar got a 33-year sentence. Three of the terrorists were illegal aliens who entered the United States from Mexico.
  • In May 2009, the FBI arrested four men who thought they were planting car bombs outside the Riverdale Temple and the Riverdale Jewish Center in New York City. They also planned to shoot down military aircraft with a Stinger missile. All of the bombs were fakes supplied by an informant. Three of the four men are black converts reported to have become radical Muslims in prison, and the fourth is Haitian. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the men “wanted to commit Jihad” because they were angry that American soldiers were killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • In June 2009, a black convert to Islam, 23-year-old Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, drove up to an Army-Navy recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, where two soldiers were taking a cigarette break, and opened fire. Mr. Muhammed, born Carlos Bledsoe, killed Prvt. William Long, 23 and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18. Police stopped and arrested Mr. Muhammad only 15 minutes after the shooting. The attack took place during the same week in which President Obama traveled to Egypt and made his apologetic speech to the Muslim world. Prosecutor Larry Jegley explained that Mr. Muhammed targeted soldiers because of what he considered to be their mistreatment of Muslims around the world and explained that “if there had been more recruits out there at the time, he would have killed more of them, or tried to.”
  • In September 2009, a grand jury indicted Afghan national Najibullah Zazi on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. The FBI claims that he was plotting to blow up U.S. targets and was in possession of plans for making hydrogen peroxide-based bombs. Since his arrest, Mr. Zazi has admitted he received training at a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.
  • Also in September 2009, FBI agents arrested 19-year-old Jordanian national Hosam Maher Husein Smadi. The young man, who claims to be an al Qaeda supporter, tried to blow up a high-rise office building in Dallas, Texas with a van filled with what he thought were explosives — duds supplied by FBI agents posing as fellow terrorists. He was arrested as soon as he dialed a cell phone that he thought would explode the fake bomb.

Mr. Smadi came to the attention of the FBI because of postings on the Internet six months earlier. Here are some that the FBI presented at his arraignment:

We shall attack them in their very own homes. Brother, by God, we shall attack them in a manner that hurts, an attack that shakes the world. Oh Brother, let the backsliders know that the time for their destruction has come.

I want to destroy . . . targets . . . everything that helps America in its war on Arabs will be targeted.

By God who created me, there will not be a retreat at all, even if they take me to Guantánamo for the rest of my life. I will never forget Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, or any land where the call of, ‘There is no God but God, Muhammad is God’s Messenger’ is raised.

All of these attacks disappeared from the nation’s newsrooms. Many Americans have either forgotten them or never even heard of many of them. That is no doubt the effect our press and politically correct government want to achieve.

Even during the 2002 Washington, DC sniper attacks, federal officials played down the possibility of terrorism. The snipers turned out to be two black Muslims — one an illegal alien. John Allen Muhammad modeled himself on Osama bin Laded, approved of the September 11 attacks, and reportedly planned to kill six white people a day for 30 days before setting up a camp in Canada where he would train young black boys to carry out mass-murder attacks in the United States. He and his protégé, Lee Boyd Malvo, killed some 20 people but neither was characterized as a terrorist or even charged with a hate crime. Mr. Muhammad was executed on November 10, and Mr. Malvo is serving a life sentence.

Our political leaders either do not understand the threat posed by Muslims here in the United States or they are so committed to the dogma of diversity — the idea that every group is equal in every way and essentially interchangeable — that they refuse to draw even the most obvious conclusions about certain groups.

There are now an estimated six million Muslims living in the United States, with more than 300,000 living in the Dearborn, Michigan, vicinity alone. Some high schools in the area even serve halal meals to accommodate their 90-percent-Muslim student bodies.

There is a large and growing population — estimated at over 350,000 — of converted Muslims inside our prisons. In 2005, The New York State Correctional System reported that 18 percent of its total state prison population was practicing Muslims. Violent, anti-social inmates are excellent potential recruits for terrorist attacks, and some even get radical propaganda from official sources.

In November 2001, while the ruins of the World Trade Center were still smoldering, a veteran female Muslim chaplain at New York’s Albion Correctional Facility, Aminah Akbar, told a group of about 120 inmates, “Bin Laden is a warrior for Allah, as all Muslims should be. Bin Laden is a hero to all Muslims.” She also added, “I am not an American, I just live here.” Miss Akbar was fired for remarks likely to stir up tension between Muslim and non-Muslim prisoners, but an arbitrator ruled her firing was unjustified. With chaplains like her it is no wonder that Jose Padilla, who was arrested in 2002 for planning a “dirty bomb” attack, was a convicted felon who converted to Islam in prison.

Steve Emerson, an expert on Islamic terrorism, warns that there is almost no monitoring of what prison imams — full-timers and part-timers — say to inmates. In February 2005, FBI director Robert Mueller told the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that “prisons continue to be fertile ground for extremists who exploit . . . a prisoner’s conversion to Islam.”

Some public schools promote Islam. In 1997, the U.S.-based Council on Islamic Education produced a lesson plan for American children called “Muslim Holidays.” It is full of politically correct propaganda about Islam as well as tips on how to circumvent regulations against teaching religion in public schools. More than 4,000 U.S. teachers are reported to have used the lesson plan in their classrooms. The same education system that has done everything in its power to drive children away from Christianity is now pushing Islam.

We can do very little about the cover-ups taking place inside this nation’s newsrooms. It is apparent that the leftists sitting behind network anchor desks will stop explaining away Muslim murders only when their own heads are sawed from their bodies. However, we can direct our politicians to defend this nation. Let us take to the streets in peaceful, though robust protest, let us fill Congressional offices, and let us cast our votes wisely!

Those of us who have not been intellectually castrated will point out Islamic terrorism every time we see it. If we lack the courage to name our enemy or even recognize its violent acts we can hardly expect to keep our country safe.