A Beheading in Oklahoma: Was It Terrorism or Workplace Violence?

Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News, October 10, 2014

She never saw him coming, according to police.

Just after 4 p.m. on Sept. 25, Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., was standing in the doorway of the front office in the food processing facility’s main building when Alton Nolen, a co-worker who had just been suspended over an argument with another colleague, violently grabbed her from behind.

As horrified employees watched, Nolen, a 30-year-old production line worker with a criminal history, savagely sawed at Hufford’s throat with a large kitchen knife he had gone home to retrieve, severing her head.

Nolen then went after Traci Johnson, a 43-year-old co-worker, viciously slashing her face and her throat in an attempt to decapitate her, too. But his bloody rampage came to an abrupt end when he was shot and wounded by the company’s top executive, who also happens to be a reserve deputy sheriff. Johnson, while severely wounded, survived.

Nolen, who was charged with first-degree murder last week and is likely to face the death penalty, “openly admitted to beheading” Hufford and trying to do the same to Johnson, according to a court affidavit. Authorities said he told investigators he had felt “oppressed” at work and was angry with Johnson, who had filed the complaint that led to his suspension. Johnson, who is white, and Nolen, who is African-American, had gotten into an argument about race, according to law enforcement officials.

“He didn’t like white people,” Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said at a press conference last week, declining to elaborate further on their altercation. While Nolen told police he had deliberately gone after Johnson and planned to attack two other people, Hufford had not been a specific target, Mashburn said. {snip}

But as residents of Moore grapple with the shock of what happened in their town, the gruesome nature of the crime has also sparked a politically charged question: Was it an act of Islamist terrorism or an extreme case of workplace violence?

Mashburn and other local officials have so far described what happened at Vaughan Foods as a horrifying but random case of an angry worker lashing out. But the grisly attack came after months of highly publicized beheadings by the Islamic State militant group and just days after the FBI warned local law enforcement officials around the country to be on guard against domestic attacks by supporters of the group, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

While the FBI says it has found no links so far between Nolen and the Islamic State or other extremist groups, there is little doubt he sympathized with their cause. Nolen, who had recently converted to Islam while serving time in prison for drug and assault charges, posted long anti-American screeds to his Facebook page, where he was listed under the name Jah’Keem Yisrael. On the page, which has since been removed, he published photos of Osama bin Laden and militant fighters as well as warnings to people who did not adhere to Muslim beliefs.

On March 7, Nolen shared a gruesome photo of the aftermath of a beheading, and in his last Facebook post, published on Sept. 23, he warned of the sinful world’s end. “This is [sic] the last days,” Nolen wrote.

Police said they were investigating reports that Nolen had been trying to recruit co-workers to Islam, a detail that has fueled concerns about a terror link. And Mashburn said Nolan apparently yelled out phrases in Arabic as he was carrying out the attacks, though the D.A.’s office is still investigating exactly what was said.

Law enforcement officials have acknowledged that Nolen’s extremist views probably influenced how he targeted his co-workers. “Obviously, there was some sort of infatuation with beheading,” Mashburn told reporters. But, he reiterated, the attack still seems to have been driven more by the disagreement about race than by religion.


And in Washington, Rep. Frank Wolf, a Virginia Republican, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder last week calling on the Obama administration to “not be quick to just dismiss this as workplace violence.”

Wolf likened the event to the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, when Maj. Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist angry over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, killed 13 people and injured dozens more. Hasan was later found to have exchanged emails with Anwar al-Awlaki, a cleric and al-Qaida leader who was eventually killed in a 2011 drone strike, and during his trial, Hasan said he had committed the act to show support for the Taliban.

But the Obama administration, in a decision that continues to be controversial, called the 2009 attack “workplace violence” instead of terrorism, depriving victims of combat-related awards and benefits.

In his letter to Holder, Wolf warned the administration to not allow “political correctness to drive the investigation” in Oklahoma. “Whether the Nolen investigation ultimately shows he communicated directly with terrorists abroad or was independently inspired by the recent ISIS beheading videos, there is no question this attack represents a direct threat from radicalized Islamic extremists to the American people,” Wolf wrote.


Though the mosque that Nolen attended in Oklahoma City reported receiving threats after the beheading, the mood in Moore has been one of shock but calm–a reaction from a city that is well practiced at dealing with tragedy in the national spotlight. But it’s also the reaction of a city that, in spite of being firmly positioned in the Bible Belt, is perhaps more tolerant than some outsiders might expect.

“There’s been no protests, no riots, no ugly incidents . . . just a feeling of, before we rush to any judgment, let’s let law enforcement do their job,” Cole said. “They are going to look at this about as thoroughly at the local, state and federal level as they can, and I think people generally trust that.”

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  • While the FBI says it has found no links so far between Nolen and the Islamic State or other extremist groups, there is little doubt he sympathized with their cause.

    Are we to think that AQ/ISIS prints membership cards and has some sort of central home office? There aren’t any “links” between these kinds of people and groups because they are not necessary, and in fact, too much of a paper trail between people and groups like these hinders their efforts. Like I said earlier in this matter, AQ/ISIS don’t need to sneak terrorists into the country anymore, they already have a plentiful supply of free roaming ex-con domestic black men who were indoctrinated into prison Islam while in the hoosegow.

    • baldowl

      You better believe it. Islam recruits in American prisons.

    • propagandaoftruth

      There’s been no protests, no riots, no ugly incidents . . . just a feeling of, before we rush to any judgment, let’s let law enforcement do their job,” Cole said. “They are going to look at this about as thoroughly at the local, state and federal level as they can, and I think people generally trust that.”

      There it is. We know how this compares to the negro way of thinking.

      • toldev

        I don’t know about that. I actually think many blacks know what likely happened with Michael Brown. It is just that they know the white authorities are going to give them a bit of a pass, so they are going to take full advantage of it.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Sure, considering the eyewitnesses who lied know they lied. Many hate Whites, especially Whites who enforce laws and try to keep order. I think many know what really likely happened and don’t give a rat’s fart about the truth.

    • MekongDelta69

      *ring ring ring

      “Hello, AQ/ISIS Beheadedquarters. This is Achmed Mohammed el Quran. My I kill you?”

      “Yo Achmed. I’m a disaffected, perpetually oppressed yout of color who hates everything. Can you send me a brochure?”

      “Ahh yes, my young suicide-bomber-in-training. Where should I send it?”

      “To the Federal Supermax Prison. Cellblack… uhh… I mean, cellblock #9.”

      “Ahh-ha. I see evil White man has put you into the ghetto-to-prison pipeline. Perfect. I will send out today. Please look for big surprise inside. Open c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.”

      “Right on Mr. A-Q. You da man.”

      “Always glad to help, my African friend. Happy hunting.”

      * click

  • MannyR

    If a white man with a shaved head and fatigues entered a warehouse screaming “Seig Heil” and intentionally targeted black workers with a weapon, what do you think the the FBI would call it?

    • John Smith

      Bingo. The filthy creatures in the anti-white media cabal don’t have a problem connecting dots and drawing instant conclusion when eg some white guy shoots multiple people or looks cross-eyed at a non-white.

    • A gift from Heaven?

    • Luca

      All a White man need do is tie a knot (any knot will do) in a rope and the negro-run White House would mobilize the full wrath of the “shock and awe” race-hustling storm troopers. i.e.; NAACP, ACLU, DOJ, FBI, SPLC, MSNBC, CBS, NYT, Yahoo, New Black Panthers, et al.

  • 48224

    Whites wait for the results of the investigation? Blacks on the other hand decide it’s “racism” before the cops gun stops smoking. I really think we whites need to take a lesson from black folks and start raising holy hell next time a brother kills or rapes a white person. Where I live, a beautiful young white woman was killed by a black felon fleeing police just the other day. Ran her down like a dog. Not a peep out of whitey. I’m totally serious. A little civil unrest is long over-due by angry white men. I can’t even name the last significant protest by whites about anything to protect their interests.

    • MannyR

      I have tried endlessly to sound the same alarm to fellow whites concerning the absolutely never ending string of brutal black on white murders that take place across our country ever week. The common reaction I get is a look of confusion followed by ” It’s not all blacks that are bad”. I’ve simply given up trying to motivate and awaken fellow whites. Modern American Whites are the essence of sheep. We should have been marching to the White House after the LA riots in 1992, but instead we’ve sat on our hands ever since.

      • 48224

        Totally agree. I thought about this and have decided that part of the reason whites don’t riot or protest is that they are afraid of being arrested for rioting….and lose their job. Or, be seen protesting and again…..lose their job for being a “racist” by the left. Whites have something to lose where as blacks……well, not so much. If you don’t have a decent job, you live in public housing….why not riot, rob loot and go to jail? You have nothing to lose.

        • MannyR

          You are absolutely spot on. It’s mostly fear of losing employment and social status that keep many whites on the sidelines. The power that young women have is also enormous. I feel that many white men could be easily brought to our side with very little effort but dare not support us due to the effect it would have on their dating lives and social circles. This is why is say that the key to creating a strong White Nationist movement is females. We must figure some way to enlightened them to our position on social issues in much larger numbers than what we have now.

          • Chris Granzow XI

            The ones that are afraid of it because of what women or dates will think are just being pussies. Seriously, I can understand worrying about losing employment, but women? If the man is strong and masculine and is pro-white, a lot of times it actually makes the woman feel safer and more secure. Most pro-white men care more about protecting white women and their safety than liberals do. They just need to frame their concern in this light to help women understand where their concern comes from. Unless their date is a brain-dead liberal, they should be fine.

          • 48224

            If you are a fan of the movie Tropic Thunder, you are familiar with the term “going full retard”
            I think white men must be strong and logical, point out the crime statistics, the welfare statistics, that every black city in America is a disaster…..without “going full skin head” and just yell nonsense that no one will listen to. That is the sort of thing that runs off most women….and most logical people.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Always go full tard, 48224.

            There is a way to be a man and have some dignity. Always be a little angry, jocularly mean, and don’t apologize or whine.

          • The way I see it, a fellow should always be funny about this sort of thing. I don’t whine or woof, but I do a whole lot of laughing. Humor costs me absolutely nothing, and it even feels good.

            We had a good laugh last week at the neighborhood being filled up with cops, and they weren’t interested in me. Six or eight police cars showing up is never for a happy event, and I saw one of the old guys being wheeled out by paramedics on a gurney. Judging by the number of cops, he either committed suicide, tried to do so, or his wife shot him, but I don’t know, as I don’t even know his name, let alone how he behaves indoors.

            I would hate for any of those things to have happened, but I am sure happy that it wasn’t me

            The last time I saw him, I had been mentioned in the HOA newsletter for doing a lot of free welding and woodworking here, so he waved and said “Hi, Michael.”

            A sense of humor usually always helps.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I would hate for any of those things to have happened, but I am sure happy that it wasn’t me.
            There’s a great classical quote from a Roman I cannot locate. It was one of the quotes that would appear at the opening of a battle or campaign in the old Rome: Total War game. Something to do with how sweet it is to watch the struggles of a distant ship in stormy waters from the safety of a high cliff…

            I understand completely, though this is likely the feeling eloi white traitors and quislings feel watching other Whites get thrown under the bus. It was how I felt before my under-bus-experience.

            Better him than me…

            Understandable but pathetic.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Giving us credit for IQs above room temp might help. Just sayin’.

          • But your IQ is clearly less than a warm spring day? Although I certainly don’t group all women into the same fruit basket as you and your multitude of issues and insecurities, your stepping up to defend them is somewhat like MLK saying not all blacks are adulterous scum.

          • Spikeygrrl

            And good morning to you, too!

          • Usually Much Calmer

            They’ll come.

        • Periapsis

          When enough whites have nothing to lose but the enemies who are raping, murdering, robbing, terrorizing, abusing, and oppressing them, the blacks won’t have to worry about whites protesting. They won’t have to worry about whites rioting. What they will have to worry about are whites coming after and slaughtering them.

        • Periapsis

          When the last thing whites worry about is losing employment, they are going to bypass the protests straight to going after their enemies. It will come with the suddenness and devastation of a dam break.

          • 48224

            Peri, I don’t totally disagree. I always say, “one of these days, SOMETHING will happen.” A food shortage, brought on by something like a limited nuclear war, a meteor hitting the earth, global warming…..whatever. And suddenly, some really harsh decisions will have to be made as to who gets to eat and who doesn’t. Only people with valuable skills will get to eat, and those who can figure how to survive without government help…..this will not go well for blacks and most browns. It will be like something out of a science fiction movie.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Are you the Cossack?

          • Periapsis

            Cossack traditions are very strong among Ukrainians, who ARE Cossacks at heart. This is also true among Russians, Cossacks made Russia and it’s people what they are today. However I am not the guy in the picture, he’s a younger and stronger man than I am. I would have loved to learn how to use swords like those. There’s women who are masters of traditional Cossack swords in Russia and Ukraine, like this Cossack girl below. Muslims fear Cossacks, because many a Cossack wiped Muslim blood off their sabers time and time again until the Bolshevik takeover.

          • propagandaoftruth

            You are the Cossack! She’s gorgeous.

            Cossacks fulfilled the Slav cowboy role too in the taming of Siberia, trailblazing, colonizing, dealing with obstreperous resistance.
            Ancient Scythians, likely ancestors of Cossacks, had some tough women according to ancient sources.

            Crack that whip, babe-sky!

          • Periapsis

            That’s not a whip, that is a sword.

        • JSS

          What do you mean blacks have nothing to lose? Blacks have everything to lose but they are to dumb to notice. Once Whites can’t support them anymore blacks will be extinct on this continent before long. Everything blacks have is provided by White tax payers. It isn’t that they can’t get jobs, they don’t need to. What reason do they have to work when they have nicer trinkets then most Whites and all they grape drank they want with out working?

          Once Whites stop taking care of them or go extinct then watch how long they last in North America once they have to deal with winter and the Mexicans on their own.

          • 48224

            Jss, Presently, they have nothing to lose. Free room and board in prison or out, it is no different to many of them. But yes, I agree with you. Once white can or won’t provide for them they will be in a world of hurt.

          • Periapsis

            When that happens, they will be die in a world of hurt.

          • 1stworlder

            Not just this continent without food and medicine from white people there wont be many blacks in Africa either

      • ElComadreja

        The fact is they are all bad.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Don’t forget that Obama and his circle feel the GOP and Tea Party members are a far greater threat to the world than a mere worldwide Muslim Jihad.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      And stylish women with shoulder bags. Handbags are OK.

      • propagandaoftruth

        No black baby. That was last year’s craze.


        • Usually Much Calmer

          Not a reference to the Hollywood Handbag but rather to a story posted here over the summer. “The DHS suggests a typical woman terrorist would be a Caucasian in her
          late 20s or early 30s, with brunette hair, stylish clothing, high heels
          and a shoulder bag. A man? About the same age, short hair, wearing a
          shirt and slacks and familiar with technology, as he’s wearing an
          earpiece cellphone. Also Caucasian.”

          But yes, raising a changeling is not debasing enough, now you have to have a killer disease to be cool. Have you any guesses on next years insanity? Submitting to cannibalism willingly will be the ne plus ultra of our insanity, but that may be a ways off yet.

          • propagandaoftruth

            The Obamanation let’s in our enemies hourly. With all the

    • George Costanza

      That’s exactly what James Foley believed!!,…before he was ..uhhh.. beheaded by muslims…

  • Truthseeker

    I would love to live in a true nation-state. Where it was ruled by my people for my people, and we had no qualms about excluding certain types of people. We could ban Islam altogether and never experience such horrors as this one. Everyone would benefit from that arrangement except the psychotics who want easy victims.

  • dd121

    How about “work place terrorism”? Obama doesn’t want to offend his Muzzie buddies.

  • MekongDelta69

    But it’s also the reaction of a city that, in spite of being firmly positioned in the Bible Belt, is perhaps more tolerant than some outsiders might expect.

    Whites don’t go berserk at the drop of a hat, like blacks do.
    That’s what 50,000 years of further evolution will get you.

    Maybe we should ‘devolve’ for a year or so, and see how ‘they’ like it.

  • Luca

    “He didn’t like white people,” Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said at a press conference last week…

    And the hate crime charges will be filed when? (crickets: chirp chirp.)

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Terrorism or workplace violence? Neither: hate crime.

  • IstvanIN

    This was simply another black on white hate crime. No more, no less.

  • kjh64

    “But it’s also the reaction of a city that, in spite of being firmly positioned in the Bible Belt, is perhaps more tolerant than some outsiders might expect.”

    Notice the writer makes the insinuation that Christians aren’t “tolerant”. Replacing Bible Belt with Islamic crescent is something that the writer would never do. Last time I heard, Christians in the “Bible Belt” weren’t stoning people, imprisoning or killing gays, forcing women to wear burkas, committing honor killings, demanding that people who criticize Jesus or leave Christianity be killed, not wanting freedom of speech etc. The problem with Americans, Christian or not is that we ARE tolerant. Some things shouldn’t be tolerated.

    • The problem with the “Bible Belt” isn’t too much intolerance, it’s too little intolerance, and that they may be intolerant of the wrong things and tolerant of the wrong things.

      • me

        Those ‘Christians’ don’t want to be called ‘racists’. They haven’t learned that Racist=White
        Racist is a code word for White oppression and genocide.

    • Well said. Our tolerance, and faux apathy is our downfall. I really think it’s going to get to a survival of the fittest point, the next stage in our evolution. We’re so far down this path of idiocy that the only foreseeable outcome is a “culling of the weak” the weak being the beta males, the gays, the liberals, etc. All those affected with pathological altruism.

      Imagine for a moment if you were to take someone like Engelman, and drop him into one of the favelas of brazil, maybe give him a knife to be sporting. Do you think he would live for days? Hours? Minutes? Because that is the essence of where we’ll be in an uncertain number of years.The weak, deluded effeminate liberals, the engineers of our demise (unwitting or otherwise) will be the first whose throats will be cut and bled out in the street.

      The only question up in the air is whether or not enough of us WILL survive to take back our homes, and rebuild a better, less insane nation. Or will we retreat to our walled in compounds, never venturing out into the overcrowded slums that are sure to cover the countryside? I’d like a chance to fight for that, but I sincerely doubt the opportunity will arise in my lifetime.

      But when it does happen, the only ones of us left will be the strongest, the most resilient, the most capable. If any of us do survive, of course.

  • Periapsis

    That thug’s attack against those women was both domestic terrorism and a hate crime, for which he should be put to death the way all Muslim terrorist should be.

  • IKUredux

    Well, we won the Darwin race. But we sure as hell are losing the “rush to judgement” race. Please, fellow Whites, rush to judgement! Get there before anyone else.

  • Adolf Verloc

    It’s neither terrorism nor workplace violence. It is an anti-white hate crime. To think that this loon had some complex religious or political agenda is absurd.

    • He doubtless hated whites before he converted, which would explain his conversion in the first place.

    • phillyguy

      he just converted to Islam, it’s a sham concocted by his zionist lawyers so he can live the rest of his life off of taxpayer money in a federal penitentiary.

  • me

    The ‘Liberal’ socialists taught that stupid, violent Negro everything he knows.
    You take a violent, ignorant, and unintelligent Negro and ‘convert’ him into a violent, ignorant, and unintelligent ‘cult’, and you have the makings of an even more violent, ignorant, and unintelligent monster–with ‘religious justification’ backing up his racist, anti-White, mushy thought processes. Isn’t that just great?!

  • propagandaoftruth

    Oh yeah. Most do, actually.

    All blacks, depraved and God fearing, hate weakness and love a strong, mean-but-fair White Man.

    Unfortunately all society is geared to produce this emo eloi perversion…

    The village idiot elevated to example.

    • awb

      In prison I learned that they take kindness for weakness. DWI-2 yrs.

  • ElComadreja

    There’s no reason it can’t be both.

  • Bud

    This is a racial hate crime, the authorities and media are relieved by the Islamic angle because it deflects attention from the hate crime aspect.

    But it’s also the reaction of a city that, in spite of being firmly positioned in the Bible Belt, is perhaps more tolerant than some outsiders might expect.

    Wow, bigot much? Liberals secretly believe that blacks are justified in murdering, raping and maiming whites, particularly lower class whites, under just about any circumstance. This is how the racist, white-hating left (but then I repeat myself) wants whites to behave in the face of racial slaughter and ultimately genocide. You can bet this white-hating racist would never accuse the blacks of Ferguson of being intolerant. She applauds their rioting.

  • winn sutanto

    Was it terrorism or workplace violence?? In my opinion, it was both.
    The atrocious act by Nolen is definitely inspired by the Holy Quran.and Hadith
    Prophet Mohammad himself beheaded around 600 male members of Jewish tribe Banu Quraiza in the city of Madina.
    Nolen is also notoriously anti-white, so his atrocious act was also done violently as a manifestation of his intense hatred toward whites