Hispanics Want Obamacare for Illegal Immigrant ‘Dreamers’

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 12, 2014

Top Hispanic leaders asked President Obama last week to grant some illegal immigrants access to Obamacare, saying the “dreamers” to whom the White House has given tentative work permits are already paying taxes, so they deserve government benefits.

The request is yet another complication stemming from the legal limbo Mr. Obama created for the dreamers, hundreds of thousands of young adults to whom the president gave a tentative legal status in 2012, but who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents as minors and thus remain illegal immigrants.

Under government policy, illegal immigrants are barred from buying insurance on Obamacare’s exchanges, and about half the states also prohibit them from getting Medicaid benefits. But the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda said those whom Mr. Obama has freed from the danger of deportation should be considered “lawfully present for all purposes, including eligibility for public benefits and affordable health care.”

“NHLA asks that you apply the fairness and equality that your Administration has shown in various other areas in the health care context and ensure that no one–regardless of their immigration status–lacks access to critical health care services,” Hispanic leaders said in their letter.

Nearly 600,000 illegal immigrants had been approved for tentative legal status under what the administration labeled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Their status means they cannot be deported for two years from the time of their approval, and they can apply to renew that status every two years.

They have also been given work permits. Most states have also decided to allow them driver’s licenses.

Immigrant rights activists have asked Mr. Obama to expand his deferred action program to include illegal immigrants who are parents of U.S. citizen children and parents of dreamers. If Mr. Obama were to follow through on that as part of his promised executive action after this year’s elections, it could mean potentially millions more people eligible for Obamacare.


Immigrant rights advocates, though, say the legal situation for those illegal immigrants who have been granted forms of tentative legal status is different. Indeed, they said the law actually would allow dreamers to get health care, but the Obama administration changed its own policies to stop it.

Before Mr. Obama’s June 2012 policy for dreamers, others who had been granted deferred action on their deportations had been eligible for publicly funded health care benefits, according to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice.

But in August 2012 the administration issued new guidance saying dreamers wouldn’t be eligible–in essence creating yet another category of tentative legal status that was eligible for just a subset of rights to which other immigrants are entitled.


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  • They’re only coming here to collect the ObamaDontCare benefits that Americans won’t do.

    • connorhus

      If that included new drug testing I could almost go along with it 🙂

    • A Freespeechzone

      Moreover, they will ‘go to the head of the line’.

      Whites, Veterans and citizens last.

    • they should get free abortions without parental consent.
      Also vasectomys and tubul ligations.

      • baldridge999

        Free mandatory abortions.

    • Guest

      And the crimes we won’t do.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Once these people pay taxes, they’re actually going to reference the American Revolution and use “no taxation without representation” as an excuse to be allowed to vote.

    The irony is overwhelming, isn’t it? None of these illegals are coming here to be Americans and assimilate, yet they’ll use our national history against us (who could object to the words of the founding fathers?)

    • connorhus

      They are represented and even counted by the census. Representation doesn’t mean automatic voting rights. Although I am sure you are correct and they will try and say it does.

      • kjh64

        Yes, the census counts all people on American soil as “American” even if they are foreign or here illegally, which is ridiculous. Only American citizens should be counted as “American” and this includes the racial percentages of the US. The rest should be counted as foreign nationals on US soil.

  • MekongDelta69

    Yeah sure – why the hell not? NoBama and his totalitarian regime have gone so far over the cliff, that Vets have to fly to Mexico City and then sneak back into the country to get bennies.

    • Already done.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Hola. Soy inmigrante ilegal y necesito ver un jueputa medico!

        For those who wish to give it a try.

  • John Smith

    This is a guaranteed future disaster. It will unfold just like the forced integration of schools – only at a far more rapid rate.

    The math just doesn’t add up. Every day, we have approx 10,000 new (mostly white) retirees added to Soc Security & Medicare – for the next twenty years ! In previous years of huge deficits, we always had a Social Security surplus. Now we have a Social Security deficit.

    It won’t happen overnight, but in time there will be a subtle system of triage with yes….death panels. Within a few short years, just seeing a specialist or requiring complex treatment/surgery will be like going to the DMV.

    The foolish progressive, “anti-racist” white dolts simply won’t know what hit them.

    • evilsandmich

      Yep, the bigger the boat anchor, the faster that travesty will sink.

    • Georgia Boy

      Better keep my job skills up to date, looks like I’ll be working a long time yet. And keep working on the Spanish. My family depends on me, and anyway better to be a permanent tax donkey than join a FSA run by a government beholden to SJWs drunk on self-righteous ideology.

  • dd121

    I think one of Obama’s motives is to eventually crash the economy in is quest to crash our civilization.

    • OTOH, when everything else is taken away from people, all they have left is their DNA. Some think that this house of cards hollow stilts economy of ours needs to crash in order for civilization genuinely to rally and recover.

      • dd121

        I think it will all come crashing down. It’s an open question whether it will rally in our direction.

  • kjh64

    Well, let any Hispanics who want Obamacare for “dreamers” pay for it themselves. The beleaguered American taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for it. Actually, dreamers need to be deported.

  • WR_the_realist

    Remember how when Obamacare was being debated we were told it wouldn’t go to illegal aliens? Of course we all knew that was gumph.

    • me

      How can you tell if Barry is lying?
      When he’s reading a teleprompter. When he’s talking to the press. When he’s awake.
      The worst POTUS in the history of the USA. Can we get an argument from those that voted for this pos?

      • From what I read . .they’re even more in love with him . . .
        no one more happier than the town idiots

  • antiquesunlight

    They always want more.

  • World_War_Me

    Well, now, which is it? Are these “Dreamers” poor young children who are really just innocent, vulnerable babies, or are they people old enough to work and pay taxes thereby deserving Obamacare? Sounds like Obama’s propaganda is starting to contradict itself.

  • Dale McNamee

    How about these “top Hispanic Leaders” pay for it themslves ? How about reducing or eliminating all monetary aid to Mexico,El Salvador,Guatemala, and Honduras to pay for it ?
    For that matter, eliminate monetary aid to our enemies (HAMAS,etc.) ?

    Why not make society hostile to them to drive them out ? No “Bienvenidos” here ?

    I’m disgusted with these cockroaches…