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Claims the common criticisms were unfounded.

Democrats reject the plan before it is offered.

DACA amnesty would enable as many as 20 million chain migrants.

“The Obama administration was much too willing to let people with criminal records avoid deportation.”

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Trump Administration Effort to End DACA Program, Richard Wolf and Alan Gomez, USA Today, November 8, 2018

9th Circuit says the president lacks the authority to eliminate Obama program.

Illegals in Ireland will be allowed to stay and “contribute to the economy.”

Legal immigrants were subsidizing the cost of processing DACA applications and renewals.

His haul was worth $35,000.

Online, he threatened ICE agents and gave instructions on how to make bombs.

States waited too long to bring their case.

Sessions: The courts are using their power to direct executive policy.

Eight percent of DACA beneficiaries had been previously arrested.

Post-American ‘Elites’ Coddle Dreamers

Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos fund scholarships for illegals.


Most Irish don’t want intermarriage with Muslims or gypsies.

What “Dreamers” Deserve

At most, a trip home.


Ryan plan would grant amnesty to 3.5 million DREAMers—and more.

But there will be a vote on funding for the border wall.

DACA is “an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws.”

The GOP donor class sees only benefits from mass immigration.

“Rescuers” coerced captives into sex in exchange for food.

Judges must now decide deportation cases instead of suspending them.

Lawsuit says DACA sets a precedent of executive overreach.

Now eight states offer public scholarships to illegal “dreamers.”

Government can’t phase out the program because its reasoning is “capricious.”

Supporters say they have the votes to pass a DACA amnesty.

They say that DACA is not a compaign issue; it’s an “avoidable crisis.”

Britain has its own “Dreamer” problem.

Five Dreamers and their contributions to society.

More than 2,000 DACA students currently receive the in-state rate.

Most of those in the “caravan” are from Honduras.

Federal judge says judges need to “butt out of politics and stick to the law.”

Supreme Court ruling leaves the DACA pending before a California court of appeals.

Activist for illegals: “We’re supposed to be a united community and we obviously are not.”

A UC Berkeley op-ed said to contain “libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or highly offensive” content.

Family of bad eggs is “the exception,” not the rule, among “Dreamers.”

Americans Are Dreamers, Too

The equivalent of “It’s OK to be white.”


They were repeat offenders.

Most refugees don’t bother to file asylum claims once they learn how long it takes.

The left-wing base wanted the government to stay closed until the GOP agreed to DACA protections.

Most “Dreamers” are not covered by DACA protections.

DACA beneficiaries are not who you’ve been told they are.

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are among the signatories.

House liberals fear that Democratic senators will force a bad deal on them.

New bill: tougher rules for businesses that hire illegals; no path to citizenship for DACA kids.

Claims President cannot end DACA until all lawsuits are played out in court.

Priorities are: DACA reform, border security, and ending chain migration and visa lottery.

For Democrats, protecting DACA is a “moral imperative” and “key to getting votes.”

The DACA Drama, News-Topic

If there is to be a DACA amnesty, this is what Trump wants in return.

Limiting immigration will benefit American workers.

Lawmakers say they are confused about what Trump wants.