Posted on June 15, 2022

Open Borders Germany to Give Amnesty for Up to 100,000 Migrants with Deportation Orders

Peter Caddle, Breitbart, June 8, 2022

Around 100,000 migrants scheduled to be deported from Germany may soon be granted amnesty under draft plans drawn up by the country’s open borders government.

Large swathes of failed asylum-seekers residing in Germany who are currently waiting to be deported from the central European nation are soon to be granted the legal right to stay under new plans being drawn up by the country’s open borders government.


According to a report by Der Spiegel, the draft bill is set to be presented by the country’s leftist Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, a woman infamous for writing for an Antifa-linked publication and trying to censor channels on Telegram.

Under the plan as seen by the publication, migrants who have had their asylum claims rejected but have yet to be deported from Germany for a period of five years or longer will be made eligible for a one-year probationary residence permit.

Should those granted this permit manage to prove that they are sufficiently proficient in the German language and are able to “secure their livelihood”, they will subsequently be granted the long-term right to stay.

Der Spiegel reports that recent statistics point to there being over 100,000 migrants in Germany who meet the basic criteria of the proposed scheme.

However — unlike an illegal immigrant amnesty implemented in Ireland earlier this year — the publication notes that failed asylum seekers with criminal backgrounds will not be considered eligible for the German plan {snip}