Unaccompanied Guatemalan Minors Break from Shelter, Rob 91-Year-Old Veteran

Kristin Tate, Breitbart, October 10, 2014

Two teenagers from Guatemala, who were seeking asylum in the U.S., broke out of an Illinois detention center and carjacked an elderly Navy veteran.

The veteran, who is 91-years-old, was picking up a prescription at Walmart at the time of the car jacking, according to the Daily Mail. The incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday morning in Moline, Illinois.

According to reports, the two migrants, ages 16 and 17, forced the veteran out of his car by threatening him with violence. They then drove away in the vet’s car, and hit one vehicle as they left the Walmart parking lot; police eventually found the two more than 200 miles outside of Iowa City.

The two teens were previously apprehended by authorities after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities brought the two Guatemalans to Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois, after they had requested asylum in the United States.

Despite the incident, federal authorities refuse to deport the teens before giving them a refugee hearing. This process can take months, due to how clogged he immigration courts currently are; taxpayers will be subsidizing the two teen’s needs for months until their hearings occur.


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  • Dave4088

    These are the very sweethearts whom Hussein Ebola tells us have wrapped themselves in the American flag and are so like the Brady Bunch and Cleaver family that they are woven into the very fabric that is the USSA. Anyone with a brain (a tall order in USSA) knows that these people come here for the free stuff and for the “freedom” they seek is to commit crime against unsuspecting, usually white, Americans. The conditions in their native countries are so deplorable that an American jail cell is like a Holiday Inn Express.

    • It would be cheaper to keep them in a Holiday inn Express.
      the Continental Breakfast is included.

      • George Costanza

        It would be cheaper to shoot them all in the head!!

        • propagandaoftruth

          From Wiki…

          In recent years, vigilante “death squads” have formed to rid society of street children by murdering them. In Brazil, death squads can earn $50 per child killed.

          Recently my butt. Blacks and browns cheapen life wherever they infiltrate. Society cannot afford to treat them the way k style breeding Whites and Orientals treat our own.

          Escopeta – shotgun.

          • George Costanza

            They have eyes, ears, mouths and legs… but are they really people? My 8 ball says NO!

          • propagandaoftruth

            The 3/5 compromise – counting blacks as 3/5 of a person for representational purposes pre Civil War – was in retrospect perhaps a pretty accurate estimate of productivity and capacity to contribute.

            Youse guys shoulda listened to us and we shoulda listened to Hinton Helper.

            He was a terrible histrionic writer and probably had Asperger’s syndrome.

          • none of your business

            Productivity may have been 3/5 in the agricultural 18th century, but it is less than half of 1/5 now as anyone who has ever worked with blacks can attest

          • propagandaoftruth

            Congrats on getting moderated for a truly evil, nasty, brutal comment, my friend!

            Felt great, didn’t it? Not feeling guilty for being righteously wrathful and rapturously vile?

            You’re in that euphoric stage of Dark Enlightenment where the bile tastes like honey as you puke it up and leaves you feeling more refreshed than a Godly enema even.

            And of course, as an aspiring rapper, you DO have to get modded sometimes or get caught smoking in the bathroom or leap out of a second story building after flipping everyone off and run for the tree line or…you will never really be one of the cool kids.

            You have the God given, constitutionally mandated right to be evil!

            And the mods have the right to mod you, lol…

          • George Costanza

            That’s how I rolllllll!!

          • PaleoFuturist

            Look. They are humans, but not equal in biological worthiness. That is as far as I am going to enter the superiority-inferiority debate.

          • Who Me?

            My maternal great-grandfather was down in Panama right before and during the building of the canal. He mentioned that the Panamanian police and other officials were doing that then.

      • bilderbuster

        Landmines along the border are much better at preventing illegal border crossings than expensive, ineffective and unsightly fences.

  • Two teenagers from Guatemala, who were seeking asylum in the U.S., broke out of an Illinois detention center

    Well gadzooks, it’s Rand Paul’s homeboyz!

    • propagandaoftruth

      We’re apparently importing mestizo negroes.

      Micro loans to these dreamers. Pimpin, dealin, fencing…that stuff needs some start up capital, ese.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’ll bet the DOJ tries to deport this honored WWII Vet before they even bother with their ‘saintedbrown illegal aliens.

    Or maybe they’ll just shuffle him off to a notorious VA Hospital and try to kill him off there.
    [And trust me – I know plenty about VA Hospitals.]

    • Ron Cheaters

      I believe it alright. You lose the will to live, the whole while nurses are stealing your hearing aids and trying to find out how much you have in the bank. In my uncle’s case, the nurses were Jamaican. Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital, Toronto.

  • AmericanCitizen

    White victim of racial violence, nothing to see here, no followup required, no Justice Dept investigation needed, just move along, heads in the sand please, only white on black crime matters to the media, bye bye now.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    On the hunt for gainful employment, no doubt.

  • dd121

    Those boys deserve a reception in the Rose Garden and a Medal of Freedom for their freedom-loving act. /sarc off

    • They are truly a model for other gimmegrant youths eh.

  • Luca

    In the mind of a liberal, documenting an undocumented democrat is more important than any crimes they commit on American soil.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A Democratic judge rubber stamped their application and fast tracked them through the system. But they got impatient and now they’ll eat up a whole lot of taxpayer money on their trial, social workers, lawsuits filed by their pro bono legal defenders, their inevitable poetry collection and three year action to fight deportation after release.

    –Front Page News

    We are told these are poor children just trying to escape violence in their own countries and come here “out of love.”

    This, while Andrew Tahmoressi rots in a Mexican jail.

    While a deserter is set free in exchange for five terrorists.

    While vets die waiting for health care.

    • mobilebay

      We need some Navy Seals, a Delta Force or whatever group could storm the prison in which Sgt.Tahmoressi is being held. But that would require a presidential okay, wouldn’t it? Anyone think they would get it?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I remember when Dog the Bounty Hunter went to Mexico and rounded up rapist Andrew Luster, who fled after posting bail – bail that was set at $1M.

        Dog didn’t ask anyone’s permission and the Mexican people were grateful. Hell, he even got his own TV show out of it.

  • IstvanIN

    These Central American mestizos kill our children with their viruses and our old people with their weapons. Nice.

  • Adolf Verloc

    More evidence that this dispersal of Central American “youth” across the country is a deliberate tactic to facilitate their permanent residence. The Corps of Engineers could have built spartan camps, like those used with Japanese-Americans in WWII at remote locations near the border. Until they are sent back, they could be fed and housed there for a hell of a lot less than the fantastic $265 a day the Feds are paying in some areas.

    • Who Me?

      And “abuse” them by making them wear pink pajamas, like Sheriff Joe did his prisoners.

  • Greg Thomas

    Jesus Christ this government is criminal!

  • Greg Thomas

    “Despite the incident, federal authorities refuse to deport the teens before giving them a refugee hearing.”
    You mean they refuse to deport these criminals before they are granted amnesty. There you have it, this government cares more about the well being of two illegal invading scum bags, than it does a 91 year old veteran who fought for this country. I can only hope that those responsioble for this are held accountable one day in a court of law or a public mob.

    • bilderbuster

      I’d prefer a public mob. A violent White mob.

  • OS-Q

    So break out and steal a car, then wreck it on the way out of the lot. Mucho genio

  • bilderbuster

    The power behind the power structure has never been White and until enough people realize this and act then you aint seen nuthin’ yet.

    • me

      There are evil forces at work, out to destroy the White race. Once you realize that, everything will become crystal clear to you. The truth is surely frightening, but consider:
      *White Western nations have been flooded with anti-White, racist, disease-carrying hordes that are poor, ignorant, violent, and socialist Third Worlders
      *The ‘governments’ of these White Western nations have deliberately done everything that they can to financially rob and bankrupt every White citizen under their jurisdiction. They’ve deliberately written ‘laws’ to harm every White person living within their formerly homogenous countries. “Hate speech” laws, “hate crime” laws, laws against “racism”, etc. They have done away with our Bill of Rights, our freedoms of speech and association, and have threatened us with loss of livelihood and imprisonment if we go against their ‘politically correct’, egalitarian xenophilia and towards our own interests. Racism=White oppression and genocide
      *The ‘media’ lies and spreads anti-White propaganda 24/7. Whites have been vilified and portrayed as ‘racist’, hysterical, ignorant xenophobes whenever we protest against our displacement in our own countries.
      We’re also falsely portrayed as violent monsters who attack ‘innocent minorities’, when the opposite is occurring at an alarming rate. How many White men, women, and children have died at the hands of violent, White-hating ‘minorities’ in the past decade? Why don’t we hear about this in the ‘media’? If we do hear about it, it’s always excused for some idiotic reason, such as ‘White racism’–a favorite amongst the anti-Whites.
      *The ‘governments’ of the West have systematically given away the fruits of our labor and used it to reward the ‘minorities’ that are replacing us. They have taken the bread that we’ve labored for out of our own childrens’ mouths and given it to our self-proclaimed enemies.
      Anti-White hatred and oppression only getting worse with each passing year. When are we going to do something about this, and how are we going to take back our dignity, our God-given rights, and our freedom from this oppression? More importantly, how?

      • phillyguy

        as of right now I am standing up and saluting you, thank you. we need a nationalist leader, if we secede from the nation I don’t think anyone would stop us they would not commit to another civil war ,they would let us govern our own nation,we just need these leaders to step up to the plate, its the only thing that can save our civilization.

  • Xerxes22

    The dirty little secret is that our cities and states are dead broke and in desperate need of revenue. The main reason for this is the enormous cost of taking care of our third world populations both imported and domestic. It’s not the civil service unions like some of our politicians and the folks on Fox tell you. More money is needed for schools, hospitals, prisons and other baby sitting services for our ever growing third world replacement population. Now,the easiest way to get this extra money is to squeeze it from the White middle class population. They sure aren’t going to get it from the Bill Gates and the Mark Zuckermans of this world. So we have become the proverbial cash cow to be milked dry and both political parties support this evil policy.

    • phillyguy

      like I keep on saying, we need a nationalist leader like the ones who came into power in Europe in the 1920s, anybody up for it?

  • Why is the writing on the wall before the mierda happens .. we knew, and yet here it is ..

  • kikz2

    somewhere sotamayor cacklez…….

  • ThomasER916

    Chop their dicks off and put their eyes out.

    • UncleSham


  • archer

    What BS, that they have to have a refugee hearing and that all invaders have to be defended by a lawyer if facing deportation, where does it say that in our constitution?

  • Who Me?

    Good Lord, yes! That V.A. doctor blinded ol’ Fred. From what he said in the article about it, I guess his wife is typing up his columns now. I hope he wins the malpractice suit, but I’m sure he’d rather have his sight back. (Who wouldn’t?)

  • scutum

    The operative word here is “ILLINOIS” detention center. Illinois has recently given us Barack Obama, the Emanuel brothers, Hillary Rodham (Clinton), and a host of other cheats, scoundrels, and low lives. The city of Chicago is a gift that just keeps on giving. I live in Wisconsin and I am sick and tired of Chicago dumping their criminals in our state.

  • bilderbuster

    There couldn’t be White Marxists without a Jewish Karl Marx.