The Straight, White, Middle-Class Man Needs to Be Dethroned

Grayson Perry, New Republic, October 10, 2014

Paddle your canoe up the River Thames and you will come round the bend and see a forest of huge totems jutting into the sky. Great shiny monoliths in various phallic shapes, they are the wondrous cultural artifacts of a remarkable tribe. We all know someone from this powerful tribe but we very rarely, if ever, ascribe their power to the fact that they have a particular tribal identity.

I think this tribe, a small minority of our native population, needs closer examination. In the UK, its members probably make up about 10 percent of the population; globally, probably less than 1 percent. In a phrase used more often in association with Operation Yewtree, they are among us and hide in plain sight.

They dominate the upper echelons of our society, imposing, unconsciously or otherwise, their values and preferences on the rest of the population. With their colourful textile phalluses hanging round their necks, they make up an overwhelming majority in government, in boardrooms, and also in the media.

They are, of course, white, middle-class, heterosexual men, usually middle-aged. And every component of that description has historically played a part in making this tribe a group that punches far, far above its weight. I have struggled to find a name for this identity that will trip off the tongue, or that doesn’t clutter the page with unpronounceable acronyms such as WMCMAHM. “The White Blob” was a strong contender but in the end I opted to call him Default Man. I like the word “default,” for not only does it mean “the result of not making an active choice,” but two of its synonyms are “failure to pay” and “evasion,” which seems incredibly appropriate, considering the group I wish to talk about.

Today, in politically correct 21st-century Britain, you might think things would have changed but somehow the Great White Male has thrived and continues to colonize the high-status, high-earning, high-power roles (93 percent of executive directors in the UK are white men; 77 percent of parliament is male). The Great White Male’s combination of good education, manners, charm, confidence, and sexual attractiveness (or “money,” as I like to call it) means he has a strong grip on the keys to power. Of course, the main reason he has those qualities in the first place is what he is, not what he has achieved. John Scalzi, in his blog Whatever, thought that being a straight white male was like playing the computer game called Life with the difficulty setting on “Easy.” If you are a Default Man you look like power.

I must confess that I qualify in many ways to be a Default Man myself but I feel that by coming from a working-class background and being an artist and a transvestite, I have enough cultural distance from the towers of power. I have space to turn round and get a fairly good look at the edifice.

In the course of making my documentary series about identity, Who Are You?, for Channel 4, the identity I found hardest to talk about, the most elusive, was Default Man’s. Somehow, his world-view, his take on society, now so overlaps with the dominant narrative that it is like a Death Star hiding behind the moon. We cannot unpick his thoughts and feelings from the “proper, right-thinking” attitudes of our society. It is like in the past, when people who spoke in cut-glass, RP, BBC tones would insist they did not have an accent, only northerners and poor people had one of those. We live and breathe in a Default Male world: no wonder he succeeds, for much of our society operates on his terms.

Chris Huhne (60, Westminster, PPE Mag­dalen, self-destructively heterosexual), the Default Man we chose to interview for our series, pooh-poohed any suggestion when asked if he benefited from membership or if he represented this group. Lone Default Man will never admit to, or be fully aware of, the tribal advantages of his identity. They are, naturally, full subscribers to that glorious capitalist project, they are individuals!

This adherence to being individuals is the nub of the matter. Being “individual” means that if they achieve something good, it is down to their own efforts. They got the job because they are brilliant, not because they are a Default Man, and they are also presumed more competent by other Default Men. If they do something bad it is also down to the individual and not to do with their gender, race or class. If a Default Man commits a crime it is not because fraud or sexual harassment, say, are endemic in his tribe (coughs), it is because he is a wrong ’un. If a Default Man gets emotional it is because he is a “passionate” individual, whereas if he were a woman it would often be blamed on her sex.

When we talk of identity, we often think of groups such as black Muslim lesbians in wheelchairs. This is because identity only seems to become an issue when it is challenged or under threat. Our classic Default Man is rarely under existential threat; consequently, his identity remains unexamined. It ambles along blithely, never having to stand up for its rights or to defend its homeland.

When talking about identity groups, the word “community” often crops up. The working class, gay people, black people or Muslims are always represented by a “community leader.” We rarely, if ever, hear of the white middle-class community. “Communities” are defined in the eye of Default Man. Community seems to be a euphemism for the vulnerable lower orders. Community is “other.” Communities usually seem to be embattled, separate from society. “Society” is what Default Man belongs to.


Default Man feels he is the reference point from which all other values and cultures are judged. Default Man is the zero longitude of identities.

He has forged a society very much in his own image, to the point where now much of what other groups think and feel is the same. They take on the attitudes of Default Man because they are the attitudes of our elders, our education, our government, our media. If Default Men approve of something it must be good, and if they disapprove it must be bad, so people end up hating themselves, because their internalized Default Man is berating them for being female, gay, black, silly or wild.


Revolution is happening. I am loath to use the R word because bearded young men usually characterize it as sudden and violent. But that is just another unhelpful cliché. I feel real revolutions happen thoughtfully in peacetime. A move away from the dominance of Default Man is happening, but way too slowly. Such changes in society seem to happen at a pace set by incremental shifts in the animal spirits of the population. I have heard many of the “rational” (i.e., male) arguments against quotas and positive discrimination but I feel it is a necessary fudge to enable just change to happen in the foreseeable future. At the present rate of change it will take more than a hundred years before the UK parliament is 50 percent female.

The outcry against positive discrimination is the wail of someone who is having their privilege taken away. For talented black, female, and working-class people to take their just place in the limited seats of power, some of those Default Men are going to have to give up their seats.

Perhaps Default Man needs to step down from some of his most celebrated roles. I’d happily watch a gay black James Bond and an all-female Top Gear, QI or Have I Got News for You. Jeremy Paxman should have been replaced by a woman on Newsnight. More importantly, we need a quota of MPs who (shock) have not been to university but have worked on the shop floor of key industries; have had life experiences that reflect their constituents’; who actually represent the country rather than just a narrow idea of what a politician looks like. The ridiculousness of objections to quotas would become clear if you were to suggest that, instead of calling it affirmative action, we adopted “Proportionate Default Man Quotas” for government and business. We are wasting talent. Women make up a majority of graduates in such relevant fields as law.


Default Man’s days may be numbered; a lot of his habits are seen at best as old-fashioned or quaint and at worst as redundant, dangerous or criminal. He carries a raft of unhelpful habits and attitudes gifted to him from history–adrenalin addiction, a need for certainty, snobbery, emotional constipation, and an overdeveloped sense of entitlement–which have often proved disastrous for society and can also stop poor Default Man from leading a fulfilling life.

Earlier this year, at the Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre in London, I gave a talk on masculinity called: “Men, Sit Down for your Rights!”. A jokey title, yes, but one making a serious point: that perhaps, if men were to loosen their grip on power, there might be some benefits for them. The straitjacket of the Default Man identity is not necessarily one happily donned by all members of the tribe: many struggle with the bad fit of being leader, provider, status hunter, sexual predator, respectable, and dignified symbol of straight achievement. Maybe the “invisible weightless backpack” that the U.S. feminist Peggy McIntosh uses to describe white privilege, full of “special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks,” does weigh rather a lot after all.

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  • Shibes_Meadow

    “Privilege” is just another word for “ability”. Anyone who says that “white privilege” should be destroyed really means “white ability”. But since you can’t separate whites and ability, the only way to destroy it is to make white ability illegal.

    • me

      White racism=code for White oppression and genocide

    • none of your business

      The damage in this country was done between 1956 and 1973, in the midst of a White baby boom. Having White children in the 21st century will not help our cause.
      BTW, how many White children do you have? When where they born? Unless you had at least 4 White children after 1980 don’t tell other people to have more children.
      I used the date of 1980 because by that time we had 12 years of affirmative action and 10 years of wage stagnation.

      • Shibes_Meadow

        I have two known children, both White. So what? I’ve been faithfully married to the same woman for more than 20 years and we do not use artificial contraception. Several didn’t live long enough to be born. I wish we’d had a dozen.

        I know four White families with over 8 children each. THAT is what will save us, not more Internet bullshitting.

        • Alexandra1973

          I’m friends with someone with ten White children. And they want more. 🙂

          • M.

            Few sights are as inspiring and hopeful as those of large white families.

      • kikz2

        i have three, circa ’94 & ’97. i got started late, as i thought it was important to have the right kind of daddy, and be able to afford them……………quaint, eh? they know the score, i just hope we can find suitable mates for them, and suitable environs to raise their kids. that is, if we manage to live thru the ebola plague, or whatever tf it is that is now supposedly incubating nearby….

    • M.

      Indeed, raising our pathetic fertility rates to (at least) 3 is the most surefire way to maintain our influence and dominance over our historical lands.

      • 1stworlder

        The problem is people have to work so hard to support children in safe area they cant afford to have more, but low IQ 3rd worlders can squat out dozens that we have to pay for.

        • Periapsis

          If we’re going to raise our birthrates, that is something one way or another whites will have to put an end to.

        • Shibes_Meadow

          Anybody can afford a large family. You just have to redefine the word “poor” in your mind. One you mentally change the meaning of the word “poor” from “lacking in material goods” to “lacking in children”, the difficulty vanishes. The families I know with 8+ children consider themselves to be the richest of people, even though some of them live in shabby circumstances.

          And of course, the odds are that their DNA will be surging down the ages long after mine has disappeared.

    • dave

      You can add the feminist movement into the argument. The women today would rather have careers instead of having children.

      • Shibes_Meadow


        In my ideal White nation state, the government pays a per-child cash bonus to each White family with children. Couples with no children receive no bonus. What better investment of public funds could there be?

  • MekongDelta69

    Of course, the main reason he [straight, White, male] has those qualities in the first place is what he is, not what he has achieved.

    No matter how many insane articles I read like this, which are almost always written by self-loathing, guilt-ridden, hypocritical White leftists, it never ceases to amaze me how many mentally deranged people who are exactly like this have sprung up in the last 50 years.

    …And people think Ebola is a dangerous virus. This is FAR more insidious…

    • propagandaoftruth

      I must confess that I qualify in many ways to be a Default Man myself but I feel that by coming from a working-class background and being an artist and a transvestite, I have enough cultural distance from the towers of power. I have space to turn round and get a fairly good look at the edifice.
      Well, how did men like this never succeed in the evil past? Is this the new “default man”

      When the revolution comes I hope this silly, treacherous, narcissistic default emo eloi has not died of AIDS or the pestilence of his beloved brownies.

      He, like many others, is not a passive eloi genocidalist. He’s quite active. Ringleader and cheerleading kapo.

      • Ron Cheaters

        he wrote ediface, but was projecting orfice. Sodom & Gomorrah has got nothing on the present sinful state of our world today.

      • me

        Thirty years ago, this ‘person’ would have been writing this ‘essay’ in his own feces on discarded magazines at the local mental hospital.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    Why is it wrong for Whites to be dominant and “default” in the UK?

    I hardly see people complaining about Orientals being “default” in countries like China and Japan or Blacks being “default” in African nations.

    • Ultimate187

      Neither China or Japan has ever claimed or marketed themselves as being diverse.

      • John R

        “East Asians may be less tolerant of others, but their history has little, if any, actual subjugation of other races.”

        OHHHH, if I only had a chance, I could educate you! Where did you learn your history? From a public school, I’ll bet. Asians don’t have a history of subjugating other people? Ever hear of the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”? Set up by the Japanese to exploit the other peoples of Asia. They were made slaves! MILLIONS DIED! Or, how about the thousands of Korean “comfort women” used as sex slaves by the Japanese Army? Most of them died as well. Or how about the fact that Japan itself was formed as a country by displacing the indigenous people, the Ainu? Ditto for Southeast Asia, where various ethnic groups, among them the Montegnards, and the Hmong, have been slaughtered by the Vietnamese. Please, with all due respect, this is an educated website for educated people. This is not YouTube. Maybe you are a little over your head commenting here?

        • Ultimate187

          Those groups you listed are all Asian, just like they are. Did they go after Whites? No. Africans? No. Hispanics? No. Native Americans? No. Jews? No.

          • me

            Actually, your comment was quite ignorant, and probably the result of a ‘Liberal’ college education. All races have fought each other throughout history. You seem to be quite ignorant in declaring that only White races have been aggressive towards other races, and that Asiatic countries have never been aggressive towards other countries. You need to pick up some history books and start reading about Genghis Kahn, the Islamic wars in Europe, World War II and Japan, etc. It’s a good start on your way to a well-rounded education. Wow, I’m embarrassed for you.

          • DonReynolds

            I am always impressed by the fact that so many peoples in the history of Europe actually moved there from Asia…..the Huns and Magyars being the first to come to mind. And the fact that the Angles and Saxons and Normans who came to define English blood were by no means indigenous to the British Isles. Add to that the Franks and Goths and Celts. The only people I can think of that are pretty much where they have been for a long time are the Helvetica tribes, now called Switzerland, thanks to Julius Caesar.

          • Ultimate187

            I’m not talking about ancient history like Ghengis Khan or the Islamic wars. No one today was around when those things actually happened, and no one can directly trace any personal history from that period. All the events I mentioned are modern, where people still actively remember and the events directly in the collective subconscious from which perceptions are based off of today.

          • John R

            Wow! This is just too easy. So, we need to forget about ancient history, and just focus on today? Great! So, I can tell black people, “Forget about slavery and discrimination. That was in the past. Just look at what is going on today.” Look. You made a statement that Asians, being so nice, after all, NEVER oppressed anyone. I called you out on that. Then you said, “Yeah, but that was all within the same race…” We here AGAIN called you out on that. Finally, you say, “but that was a long time ago..” Buddy, please, stop embarrassing yourself, and just admit that you are wrong. You are sounding too much like a typical liberal who keeps changing his arguments whenever he is proven wrong. Play somewhere else; this is a website for grown ups.

          • thomasdosborneii

            Ultimate187, you might want to read up on Japanese Unit 731. It’s very easily researched, a Google search would find for you all you would need.

          • Charlie

            What the Zio-Marxist Liberal professors, steadfastly refuse to tell and teach these college kids, is that, Africans were enslaved by virtually every major human demographic, since pre-Western times…Africans were enslaved by their fellow Blacks, Jews enslaved Africans, Hindus enslaved Africans, Arab Muslims enslaved the Blacks, and finally, the Europeans…but, from the very outset of the European participation in the African slave trade, there were countless Europeans, from the highest echelons of European society, that decried the horrific practice, which shows that Europeans have a natural “nobility of humanity”, when it comes to their fellow human beings…the Arabs, to this day, are vehemently racist and prejudiced against Africans…in fact, slavery is still being practiced in at least 20 different African countries, according to Amnesty International…historians estimate that, over 20 million Blacks were enslaved by the Arab Muslims, from the mid-7th century A.D., until the 20th century…even during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, there was an Arab procession of Black slaves…

          • The Japanese did terrible things to whites they captured during the Pacific War, but the survival rate among Chinese soldiers they took was very nearly zero. US Marine Corps ace Gregory Boyington was picked up out of the ocean by a Japanese submarine crew and taken to Japan, where he spent the rest of the war doing slave labor at a Japanese steel mill on starvation rations. A Chinese guy would have been chopped up and the pieces thrown back in, or else left there in the first place. Even early in the war, the Japanese navy – the more civilized of their services didn’t take Indians or Chinese as POWs. During the raid into their raid into Indian Ocean in early 1942, a Japanese cruiser squadron rescued Indian and Chinese survivors from British-flagged merchant ships they had sunk. One captain asked the admiral commanding his squadron what he should do, as there seemed to be quite a lot of prisoners.

            They beheaded them all and put them back in the water. So much even for early pretenses at any “co-prosperity sphere”.

            When U-boat commander Otto von Kretchmer was picked up by the British, on the other hand, the British sailors gave him dry clothing, and the Royal Navy destroyer captain later wrote that he played a very good game of cribbage.

            Japan treated captured Russians from their mutual 1904-1905 war very well, and then likewise the Germans they took in 1914, as Japan joined WW-1 on the side of Britain. I doubt anyone is certain what went wrong there, but they always mistreated other east Asians.

          • none of your business

            Whites and Africans were too far away for Asians to go after. Japanese consider themselves a separate race not related to Chinese, Koreans or other Asians.

          • Ultimate187

            Just because the Japanese consider themselves a separate race from the Chinese and Koreans doesn’t mean that it’s actually true. There is zero chance that the Japanese sprung up independently on a few small islands. They’re cut from the same cloth as the rest of East Asians. The Germans thought they were a separate race too at one time. They’re just like most other Whites though.

            China had seafaring ability early in history. It’s not that they couldn’t attack other races, they just didn’t.

          • M.

            The Barbary Slave Trade isn’t that ancient.

          • OS-Q

            Japanese treatment of Island peoples during WW2 and Chinese mistreatment of their Turkic neighbors comes to mind.

          • John R

            …..and might I add, the Mongol invasions of Europe in the 1300’s, where Europeans were enslaved and their women raped by the thousands… Sorry, Ultimate, once again, you lost the chess match. You are in over your head. Better pick another web site. Peace!

          • Charlie

            So the Arabs never invaded Europe? Have you heard of the Arab conquests of the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula? What about the Battle of Tours in the 8th century, A.D.? Did you know that, the Moors ruled Spain, from 711 A.D. to 1492, nearly 800 years? What about the Turks and their enslavement of the Hungarians in 1526? What about the sieges of Vienna in 1529 and 1683? You haven’t been reading your history, have you?

  • Lord Sandwich

    Man, that’s one bloviating Queer. I made it one, maybe two paragraphs. He’s confused about more than just his own body parts.

  • We rarely, if ever, hear of the white middle-class community.

    Because it is not allowed to exist, and if it tried to exist, a conga line of cultural commissars would start screaming more invectives than an anthropology professor in St. Louis.

  • Bunky

    There could be a more ridiculous post recently.
    i haven’t stumbled upon it.
    I guess everything just defaults to “default” man.
    All those other “default” men are prepared to take over, it just hasn’t
    happened quite yet.
    I wonder why.

  • MannyR

    The fact that this non sense was actually printed shows the degenerate level many MSM papers and websites have fallen. Imagine an opinion piece on “dethroning the black male”. Whites rise to the highest positions in society due to self control, high IQs and dedication to work ethic.

    • thegodsofeden

      Plus a good healthy dose of creativity.

      • thomasdosborneii

        You’re so right, plus sacrifice and risk.

  • Musashi5000

    Across the board, total war will correct all of this.

  • Mack0

    Somewhere at a public university a tenured professor is writing “The Protocols of the Elders of Privileged White Males”

    • me

      It doesn’t exist, unlike another book of protocols.

  • ncpride

    Our classic Default Man is rarely under existential threat; consequently, his identity remains unexamined. It ambles along blithely, never having to stand up for its rights or to defend its homeland.

    What planet or mental fairy land is this transvestite living on? Anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty knows this is utterly false. No one, and I mean no one is discriminated against, trashed, threatened or dragged through the mud more than straight, White males. The fact that this mental midget is allowed to write and publish such hatred about White males is all the proof you need.

  • Tarczan

    “Earlier this year, at the Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre in London, I gave a talk on masculinity called: “Men, Sit Down for your Rights!”.

    He should give this talk in Baghdad. I’m sure it would be a big hit.

    • Mosul.

      • Who Me?

        The neighborhood tomcat outside on my backyard fence is more of a “man” than the jealous, insipid creature who wrote this article. At least the cat still has his nuts…

        “Of course, the main reason he [straight, White, male] has those qualities in the first place is what he is, not what he has achieved.”

        Well, he got it partly right. Yes the WHITE MAN has those qualities because of what he is, a WHITE MAN. What he should have added is: the reason the White man has achieved so much is also because of WHAT HE IS. Again, a WHITE MAN. This writer actually has a dim realization of what the White Man is and has, and that he himself will never be or have. So in his jealousy he hurls derision at the one he calls the “default man”, thinking that it is an insult. As if anyone but a White Man should be the default image for an historically White nation.

        • He’s technically white and technically a man, but he hates what he is not, which is a whole lot of other things that normally go along with those first two. He is thus a messed-up weirdo, which judging from the pictures isn’t doing him any good at all.

  • Mary

    Another dime-a-dozen article saying absolutely nothing new. You’re not avant garde. You’re not edgy. You’re as boring and predictable as the rest of your ilk. Get some new material. By the way, I don’t think your new masters will likely approve of transvestites and artists. You may one day miss the stodgy old “Default Man”. After all, he brought about the civilization that enables you to thrive. Try that in Africa. Or the Middle East. Or almost anywhere outside of Western Civilization.

    • thomasdosborneii

      This person should watch those YouTube videos of Africans burning to death “witches”. How would Moslem countries treat this person? Would she have to be eternally covered in a burka? Or would she be buried up to her neck and then stoned to death simply for “being what she is”, which for Moslems for sure would be an abomination. Where would be the “default man” who would save her, or protect her rights? Is it the “default man” who performed the sexual reassignment surgery on her, or did she find one of her fellow “individuals to wield the scalpel”? People like this one are so quick to despise those who have created and maintained the “normalcy” that she is surrounded by, yet imagine how badly she would wish to have it back once it is gone! A person like this imagines a new dawn for people like her and think “revolution” is the path to it. Yeah, right. The chaos and tyranny that would result would have no place for her at all.

  • DaveMed

    They are, of course, white, middle-class, heterosexual men, usually middle-aged. And every component of that description has historically played a part in making this tribe a group that punches far, far above its weight…

    As usual, I take issue with this conscious pitting of White women against White men.

    That said, he makes a good point here.

    As I wrote on another site:

    The most influential inventors, artists, composers, and philosophers also “tend to be of White European origin.
    Modern medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, air travel, space travel, microwaves, nuclear energy, classical music, air conditioning, electric appliances, light bulbs, bicycles, solar cells used for energy, magnetism, and so on and so forth – all brought to you by White Privilege.

  • AmericanCitizen

    If I get the gist of this, a gay/queer/tranny who obviously does not fit the traditional, widespread definition of “normal” thinks that of course society and everyone else is wrong, since our narrators lifestyle is not the one that created and built the civilizations we live in. Everyone must change to place this type of lowlife on the highest pedestal.

    What is more insane than this? The fact there are people out there who agree with this writer 100 percent.


    • Truthseeker

      Self-centeredness is an underlying quality of leftism. They’d rather destroy everything that works and makes the majority happy just because they feel excluded. If they can’t have it, then no one else should.

      • AmericanCitizen

        Excellent point. We often overlook the destructive tendencies of the self-absorbed.

      • IstvanIN

        They are too insane to see that they want to bring down the very society that allows them to exist in peace.

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          Very true! I was reading the other day that in Africa they stone gays to death. Here we elected a black gay man to our nation’s highest office not just once but twice.

        • thomasdosborneii


  • richard garyson

    A deeply troubled member of very vocal minority babbles. This is pure anti-white hate speech. Whites are indigenous to the UK, so why should they not control it? Are whites allowed a country of their own? I swear, if whites left the earth and colonized the moon, the left would still hound us.

  • redpill99

    If you could create a white homeland out of the North West, for example, or Antarctica, obviously blacks muslims asians are not welcomed as well as Jews. what happens to whites who are LGBTQ?

    • DaveMed

      One cannot change his or her sexual orientation.

      What is important is that one control his or her actions.

      My view is that a European ethnostate might want to consider limiting homosexual propaganda, but ought not to harass homosexuals who do not troll the rest of us with obnoxious flaunting in the vein of parades and the like. (Of course, those homosexuals who choose to participate in parades are almost invariably anti-White, so the point is kind of moot.)

      Racial realism and/or WN are not movements that exclude homosexuals.

      • Alexandra1973

        Actually you can change sexual “orientation.” But the usual lefties want to make it so therapists are not allowed to help those who want to go from gay to straight.

        There’s also an organization called PFOX–Parents and Friends Of Ex-Gays.

        • DaveMed

          I’m not convinced that such therapies give stable long-term results.

        • cherrie greenbaum123

          Cannot and will not happen. My advice to any ladies who think they can turn a gay man straight is to stop trying. Complete and total waste of energy and time. There are bisexual men and women but from my experience they always seem to be on the make.

          • Alexandra1973

            Thing is they have to *want* to change, it can’t be forced.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Vladimir Putin has tried to do this in Russia and our country scorns him. I’d love to have an intelligent, virile white guy with b*lls like Putin instead of the mulatto pansy we have in office here.

      • benvad

        That’s were Putin is a real hero, he doesn’t put up with that nonsense.

        I think homosexuality is a mental condition that you’re born with and it doesn’t gave a cure. That said I don’t want them to be free to spread their propaganda.

        Limit them to a territory outside the contiguous US. Put them on the Hawaiian islands and let them have their rights over there. If the produce straight children then they can reenter
        the lower 48 and vice versa, separate but equal.

      • M.

        Most homosexuals who take anti-white stances do because they view themselves as another group persecuted and discriminated against.

    • thegodsofeden

      If you look on a world map, Antarctica is Very White.

    • DonReynolds

      A free white homeland would not give a crap about your sexual orientation.
      Who cares really? A white homeland would not be a theocracy.

      • me


  • Easyrhino

    “I’d happily watch a gay black James Bond”

    That’s as much as I could stomach and where I stopped reading.

    I’m sure in the mental health field there must be a formal name for what this crackpot writer is suffering from and no doubt Big Pharma would be happy to have him as a customer, I mean patient.

    • Xerxes22

      Hollywood would never create a Gay Black action hero. He can be Gay or Black, but he can’t be both. Hollywood doesn’t believe in showing Gay Blacks, that’s why you will never see one in a film or TV show. It conflicts with their portrayal of the magical superman Negro in charge. This idiot doesn’t know that.

      • M.

        Ever watched Spin City? One of the main characters was a black homosexual, and he was there for the whole six seasons the show ran.

    • DaveMed

      He’s got lots of personality disorders; that’s for certain.

  • John Smith

    The ironic thing about homosexuals is their hostility toward the people who are most supportive of them – white people!

    Blacks, M Easterners, Hispanics simply WILL NOT be as supportive and tolerant of homosexuals – and especially white homosexuals.

    As this demographic disaster plays out and whites become an increasingly shrinking and hated minority, do these white homosexuals actually expect a benevolent non-white majority of blacks, m easterners, etc to happily provide them a seat at the table?


    • The hostility is competition.

    • LHathaway

      I disagree with you, blacks, m-easterners and hispanics will be quite happy with White homosexuals.

    • Rhialto

      You bring up a key point, that may be Mx. Perry’s motivation. White men are losing power to women and Minorities; perhaps some WM homosexuals are trying to join the winning coalition. As long as these people are useful in the war against White men, they may be tolerated. But after heterosexual non-Liberal White men are destroyed, what use will the winning coalition have for the Mx. Perry and his ilk?

      • CallahanAuto

        A leftist’s opinion is backed by an assumption that the left can keep its coalition of Latinos, blacks, gays, feminists and white humanists/equality worshipers in one piece forever, pitting itself against racist white men in perpetuity.

      • Kenner

        -‘Mx.’ I hadn’t seen that before, and it’ll be increasingly useful, sadly.

      • mikekingjr

        I cannot imagine the members of ANY coalition NOT laughing that thing out of the room.

    • benvad

      They’ll kill him and that’s all you’d have to know.

    • none of your business

      Muslims love to have gay sex toys around, but only aged about 8 to 22 at the most. After that age it is scorn and sometimes execution.

  • Earlier this year, at the Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre in London, I gave a talk on masculinity called: “Men, Sit Down for your Rights!”.

    Apropos — Dethrone white men by having them sit down on the throne.

    • LHathaway

      “Earlier this year, at the Being A Man festival at the Southbank Centre in London, I gave a talk on masculinity called: “Men, Sit Down for your Rights!”

      lol, I didn’t read that far. Normally I read the whole thing. So, 3,000 words of nonsense and the guy manages to say something that makes sense. Good for him.

      In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king? This Greyson Perry has declared himself a genius.

  • Brian

    I wish we could do an experiment: Make the evil white man just magically disappear for 20 years, and see what the world is like after the oppressed have decisively taken control of all aspects of society. We’ll even make it so that this disappearance happens five or ten years from now, giving minorities plenty of time to prepare to take over the various skilled positions they will need to master in order to run a modern state. We whites will cooperate in good faith, teaching them everything they need to know, essentially training our replacements.

    Oh wait, experiment has already been done: it’s called Africa.

    • It has already been done in educated fiction:

      The “life after people” type shows of several years back.

      It has already been done in reality:

      East St. Louis.

      • DonReynolds

        Detroit…..during my lifetime, was one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in America. Perfect example.

        • Alexandra1973

          By the time I was born, in 1973, it was already going downhill. Sad, isn’t it?

    • John R

      I didn’t read your last sentence, and was about to say the same thing. There is no example of non-Whites EVER overthrowing White authority and establishing a better society as a result. None.

  • dd121

    If the left is trying to define their “new normal”, I think I’ll just stick with the old.

  • LHathaway

    “At the present rate of change it will take more than a hundred years before the UK parliament is 50 percent female”.

    Yes, and in 100 years in the UK men may make up 6% of stay at home parents, 12% of those who gain custody of children in a contested divorce, only 90% of those in prison and, at present trends in the UK, women could potentially may make up 1% of garbage collectors.

    This guy is imply incorrect in calling the top 10% in the UK ‘middle class’. He even does it within the same sentence.

    • IstvanIN

      In 100 years the UK won’t be the UK.

      • DaveMed

        I say 50.

        “Do I hear a 30?”

    • John R

      Will NEVER happen. Why? Because before the women take over the Parliament, the Muslims will take over Britain, and that will be the end of any political equality for females, or any non-Muslims.

  • Reading the first paragraph, I though he was talking about jews.

    • IstvanIN

      I thought the same thing.

  • Conrad

    It’s interesting that this person has difficulty finding a word to describe straight white males.
    I have no problem of thinking of a word for his ilk – abomination. That’s what you have been called since the beginning of time.
    By the way, that’s what God calls you too.

    • Spikeygrrl

      How about “normal”?

  • Luca

    Perhaps the author thinks that if a black, muslim, bi-sexual ruled the world we would all be so-o-o much better off.

    Well, newsflash pal, it hasn’t worked well here in America.

  • Bossman

    What is this person trying to say? Does he want to introduce more chaos and madness into the Western world? I did not finish reading the article. Gay men should all step into the closet and keep quiet.

  • B.A_2014

    We don’t need people that work on shop floors in parliament. They are lower class folk and in most cases have no clue about things such as geopolitics, the need for energy, population control, resource management and blah blah blah. I’m not being snobbish. When I was born, the estate I grew up in was the most poverty stricken in Europe (or so comic relief said.) An elitist, racially conscious group of European nations is what is needed. Not weak degenerate progressive democracies.

    • IstvanIN

      We do need to get rid of the professional political class.

      • B.A_2014

        Yes of course that is true. But replacing them with Chantelle the chav that works as an air hostess or Mike the white van man is not the way to go about it. quotas for working class people in parliament is just as ludicrous as quotas for women or ethnic minorities. There are some very intelligent people from working class areas that have made it in politics (the loathsome George Galloway springs to mind. He’s effective though.) Politics is a middle and upper class thing. In my experience most working class people couldn’t give a damn about politics and have even less of an understanding about minor issues never mind major ones.

        • IstvanIN

          Would you agree to a hereditary, or at least largely hereditary, upper chamber (Lords)?

          • B.A_2014

            Absolutely and I would scrap the house of commons. As long as they aren’t stuffing the place with actors and SWJs I wouldn’t have a problem with the sons of proven men deciding on the laws of the laws.

          • IstvanIN

            Wow, I rarely get anyone to agree with me on that, although I do believe in a body, (commons, general assembly, house of representatives), to represent the average man and woman.

          • B.A_2014

            It’s not that the average people wouldn’t be represented. That would be the job of the upper house. What is the point in a couple of charlatans standing before thd people offering them the moon and the stars every year at the popularity contest. They are as incompetent as they are dishonest. We have women voting for the best looking candidate and voting for whoever offers them their next privilege. Men aren’t much better in the voting department. As the tribal sex we pick a team or a party and we stick to it. No matter how much the parties hurt our interest and the country as a whole, a lot of men still vote because THAT’S MY PARTY. Best not to offer them a vote in the first place. It isn’t worth the money.

  • IstvanIN

    The weirdo:

    • propagandaoftruth

      The Moribund Gall of the Reclining Transvest

      • propagandaoftruth

        That comment I was proud of but knew would not resonate. I tried to combine “The Moribund Gaul”, a famous hyper realistic masterpiece statue from the Hellenistic period, with something that sounded like

        • propagandaoftruth




          Ladies and gentlemen compare. How far we’ve “advanced”.

          Moribund Gall or Moribund Gaul?

          Which one faces death squealing and which one dies like a man?

          • OS-Q

            For those reading, the Bottom Picture is referred to as “The Dying Gaul” but it is actually a Roman copy of a Greek statue commemorating a Greek Victory over the Galatians, a set of Celtic tribes that raided Greece and eventually settled in Central Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). They are a obscure people to many.

            Grayson, being a Brit, likely had a shared Celtic ancestor in Continental Europe with the Galatians. He would like his people to be forgotten too.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Looks like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I dated my best friend’s cousin in college for a bit. They looked more like brother/sister. Pretty girl, but every so often I’d see something like my best friend’s head on a dress with a wig…

        Just didn’t work out. Not her fault, you know? My buddy was kind of relieved, but by then the friendship was on the rocks and the damage done.

      • Alexandra1973

        Baby Jane was more attractive, though. And slightly more sane.

    • Absolutely sickening. I gotta admit, I was going to Google it out of curiosity, so I guess thanks for saving me the trouble. But seriously, how can anyone look at THAT and with a straight face say “Oh he…er…she… er… they… are perfectly normal!” It’s so clearly mentally broken, and it’s pitiful that instead of acknowledging that fact, and trying to help it, we just shrug and say “meh”. It’s filled with hate for everything normal, a vile, wicked, dark hatred because it knows that it is NOT normal… I can’t decide on what to feel here, pity, revulsion, disgust? This thing exemplifies my only real problem with lgbtqabcdefg, which is the ones who aren’t content merely with existing, unoppressed, but who feel the need to cram their abnormality down everyone else’s throats via “pride” parades, proselytizing, and dimwitted “articles” such as this one.

      • IstvanIN

        The real nitwit is the one who printed an article by this person.

      • Ron Cheaters

        You just can’t look at these people an take them seriously. If you can look at them at all. I can’t.

    • DaveMed


  • Alexandra1973

    What has this guy been smoking?

    • propagandaoftruth

      Sausages? Laced with X?

  • Kenner

    Attention must NOT be paid:

    • Guest

      I’ll try upload again:

      • Kenner

        Horrors, it cloned itself.

        • propagandaoftruth

          The Decline and Fall of the West…

          It spontaneously buds copies of itself.

          • Ron Cheaters

            This thing begs to be taken seriously.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Is that Shirley McClain or Pippy Wrongstockings?

          • Luca

            That is what liberals would call “a learned scholar.”

          • Luca

            Actually, it begs to be taken “out.”

          • mikekingjr

            His wife must be very proud of him.

          • propagandaoftruth

            You know…if he were just the village idiot or a jester and all understood it…


            But he is given a position of moral authority and touted by the abominable powers that is…

            As the perfect role model for White men seeking success in the future paradise of Diversica.

            I prefer death to absurd self defecating humiliation.

          • Luca

            In this case, the book should be judged by its cover.

    • Alexandra1973

      You have to wait for the image to pop up.

      In the meantime, let’s get a double dose of eye bleach going….

    • Dressed up for church?

      • propagandaoftruth

        See what you have to do to get ahead if you are a working class girl – I mean White man in England?

        Soon he’ll have to wear a burkha…

        • Kenner

          Go, burkha!

        • mikekingjr

          It would be an improvement.

    • mikekingjr

      It would look even more smashing with Kim Jong Un on its arm.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I have struggled to find a name for this identity that will trip off the tongue, or that doesn’t clutter the page with unpronounceable acronyms such as WMCMAHM. “The White Blob” was a strong contender but in the end I opted to call him Default Man.

    It’s also a nice way to dehumanize an entire group of people. Nice work, hater (and you don’t have a monopoly on that word).

  • TL2014

    At no point does it occur to these morons that “Default Man” created the keyboard on which they type their venom, the computer and the internet that help them reach their audiences…and so on.

    No limit to human stupidity, really. Goodness help us. Then again, why should it. While we slept, they took over cultural discourse.

    • benvad

      If you’re expecting gratitude well then just keep on waiting. The best results you can achieve is to destroy financially and societally. Shun try to pin them with false accusations anything it takes, be a hypocrite and do it as loudly and as often as possible.

      I’ve reported women for sexual harassment and blacks for racists remarks and have been very successful in getting three of them fired for casual jokes and innocent banter.

      We’ve got to all understand that this is a long war for our standing and well being.
      Much as Germans had to put away their feelings and guilt to do the atrocities they did, we must frame and reek professional and societal misfortunes on all the so called oppressed groups.

      It’s us or them and I choose US!

  • TruthBeTold

    When talking about identity groups, the word “community” often crops up.
    The working class, gay people, black people or Muslims are always
    represented by a “community leader.” We rarely, if ever, hear of the
    white middle-class community. “Communities” are defined in the eye of
    Default Man. Community seems to be a euphemism for the vulnerable lower
    orders. Community is “other.” Communities usually seem to be embattled,
    separate from society. “Society” is what Default Man belongs to.

    These ‘communities’ are self-identified.

    Blacks claim their own community. Muslims claim their own community. Etc.

    This isn’t the White man’s doing or fault.

    Non-whites insist on living in White communities and when they realize they don’t fit in they separate themselves and declare their own community.

    THEY want to see themselves as distinct.

  • superlloyd

    Perverted F… ups like this deviant are merely projecting their self hatred onto their betters. Deep down they envy successful white heterosexual males and it tortures them.

    This dimwit should recognise that only in the west in the past 50 years, and in no other epoch, have predilections such as his been tolerated, protected and even celebrated.

    • benvad

      Have you’ve seen his photos? He’s a transvestike and not in Monty a Python funny kind of way. He’s mentally defective.

    • kikz2

      fag clothes designers do it as a rule to women… one look at the crap that is considered fashion is all it takes to see how just how deeply their hatred runs….and stupid women buy their crap… thinking it …the thing to do…

  • gemjunior

    I couldn’t stomach the entire thing, but let’s put it this way: He’ll be well paid and promoted.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    It’s quickly becoming my number 1 pet peeve that members of this board and others like it constantly give a free pass to these sexual degenerates. Is it because the “Straight, Middle Class, White Man” prevent gays from being “assassinated in the streets every day” by less tolerant groups?-well how’s the Black Muslim in the White House treating them? What is it going to take for you to realise they are as bad a group of aggrieved minorities as any race or religion? There ought to be the same laws forbidding their sleazy lifestyle as for miscegenation. Even more their enablers should be subjected to the same vitriol as race traiters.

    • kikz2

      true that… and the pedo’s are riding their ‘skirts’ into.. it’s just an alternate lifestyle….

  • Doubtless this doof believes that ISIS will make a fine substitute for us. It would make for some “interesting” viewing, at least. I have a supply of brandy and good cigars when online footage goes viral. We also have a jar of caviar in the pantry just waiting for an occasion to celebrate; with butter in the refrigerator, all we’d need is a French baguette.

  • MBlanc46

    British television is going to broadcast a “documentary” by this freak instead of getting him the psychiatric help that he so clearly needs. It’s enough to make one weep.

    • It’s probably cheaper than having the British National Health Service provide him a head-shrinker.

    • ThomasER916

      The Culture of Critique runs the BBC.

  • RHG

    If it weren’t for white heterosexual men this idiot cross dresser would be on his way to extinction at the hands of non-white males. Hetero white males overwhelmingly make up the military force that does the dirty work for this country that keeps everyone free, even this disgusting, ungrateful tranny. We should enjoy the benefits of power, we are the ones that fight and die in the biggest numbers to preserve freedom for everyone else. If it weren’t for hetero white guys, this country would be a 3rd world hell hole.

  • oscar1609

    What a dumb article. I cannot believe this trash is getting printed. Why dont they write an article “Time for Africans to stop getting aid and help themselves”?

    • Because that might give someone the excuse to pretend to be “offended”.

      • eonic

        Someone has written such an article – http ://www_independent_ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/kevin-myers-africa-has-to-learn-lessons-the-hard-way-if-necessary-26577403.html

    • eonic

      See my reply to Mr Scott below.

  • benvad

    I read his bio he’s a transvestite 54 year old artist who is a heterosexual married with one child.

    He’s Corporal Klinger without the fashion sense who will get a Section 8 sooner than he can say M*A*S*H!!

  • bubo

    Every white male over college age that is a stanch leftist is some sort of pervert or weirdo. Every one.

  • DonReynolds

    Droppings of wisdom from a circus freak. Not much of a challenge.

  • Paul Lycurgues

    God knows I have read my share of drivel on Amren (I refer of course to the kind of articles Amren tends to point us to), but this one has to be some kind of record. It’s hard to tell whether it was written by a self-loathing white transsexual (as claimed), by a black supremacist, or by a by dyslexic beaver. Or all of the above.

  • adplatt126

    Just one unsubstantiated claim after another. Much like the pervasive specter of white racism that keeps blacks and browns down, there is no evidence that this supposed system that favors white males even exists, there is no adequately scientific description or understanding of it, and there is no reason to believe that white men benefit from it and are indeed only successful due to it, despite the fact that certain weirdos keep claiming it is so over and over again. It is anti-white racism, in its most unadulterated form.

  • ThomasER916

    What Whites need to understand is homosexuals are masochists. With a little encouragement they’re ethno-masochists. There has never been and there will never be a homosexual country. Never in all of human history have homosexuals moved away and started a new country. It’s never happened and it never will happen. Their existence is to defile and destroy. The begin with themselves then their perversion requires another. Like the perversion of pedophiles and animal slaughter the homosexual cannot be sated by destruction. They will come for the institutions that hold their people together, sustain them and help them grow. The ethno-masochist instinctively seeks out those who will destroy their people, much like an abuse victim’s never-ending search for another abuser. Muslims, Negroes, and Hispanics fit the bill quite nicely. The key difference in most countries is they lack the Culture of Critique to employ them. We need to realize these butt-fking lunatics are soldiers in an army of genocide against Whites.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      Sorry I took so long to reply.

      Yes you are absolutely right. There isn’t a thing you said I don’t agree with and I wish I would have said it myself. Gays are as incompatible with civilization as jihadist. I’ll say they are THE MOST dangerous minority if for no other reason then because they are the one everybody seems to tolerate. The question people need to ask is why so many people here and on other “alt”right sights seem to be ‘OK’ with it.

      • ThomasER916

        Why? Because Whites have never been able to ask the only moral and ethical question that matters – Is this good for Whites? When we can ask this question then we’ll start thinking like a racinated people.

        What is good for Whites?
        * identity
        * culture
        * children
        * family
        * wealth
        * security
        * prosperity
        * image

        When we ask “what’s good for Whites?” we’re able to understand that OUR prosperity is good for OUR people. When your White children have a secure future and a White identity then my White children will be part of that community. They could get married and prosper together. Right now there is no such thing. Go to church and you’ll find Whites seeking rent-status in a Jewish heaven by giving their earnings, labor, and country away to Africans.

        So if we were to ask “are homosexuals good for or good to Whites?” The answer is no they’re not. They openly hate Whites and attack our people, our families, and our institutions.

        • Bryce Armstrong

          “They openly hate whites and attack our people, our families, and our institutions.”

          And we haven’t even mentioned their tendencies towards violent crime and pederasty.

          • ThomasER916

            Homosexuals live to destroy. To destroy a people you destroy their children, their culture, their traditions, their institutions, their language and their peace of mind. Perverting children is genocide, and that is homosexual desires come to its rotten fruition.

            When we look at Muslims and ask “Why do gays defend them?” we we ask these questions because we assume homos are normal and not butt-fking lunatics. Gays cheer for Muslims because they’re masochists. Anyone who seeks not only justify but to parade their rectal prolapse is a masochist. The apex of homosexual masochism is ethno-masochism. The homosexual alone cannot simply destroy their people, culture, religion, country or traditions. They instinctively see allies in Muslims and non-Whites as the destroyers of their people.

            So why does the “Alt-Right” defend homos? Because they’re deracinated, much like every other White. If you look at Libertarians you’ll see they’re not that different from Marxists – both believe economic systems are a moral and sacred force, both hate and virulently attack groups but only when those groups are White, and both deny that race, culture, religion, borders and language matters, but only when they’re White. If you look at any Political System today it was invented when Whites were living in homogeneous White countries with homogeneous White cultures. They assumed these Whites were as different from one another as anyone else. This delusion of Universalism has been present in Christianity and Philosophy of Whites for a very long time. It’s a delusion that ALL people are interchangeable, because when your neighbors are all White that’s probably the case. However, in a multiracial society it’s not only wrong it’s Pathological Altruism at best.

            So ask yourself – Is Libertarianism good for Whites? Will Libertarians make a moral argument for Whites defending their collective self-interest in every country, city, town, and group? Will Liberals or Conservatives? We know the answer.

            Do a Google Search on the following and you’ll find a very informative article on Pathological Altruism by Kevin MacDonald. Needless to say he is banned from Amren by the Culture of Critique he exposed.

            Google Search:

          • So why does the “Alt-Right” defend [homosexuality]?

            I think the answer is very closely related to the untenability of “white nationalism” (as opposed to ethnonationalism). There will never be a time when all white people everywhere will join hands and sing a song to defend all white people everywhere.

          • ThomasER916


            But considering you routinely side with the Culture of Critique it’s obvious why you’d believe this pathological pap.

          • Bryce Armstrong

            It always puzzles me why people insist Islam is this prudish uptight religion. Islam is a religion of perversion. They practice every paraphilia (homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia, rape, incest, zoophilia) known to man. If you prided yourself on sexual degeneracy why WOULDNT you support them? Frankly having a group this aggressive fall on their lap must be like a gift from “Heaven”.

  • mikekingjr

    Thanks for the enlightenment, English Artist, but I think I’ll default to being the Default Man which I was born as. What a whiney weenie this thing is.

  • none of your business

    Except for the paper, every thing it used to produce this piece of garbage from the alphabet to the latest printer was invented by middle class White men.

  • none of your business

    I’d like to take it on a tour of the offices in America’s Tech capital, Silicon Valley of California and show him that Whites have been jjust about eliminated from tech and engineering.

  • Rick O’Shea

    White males succeed and achieve prominence as individuals for the same reason they did so as a group:

    A uniquely successful brew of genetics, hormone levels, brain size, creativity, vigor, zest for exploration, confidence, compassion balanced with dominance… masculinity but not too much of it… etc.

    White males are the “Goldilocks Zone” of humanity just like Earth is in the Goldilocks zone of habitable planets for this solar system.

    Other groups have shown a lot of success too, but they tend to be closely related to whites and those cultures always have had a strong male position of command when they were most successful.

    If any white straight male reading this finds it hard to accept that you might really have, in fact, been born into the “optimum” version of humanity… if it makes you uneasy to consider believing that… well, just reflect on the fact that you already know for a fact that you had the good fortune to be born on the only planet that can sustain life in this solar system. You had the good fortune to be born at all. You had the good fortune to be born of the most intelligent species to ever walk this planet… and at a time in history when there are vaccines, cell phones, etc. Take note of who invented almost all of those wondrous things which make this age so comfortable… btw.

    It really shouldn’t be that hard to believe that you ALSO were born into the optimum variety of humanity itself.

    Mind you, I’m not saying there aren’t some other varieties of humans who are very successful too – but I do think white males have typically struck a better balance of adventurous manliness coupled WITH the right amount of intellect but not so much intellect as to be paralyzing… whereas Asian and Jewish males have perhaps gone a bit too far in certain directions and strayed out of the “sweet spot.”

    • Luca

      Asian and Jewish males along with some flawed White counterparts have traveled through another dimension, a dimension not only of
      sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a land whose
      boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your
      next stop, the Liberal Zone!

  • tetrapod

    New Republic owner Chris Hughs is a f*gg*t co-founder of Facebook, the owner of which we all know to be a supporter of white Europeans.

    Nothing more need be said.

    • M.

      “Chris Hughs is a f*gg*t…”

      See, that’s the kind of attitude that gives legitimacy to the arguments of affirmative-actioners.

      • Julius Caesar

        And? It’s not like they don’t already have (so-called) legitimacy now. He’s just calling it how he sees it. Truth hurts. But things won’t change until people (white people) wake up to the truth. I don’t like gays, but I wouldn’t have a problem with them if they kept their faggotry to themselves. But that’s the problem, they just CAN NOT keep it to themselves, it seems. So I have no problem saying I want nothing to do with homos, unless they prove that they can contribute to society without making it their sole goal to announce to the world how fabulous they are.

        • M.

          “And? It’s not like they don’t already have (so-called) legitimacy now.”

          I’d say many people are still on the fence when it comes to AA. But reactions like this will make people think: “Okay, if this man were to hire for jobs and had in front of him a gay person and a straight person, he’d take the straight one even if the other were more qualified. That’s just discrimination.”

          We oppose affirmative action for minorities because we believe white people have dominate the most sensitive fields in the country because of their own efforts and merit (in addition to them being a majority), not because non-whites were discriminated against despite their competence. But attitude like this makes it look like it was.

          Most people don’t like gays because they find homosexuality icky. Whether homosexuals “look” or “act” homosexual or not. I personally do find male homosexuality icky, but it’s still tolerable. I can get over it, contrary to many people here, whether the person “acts gay” or not. I certainly wouldn’t discriminate against them if they’re comptenent, talented, or just decent people overall.

          But regardless of how you feel about their orientation, I think we should refrain from showing too much animosity towards them for such futile reasons as them “acting fabulous” or some such. Civilization won’t crumble because of that.

          • Julius Caesar

            You say that many people are on the fence about AA, I won’t disagree with you necessarily, I’ll only point out that even if they disagree with AA…they don’t speak up about it. And THAT only reinforces the concept of AA as a positive one to the people who are on the fence about it.
            I also wanted to respond to your “Civilization won’t crumble because of that”comment. You’re right, homosexuality is not going to kill western civilization, but…it’s a slippery slope. We have to maintain some sort of moral values if we ever hope to have western civilization live on, and homosexuality just doesn’t have a place here, in my mind. At least not open homosexuality.

      • Bryce Armstrong

        Keep up the good work no one else here has the courage say it.

    • none of your business

      New Republic was founded by the communist multi millionaire Straight family to propagate the Moscow line. Now it has morphed into every sort of anti White heterosexual propaganda around. I’m sure that in a couple years there will be articles talking about the benefits of polygamy of 9 year old wives and brother sister incest. I didn’t mind the gay marriage crusade too much because I figured it occupied all our enemies. Now that gay marriage is legal everywhere I believe the liberals will come up with even more destructive anti White causes, maybe legalizing bestiality and intra species marriage? Or more lawsuits meant to change freedom of religion to the latest anti clerical cause, the Jewish front Freedom From Religion Foundation which basically wants to abolish Christianity.

  • ottomax02

    Its funny how its so easy to attack the white strait man and forget any facts that don’t agree with your point. if you look at just about every great invention, great act, or hard work such as war, paying for everything, etc… you will see a white man. Lets look how much better Africa is now that the white rule is over. How are the large and small cities are doing with large minority numbers and leadership? Crime, ruin, poverty, etc… I can not understand why gay people identify their place in the world by who they sleep with. We debate over all the small things while the governments go unchecked because every group has its own axe to grind. And lets not forget the white mans burden……..think about it

  • SolStans

    Articles like this, to pretty equal degrees, boil my blood and confuse the hell out of me. As many other commenters have pointed out, it is only in this cisgendered (read: “actual”), heterosexual (by far, the norm. not to mention a requirement for intergenerational cultural stability), white (ability proven by history), male (generally, more rational) part of the world does this freakshow have the ability to write such an article (unbeheaded, on a computer, in English, etc.). Why revel in such a lowly combination of ingratitude and ignorance?

    Secondly, I’m still baffled as to why transsexuals are grouped in with gays and lesbians (who already display enough general differences as to deserve separate taxonomies). I may be a heaumeau, but I could never understand wanting to lop off my parts to become some modern-day Francinestein lab creation. Yes, I am disregarding nature’s owner’s manual (any honest ‘mo should be able to admit this), but hell, I’m not about to take my ride to the chop shop.

    I guess it all comes down to a driving need for not just tolerance, but celebration and encouragement. The author/ess of this hit piece on the evils of “cishet”/white/male dominion clearly misses that s/h/it’s desperate for approval from that same group. I don’t claim to know the genesis of my orientation (genetic? not likely. gestational? possibly. environmental? surely, to some degree.), and I’m not going to pretend it’s the norm, or the same as the norm. Then again, I don’t give a fig about someone else validating my sex life. There are many more important topics to focus on in this dreadful era, like the targeted destruction of the West and its avatars (YT diaspora).

    Maybe Herrfrau Perry should consider the real threats in this world before targeting the golden goose that allows s/h/it’s existence in the first place.

  • OS-Q

    He does need to get out of his recliner and start throwing his weight around.

    I’m sorry, did you mean something else?

  • ElComadreja

    Words of wisdom from someone that dresses up in women’s clothing to masturbate.

  • none of your business

    The outfit and hairstyle are totally early 1950’s middle middle class. The red shoes and perhaps a red purse or hat were classic. The navy dress and full skirt just scream sears roebuck catalog 1952. Who is he who replicates a 1950’s middle class women’s magazine ad to sneer at the middle class?

  • none of your business

    I read the article. Africans who have lived off the taxpayers for 9 years complaining that they aren’t in 4 bedroom 3,000 sq ft houses paid by the taxpayer. One man claims he is an electrician and can’t get work. I wonder what an African electrician is, someone who can shove a plug in a socket?

  • thegodsofeden

    After reading this, I now realize that, not only am I a white ‘heterosexual’ male, but also a “Lesbian trapped in a man’s body”! Go figure.

  • ViktorNN

    I must confess that I qualify in many ways to be a Default Man myself but I feel that by coming from a working-class background and being an artist and a transvestite, I have enough cultural distance from the towers of power.

    Well, there you have it.

    If you’re a middle-aged white male (like Grayson Perry is), all you have to do is say you’re from a poor family, walk around in women’s clothing, and make some “art” and presto, you are no longer an EVIL middle-aged white male.

    I guess it’s the humiliation of walking around in women’s panties that transforms him into a good white male? After all, there are plenty of white males walking around from poor backgrounds. A good white male must be a powerless, faggoty laughingstock apparently – this seems to be Perry’s redemptive strategy that allows him to turn around and hate other white males with moral justification.

    • The “towers of power” that so distress this lunatic fruitcake house London’s financial industry. According to Wikipedia, London conducts 36.7% of the world’s currency transactions, with more US dollars traded there than in New York, and more Euros traded there than in the rest of Europe combined. In other words the economic activities in these “towers of power” provide the prosperity that allows this silly degenerate the luxury of an existence in which he produces nothing of tangible value while dressing like a woman.

      • ViktorNN

        You’re right. It’s a good connection to make. His fine art racket relies on the prosperity created by two groups:

        1. White males in the upper class – the very people he ridicules (and performs like a perfumed poodle for).

        2. Non-whites in the multinational elite – much of their wealth is derived from fleecing the global white middle class.

  • Augustus3709

    Racism against Whites is justification to steal White homelands away.

    • Discredit White unity by calling it “racism”.
    • Discredit White accomplishments by calling it “privilege”.
    • Discredit White autonomy and self-determination by calling it “supremacy”.
    • Discredit White Diaspora Nations by claiming the “horrors of colonialism”.
    • Destroy the White Homeland of Europe by claiming it needs “Diversity”.

    I wish it weren’t true but it comes up again and again. There is a war of extermination against the White racial type. And nobody is coming to save us. It’s up to us.

    • ViktorNN

      Very nicely put. You’re exactly right.

  • James Mayer

    That was incredibly racist.