Greenville Shooting Spree Suspect on Camera for First Time

WITN, April 7, 2014


Lakim Faust appeared in a courtroom at the Pitt County Detention Center this morning.

He is accused in the June 21st shooting spree in front of the Kellum Law Firm and across the street at Walmart.

A grand jury indictment said the shooting was racially motivated. All four victims were white men, while Faust is black.

Faust was seriously wounded by Greenville police after they confronted him on Hooker Road.

Until today, most of Faust’s court appearances have been in secured locations, away from the media. {snip}


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  • [Guest]

    The main reporter looks as if she could be Lakim Faust’s mama.

    I wonder how closely HER attitude about race matches the defendant’s.

    • John R

      Good point, thank you. These crimes don’t just happen out of the blue. Blacks have been brought up to hate us Whites for years, and if anything, the election/reelection of Obama has only emboldened them to get worse. Yeah, so much for the “post racial” world, huh?

      • Tom B

        True. Now obama has his black dobermans -aka black flash mobs- ready to raise hell at any time, in any location, all on short notice. This is a spectacle that can never be underestimated.

  • I am reminded by this vid why I stopped watching TV news. The Negro reporter is a bad joke. But the joke is also on the perp. He’s got a white woman defense attorney. I hope she has enough sense to fake her defense and let her client get what’s coming to him.

    • John R

      Darn! You beat me to that one! Yeah, blacks hate us racist Whites, but when they get in trouble, they have no problem hiring some White attorney to defend their sorry azzes!

      • Actually, I suspect she’s a public defender assigned to his case. He had to take what the court gave him. In my own little scrape with the law I learned a lot. I had my own attorney to fight a code violation, but sitting in the hallways in the courthouse, I saw these overworked public defenders blow off their Mexican clients with advice like, “You’re gonna have to do five years minimum.”

        • I have never used anything except Public Defenders, and recipe for success with them is that I do everything I can in order to assist them.

          Anyone who sits back and expects to enjoy the ride is a fool.

  • Simonetta

    In a situation like this where the ‘defendant’ and ‘da community’ have no neither remorse for their savage crimes, nor the financial resources to compensate for the medical expenses and lawsuit awards of their victims (or themselves), then the financial expenses of their crimes should come out of the EBA and welfare program funds that are distributed to the city in which they live.

    When people who depend on EBT cards to feed ‘dey keedzz’ begin to realize that food stamp allocations will be cut by 30% for a few months every time that some local ‘misunnersood yoof’ goes on a gun-shooting rampage, then they might, just might, start to take an interest in dealing with the fundamental dis-functionality of their people.

    Otherwise, it just people “bein’ what dey is … lootin’ and shootin’ ” with no compensation at all for those who have their lives destroyed by all this endless black madness.

    • John R

      If I had my way they would be sued in civil court by the families of the victims. Then, if they couldn’t afford to compensate them, they would be required to work for free at minimum wage in a work house, until the amount was paid up. That would take years.

    • r j p

      In Illinois there was a huge “controversy” because food stamp benefits were cut from $200 to $192 person. I asked my sister who has six kisd and a husband if she has ever spent $1525 in one month on food, her response “My husband would kill me”.

  • r j p

    Sounds like Kellum Law Firm has four new clients.
    Lakim Faust was probably just frustrated because his mom gave him a girls name and further feminized it by adding the French feminine pronoun “La” to the front of it.

  • MekongDelta69

    First word: “Lakim” – No need to read further.


    That knucklehead is so incredibly ugly and down right insane looking. That I just couldn’t bring myself to watch that video.

  • OhWow

    A shooting spree? With a black guy shooting whites? No wonder I never heard of this in the national media. They love showing white males do the same stuff though.

  • wildfirexx

    If these black on white racist crimes continue to escalate, it may be just a matter of time before some vigilante white guy retaliates and does the same to them, which might start a race war…just saying it could happen, so the media better tame down their anti-white rhetoric.

  • Conrad

    I wonder of whites will ever consider creating “safe zones for whites.” In other words, no blacks allowed.

    • Bobbala

      Already come and gone. Freedom is racist too.

      • Tom B

        Does anyone remember the old Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mummy playing the 10 year old psychotic “Anthony” who held the power of life and death in his little dirty fingers and held what was left of the “town” in emotional prison to the point where they had to “think nice things about him”? Well, the government,media, education and minorities are “Anthony”
        We are all cowered, like the hapless residents of that quaint little town by this “little monster”

    • adsf

      No, because too many whites would rather they or their loved ones die than be called ‘racists.’ As disgusted as I am with blacks, I’m more disgusted and angry with how so many whites are brainwashed, self hating, delusional idiots full of guilt and don’t want to deal with the realities of race.

      • MystiKasT

        This is 100% dead on.

  • Hallie Eva

    How is Hickory NC faring?

  • Hallie Eva

    I am noticing not just a plethora of blacks and people of indeterminate ethnicity being cast as newsreaders, weather channel reporters, and paid commercial endorsers, but seriously overweight, unattractive mugs with bad teeth and skin are being hired.
    Must be pressure from the Fat and Ugly Grievance Industry [trademark pending].

    • saxonsun

      Here in NYC, there are almost no white anchors. And you’re lucky if you see any reporting the news at all.

      • Hallie Eva

        I had to stop watching broadcast news, it was just too lapdoggy. Now only pop in on the Weather Channel, which employs mostly blacks, fat and uglies, and those guess what race? types to read the reports.
        They actually refer to some of them as “meteorologists.”

        • These faux “meteorologists” are simply reading feed from the National Weather Service, a branch of NOAA. In 2005 Senator Rick “Idiot Boy” Santorum wanted to prohibit the NWS from giving away weather forecasts for free, while continuing to require them to provide free data from their satellites, radars and other taxpayer-funded sensors to for-profit weather forecasting services.

          • Hallie Eva

            Oh jeeze. MCS, Idiot Boy never lets us down.
            Mum says one could dial up a Weather Center and the exact time for free in the “old days.”
            Wonder if that still exists, or if phone companies charge for it.

          • Santorum is one of many reasons I am certain about the GOP’s long-term non-future.

    • Tom B

      It’s all about the marxist edict of grow the weeds and kill the flowers.
      Soon, felons will be the “state” police”

      • Hallie Eva

        I suspect you are right. Always elevate the lesser of us, denigrate those who have played by the rules and strive[d] to make the best of ourselves.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    True. We had to head south when our Raleigh suburb reached our tipping point.

  • Tom B

    I’m 67 and live in Europe, but I vividly remember visiting my aunt and uncle in Mocksville, near Winston Salem, in 1962. That area was beautiful then.
    RC cola, anyone? How utterly sad.

  • Hallie Eva

    Oh no, sad to hear this. A very dear colleague of mine was born and raised in Hickory.
    That man could talk. We used to ask him to relate anecdotes about growing up in Hickory.
    He had a way of saying the town’s name as if it had a question mark after it. Hick-ry?

  • Ella

    We are in the same boat with hoards of Mexican invaders, but they seem to kill mostly within their own communities so far except for DUI’s. We plan to leave the area as the neighbourhood is beginning to change, at 50-50 point. Husband is looking at an hour commute now for better schools and less robberies, but we prefer to transfer out of the State overall.

  • Magician

    I agree, why not at least choose a woman in good shape

  • William_JD

    It would be nice if the AmRen editor could clue us in as to where this happened.

    • 3jwells

      This happened in Greenville, North Carolina.

  • Tom B

    Thanks. I’m glad you caught that. Serling and Richard Matheson were great TV writers