The Birth of Prudence—A Novel About The West’s Decline (And Recovery?)

James Kirkpatrick, VDARE, March 30, 2014

The Birth Of Prudence ($19.99) can be purchased here. A Kindle version will be available shortly.

It’s not just that the personal is political. It’s that the personal determines the political.

First-time author Ryan Andrews attacks some of the most difficult questions facing Western Man in The Birth of Prudence—just published by Books ($19.99). This is a novel that is going to make you uncomfortable, uneasy, and maybe even outraged. But it’s a story that cannot be ignored.

The eponymous Prudence is a Korean-American university student who identifies with the glory of Western Civilization. She is a perfect example of what Establishment conservatives would consider the ideal—a foreigner who has come to identify with the West as a concept, as an abstract construct. And of course, there is much legitimacy to her approach—after all, as Prudence says, beyond the questions raised by the great minds of Greece and Rome, “there is nothing more worth knowing.”

This is the terrible temptation of Western universalism—the oddly imperialist notion that Western Civilization is not a distinct culture at all, but simply the highest development of human culture. Andrews addresses this head-on in the book, which begins with a short faux-academic essay on how imperialism has mutated from a forthright ideology of Western superiority into a subversive program of Western domination cloaked in universalistic and egalitarian terms.

Mark, a confused and alienated young white American, falls for Prudence after seeing her in a bar. Mark is not a bold paragon of Europa—indeed, he’s what we might call a “beta.” It’s to the credit of the author that this kind of character works in the book. The monologuing, overanalytical, and oddly romantic male is actually a kind of “type” on the Dissident Right, found throughout the forums, conferences, and meetings that characterize the subculture. For that reason, Mark actually seems relatable, or at least understandable.

For example, I stated laughing in recognition when Mark starts mentally berating himself and his friends for wasting time drinking at a bar. He then turns his rage on the other patrons.

A man sitting a few tables over had let his shirt ride up so high that a third of his back was exposed. ‘He is like three hundred pounds, he probably just doesn’t care. But, how can he be comfortable like that?. . . Jesus Christ. How pathetic this all this.”

Of course, Mark also was the one who agreed to go out drinking.

Mark’s scorn, though justified, is partially a cover for his own insecurity–the insecurity of self-conscious ignorance. By his own admission, he is looking for something, but he can’t even put a name to that which he seeks. Thus, he alternates between wanting to go out socially and wanting to turn away from the world, between throwing himself into the decadence and then backing away in disgust. Loneliness and bitterness here is a result of deracination, and the solution is love.

Somehow, in this seedy bar of all places, he finds Prudence, and his life changes forever. Though his approach may be sorely lacking in even elementary “game,” his desperate opening and Prudence’s reaction somehow works here. It works because to Prudence, Western art’s most sacred truth is the doctrine of the superiority of the man of deep-feeling. And by this measure, Mark is a supreme Alpha.

Mark clearly loves, even worships Prudence. She introduces Mark to his own culture, through Shakespeare, classical music, and history. Gradually Mark comes to see that he has a people, that he belongs, that he is a part of something greater than himself.

The solution though, becomes the problem. Mark belongs to a people—whereas Prudence only believes in an idea. Identity, after all, is something primal, vital, and inherent, not something that can be simply changed by reading a book or learning a new point of view. Ultimately, all universalistic theories of culture, hesitant conservatism, or ideological answers to the Death of the West collide with the brutal biological reality outlined by Sam Francis in the famous American Renaissance conference speech that ended his Washington Times career. Namely,

 The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people. If the people or race that created and sustained the civilization of the West should die, then the civilization also will die. [Why Race Matters, American Renaissance, September 1994 ]

Mark eventually comes to realize this, reluctantly but bluntly terming his awakening “white pride.” And of course, both he and Prudence will pay a price for this.

At the same time this is going on, author Andrews uses the dorm room arguments of a racial-realist/ethnonationalist and an egalitarian universalist to explore and debate the societal background that has given birth to Mark and Prudence. These kinds of late-night bull sessions between friends can transform into deadly serious arguments between political enemies once the forbidden subject of race is broached. And so it is happens here.

But this is part of what the book itself does. The tragedy of Mark and Prudence takes place within the tragedy of the West. And so it challenges readers who claim to believe in the West, whether they really mean it and are willing to be true to themselves and their ideals in the way they live their lives. It’s a sobering question, even an offensive one, to patriots accustomed to concealing their beliefs out of fear.

For that reason, The Birth of Prudence is an important book, touching on relationships, race, and above all, identity. It speaks to a generation that has lost its birthright, especially young men who are thrown into the swamp that the Main Stream Media calls a culture, tossed a weight called “white privilege,” and ordered to swim for their lives. To them, The Birth of Prudence throws a desperately-needed life preserver.

One of the greatest lines in The Simpsons comes when one character observes, “I’ve always admired your tart honesty and ability to be personally offended by broad social trends.” But of course, broad social trends do ultimately impinge on all of us. What is a fringe opinion on a college campus can become a policy within a few short years. The woefully familiar tales of political dissidents losing jobs, relationships, and even homes, show that even these abstract debates are deadly serious.

What The Birth of Prudence shows is that it can work both ways. By reforming our own lives, rediscovering our heritage, and living out what we claim to believe in, we can rebuild the culture from the ground up.

Yet there is always a price to be paid. No one says that doing the right thing won’t be tragic or costly—but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.

The Birth of Prudence is that rare product of the Dissident Right—something that addresses the core questions of our collapsing world without coming off as shrill, hysterical, or inhumane. Instead, the book treats life as it is—messy, paradoxical, and difficult. But despite all that—it’s uncompromising.

It’s a great introduction to those alienated souls who sense something is wrong, but can’t quite put their finger on it.

Hopefully, after reading it, they can, like Mark, rediscover their own people.


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  • David Ashton

    Clever idea. But whites should be doing this of their own accord, and can do so.

    • rasher223

      True…but the average brain dead white out there ignores anything other whites say. It’s like only non-whites are right and righteous. So if a non-white tells whites that then it may serve as a wake-up-finger-snap.

      • David Ashton

        In Britain it provides a useful excuse for some whites when, for example, a Black or Asian defends our Christian heritage against Muslims or says we have had enough immigration or says that schools should emphasize Shakespeare and Dickens etc. And I am not ungrateful. Better half a loaf than nothing at all. But whites should not need an excuse for legitimate cultural self-defense.

        • anew

          If you’re imagining Prudence as some sort of Ben Carson for white nationalists, you’ve got the wrong idea. Mark does become a white Identitarian, and she is the cause of that, but that is definitely not what she had in mind.

          She’s not presented as a race realist or an apologist for white nationalism or any thing like that.

          • David Ashton

            Point taken.

          • Anna Tree

            Argh, a pity then. I will still read the book, maybe it is not for us but may be a triggering nudge for our liberal leftist friends and families.

            I still hope for a racialist author to write a science fiction book a la Hunger Game or The Handmaid’s Tale. If there was a private forum for us, we could even write it all together… I have a few ideas…

          • anew

            The character Prudence is not a white nationalist, but the book The Birth of Prudence definitely is white nationalist. Still not science fiction though; it’s actually set in the late 90s.

  • Borachio

    I think it’s a great mistake to separate ourselves from Asians such as Prudence and their people, as long as neither we nor they fall into the trap of thinking that we’re “the same.”

    Whites and Asians are not the same, but we do have a lot in common: intelligence, work ethic, history, and culture, along with both the ability and desire to sustain civilization. I’d argue that we have enough in common to be natural allies against the forces of darkness and barbarism that now threaten to destroy the West.

    Asians will for now have to take the lead in some battles, as they recently did in the California affirmative action fight. As non-whites, they are allowed to notice that some groups are dragging down the rest of the country, contributing nothing, and turning cities into war zones. Asian women are also less likely to be infected by feminism that makes many American women both unpleasant companions and unwilling parents of the next generation, if there is to be one.

    • Mahound

      Agreed, but we must never fall into the trap of race mixing. Allies yes, lovers no. Otherwise it will all end in tears.

      • Anon

        Who is “we” homeslice. I have yet to meet a single person who identifies as white nationalist that gives more than lip service and wags their tongue at other people. Your average woman sleeping with AIDS infected negros is out of her damn mind, probably drug addicted and is an obvious wacko in dozens of other ways. Your average white man with an Asian, however, is anything but. Tend to be highly educated, successful, wealthy and heavily into wanting to accept the male gender role, particularly as a provider. They are also divorced….with one or several failed marriages that are 100% the fault of the white woman he was with and a society that simply will not recognize his rights as a man. He’s either found out from other men in similar circumstances or, more likely hooked up with an Asian girl by random chance and lo, and behold, these problems disappear and he now has a successful, fulfilling marriage with happy children. Any consequences will be two or three generations later and no, the situation will not end in tears, at least not for him.
        Don’t like that? Then do your part to raise a crop of white daughters and find them good men. This issue in particular is one where fellow whites are just not reasonable in what they want. They want “fence sitters” and “joe six pack” and other people to stop acting on the realities of what is going on in society while doing nothing to enable it.
        In this particular case, you arrogantly presume to tell white men to either do without or to lump it accept a degrading hook up with a negro contaminated crackhead.
        And then get butthurt when told no.

    • Romulus

      Did they have alot in common when the Mongol hordes we’re murdering untold thousands??
      Give a nod to the Germanic people that you don’t speak Chinese or other oriental language.

      • Borachio

        As we say in German, “Schwamm druber.” Mongol hordes are long dead. Time to get over it. If we hold an eternal grudge against anyone who’s ever fought against us, then we’re hurting ourselves more than them.

        Just for the record, I do speak Chinese (Mandarin), along with German, French, Spanish, and English.

        • Romulus

          Why is it that so many believe how wonderful foreign people are when their numbers are a small % of the total???
          It’s simple math, bruder. If Americans total 65% of the only supposed 390 million “Americans” with the largest share being over 55. We are not producing children!

          Now, the age demographic that does produce 18 to 40 (and im being lenient on the high end) are Mexo’s, Asians, blacks, Arabs, and South Asian haji, then we’ve got a big problem! The Chinese, as it stands now have well over a billion people ,coupled with disastrous environmental problems associated with making all the foods that the west consumes. Currently, they have 35%pre boys than females and are spending gigantic amounts of money on defense(?). They are all moving around the globe saturating Australia,Europe, western north America. When their nation can’t produce the necessary calories to keep their people fed, or the Energy to produce clothing and shelter, they will flock everywhere.
          Depending on how much this happens to western nations host populations that are already experiencing problems with every other human ethnicity, I say choose your alliances CAREFULLY! Michelle Malkin just vehemently defended her own tribe when Colbert teased Asians. Don’t fool yourself! Asians play the same racial game as every other bloc in America. See the vdare article on the Seattle coffee hoax, then compare it to what Malkin says.
          I’m curious, you say you speak Mandarin, ok ,…great;……. What does that have to do with anything?
          I can have a decent dialogue in Spanish, that doesn’t mean I want to live in a majority Mexican country.

        • Romulus

          Most that defend Asians have an affinity for their language or culture and no the Mongol hordes are not dead, they just don’t ride as many horses as in the past and now use guns instead of bows and arrows. Yes, I can tell the difference between the Asians. That matters not..
          Once humans begin to starve or are denied mass migration to another location in favor of the host’s own, conflict will arise. Making nice with them might alleviate some of the debt the west has occurred, but most likely only temporarily.
          Is the west so desperate for allies, since the titanic shift in demographics and racial fratricide that has helped it’s decline?
          Sure, having allies is a good thing, but who? The tribe? They only care about others, themselves and $ !!! We should be courting the white Canadiens. They are closest both racially ,culturally and geographically.

          • David Ashton

            You can have political allies for particular purposes without wishing to lose mutual identities through biological crossing. I have no complaint against members of the world Jewish minorities (plural, see e.g. Richard Lynn) opposed to marrying out with Gentiles, and think that whites generally should adopt the same reservation with regard to the huge Chinese population. Not all Chinese want to cross with whites and not all Jews want whites to cross with other races.

          • Romulus

            Yes,quite right. I know that you can understand my reservations,though. I would surmise that your definitely in tune to which alliance the west is moving towards. The deck is stacked.
            I don’t have any problem with those that are TRULY on board with US for OUR sake.
            There are a number on this forum who feel so inclined. I also think the episode out in Kansas was entirely to our detriment because it draws the wrong kind of attention and gives fuel to the opposition. I can also intuit the man’s feeling of anger of exclusion and demonization As if the very conscionable act of racial awareness is evil incarnate. A preposterous proposition on it’s face. That act was the wrong approach in this climate. Lastly, Stevens book came out today. It is, of course a hit piece on the US constitution and the bill of rights. I’ve been posting about that trend for months now. Lastly, I’m leery of the outcome of such an alliance but not unaware of it’s possible benefit. I loathe to admit that, but there it is.

          • Romulus

            I feel I must add this post script:
            Countless hours I’ve spent reading and thinking on possible strategies and their outcomes. I just can’t find it in my head to see anymore of our sons and daughters die for anyone but to save themselves!!! Anytime I feel my white pathological altruism surface, I have to remind myself of how this all came about and the millions that have died as a result. I’ve said that I would support the cross as long as it doesn’t beget infighting or divisions.
            *DEEP SIGH*
            If the world stage is moving in the direction of making the worst parts of the sacred book come true, then I must defer that that geography take care of it’s own problems. We can I’ll afford another massive loss of life for the wrong reasons.

          • David Ashton

            With sincere respect I cannot quite grasp what you are getting it. However, I agree with your last sentence as it stands.

          • Romulus

            I’m extremely wary of entering into a possible felo de s.e with the unmentionables

        • ThomasER916

          Wrong. Never forget. Never forgive.

    • BonV.Vant

      The asians you speak of are only fighting when their interests have become the ones threatened. There is no TRUE alliance.

      • David Ashton

        This may well be true as also with Jews threatened by Muslim jihad, but an astute politics should not look a gift horse in the mouth.

        • ThomasER916

          Never trust a Jew. It’s as simple as that.

          • David Ashton

            Nothing in human relations and political strategy is “terribly simple”.

  • At the University of Texas at San Antonio, located in a city that is probably 80 percent Mexican when illegals are considered, I witnessed the feminist/Mexican supremicist assault on white male masculinity up close. I saw young white males who might as well have cut their penises off and tossed them in the trash. As to their whiteness and any pride in it, there was none. I confess that I was at a loss at how to overcome the university’s Cultural Marxist, anti-white, anti-male agenda. For the most part, all I could do was refuse to join in on the assault, which was led by the president, the university lawyers, who were all women and feminists, and other unsavory types.

    Thus, the issues presented in this novel resonate with me. I have a much clearer understanding today of what was happening than I did then. One thing that must be said is that young white males must never underestimate the hostility toward them in higher education. It’s palpable. Add in a situation where Mexicans are in charge, aided and abbeted by feminists and Cultural Marxist whites, with a huge number of foreign professors (from the Middle East and India), and you have young white males ruined for life.

    If I had it to do over again, I would emphasize in my classes (economics) that an economy that produces prosperity is a “social construct” that those foreign cultures have never been able to create. Historically, our economy has been a source of pride, although the same Cultural Marxists who seek to destroy our culture and have mostly succeeded, also have done great damage to our productive abilities. So, white men put a man on the moon, but the economy produced the wealth that was needed to get us there. A reason for white pride? Yes, indeed.

    • BonV.Vant

      What is happening to the white male is a result of giving white women political equality. Those men who deny the very real war of the sexes are destined to lose it. When a shoe ethnicity or race denies it, it is out of the cowardice of the men to face up to and control their women. Such a situation will lead to the death of that race or ethnicity. Women, like negroes, will not stop, they will keep going further and further until they have destroyed all of the white race.

    • Tarczan

      A little of topic, bo4u, but how do you think this debt situation will unfold? I don’t think there is any real intent to pay it off, at least not by those presently in power, and at some point we will see a sudden drastic rise in interest rates and inflation. Just a guess, but 5 to 10 years. Your opinion?

    • LHathaway

      “I would emphasize in my classes (economics) that an economy that produces prosperity is a “social construct” that those foreign cultures have never been able to create”

      Yeah, that would do it. . (sarcasm off)

  • Jim Kental

    It’s a good book, and a sort of ATLAS SHRUGGED for the race realist movement. And more and more whites are learning everyday that the new multiracial “utopia” Marxists espouse do not include them.

  • Sounds pretty good. I will add it to my summer reading list.

  • BonV.Vant

    “A man sitting a few tables over had let his shirt ride up so high that a third of his back was exposed. ‘He is like three hundred pounds, he probably just doesn’t care. But, how can he be comfortable like that?. . . Jesus Christ. How pathetic this all this.”……..

    …. Sounds like a JE type judging a Chris Farley type

  • Anon

    Having more than a bit of actual experience about these issues I can already tell this book is….to put it bluntly….full of it. The author would have been far better served finding a dozen racially mixed couples of the white man Asian woman variety and interviewed them on various subjects and then wrote his book based on what they told him rather than invent a fictional one as a vehicle for his ideas about race.

    Two issues, in particular, are way too important to ignore with this phenomenon of white man Asian women pairing and the author is obviously oblivious.

    The main issue is why. Lack of admission about race is widespread among whites but not so among all other races. I’ll go further. You’d be hard pressed to find a white person who embraces white supremacy. But all other races correctly perceive white people as the master race. Every white man with an education is an ultra-high level alpha male with the highest quality genes. Women of all other races want those genes. And no…this is not an arguable point….not an opinion. You either know about this or are ignorant about this. If you are ignorant about this and a white man, a vacation in various countries of the world reveals this very quickly. Racial purity is not important to other races except to the point they keep inferior genes out of their gene pool. Getting the supreme advantage of a white man’s child is. This has been going on for thousands of years now. A white explorer goes to a non-white village and wonders why the leader of a village insists he sleeps with his daughters. Fast forward two generations and that village, now lead by people a lot lighter skinned than those around is far more prosperous and dominant among the surrounding villages. Understand? Instant nobility…just add white genes.

    Normally, there are extreme limits imposed on this. White genes sown among non-whites are extremely dangerous. No other race has made any serious parallel to the white supremacist system we have today. No…we do not think of it as white supremacist….we think of it as civilization and never mind the fact that all this rule of law stuff comes from the white way of doing things replacing the non-white. But add white genes in large numbers to a group and the situation changes. The white race is unlikely to die out or be displaced, no matter the artificial situation in the world today. If certain white behaviors were to cease, most non-whites would starve while white populations would continue to do what they always have done (thrive) and eventually grow. But a major part of that could be a significant number of Asians now related to us by blood. That is not a good thing for us, for the same reason they want it so much. Racially, it’s a great deal for them and a poor one for us. Just not poor enough to cause widespread alarm and resistance like, say, the same thing would violent negros would. The consequences are not immediate while the advantages are. A white man with a good wife, happy family, children doing well in school etc……it’s a hard sell that, because his family line is now mixed, he’s weakened the white race just a little bit and that adds up.

    In fact, the motivation of the white man in the relationship is likely to elicit more than a bit of raw anger and anyone who shakes a finger at him. Rarely does a white man choose an Asian woman first. Instead, from an early age he discovers that white women are simply not interested in the same things. Because of socialist brainwashing, most women (although almost zero women get one) focus on a career and getting married and having a family at the peak age 15 to 20 is out of the question for them. Many of these women hit age 40 and now want a family….and can’t. They’ve believed the lies that they can do that and it’s a surprise to them that they can’t…..physically anymore. Fertility drops off rapidly after age 30. Much more of a problem is hypergamy. Normal is for a young man and a young women, both virgins to get married and stay together for life. Barely any white people do that anymore and the result are relationships that are anything but normal, more like degrading, unstable and disposable, with or without children. A typical white man, Asian pairing is an older white man, never had children or has children and is not allowed to be a father to them, who has either given up on white women are accidentally discovered that what he wants in terms of a family is easily obtained with an Asian woman. So he starts again…..40 year old white man with his 20 year old wife from the Philippines seems a popular choice these days. He is VERY happy (or at least all the men I know in this position are very, very happy). His children tend to be white both in how they look and how they act.

    But what happens a second generation down the line or a third, especially with further mixing. The Philippines is hardly a successful first world nation for a reason. The people there are nice but not particularly sophisticated. A US of the future is apt to look more like them and less like us but that is not obvious to those involved and maybe not even relevant.

    • It’s not easy to tell what your point is, but I think what you said is pretty much the same as what the novel says.

    • LHathaway

      Thank you. But can you get more people of color to read this? I’m certainly 2 IQ points stupider.

    • David Ashton

      Your reference to the middle-aged white with his SE Asian internet wife resonates in “England” too, very noticeably even in the small coastal holiday town where I now live. It is not a good sign.

  • Geo1metric

    Asians, and especially Han Chinese, are extremely race conscious; after all, they worship their ancestors in many cases.

    They are also “passive aggressive” which means you won’t see it coming until it is too late.

  • NoMosqueHere

    They already are intermarrying, and in significant numbers.

    • Two of my (white) professors have Asian wives. And they’re just the ones who like to blab about their personal lives; I’m sure there are others.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Or it’s like the “tribe” in Europe who has been bringing muslims and other nonwhites into Europe are now getting attacked by them as well.


    Jews are a tiny percentage of Europe’s population. To suggest they are somehow managing the entirety of europe’s immigration policy is absurd.

    • John

      ” To suggest they are somehow managing the entirety of Europe’s immigration policy is absurd.” Not only suggested but observed globally. Everywhere in the world these people are advocates for “immigration reform” because a dilution of the indigenous, white Christian majority of all these countries makes is “safer” for them to blend in. Go to the Occidental Observer’s website and read the articles about the Jew’s role in Australia and “immigration reform” there. It only stands to reason similar governmental manipulation is at work in Europe as well. Small numbers perhaps but large fortunes from ill gotten gains providing seed money for more dubious fortunes. This translates into political power; politicos, for the most part are vain, grasping, egotistical, venal hypocrites and easily swayed in their insecurity; especially by money.

      • David Ashton

        The root problem, in brief summary, is that Jews have been an intellectually able people scattered across the lands of other nations, and who find it more comfortable if the other nations, which have sustained them, do not develop an exclusive nationalism of their own; this has become more acute since the Hitler catastrophe. This in turn has inclined them to favor “immigration reform”, “multicultural societies”, international institutions and racial egalitarianism.

        Furthermore, as the late Rabbi Hugo (Moral Maze) Gryn wrote, “We never feel secure unless we are supreme” – a provocatively counter-productive position, of course, and an example of their “political autism” which is misread by the unlearned as “global conspiracy” impure and simple.

        Of course, welcoming Muslim and other Israel-hating immigrants has proved an own-goal, and made some Jews de facto “allies” of anti-immigration race-realists (so long as the latter are not also outright neo-Nazis). The situation is more complex than some “occidental observers” suppose, and needs a response no less adroit than that of long-experienced, well-educated and financially influential opponents.

        • John

          The root of the problem is that they’re primarily psychopaths/sociopaths that display all the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’ll see your Rabbi Gryn and raise you one Rabbi Maimonides (also known as the Great Eagle) one of the most revered of the Talmudic Rabbis. He dates to the 12th century and is responsible for passing along such scholarly observations as “the hymen of a 3 year old girl will grow back naturally” and and similar such insanity. This is one of their “revered scholars”. So I suggest you turn your browser towards the Semitic Controversies blog for starters and add Hoffman’s “Judaism’s Strange Gods” to your Amazon shopping cart. The only thing catastrophic about the Hitler regime was that they lost. I’m in good company here btw. None other than Gen. George Patton said after the war that we were allied with the wrong people and fighting the wrong enemy; we should have been allied with the Germans against the Soviets. He also said the Germans were the finest race in Europe. Last, I couldn’t help but note a trace of derision when you referenced the Occidental Observer. I point you there because it’s one of the more intellectual sites of it’s type headed by Dr. Kevin MacDonald (also a regular contributor). A word of advice, avoid using the term”neo-Nazi” as a perjorative in the future. It’s like the race card, the anti-Semite card and all the similar anti white, anti truth cards that have been played mostly by our enemies; that dog won’t hunt anymore.

          • David Ashton

            Your letter deserves a very long reply, but I have time only to offer a short one. When I personally use the term “neo-Nazi” I intend it to describe explicitly a modern uncritical commitment to Hitler’s particular variety of antisemitism; I have studied these questions from many angles, including websites. I respect the contribution that MacDonald has made, particularly in his trilogy, and in several articles, and also his personal courage; I think some chapters in “Culture of Critique” are better than others. I also have a very high regard for the Germans and consider the UK declaration of war over Danzig more than a mere mistake. The general condemnation of every Jew today as biologically psychopathic (plus other failings) is misguided, to say the least. Yes, smear-words like “fascist” are losing their bite. When I defend humanitarian eugenics, and people say “That’s what Hitler wanted”, for example, I reply: “So he wasn’t all bad, then?”

          • John

            Appears to be back to business as usual here. My response was deleted. Shlomo Wienerwitz is back on duty, fighting the good fight and holding the line against the forces of evil. AKA, John.

          • David Ashton

            I have read through your comments left on the Disqus archive which seems to escape deletion/moderation.

          • John

            Thanks. I tried that but it seems the specific comment, in the form of an apology to you, has disappeared from Disqus as well assuming it was there to begin with. I’m thinking that Disqus doesn’t “harvest” comments on a real time basis. Maybe to a set interval? In any event, I misread your observations and responded inappropriately. Again, my apologies.

          • David Ashton

            I believe in free speech (except for incitement to crime) all round, and do not take offence if people disagree with me.

    • ThomasER916

      Politicians are a tiny percentage…

      You have made no valid point.

  • LHathaway

    “If the people or race that created and sustained the civilization of the West should die, then the civilization also will die”.

    I think I’d like to believe this, without our ‘special whiteness’ things will just suck. Last refuge of the broken-hearted?

    Does it really matter to me if the West as a whole declines, or recovers? If I’m declining? It’s the wrong issue? What is the argument, ‘without whites civilization will decline? They ‘hate us’ right? why do they care if the West declines? It’s time for the rest of the world to bloom. The West has been declining by some standards of measure for quite some time now? They’ve found ways to ignore it, and celebrate a new baseball stadium. What concerns me is that whites are dying. Lets face it, we’re evil, inferior, lacking in spice; not hip, aware, intelligent, or vibrant enough. Let’s accept that. What does arguing other wise accomplish? What we don’t have to accept is dying. That’s the issue.

    • David Ashton

      Some of us have white children and grandchildren. Also, it is legitimate to bequeath to the future the achievements we value from the past. As Nietzsche says somewhere, we need “socialism” in time rather than in space.

  • David Ashton

    Covington is not alone in this view. He writes fiction quite well but is an odd cove in other respects, including his “Orania Gulch” scheme.