Posted on December 2, 2014

Delta College Attack a Hate Crime, Police Say

Ty Chandler, Fox 40 (Stockton), December 1, 2014

A brutal attack after a math class at the San Joaquin Delta College is being classified as a hate crime.

Police say 23-year-old Dehmi Moore repeatedly stabbed a classmate in the face with a pen.

“She had two puncture marks–one on her eyelid and the other other on the top of her head and she was bleeding rather significantly,” Delta College Police Officer Jim Bock said.

Campus police were able to catch up with Moore a few buildings over. Moore was arrested on an assault with a deadly weapon charge but, after talking with her, another charge was added–hate crime.

“When we asked why she attacked the girl, it wasn’t just because of the comments made in the classroom, she expressed it was because she was a white female,” Bock said.