Officers Sue Cleveland over 2012 Police Shooting

Kristina Sgueglia and Dana Ford, CNN, December 1, 2014

Officers involved in a 2012 shooting in Cleveland are suing the city and police officials, alleging racial discrimination.

They claim the defendants have a pattern of treating non-African American officers harsher than African American officers, when it comes to officer-involved shootings of African Americans. The plaintiffs in the federal suit are not African American.

The incident cited in the suit began when officers saw a car speeding and heard what they thought was a gunshot directed towards them.

It involved a nearly 25-minute chase and ended in a hail of 137 bullets, killing two people. Both were African American.

No weapon was ever found in the car.

In the wake of the shooting, the plaintiffs say they were placed on administrative leave for three days before reporting “to the gym” for a 45-day cooling off period.

Months later, most of them were permitted to return to full duty, but they were then ordered back on restrictive duty, in a move the lawsuit claims was “politically expedient.”

They remained on restrictive duty until June 2014 and so missed out on potential wages and chances to apply for promotions and transfers, according to the lawsuit.

The nine plaintiffs allege their treatment was because of their race.


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  • TruthBeTold

    Well, High Yellow Holder announced new plans to combat racial profiling.

    I’ll bet any money those plans are going to include greater scrutiny of every interaction a white cop has with a black suspect and the black suspect will be given the benefit of the doubt.

    If White and Hispanic cops think they’re being targeted now, just wait. The real enforcers are on the way.

    • Augustus3709

      The Hispanics are replacing the blacks though. Braindead Afrocentrics are wildly celebrating the shrinking White majority…

      Little do they know that the White man was their best friend.

      It’s almost worth the price of admission to see them get their just deserts under their soon-to-be brown and yellow overlords.

  • The plan is to make life so miserable for white cops that no whites will want the job. When all cops are black or Mexican (as where I live), whitey will be made to pay for slavery, Jim Crow, and every imagined slight ever meted out to blacks. The script will flip. Then it will be whites complaining about cops. Justifiably so. And the b*st*rds won’t be satisfied with just shooting the family dog, as so often happens today.

    • rebellisMMXII

      I’m thinking of the Turner Diaries.

    • See The Future

      We will become extinct. The process will be painful. Zimbabwe and South Africa. There is your vision of the future. You are not going to like it.

  • Jessica Lee

    Hello Negroes-The flashing lights mean PULL OVER fuktards

  • ncpride

    Any Whites willing to fight back is a good thing in my opinion. We’ll use the legal system while we can, but when that option no longer exists because they are determined to persecute Whites based on our color (and we’re getting there rather quickly) things will turn ugly. I firmly believe that. Any comment section on most every site with stories about Ferguson tells me Whites have had more than enough.

  • dd121

    I’m sure Brian Williams will keep this in the news for weeks just like the Brown case. Not.

  • JustJeff

    Godspeed, men!

  • connorhus

    Ya know these types of suits didn’t happen even five or six years ago but they are starting to pop up now more and more. Good for them!!! About time the White Man began standing up for himself at least in the courts for starters. Most of my generation just took it and said little. Of course when we tried they told us it was impossible and didn’t count too.

    Good to see the younger guys finally making some progress.

    • newscomments70

      We need to do more than sue though.

      • connorhus

        No argument there!!!

      • LHathaway

        We need to sue every time.

    • Yves Vannes

      They should sue each and every time some Diversity officer gets promoted after flunking an advancement test. We had a fire chief in SF who had sued his way to the top. Take a test, flunk, sue, get promoted. He did this 3 times. Under Willie Brown he was appointed Fire Chief.

  • LHathaway

    The reporter can’t be bothered to include a single salient fact anywhere in the article. Could that be because the facts support White officers? Would it have been ‘insensitive’ to follow such a line of reasoning and ask about or gather such information? Notice, the only police shooting they actually discuss (and seem to blame on white cops) they never ever reveal the race of the cops that did the shooting. In these cases, the intelligent reader already knows what the reveals? It reveals what race of person actually did the shooting (whether police or criminal) and what the reporter is trying to hide/how the reporter is attempting to lie to us. It’s all about fighting stereotypes. But if it’s about whites, suddenly it all becomes about revealing biases. This article is an odd one here, a reversal type article, one could claim. The reporter does nothing, absolutely nothing to investigate the white officers claims, if she even fails to reveal any of them.

  • Reynardine

    Racial composition



    Black or African American

    Any questions?