Posted on December 2, 2014

Before St. Louis Hammer Attack, ‘Black People’ Ran Up and Down Street Yelling, ‘Kill the White People’

Debra Heine, Breitbart, December 1, 2014

A video provided to St. Louis blogger Bob McCarty of the crime scene at the South St. Louis Bevo Mill neighborhood where a group of black teenagers bludgeoned Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic to death with hammers, strongly suggests the motive for the attack–retaliation for the Michael Brown shooting.

At the beginning of the one minute video, the woman who recorded the scene, expressed her profound and at times profane disgust with what had just happened in her neighborhood.


At the 45-second mark, she said, “And, of course, it’s a white kid, right after black people running up and down the street saying, ‘Eff the white people, kill the white people.’ This is what we have.”