Gay Theatre Student Who Claimed He Was Beaten by Homophobic Thugs Admits He Got His Injuries When He Fell Over

Harriet Arkell, Daily Mail (London), March 12, 2014

A drama student who became an internet sensation after claiming he was savagely beaten up for being gay has admitted he caused his injuries himself when he tripped on the pavement.


Richard Kennedy, 18, from Blackpool, told police he was set upon by a gang of homophobes when he left a gay nightclub in Preston, Lancashire, prompting officers to appeal for information about what they called a ‘particularly nasty assault’.

He posted photographs on Facebook of his battered and bleeding face, dislodged teeth, and gaping knee wound, with the caption ‘An example [of] why homophobia is wrong and it’s disgusting that it’s still around in 2014’. The post was shared by more than 182,000 well-wishers.


But today the teenager, who studies Contemporary Theatre and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire, admitted he made it all up.

After being shown CCTV of him tripping and falling, face-first, onto the pavement, Kennedy accepted that the ‘utterly inhumane homophobic attack’ he had talked about actually never happened.

This afternoon Lancashire Police, who carried out a ‘detailed and thorough investigation’ into the alleged attack two weeks ago, confirmed CCTV showed the teenager had not been attacked by anyone, and had simply hurt himself when he fell over.

But police said Kennedy will not face any action for wasting police time as they were convinced he actually believed he had been assaulted when he spoke to police.


Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill said: ‘We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows the injured party falling face-first onto the pavement. We have showed him the CCTV and he now accepts his injuries were caused during the fall.

‘Having had oversight of the investigation . . . I accept his report was made in good faith.’

He added: ‘I am conscious that the initial reports into this incident will have been very upsetting for a number of people, and Preston city centre was portrayed in a very negative light.

‘Thankfully, there was no homophobic assault or any other assault on this occasion.’

After the alleged ‘attack’ outside the Evoque nightclub shortly after 3.30am on 26 February, Kennedy told how he was knocked to the ground and stamped on with such ferocity, four of his teeth were dislodged.

He also said he struggled to walk after suffering injuries to both knees.

The student later angrily relived his ‘ordeal’ on Facebook, posting before and after pictures and lamenting how ‘stupid’ he had been to walk home alone in a post which quickly went viral.

He wrote: ‘Here is my face after a homophobic attack: four of my teeth are gone, not fallen out but deep inside my gums and cheek… my face is swollen, both my knees are badly injured and I struggle to walk…

‘My whole face is constantly throbbing and I’m now on four tablets a day for pain and infection and may require surgery to sort out the damage.

‘All of this and what was their motive? Because of my f****** sexuality.’

Police initially said Kennedy was left so disorientated by the attack, he could not recall exactly where he was assaulted.

It is believed he walked around Preston city centre in a confused and distressed state for some time before police were alerted by a passerby.

In an interview with his local paper, he said: ‘I heard a group of men shouting homophobic abuse at me.

‘The next thing I know I was punched in the back of the head. I was violently assaulted – all because of my sexuality.

‘I was covered in blood and had my face stamped on, causing my teeth to go into my gums. I might need surgery to amend the damage done. It’s absolutely disgraceful to violently attack someone because of who they are.’

Kennedy went on: ‘From all of this, all I want is awareness…I want people to see what can happen if you are as stupid as me to be alone on a night out’.

Today Kennedy’s latest Facebook message made no mention of the police investigation. It read: ‘If you’re gay then you’re gay, if you’re straight well that’s great.’


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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Sure doesn’t look like he just fell…

    • John K

      His face hit the headboard when he was taken from behind.

      The gay mafia strikes again.

      • toldev

        I was thinking meth.

        • r j p

          aka tina

    • Oil Can Harry

      “Gay theatre student… admits he got his injuries when he bent over.”


  • Robert Binion

    I’m guessing he had more than one banana daiquiri in that nightclub. Why is there such a push for homosexual legislation these days? Unless the mechanics of gay sex exceed my feeble imagination, I don’t see it creating many factory jobs.

    • JSS

      Come now Robert we both know the biggest growth industry in the Western World is the grievance against straight White males industry.

      • That’s the real issue here: defamation of heterosexual whites. It would have cost this drama-queen (pun intended in both respects) absolutely nothing to admit that he got loaded (pun again intended) and fell, but the cultural Marxists never pass up an opportunity for one of their notorious “teachable moments”, even when what they’re really teaching us is that they’re mentally-ill and green with envy.

        If the “rainbow coalition” misfits realized how little time we actually spend thinking about them, they’d expire from shock: “Poor little gay/black/brown me. Even the nazi/racist/fascist/homophobes won’t pay me any attention! I’ll make up a story about how they got me drunk and drugged-up and caused me to trip and smash my poor politically-correct, disadvantaged, culturally-Marxist face.”

    • r j p

      I am sure he probably had more than one banana in his arse while slamming banana daiquiris that night. Probably swallowed a couple of bananas too.

  • Black Swan

    There should be immediately, harsh prosecution including heavy monetary fines of people who pull these kinds of stunts. If there hadn’t been cameras rolling we can only imagine what the fallout would have been: more in-your-face gay activism along with mandatory sensitivity training about gay lifestyles.

    I have a feeling his boyfriend did this to him, the damage seems to be too great from a fall.

    • 1stworlder

      The price should be the maximum sentence anyone would have gotten if the hoax was real.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Including racial hate crimes enhancement because Kennedy is a member of a government-protected, victim class.

      • I’d settle for felony “obstruction of justice” charges and lots and lots of public ridicule. Advertise these pathological liars’ hoaxes on TV, complete with names, photographs and home addresses, after confiscating enough of their assets to pay for the TV ads.

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m so sick of seeing the word “Homophobia”.

    Phobia is a fear of something.

    We’re NOT scared of perverts.

    We ARE grossed out by perverts.

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Sir, you called a spade a spade. I totally agree with you.

    • David Ashton

      The idea is that heterosexuals are mentally ill, not people addicted to paraphilias.

      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        Heterosexual are the “abnormal” ones in this society. If they hate us so much, why don’t they just let us have heterosexual White homelands? The problem would be fixed for once and for all, and we’d see how long LGBT multi-culti homelands would survive.

        • r j p

          Can you imagine how long a homosexual homeland would last?
          Less than one generation ……
          Eventually it would be a disease infested drug addicted cesspool in which no business would locate, except for those places where people go to die.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Wait until the muzzies have control of England. To them, homosexuality merits the death penalty. There won’t be any rainbow flags waved around and demands for same-sex marriages in the non-white world.

          • r j p

            The Muzzies have Man Love Thursday.

          • LHathaway

            Muslims seem willing to team up with gay on the political front.

          • But at least there would be no tobacco or homophobia.

            A progressive paradise. Or, something like that.

          • r j p

            Kind of like Boystown in Chicago?
            The place all the Midwest’s gays aspire to live in ….

          • Sloppo

            I think it would be a great place for a crematorium business.

          • r j p

            You mean a man cream-a-torium?

        • Lagerstrom

          Wouldn’t last a long weekend LNH. They know that too.

        • We used to have heterosexual white homelands. We called these “Europe”, “North America” and “Australia”.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I miss those good old times. I wish we could skip this era to the next one where we’ve already become victorious.

          • Unfortunately we will have to do something about this era. It will require a lot of ammo, a lot of hard work, a lot of love, and a lot of alcohol.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            It will require a lot of ammo, a lot of hard work, a lot of love, and a lot of alcohol.

            And a lot of Bratwurst…

            I agree 100% if you include Bratwurst.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. I see silly liberals post all the time slamming others for their religious objections to homosexuality. Well, I have news for them. I object because I find it repulsive, unnatural, and just plain wrong. No amount of name-calling, bullying or threats of violence from them will change the way I naturally feel about it. I don’t care what they do in privacy, but when they constantly shove their perversion in my face and try to force me to accept it, then there’s a problem. That’s why most are fed up with their agenda, truth be told.

      • MBlanc46

        Well said.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        It’s worse that it’s being shoved down our children’s throats in the schools something completely desireable and “normal.”

      • r j p

        I don’t think homosexuality is right.
        But I don’t care about what I don’t have to see.
        The Pride Parades are nothing are nothing more than filth fests.
        I do some work for a blind retiree who lives a few blocks south of Boystown, and I saw the freaks 3 years ago. I told him the next week I will not come to your neighborhood that weekend.

      • 1gravity

        What male homosexuals do sexually in private, chiefly anal intercourse, carries with it a high risk of injury and disease, and not just HIV. In fact, if I were somehow given the power to control either private male homosexual behavior or public male homosexual behavior, I would easily chose to control what they do in private, and then endure what they do in public.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yeah, but with their disease-ridden nature, I actually do fear touching them a bit. Not that I attack homos anyway, but if I did, I’d wear some good gloves, and I’d probably only punch once in knockout game fashion. Want to avoid that blood.

    • Max

      They have already inappropriately claimed the term “gay”. The left ALWAYS frames the terms of the argument and this is just another example. Hijacking the language is an essential element of propaganda. It is just like immigration “reform” which only consists of how soon and whether they are granted citizenship sooner or later. No other terms of debate are allowed. It is too late for us to claim the descriptor “heterophobe”

      • itdoesnotmatter

        In my family, we have restored the word gay to its rightful place in the language. It is cringe-worthy when applied to the father-son bonding ego dysfunction caused paraphilia, homoeroticism.
        Bug**r anyone you want, but please keep your maladaptive sexual practice where it belongs, between you and your beloved. It is not a political cause, nor does it deserve special rights and privileges.

      • Sloppo

        Wait a minute … you mean there might be something disingenuous about using a word which means “happy” to describe a group of people with a suicide rate several times higher than everyone else?

    • It’s just a smear word, intended to suggest that straight people are mentally-ill. Heterophobia is very common among gays.

  • David Ashton

    182,000 well-wishers!

    Rectal lesions? Throat infections from felching? Aperture-drug overdosage? Erotic asphyxiation? HIV/AIDS from promiscuous bare-backing? Karposi sarcoma? Handcuff friction? Fecal ingestion problems? It’s a hard life but a gay one!

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Why don’t they just inject themselves with HIV/AIDS? They’d do us a huge favour. *LGBT QUARANTINE*

    • r j p

      There is a faction of gays that practice what is known as “breeding — they seek the “seed”, which means HIV. Yes, there are homosexuals actually that want HIV.

      • Max

        Like so many other reprehensible behaviors, HIV is a badge of honor among the left; the cross they bravely bear for the sake of their “lifestyle”. Democrat welfare recipients are always proud to brag of their medical and mental “disabilities”, lack of employment, how many different agencies they receive benefits from, their various illegitmate children and THEIR illegitimate children etc. -things every reasonable person would be ashamed to admit.

      • ncpride

        I read an article about this subject some years ago and it was beyond shocking and disturbing. That’s mental illness anyway you look at it.

      • Mike Lane

        Hey, more power to ’em.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Because there’s big money, publicity and a huge amount of sympathy for “victims” of HIV/AIDS.

        They’ll receive treatment before you or I will in the new Obamacare regime.

      • Kenner

        Good lord….

        • Lagerstrom

          Good Lord alright. Is this serious?

          • r j p

            Yes, this is serious.

      • Spending the rest of one’s life as a walking petri dish and on what amounts to chemotherapy doesn’t sound like much fun.

    • Haven’t we been constantly told that this is a healthy, normal lifestyle? I am suddenly confused.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    A drama student who became an internet sensation after claiming he was savagely beaten up for being gay has admitted he caused his injuries himself when he tripped on the pavement.
    If a White man claimed that he was beaten up for being White, he wouldn’t be a media sensation, but just one of the victims of “minority on White crime.” We wouldn’t have heard much about it. The media would cover it up for those “moral creatures.”

    • Rhialto

      We would have heard much about it. If his claim was shown to be imaginary, the White man would have been charged with filing a false police report, actively prosecuted, and probably punished by jail time.

      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        We would only have heard much about it if it turned out that he’d faked the report. But we would have heard little to nothing if he was just beaten up by a pack of “Black teenagers.” That’s my point.

        • David Ashton

          We have an interesting recent example in Britain. There has just been a huge flare-up of accusations against allegedly improper police activity in connection with the murder of the black youth Stephen Lawrence. This has literally coincided with the trial of a black man belated accused of chopping up a helpless policeman in the black riots in Brixton years ago. Page after page with illustrations on the Lawrence business, the Pc Blakelock case being pushed into small print, if reported at all in the media. Cases of murdered whites by blacks and Asians rarely get much of a mention in the print media, and I personally don’t recall any such case on TV (apart from the soldier Lee Rigby which couldn’t be ignored).

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Cases of murdered whites by blacks and Asians

            I think that if the media showed how often Asians commited crimes on Whites, we’d not be able to deem them a model minority, even JE would have to scrap them off his wish list.

          • David Ashton

            By Asians I mean mainly south Asians, not Chinese in Britain. However, JE ignores crime WITHIN the Chinese communities and the references I have given for this on two previous occasions.

          • Katherine McChesney

            In Los Angeles, the most violent and cruel gang is made up of Asians. They’ve also had a reputation of being the most brutal and cruel race of people in wartime. Their methods of torture go to the most extreme of tortures. Many of their tortures are meant to end in a slow, painful death.

            They also have an active sex trade, kidnapping young girls for perversion. Their sexual behavior is legendary. This is partly why loser White men are so attracted to them.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Glad that you shared this information about Orientals. This is what has always been obvious to me, but it does not seem to be obvious to some of our fellow AmReners. Respect for other races is fine, but miscegenationist desires and related perverted sentiments and ideas are the least desirable in these times when our race is in such deep trouble, as well as in other times. People need to take responsibility for their racial heritage rather than waste their unique heritage on some crazy notion that miscegenation is acceptable or desirable. Any talk about miscegenation might be an attempt to justify or promote it. We better start becoming more aware of those attempts.

  • Luca

    I thought maybe he got drunk and lost his balance while grabbing his ankles.

    • r j p

      Fell forward while doing so and hit his mouth on the toilet’s flusher?

  • dd121

    Don’t any of these liars ever get charged with filing a false police report? If YOU filed a false report that claimed you were beaten by a pack of wild blacks I guarantee you’d be up for more that filing a false police report.

    • The MSM would be freaking out and the white false-report-filer would be on national news 24/7 for at least a week.

    • IKE

      Maybe he should just get the beating and call it even ?

      • dd121

        If these idiots were assured of getting a few months in jail they might stop.

  • WR_the_realist

    Once again we see that a hate crime hoaxer is not charged with filing a false police report. It’s absurd for the police to say they believe that Richard Kennedy actually believed he was assaulted, until video evidence to the contrary was shown. I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between tripping on the pavement and being assaulted.


      “It’s absurd for the police to say they believe that Richard Kennedy actually believed he was assaulted” < Not only did he supposedly believe he was assaulted but he supposedly believed he was surrounded by "a group of men who shouted homophobic abuse" at him. Before one imaginary ruffian punched him in the back of the head for daring to be gay. He also believed that he could read the imaginary minds of the imaginary attackers and discerned that their imaginary assault was solely motivated by their imaginary hatred of his "f****** sexuality".

      Being a designated member of the privileged "victim status-ed class" in this Liberal cesspit we find ourselves in. Puts them above us, the lowly "non-victim status-ed" peasants who mill about beneath them and above the very law it's self. It's just one of many privileges that come with being an imaginary victim.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    All of his pictures were grotesque, ugly and obnoxious, including the first one.

  • Max

    The left will continue to use this ignoring the recant. Facts are not important so long as the white, hetero, Christian defamatory message is delivered “in good faith” by the cult members, just like this guy’s police report. Another Tawana Brawley.

  • Johnny99

    I guess this one really is a drama queen.

  • Ringo Lennon

    This guy should act like a man and get a broad or some help. Either one.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to breed. They would just pass on their homosexuality genes to future generations, making homosexuality even more prevalent than it already is.

      • Katherine McChesney

        There is NO gene for homosexuality. It is a lifestyle choice stemming from a sick mind.

        • LovelyNordicHeidi

          There tend to be more homosexuals in societies which allow it than in societies that do not allow it. I think that this is evidence that homosexuality is self-taught. Maybe it is combination of biological and environmental factors, but in any case there is no reason to assume that they are incapable of controlling themselves. Therefore, I do not support those self-proclaimed homosexuals, no matter whether the pro-homo argument from biology is legitimate.

          • LHathaway

            I think Freud would say humans (devoid of cultural or parental influence) are completely open in regards to sexuality. And also that the preferred sexual partner and preferred sexual act are something learned (although perhaps not consciously.

            There is something to say, however, that human males, in their natural state, are more agitated and upset over sexual drives and issues. One could claim that this is possible. I’m sure lots of things could be claimed.

  • MBlanc46

    That’s some good faith.

  • Mike Lane

    I’m not one to encourage a return to imperialism, but for heaven’s sake: What the hell happened to the Anglo-Saxon race? They used to be a race of gentlemen and conquerors.

  • Kenner

    Gurrrll down!!

  • Garrett Brown

    Dem teeth. Could have definitely done without the photos.

    • Those are the teeth of a methamphetamines user.

      • Lagerstrom

        Yes, I was thinking the same thing MCS.

      • Kenner

        Or a lamphrey.

  • Lagerstrom

    Gay theatre student. I did not need to read further. Nor do I need to know any more information.
    Is he a ‘Kennedy?’

  • Sloppo

    Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill said: ‘We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows … ‘Having had oversight of the investigation . . . I accept his report was made in good faith.’

    I think Inspector O’Neill is guilty of a hate crime because he’s perpetuating the stereotype of the homosexual person who is too stupid to know whether or not he has been attacked. If I had an I-phone, I could use the free “CombatHate App” to report this incident to the Simon Wiesenthal Center so Inspector O’Neill could be put on a list and watched.

  • SaggyGenes

    Expect more and more of this attention-seeking behavior from other “oppressed” groups. They’ve seen how well it works for blacks.

    To me, his face says “meth.”

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      To me, his face says “British national dental care.”

      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        To me his face says: “Stupid enough to self-inflict injuries”

  • It probably is rare in the UK, but meth isn’t hard to make. Here in the US, the procedure usually started with Sudafed – allergy pills.

    Gays in the US are often heavy users.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    As far as I know, being a homosexual, a bi-sexual, or a heterosexual, is what you are biologically born with.

    I believe in self-control. Maybe you can’t change your biology, but you can change your path of life. That’s just my approach to the problem.

  • HulkSmashNow

    Drama Queen

  • LHathaway

    By saying he was beat up, and looking at the response to this, clearly the young lad was trying to Arouse political hatred against those who disagree with homosexuals, or who don’t enthusiastically enough endorse, in this case, homosexual rights. He was attempting to arouse hatred of others. I’m willing to bet the young lad will go uncharged, and the university will proclaim something like, “This could have happened” or even, ‘though unfortunate, this act helped raise awareness’ and then they will redouble their tolerance efforts. I’m willing to bet that’s how this all plays out – since raising hatred is job one at university these days. It’s the darker side of their ‘some are more equal than others’ ideology or tolerance claims.

  • My last injury involved slipping on icy steps out front. Maybe I could have blamed “nazis” and “racists” for putting the ice there, but I had to settle for Colorado winter weather.

  • If they’d shut up and keep to themselves, it would be homoapathy on the part of the rest of us.

  • IKE

    dude’s got gum disease