A former Ohio poll worker sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally on behalf of other people has been released from prison after less than a year behind bars.

Melowese Richardson of Madisonville was released Tuesday after her attorney says she gave him permission to reveal that she has bipolar disorder.

Her attorney, David Singleton, shared Richardson’s medical records with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

After reviewing the case, Deters asked Judge Robert Ruehlman to allow Richardson to be released.


“Justice was done in this case today,” Singleton told WXIX-TV. “We are grateful to Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters for stepping up to ask the judge to release Melowese in light of the new information. We are thankful to Judge Ruehlman for revisiting his sentence and placing Ms. Richardson on probation.”

The 59-year-old Richardson previously told a TV station that she had voted multiple times for President Barack Obama on behalf of herself and family members. She had said she had no intent to commit voter fraud.

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  • I left this comment at the CBS Cleveland website:


    In a story about a corrupt black poll worker voting six times for Obama in a crucial swing state like Ohio, the two “related” stories are George Zimmerman showing up at a gun show and Justin Bieber being bratty in a deposition.

    How are those “related” to the news in this article? Unless they’re “related” in terms of CBS Cleveland trying to distract you from the fact that the mysteriously not pictured Miss Richardson is black by bringing up a rude white twit and also the most hated man in black America in a very long time, that infamously (not) white Hispanic, insinuating that he’s getting ready to off more Trayvons.

    Want a genuinely related story? Look up the story that came out in the last few days about a German woman that died in Detroit 2008, her mummified remains were found just a week ago, but somehow “she” voted in Michigan’s Gubernatorial election in 2010, most likely for the Democrat.


    As I write this, those are still the two suggested stories over on the original article.

    Also, here is a picture of Miss Richardson:

    • dd121

      How long did your post stay up?

      • Still up as of a few moments ago.

      • What happened to Spartacus? His posts are all deleted.

        • dd121

          From here? About half my posts get deleted from CNN/CBS. My words seem to shock the liberal ear. Instead of trying to counter my arguments they just delete what they disagree with.

  • Puggg

    She has two personalities and voted six times for Obama.

    Does this mean that each of her personalities voted three times for Obama?

    Looked at that way, her fraud isn’t so bad.

    • Irishgirl

      Doggie beat me to it! I was going to say that since she is bipolar, she should get two votes – one manic and one depressive.

    • r j p

      She’s hexa-polar, that’s why she got six votes.

      • Puggg

        Hexa-polar, meaning that the doctor gives her medication for bipolar then triples the dosage?

  • John K

    Well, you know, we have more elections coming up at the end of the year, and they are understaffed…….

  • Eagle_Eyed

    But…but…but voter fraud doesn’t exist!

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, now they’ll tell us it’s too rare to require voter ID.

  • Alexandra1973

    Where I live, each precinct has like a computer printout with the names and addresses of registered voters in the precinct. You show your ID, sign your name in that book, then vote.

    • Jesse James

      Right, it is a very fair and reliable system but only when the polls are run by people who have honor and integrity.

      • sbuffalonative

        Yes, who watches the poll workers?

        • Alexandra1973

          Where I live they’re White. I don’t think I’ve seen a black poll worker the entire time I’ve lived in NE Ohio.

        • So CAL Snowman

          I’ve been an election officer and an election poll worker. It is incredibly easy to stuff the ballot box with no repercussions if one were so inclined. I will say that the government will let ANYONE work an election. The second time I worked an election they made me the officer in charge of my local polling place despite the fact that I missed the orientation and had only worked one prior election. The poll workers assigned to my polling place were completely useless. NONE of them knew how to set up the electronic machines despite having attended the orientation. I had to set up the entire show while they hung up sings and tried their best to look busy. And this is in a CA Whitopia. I can only imagine how ridiculous and corrupt this process is in a majority black or brown city.

          • And that’s how voter fraud is done, with ballot box stuffing, extra votes for the candidate.

            However, I keep hearing over and over again that the fact that Willard Romney got zero votes in certain urban ghetto precincts is by itself some sort of evidence of fraud. When frauding someone’s vote total downward is just about impossible to do, and a waste of time for those engaged in fraud. Romney getting zero votes in those precincts is not evidence of fraud, it’s evidence of ghetto.

      • Alexandra1973

        When I moved across the county, first thing I did was go to the county elections web site and change my address. They sent me a card with my new address and where to vote.

  • Alexandra1973

    I am getting a kick out of the comments, how long until they’re closed?

  • MekongDelta69

    She WASN’T released because she is a bi-polar-bear.

    She WAS released because she is a black-bear.

  • So CAL Snowman

    They knew she was mentally ill when she voted for obama the first time.

  • Luca

    If only Johnnie Cochran were alive to learn from this.

  • David Ashton

    In Britain we have Asian postal code fiddles but not “hanging chads” whatever they are.

    Democracy is the best money can buy.

    There is a lot to be said for an occupational franchise but who thought of it first?

    • r j p

      Hanging chads are pieces of a punch ballot that don’t push out perfectly.
      Has anybody here here ever seen punch board gambling devices?

      • If you stick a whole stack of those punch cards in those voteomatics, and try to use the stylus to punch one of the holes, the chads in the cards on top of the stack will probably punch all the way out, the ones in the middle will stay detached on one side (hanging chads), the ones on the bottom won’t come detached at all but have the stylus end impression on the chad (pregnant/dimpled chad).

        Florida 2000 was corrupt poll workers trying to steal the state and as it turned out the election as a whole for Gore.

      • David Ashton

        Thanks for the info.

        Chad seems to be the first name of every third Canadian male.

  • r j p

    Bipolar for black adults, autism or ADHD for black yoof.
    File that SSDI claim!

  • This creature should have no right to vote. The fundamental question is never raised: Why should there be universal suffrage. Some of my friends would say women should have no right to vote. Others would exclude nonwhites. Others would exclude whites who own no property. The current social system is FUBAR because they get to vote themselves benefits. It’s a house of cards ready to collapse.

    • connorhus

      There shouldn’t be Universal Suffrage. We are set up to be a Republic with only those families who have “skin the game” allowed to vote to stop this type of largess voting we see today.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Voting should be limited to White, ID-carrying taxpayers, period. That’s the only way to end the problem of the majority voting itself ever greater goodies at the expense of the minority of productive citizens, and that’s not to mention the problem of big government growing ever bigger.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        And let’s have a Swiss-style representative direct democracy, in addition to restricting the franchise to white taxpayers. This way, we can avoid being subjected to massive 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism by arrogant transnational elitists who despise the “inarticulate parochialism” of the masses.

    • William_JD

      Why should ANYONE vote? Legitimate public policy is decided by unanimous consensus.

      • SFLBIB

        That sounds good, but my experiences as a member on two different HOA boards led me to conclude that you couldn’t find two people to agree it is daylight at noon.

        • William_JD

          Of course, it’s totally impracticable in a large group, but we need to remember that unanimous consent is what we’re shooting for. Obviously, that ‘s a reason to keep diversity to an absolute minimum.

          • SFLBIB

            The only unanimous consent I can recall from my history course is the election of George Washington for president. Liberals and conservatives approach reality differently. As a result, you will never get anything near a unanimous consensus.

  • 1stworlder

    She also has multiple personalities and they all voted.

  • MBlanc46

    “She had said she had no intent to commit voter fraud.”

    Of course she didn’t. She’s too stupid to know what voter fraud is. But apparently she did commit it and she should have served her sentence.

  • crapps

    All I can say is, ” If I did that, I would had been thrown into the lepers pit..”

  • NoMosqueHere

    I admire the blacks. They are willing to go to prison for their cause. Whites aren’t.

    • I actually was in prison 14-11 years ago. The blacks there are mainly lying thieves. Some were OK because they had learned their lesson, but those were rare.

  • joesolargenius

    I like the part where she said she did’nt mean to do anything wrong by voting for others , what kind of training did she receive as a poll worker ?

  • Lagerstrom

    When you get caught out cheatin’, do the ‘bipolar!’

  • Like I said above, that by itself isn’t proof of any fraud. There were precincts in Philadelphia, St. Louis and other big black cities where Romney got zero votes.

    There’s another factor: If there was this great black effort to make the scant few Romney votes in the ghettos disappear, then why wasn’t it “successful” in many more black ghetto precincts?

    I argued about this sort of thing with someone on a comment thread over at CofCC recently. His point was that you can always count on a few Republican votes from the ghetto, because there are a few white people who live in even the worst black areas, and not all black people are ratchet. However, there are some census tracts in big cities that are 100% black, and the “Republican” blacks had a racial incentive to vote Obama. Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, Armstrong Williams and some other “Republican” blacks admitted as such that they did.

  • Andy

    I believe this woman didn’t think she was doing anything wrong. I also believe she oughtn’t to have been in a position of such responsibility.