DOJ Hasn’t Determined If Attack on White Veteran by Black Men Is a Hate Crime

Edwin Mora, Breitbart, January 26, 2015

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has yet to determine if the brutal attack on a white Iraq war veteran by a gang of black men that took place last August in Mississippi is a federal hate crime.

At least one witness described the incident as racially motivated. The attack was allegedly carried out in retaliation for the shooting of Missouri teen Michael Brown.

Former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran, Ralph Weems, 32, was severely beaten in late August, allegedly by a crowd of black men at the Huddle House restaurant near West Point, a small town south of Tupelo in the northern part of Mississippi.

Weems suffered brain injury from the attack.

In a statement released in August, the West Point Police said it would investigate the incident as an “aggravated assault,” not “a hate crime.”

Constance Levail McFarland, 21, Marquavious McMillian, 20, and Courtez McMillian, 22, have been charged with aggravated assault in connection with the alleged attack on the veteran.

The FBI, a component of DOJ, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation have yet to determine if the attack will be prosecuted as a hate crime.


Weems was put in a medically induced coma following brain surgery. He has begun rehabilitation treatment at a VA facility in Texas where he has learned to walk again. He is expected to be transferred to a facility in either Louisiana or Arkansas.

Weems was with his friend David Knighten, an Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan, when the attack took place in late August.

They both visited a Waffle House, but soon left after Knighten was warned by a man outside that the restaurant was not “safe for whites” because patrons were upset by the killing of Ferguson, Mo. teen Michael Brown weeks earlier.

Knighten said that when he walked inside the Waffle House, Weems was already arguing with about seven black men.

The pair left the Waffle House after a restaurant employee called the police and complained about a disturbance.

Knighten told the Associated Press that on the way to Weem’s house, they went into a Huddle House restaurant with a parking lot that was nearly vacant, adding that they were followed by more than 20 people.

The Air Force veteran said he came out of the restroom to find his friend Weems surrounded.


“I do remember racial slurs being yelled from the crowd,” said Knighten.


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  • It’s amazing that the DOJ is even bothering trying to determine. Usually, those honey badgers just don’t care.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      They care a whole lot of the victim is black.

      • Sloppo

        They also care when the perp is black if the perp gets injured or killed by a white victim.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          Black man accidentally stabs himself while trying to rob white woman. White woman will be charged with a hate crime. DOJ has all their men working on this case.

  • D.B. Cooper

    As much as I hate to say it, but more of these attacks are needed to wake people up. I fonly the white victims were die hard Obama worshipping followers of the Democratic Party.

    • newscomments70

      I recall some white liberal protesters in Ferguson who are attacked by blacks with hammers. I would rather see the liberals attacked; I want the veterans and other innocents left alone. The white liberals ask for it.

      • Seniorsquadldr

        And deserve it.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        We had race riots a while back in Cincinnati like 2005 or something. Black people smashed white people’s heads with bricks and hammers and no charges were filed against them. The national guard came in and locked the city down so that no one was allowed outside. It seems to be common behavior though, smashing white skulls with bricks and hammers. Stuff that seems to shock me seems to be normal to others. I mean this kind of behavior is like unbelievable to me, but doesn’t even cause a shrug by law enforcement, media etc. Same with the unprofessional conduct I experience in schools and government agencies. I guess I have higher standards than mainstream society. I never thought rape and murder, corruption, fraud etc. would be considered “normal” in the U.S. Maybe this is what they mean by “we have made progress, but still have a long way to go”

    • Hammerheart

      I agree. Only I hope the victims are white liberals being victimized by their beloved noble savages. I’m afraid nothing short of a violent confrontation will make them reconsider their ‘paint job’ belief. Even then, some still won’t wake up and will gleefully go down in a Khmer Rouge style Killing Field should their cultural Marxist masters decree it.

      I will go out on a limb and declare that every regular reader on this website and others similar are smart enough not to place themselves or their families in a volatile situation with black male(s). Failing an uninitiated and random violent encounter with the fell beasts, we should all be competent marksmen and firearm enthusiasts by now.

      The best defense is deterrence. Be a hard target. Exercise situational awareness, learn and practice the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act, repeat), avoid areas where urban ‘yoofs’ congregate, don’t walk around with ear buds in your ears blasting music, don’t flash around expensive ‘sail foams’ or tablets, check your 6 when you’re traveling on foot or if you’re vehicular, and change up your routes and routines every few weeks. If you’re not physically fit, get fit. You don’t have to live at the gym, but be able to run a few miles without stopping and deadlift twice your bodyweight.

      Failing that, 9MM, .45 ACP, 762 NATO, 556, NATO, 00 buckshot, or slugs will cover the gaps.

      my friends who aren’t race realists think I’m a crazy paranoid PTSD addled veteran for preaching all of this, yet I’m the only one who hasn’t been blessed with a hard and forced dosage of diversity and relieved of my property.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello Hammerheart,

        Very good advice.

        I know Progressives who I have tried to educate, and their resistance to facts is amazing.

        Thank you for putting it into words,
        Bill Moore

        • meanqueen

          Don’t you know that “crime is down, way down” and in fact that “society is safer now than it’s ever been?” This is what one libtard moron told me and he went on to say he lets his little white girls walk all over town by themselves and he knows they are safe. Such an idiot but what can you do. I’ve stopped trying to educate. Now I just hope the Beast eats them and not me.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            It’s all over the news that crime is down. I know why. I have been reporting crimes by the dozens for the last 15 years. The cops never file the reports, nor investigate, so on paper crime is down. If you get stabbed, raped, robbed etc. it will unlikely make it into the stats. The same thing happened in south africa, where they just stopped reporting crimes because it was getting so bad.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I have been brutally attacked by white people as well. It is similarly ignored or of low concern for the police. The main factor seems to be economics. If a rich person so much as is scared by someone, the police swarm in by the dozens. If someone so much as looks at a Jew the wrong way, the FBI swarms. If a working class person is attacked, stabbed, killed, robbed, raped etc. they ignore it. It’s like the movie The Purge. In some ways they encourage the crime in the hopes that poor people will just kill each other. And yeah military people are working class people that they generally could care less about. It depends on the individual cop, some are cool, some are a-holes, but I mean generally speaking they don’t care about working class or poor. The irony is if there was some kind of rule of law then I wouldn’t be poor and would have a good income. So one source of poverty is lawlessness and law enforcement doing a bad job.

        This website and other White Nationalists tend to put a racial spin on everything though. It is a factor. They do tend to look really hard for “racism” so they can televise it nationally and send someone to prison for 20 years for spitting on an arab, when if the arab blows up a building he’ll probably be out in two if they don’t send him to gitmo, but the main underlying factor is social status.

        For one the cops just don’t want to work. They want to sit around and collect a check. But they do show a huge favoritism to the rich. Even poor, low class cops seem to worship people with money. The same is true of federal agents. I wold rather be a rich black man than a poor white man in regards to opportunity and how you will be treated by police.

  • JohnEngelman

    If a black combat veteran was beaten up and permanently injured by a gang of white men it would be national news.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      That’s why I like a high-capacity Glock over a wheel gun for urban areas. With 15+ rounds, there wouldn’t be any attackers left to talk to the national news.

      • To hell with that. Carry an AR-15 pistol with a 100 round Surefire magazine.

      • Cid Campeador

        You have a point Cheri but I would prefer the revolver due to its simplicity of maintenance and more reliability of performance. vis a vis jamming. Also there is the advantage of no telltale casings left behind.
        Revolvers are now being built that have an 8 round capacity and speed loaders do help.
        A short barreled pump action shot gun also serves to tame the “Savage beast”.

        • Reliability is not really much of a concern with a modern high end semi-auto (such as the previously mentioned Glock) when used with quality ammo. Make no mistake, chosing a revolver is not a bad thing. But doing so due to concerns about “reliability” is really not a good argument to make.

          • Bill Moore

            Hello Trench_Raider,

            I disagree. Revolvers don’t jam, Semi-autos do.

            However, I use Semi-autos because of their narrow profile, which makes them easier to conceal.

            Just My Thoughts,
            Bill Moore

          • Raymond Kidwell

            AK 47s don’t jam very often from what I hear. It’s the U.S. issue guns that jam up. In Vietnam they had to pick AKs off of the enemy because their own guns were always jamming. That and also AKs cost half as much is why almost all criminals are using it. An m-16 or something may have better firepower, but its not a better gun overall.

          • Bill Moore

            Hello Raymond Kidwell,

            I was referring to handguns.

            However, I appreciate you comments.

            I was in the US Army when they switched from the M1 to the M14.

            The M1 was a peach. You could bury it in sand and mud, pick it up, and it would shoot and never jam.

            They took away our M1s and gave us M14s. What a nightmare. A single grain of sand (or nothing) would cause the M14 to jam. And, when it jammed, it jammed closed, with an empty in the barrel. There was a small hook with which we were supposed to use our little finger to pull back to force the empty to expel. First, we would try our little finger, then with the butt on the ground, use the heel of our boot. Then, borrow a rifle and use the butt of their rifle to try to expel the empty. Sometimes that would break off the small hook, and the soldier could be charged with “destroying government property”.

            At times, if there were ten soldiers shooting, three or four would be fooling with their M14, trying to expel a spent cartridge.

            Of course, the soldier with the jammed rifle was accused of not cleaning his rifle. After being out in the rain and mud and whatever for a week, a little dirt might get into the rifle. And were we supposed to dis-assemble the rifle when we might need it at any moment?

            The M1 was good, the M14 was junk.

            As far as I know, nothing was ever done to correct the problem.

            Thank you,
            Bill Moore

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I didn’t know they sold semi-auto handguns. I would like to have a couple guns one day when I’m not poor. But I notice with my redneck relatives a lot of them spend thousands of dollars on guns and buying entire arsenals. Not really sure what the point is. I just think it’s fun for them. You would only need a few guns at most I would think. Maybe a hunting rifle, an auto or semi auto for heavy combat and a good handgun. Instead these people have like five different rifles, and three semi autos, handguns etc. Huge waste of money.

          • Garrett Brown

            It’s to arm your neighbors.

          • Bill Moore


            I have a sister who has many guns, many of them are similar.

            She was in the military for forty years, in every war the USA was in. Did you know we had a war in Norway? Somewhere I have a copy of the Pittsburgh newspaper with her photo on the front page in combat gear, sitting on a bench, headed for Iraq. She and I trade war stories.

            She knows how quickly it can go from civilization to chaos.

            She knows that when it goes from civilization to chaos, there will be many possible soldiers, who were, only hours before, Progressives, but few guns and not much ammo.

            My sister, and your redneck relatives, will supply the weapons and ammo to those who wish to protect themselves and their families.

            My definition of semi-automatic is a gun that fires a bullet each time you pull the trigger. An automatic keeps firing bullet after bullet as long as the trigger is held back.

            An automatic uses too much ammo.

            Just My Thoughts,
            Bill Moore

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Well these are people who apparently don’t have much money but have $10,000 of guns laying around. You can also drive around the country and see hillbillies and rednecks living in a $20,000 trailer and have a $40,000 truck parked in the drive way.

      • meanqueen

        I tried to fire a semi automatic and I couldn’t pull it back. I just didn’t have the strength! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it. It was embarrassing. So I went back to my revolver, which is smallish for my small hands, but it takes .38 bullets so should be protective. At least I can shoot it.

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          Gotta go with what works. A firearm you can’t chamber is a paperweight.

        • Julius Caesar

          I use sleep with my Beretta 92a1, chambered, on the night stand next to my bed. At the foot of my bed is my Mosin Nagant, also chambered, and in my closet is my Mauser. Ready for action.

        • Garrett Brown

          Try a Springfield or Sig Sauer, they’re smooth as butter. A 1911 is even smoother but hard to carry, cheers.

        • KyraNelson

          I’m a new firearms enthusiast and I noticed all kinds of physical strength deficits in myself vis à vis handling the guns. I am working on these problems in the gym, and at home with weights and resistance bands. I’m definitely seeing progress, so don’t give up so easily. If I can do it, so can you!☺️

          • meanqueen

            Thanks! I know I should get to the gym, for all kinds of reasons. I felt like the critical piece was the weakness in my hands and wrist, not my arms (even though they are weak too). How to strengthen hands??

          • KyraNelson

            Work from your core upward and outward. Pilates & a squeezy ball

    • FozzieT

      It would be news for two reasons: 1) because it fits the “narrative”, but 2) because it would actually be real “news.” Because it would be completely out of the ordinary. It would be a “man bites dog” story, since this type of thing virtually never actually happens. But a gang of blacks thrashing a white man to within an inch of life? Meh…

    • Yancy Derringer

      “If a black combat veteran was beaten up and permanently injured by a gang of white men it would be national news.”

      Yes it would:

      “We interrupt our Super Bowl coverage to report that a mob of white men…”

      • throttler

        It might even make them stop talking about that deflated ball stupidity.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      I could go out here and beat someone to the brink of death and it would unlikely make the news and I would probably not even be arrested. So long as the person is living on the streets or lives in a bad neighborhood and there aren’t many witnesses or a cop driving by while I do it. Maybe, just maybe if I’m part of a white supremacist group and someone is out to get me they will spin it as a hate attack or something, but unlikely.

      If I went and attacked a rich person, or a Jew etc. there would be fall back. The reason is the rich person’s family will not stop until something is done. They have the resources for it too. If the police don’t investigate, they’ll sue the police department. They are educated and know the law, know their rights, have political connections to get people fired etc. and also just generally more of a concern for people in those neighborhoods, better paid police etc.

      I live around degenerates, both black and white. Typically they are in and out of prison all the time, but it’s only because they commit crimes every day. Once every 100 times or so they get caught. In order to get caught like I said they pretty much need to do it in front of a cop or be on camera or something ridiculous. It’s unlikely a real investigation will be had, even for assaults and murders.

  • MikeofAges

    Simple solution. Who needs hate crimes anyway? These actions already are crimes, regardless of whom commits them against whom. A improper motive already is presumed. The reason the hate crime designation was created was to make things that are not crimes into crimes.

    • LHathaway

      All crimes between those of one race and those of another should be labeled ‘hate crime’, this way there would be no bias. One could reduce that to, all violent crimes committed by those of one race against another should be labeled hate crimes. It’s the only way to be tough on hate and to be fair at the same time. Surely we want to do both.

      One can learn a lot of things reading AmRen . . .

    • Oh I agree that hate crime laws are redundant and really should not be on the books to begin with. But since they do exist, they need to be fairly and evenly enforced. They are not, as this story shows.

      • MikeofAges

        My argument is that the hate crime concept leads to designating things that are not crimes as hate crimes. For actual violent crimes, there is no need for designating them as anything but what they are. The issue of the motive might come into play when negotiating a plea, during sentencing or when considering when to release a person. But many factors can play into that. Racial, ethnic or some other social animosity is only one of many possible factors.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          The concept of a hate crime actually goes against English Common Law, which is the basis of American law. Supposedly laws are based on actions rather than intent or knowledge. A cop will tell you that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Supposedly the law is based upon punishing undesirable actions, and not based on punishing thoughts, motivations, ideologies etc. Those may have some small bearing on mitigating or aggravating a sentence to be a bit more or less (or fine), but are not the basis of a charge. When they decided to enact hate crime laws they went against 1,000 years of legal history in the West.

  • Luca

    No hate crime charges. Black Privilege in action.

    • Cid Campeador

      In the Wichita case they claimed no racial motive because one of the Carr bastards had a White girl friend. He probably beat the s–t out of her. Dey gots to have ” White trim”.

      • throttler

        One of them had the gall to say that one of the female victims was cute, and that under other circumstances, there might have been a romance between them!

  • propagandaoftruth

    The Department of Black Justice is for White Genocide. Understand this.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      Nearly all the agents are white from what I can tell.

  • Easyrhino

    We all know this is complete non-sense and if the races were reversed there would be riots, fires, looting etc. until Al, Jesse, Barack and Holder come parachuting in to try to calm those who lack impulse control.

  • Oldcorporal

    The police in this country wouldn’t recognize a hate crime if it jumped up and bit them in the butt — IF the perpetrators are black, and the victim(s) White. And, as someone else said below, does anyone really think that Eric Holder gives a tinker’s damn whether a White veteran is beaten up by a bunch of black thugs? If he had been there, he’d have been cheering them on — if not actually participating in the beating himself.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      That’s why there shouldn’t be such a thing as a “hate crime.” It applies only to whites.

      • Albert

        What you’ve just stated should be blatantly obvious to everyone by now, and i agree. If they can’t apply the law equally, it should be abolished.

    • phillyguy

      can you imagine if the war veteran was black and he was beaten into a coma by a group of white men, Eric “the racists” Holder and Al Sharpton will be holding protest rallies and news conferences all over the T.V., hollering for justice.

      • Cid Campeador

        Most whites wouldn’t that. Person for person we’re civilized and they’re primitives

    • George

      I beg to differ. The police know a hate crime when they see it.
      But they fear to call a spade a spade.
      The downside for them to label this sort of crime as a hate crime is large. It means outcry from the usual rioters/looters/ne’er-do-wells. It means that black crime rates will spike even higher — and the police are better off if they can report fewer crimes, rather than more.

      • Bill Moore


        It’s the politicians write the laws and that tell the police what to do.

        And the politicians decide how many crimes to report the the national database.

        And reporting crimes to the national database is not mandatory.

        And fewer crimes reported makes their city seem less violent.

        We and the police are the victims of the politicians.

        Just My Thoughts,
        Bill Moore

    • Cid Campeador

      When is that Hijo de Puta going to leave the job?

      • throttler

        It won’t matter. He will be replaced by an equally racist black person.

  • dd121

    Our black overlords don’t seem to represent ALL us.

  • IstvanIN

    How much time does a black get for “aggravated assault”? 6 months? The victim has received a lifetime sentence.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Black racist thugs need to remember to take their white victim’s wallet. Then it’s no longer a hate crime, if at all. Of course, most of them are too dumb to remember.

  • LHathaway

    If you don’t kill Whites, it’s more or less OK. You may do some time but you will still be the moral superior of your ‘victim’. I think they know that.

  • FozzieT

    Blacks are incapable of committing a hate crime, due to hundreds and hundreds of years of oppression by whites. They are also incapable of being racists. So…nothing more to see here. Move along.

    • Douglas Quaid

      If anything the white guy started it, he probably hurt the gentle giants feelings with his oppressive whiteness and privilege.

      • FozzieT

        Exactly. Blacks, being “Sun-people” are incapable of violence and hate. The only reason they kill and torture each other in huge numbers is because of the White “Ice-people.”

        • Cid Campeador

          Who was the creator of that absurd doctrine? Was it Malcolm X.

          • Kenner

            Leonard Jeffries.

    • Cid Campeador

      Bob Grant used to say that Blacks don’t like what they see in the mirror and they take it out on Whites. If they’re that self hating,they should end it all en masse.
      Let’s spend our tax money on free Seppuku training for all Afros who can’t bear the Legacy of Slavery anymore.

    • Ringo Lennon

      Whites are the best thing to happen to blacks. You can’t say “and vice versa” on that one.

  • TeaZar

    Hate crime laws are affirmative action in our criminal justice system. It gives longer sentences for whites. Think of it as pay back to YT.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    Hate crime, through and through. But, the DoJ sees Hate as a one way street.

    • LHathaway

      What’s funny is that by this time, we actually do hate them.

  • Sick of it

    Folks in the military – This is your future unless you do something about it.

    • Vyncennt

      “Folks in the military – This is your future unless you do something about it.”

      All things considered, it appears to be their present……

  • Cid Campeador

    Any unprovoked attack by a Black on a White is a HATE CRIME!
    The disparity with Whites attacking Blacks is obvious. Whites commit few if any physical attacks on Afros and most of them would be attempts to defend oneself.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Just yet another example of the unspoken, unprovoked attacks on Whites embolden by the attitude from the White House, DOJ, media and LE that is being strangled by the DOJ.

  • The so-called Dept. of Justice will not deliver justice. This is why we need to bring back lynchings. It’s the only thing such criminals understand.

    • throttler

      We need something like in the movie Death Wish.

  • fgbrunner3

    Earth to DOJ, blacks commit 65% of the violent crime in the USA. Of course, it was a hate crime.

  • Spikeygrrl

    There is no such thing as “hate crime.” There is only crime, regardless of what the criminal was thinking at the time. Or else: Orwellian Thoughtcrime, here we come.

  • lily-white

    “I do remember racial slurs being yelled from the crowd,” said Knighten.”
    and the official statement just released by the dark man in the white house reads:
    We’re sorry Mr. Keems but that statement does not qualify as “hate speech” and is therefore inadmissable in the Obama just-us department. Furthermore, your medically induced coma has been determined to be the result of, at most “minor aggrivated assault” and was most likely brought on by your attitude and comments. Unless you can find a witness who heard “hands up dont shoot”, “I cant breath” or more importantly “black lives matter” we are forced to dismiss your claim at this time.
    Have a good day Mr. Keems (when you wake from your comma)

  • Itooktheredpill

    A little off topic but this was my favorite part of American Sniper for those who saw it.

    “There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs,” the father intones gravely. “Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep.”
    “Then you’ve got predators, who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.”

    White guilt brainwashed liberals are the ultimate sheep, of the most despicable sort. No honor no masculinity no common sense, the ultimate beta male chumps. They basically have the mentality of bend over and beg “be gentle”. The type of person who would try to pet a wolf if it showed up at their door step.

  • Clyde Weathers

    Really sad that it’s coming to a overall rebellion against our ‘amish’ controlled federal government. The sooner the better. After the young gal was burned alive and the authorities refusing to act we know the conspiracy must be outed and destroyed.

    • KyraNelson

      I’m “amish” & terrified of the feral packs of chocolate thugs and their rage-filled mommas, and their sociopathic hos.. I tried to join the conspiracy but my Uncle Morty didn’t know where the meetings were held.

      • Clyde Weathers

        Much like Europe in the ’40s where the International ‘amish’ hung their ‘lesser brethren’ out to dry – pathetic.

  • Earl Turner

    “Marquavious”? Where do those hominids come up with those stupid names?

    As a side note, here’s something funny you can try. Go on Google Images and just start making up “-avious” names and entering them. For every single one you make up, there will be at least one mug shot.

    • meanqueen

      The woman who just started her newborn baby ON FIRE in the middle of the street was named “Hyphernkemberly.” WTH?

  • LiberalismFailed

    The Marxists who run the DOJ believe that “hate crime” legislation is only meant to protect “historically oppressed peoples”, ergo, a white male cannot, by definition, be a victim of a hate crime.

    • Young Werther

      The Authentic White Man and Woman no longer looks to nor needs the pathetic protection the *government* has to offer them.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    And some people still wonder why gun sales are at an all time high.

  • Epiminondas

    The law was always meant to be a means of intimidating un-PC whites. It is yet another way for the Establishment to shut up those pesky white paleo-conservatives. And, as usual, it has simply opened yet another can of social engineering worms.

    • Young Werther

      The popular mainstream phrase by people like Opra Winfrey and other honorable blacks like her now, especially since Whites have made her a billionaire is this:
      “Old White People Just Need to Die”

      • Young Werther

        But what is desired is death to all whites.

  • Ringo Lennon

    In my book it’s a hate crime. I don’t care about the DOJ. Just have to put DOJ on the list.

  • crockadoodle6

    If a ‘hate crime’ adds more punishment to a sentence does a ‘benevolent gesture’ add any benefits to the interface? Think about it:
    1. First, we allowed them to move from tropical destruction to a chance in North America
    2. Hundreds of thousands of whites fought and died for the worthless ingrates over the years, in spite of what ‘Red Tails’ says.
    3. While our entire existence has been socially and culturally engineered to protect them we have gone broke with the absurd ‘war on poverty’. > $18 trillion in debt. And a large part of it is for blacks
    4. We have been forced to watch our culture raped and murdered before our eyes and have been rewarded with affirmative action, quotas, voter fraud, a hateful narcissistic race pimp for our president and the world’s most oppressive wealth-redistribution scam ever invented – Obamacare.
    Now I would call those ‘benevolent gestures’, since we have allowed it to happen. I would settle for a simple thank you from a black. Any black. But the only thing I can hear is Oprah, Jesse, Al, Big O whining about more ‘discrimination’ and more ‘justice’.

  • AmericanCitizen

    All readers should know by now that “hate crimes” are only possible if a white is the attacker and a minority is the victim. The AG Holder has stated previously that hate crime laws are not designed for white victims.

    I’m guessing the very act of being a white person will become a hate crime in America in about 20 or so years if the current climate of multiculturalism and political correctness continues.

    • Young Werther

      You are correct about hate crimes and the protected classes…it is alreaady a crime to be white…

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I have sent my complaints to the DOJ and FBI and they don’t reply or else tell me to call another number or that civil rights complaints isn’t their jurisdiction, even though it says it is on their website and in federal codes and statutes. I was thinking about filing a lawsuit against them.

    • Young Werther

      If you are a white victim of a black perp…I would file a lawsuit…however, the Authentic White Man and Woman knows the government turns it back on them and therefore the AWMW simply takes care of its own now. It’s personal. The AWMW no longer depends upon the *government* for justice. Man up.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Primarily I deal with discrimination in colleges and government agencies. Usually the worst offenders are white females. My main complaint is against Cincinnati State Community/Tech College. It has a 15% on time graduation rate and about 25% overall graduation. About 75% of students never gradate. They don’t tell you this. Some of it may be students, but I know at least some of it is the school commits fraud. It takes your money and when you are 95% finished with your degree, refuse access to the final classes even after telling you you can take them. I switched majors four times and waited two years in total playing this game. Each time when I was ready to take the class they promised they wouldn’t let me. I even had classrooms moved on me. When I press them as to why they do this they say things like they don’t like men, men aren’t suited for the medical field, white men cause the world’s wars, whites are the problem etc. But the classrooms are mostly filled with white females. The one I enrolled in has 100% female graduation 0 men graduating each year, and many of them are white. So it seems sexism is their primary agenda, although white males rank lower than other males to them.

        I also receive this kind of discrimination in welfare agencies, or sba.

        Most of the times I have been violently attacked was by white people. Although I have been threatened by black people and such. No matter what the crime, police will do nothing about it, regardless if it is race related or not. I have dealt with animal control, local police, FBI, Department of Justice and now I will be contacting the Department of Education. Every time its the same thing- they do their best to ignore me, will not even write up a report of a crime, will not do an investigation etc.

        Just to put it in prospective: someone attacked me with a knife and tried to kill me. I had him trapped in the woods and told the police where he was. They would not go after him, and did not take a report or ask me any questions. A few months later three homeless people were stabbed and killed apparently by the same person. About a year after that someone kidnapped a girl and threw her in the trunk of his car. She called the police twice from the trunk and one lady followed behind the car with the police on the phone saying a girl is in the trunk of a car screaming for help. There was a cop car less than a mile away. They would not dispatch a car. The girl was raped and killed. It turned out her dad was a police officer. I don’t have an I.D. on who attacked me, but probably the same guy. Would have an I.D. if the police did their job.

        But seemingly these people’s I.Q.s or so low they can’t understand they must live in the same city they police over.

        Then one guy who threatened me repeatedly and vandalized my property and violently assaulted a lot of people and the police would do nothing, he recently went to jail for punching a cop. They basically embolden these criminals to the point where they attack the cops and their families.

        I don’t think anybody can depend on law enforcement except in a few good neighborhoods. Well the murders happened in a solid middle class area in Florida.

        The college has cost me hundreds of thousands in lost income from not having my degree and also where it maxed out my financial aid and collected money then breached its contract via fraud. Not to mention civil rights violations.

        If I had just strangled the primary perp instead of constantly talking to the school and going to police it would have ended years ago. Instead the victims pile up every year. I just assume that people are reasonable, rational and act like human beings. they all act more like retarded criminals.

        These reasons and others are why I want to form my own group. I want to be around competent and trustworthy people. Not people who act like retards, will commit a crime whenever they can, lie, cheat and steal constantly, create unnecessary problems, cannot do a simple job correctly, apparently cannot comprehend simple things when you talk to them.

        To be honest the best people I deal with are usually Jewish. You can talk to a Jew, reason with them, they seem to comprehend things and respond to them. To a lesser extent, sometime Asians do this. But typically all other people (including whites) that I deal with act defective or something. Like what is the reason to commit fraud when overall it is more of a liability than a financial benefit. What is the reason for police to blatantly ignore rapes and murders?

        I also contacted the school and just asked them to stop committing the crimes. I told them if not I would contact the DOJ, sue them, organize protests etc. do everything to stop them. They would rather bring tons of heat on themselves then just stop doing unnecessary crime. I didn’t even ask for restitution for all the victims they already produced, or anything for myself. Just stop doing the crime and show me evidence it has ended. Nope. That’s how unreasonable these people are.

        I hate to deal with such defects in schools, employment, government etc. I wish I could live somewhere that people didn’t act this way. That’s sort of my vision: an enclave of non-retarded people who can operate on a very basic level and meets very simple requirements. This would constitute some kind of elite class relative to what I experience typically.

        • Young Werther

          I know Cincinnati. You said most of the worst offenders of discrimination are White Women. This means White Women are the criminal perps against an innocent system of what exactly? Your statement sounds absurd to the Authentic White ear.
          The Authentic White will never spend money in an institution thats works for the destruction of the White Race. The White Race has no time for such foolishness. With your thought process you can never know the Authentic White Race.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I need to go to college, work, report crimes to the local police etc. If there was some kind of competent alternative I would go to it. Usually affirmative action, extreme liberal workplaces are dominated by women. So if you walk into a welfare office and see all women working there, then there is a high probability they are extremely racist/sexist feminist hate whitey types.

            I said in my experience, what I’m talking about specifically, mainly involved white women. There is a black woman on staff as well who was actually less sexist than the others, but at least complacent in it.

          • Young Werther

            The Authentic White does not want to go to a leftist school and certainly would never beg, bow, borrow and pay to go to one. Why are you trying to get welfare? The Authentic White goes to work, pays to go to a colllege not filled with leftist radicals, nor tries to be *accepted* by them…Are there racist and sexists white women? Yes. The Authentic White refuses to deal with them on any level. Why do you want to so badly? The government no longer does favors for the Authentic White Race. The government is working hard to bring about the end of the White Race. You don’t have a clue, you are not a member of the Authentic White Race. The AWR does not concern itself with *white racist, sexist, hate whitey leftist women*. black white or any color. The Authentic White Race has better things to do.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I don’t fully understand your authentic white ideology. I live in a society of other people. When I work at a job, I am dependent upon my co-workers, boss, local governments etc. It’s no different than when I go to school. I must live in society and live by society’s rules. One example, work wages are artificially lowered through welfare. I can refuse welfare, but I’d just be putting myself at a disadvantage. In the same way college tuition is made artificially high through financial aid. I could refuse financial aid, but would be putting myself at a disadvantage. I’m not trying to be accepted by anyone, but rather if basic laws were enforced competently it would remove a lot of problems in my own life and also problems that hurt other people, including those in authority.

            I would like to build up my own group and eventually aim to start competently run businesses and schools, but that’s a long way off. I am concerned with the competence of basic institutions and people obeying fundamental laws like murder or fraud. When I drive over a bridge and it collapses, I don’t have the option to simply ride a rainbow to work.

  • Young Werther

    Hate crimes are federal crimes…Holder has explained to America how any black on white violence caused by race hate cannot be prosecuted by the only Civil Rights Arm of the government ie FBI…it violates the principles of Critical Race Theory (from leftist Critical Theory) which is the rule of the land now, especially under the present administration. CRT has been taught and practiced in America for nearly 50 years. From Wikipedia (Which in this case happens to be correct.):

    According to the UCLA School of Public Affairs:

    CRT recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.