L.A. County Sees Its Lowest Tally of Hate Crimes in 24 Years

Joseph Serna, Los Angeles Times, October 15, 2014

Los Angeles County saw the fewest number of hate crimes reported in 24 years in 2013, but black residents made up the overwhelming majority of victims [Ed: Below it says blacks were one-third of victims] despite making up less than 10% of the population, according to an annual report released Wednesday by the Commission on Human Relations.


The report also came with a major caveat: The vast majority of hate crimes are never reported or are not classified as hate crimes by police departments, according to the commission.

The 384 hate crimes reported in the county in 2013 was the lowest total since record-keeping began in 1980, and blacks, Latinos, Jews and members of the LGBT community were victims of fewer hate crimes than in 2012.

But with 140 hate crimes reported against them, blacks still made up more than one-third of the hate crime victims last year.

Some long-held patterns persisted: Blacks and Latinos targeted each other with disturbing consistency.


The pattern is prevalent in communities where Latinos are moving into traditionally black neighborhoods, the report states. The influence of the Mexican Mafia prison gang, which has waged war with black inmates, has played a significant role as Latino gang members target black gang members and, sometimes, innocent bystanders, the commission said.

When hate crimes against blacks were reported in 2013, Latinos were the suspects 62% of the time. When the victim was Latino, the suspect was black 71% of the time. In these incidents, a majority of the Latino suspects were gang members but that was not the case for the black suspects.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The entire leftist concept of “hate crime / speech / thought” is completely insane.

  • The pattern is prevalent in communities where Latinos are moving into traditionally black neighborhoods, the report states.

    Of course. It’s how hypocritical white liberal does negro abatement while convincing himself that he’s being compassionate and anti-racist toward the brown immigrant.

  • D.B. Cooper

    WOW! I notice that ONE group is missing!

    • D.B. Cooper

      No Asians, Muslims, or whites?

      • It is never officially a hate crime when whites are attacked.

      • none of your business

        I believe the courts have held that no crime against Whites can be considered a hate crime. Courts have held that the 14th amendment does not apply to us. Soon courts will decree that any and all crimes against Whites are not crimes but justifiable punishment for our inherent evilness.
        The hate crimes against the third highest groups are graffiti painted on the wall of a building owned by that group on the night when the security cameras are unaccountably not working, usually 2 weeks before the fundraisers come to town.

        • I have never heard of court cases that state any of those things. There are bureaucrats that have opined in that way, though. On rare occasion, a NW-on-white hate crime will be prosecuted as a hate crime, but we all know that it doesn’t happen enough.

          • none of your business

            Read Justice Brennan’s findings on Kaiser vs Weber. Read the findings on every affirmative action case . The Judges clearly state that Whites may be discriminated against in employment and college admission because the 14th amendment does not apply to us. You need a west law subscription or to sit at the public computers in state and federal court houses to read the full findings and the lengthy opinions

        • gregCall

          The courts never made that ruling, you are thinking of a statement Eric (my people) Holder made following dropping charges against the new black panther party for voter intimidation.

      • Luca

        Nope. Only the lap dogs of the left.

    • mikekingjr

      Outstanding research on your part.

  • dd121

    It’s only a “hate crime” if the leftist arbiters of “hate” say it is.

  • John Smith

    Hate crime stats don’t mean s*** because of the fraudulent subjectivity in recording and reporting them.

  • none of your business

    The low tally is because the Hispanics have driven so many blacks out of Los Angeles.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The low tally is because the Hispanics and blacks have driven so many WHITES out of Los Angeles.

      Notice there is no category for Hate Crimes committed against Whites, according to DB Cooper’s chart.

      This is because the LA Times is virulently anti-White.

      Only Whites commit Hate Crimes according to them.

      • John Smith

        The entire media cabal is anti-white.

    • 1stworlder

      I guess Mexicans are doing jobs Americans are not willing to do

  • TruthBeTold

    When hate crimes against blacks were reported in 2013, Latinos were the
    suspects 62% of the time. When the victim was Latino, the suspect was
    black 71% of the time.

    I only read the edited text but I had to get to the bottom to read this tidbit.

    It looks to me as if they were trying to bury these facts.

  • TruthBeTold

    There’s little doubt in my mind that many ‘hate crimes’ were categorized as ‘gang violence’.

    That likely suppressed the numbers.

  • Fair Dinkum

    Well, at least they were honest enough to admit the stats aren’t all that reliable because many hate crimes go unreported. Even so, the way they tiptoed quietly around the subject of hate crimes against whites was pretty contemptible.

  • WR_the_realist

    Apparently hate crimes have diminished because attacks by blacks or Latinos are not counted as hate crimes.

  • Blacks and Hispanics have been killing each other off in South Central LA for over two decades now.

    LA is a cesspool and I feel sorry for any Whites still stuck there.

    White people need a country of their own. NorthwestFront.

  • kjh64

    One thing about Hispanics, unlike Whites, they won’t tolerate Black behavior. If Hispanics become the majority, the days of Blacks being pandered to will come to an abrupt end.

  • RacialRay

    Blacks and Latinos target one another. And this is disturbing…how?

    If the statisticians can hide the brutal beheading of a white woman by an Islamic devil behind the catch-all notion of “workplace violence”, just imagine how many other crimes of racial and religious hatred can be made to simply disappear from the books.

  • MekongDelta69

    You’re kidding – right?!

    Tell me you’re joking!

  • mikekingjr

    Crimes should just be classified as crimes.

  • mikekingjr

    Mr. MD69-How did a returned Combat Veteran such as yourself manage to get so close to CINC in view of some concern a while back, from whose mouth I do not remember, that returning veterans should be viewed as possible domestic terrorists? Are you still THAT stealthy? That is BHO, right? Guess I always assumed that was you in the picture.

  • obot

    They still aren’t charged with a hate crime even if they admit that the attack was due to race

  • Earl P. Holt III

    “Disturbing” wasn’t a word that I would have chosen…

  • In how many of these cases was a “hate” enhancement actively pursued by the DA’s office?