Witness Adds New Perspective to Ferguson Shooting

Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 16, 2014

A stream of eyewitnesses has been testifying in secret before a grand jury considering whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown near the Canfield Green apartments in Ferguson.

One Canfield resident–who said he saw the killing of Brown from start to finish and talked to the grand jury recently–has given the Post-Dispatch an account with some key differences from previous public statements from other witnesses.

Among the recollections of the witness, who agreed to an interview on the condition that his name not be used, were:

• After an initial scuffle in the car, the officer did not fire until Brown turned back toward him.

• Brown put his arms out to his sides but never raised his hands high.

• Brown staggered toward Wilson despite commands to stop.

• The two were about 20 to 25 feet apart when the last shots were fired.

He would not detail what he had told the grand jury but said the members seemed fair and asked a lot of questions.


Some have said Brown raised his arms high in surrender, giving rise to a common protesters’ chant of “Hands up, don’t shoot” while mimicking the move. But this witness said Brown never put his hands straight up, but held his elbows straight out from his torso, with palms turned up in a sort of gesture of disbelief.

Perhaps the most widely quoted witness has been Brown’s companion that day, Dorian Johnson, who said Wilson had grabbed Brown by the throat through the open window of the officer’s police SUV. Johnson, 22, also said Wilson shot Brown at the car, then ran after Brown, who put his hands up in surrender, and then shot him again.

This latest witness, who is black, told the Post-Dispatch that Johnson took off running toward West Florissant Avenue after the first shot went off inside Wilson’s police SUV.


In the latest account of the Brown killing, the witness said he saw Wilson’s police SUV stop near Brown and Johnson as they were walking in the middle of Canfield Drive. He said he heard Wilson say something to them, but not what. He said Wilson drove past them, then backed up.

The witness said he had been on the right side of the police SUV and did not have a clear view of what happened on the opposite, driver’s side. “There was a tussle going on,” he said, adding that he believes he saw Wilson’s hat fly off.

He then heard a shot and saw Brown run, followed by Wilson. He said Wilson aimed his handgun at Brown and yelled: “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The witness said Brown did stop, mumbled something he could not clearly hear and took a step toward Wilson.

“When he stepped foot on that street, the officer told him to stop again, and he fired three shots,” the witness recalled. “When he (Brown) got hit, he staggered like, ‘Oh,’ and his body moved. Then he looked down.

“His hands were up like this (he gestures with arms out to the side and palms upward), and he was looking at the officer and was coming toward him trying to keep his feet and stand up. The officer took a few steps back and yelled, ‘Stop,’ again, and Michael was trying to stay on his feet.

“He was 20 to 25 feet from officer, and after he started staggering, he (Wilson) let off four more rounds. As he was firing those last rounds, Michael was on his way down. We were thinking, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, brother, stop, stop.’ He was already on his way down when he fired those last shots.”

The witness said Wilson didn’t have to kill Brown. “It went from zero to 100 like that, in the blink of an eye. . . . What transpired to us, in my eyesight, was murder. Down outright murder.”


Two men from outside the area who were working outside the apartment complex previously told the Post-Dispatch that Wilson chased Brown on foot away from the car after the initial gunshot, and fired at least one more shot in Brown’s direction as he fled. They said that Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands up, and that the officer killed him in a barrage of gunfire.

The men also said they never heard the officer say anything to Brown before opening fire, and that they heard Brown scream, “OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK!”

The man who spoke recently to the newspaper said those witnesses were about the same distance from the action as he was.



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  • “New perspective”

    Which means that he had to tell the truth because he was under oath.

    Then again, I already figured this out, from Eric S. Raymond’s analysis of the initial autopsy.

  • MekongDelta69

    “A new perspective” = The Truth

    But hey, don’t let little things called FACTS get in the way of every White leftists’ and black race hustlers’ agenda…

  • Due to his videotaped robbery of the diminutive Asian store clerk, Brown loses any benefit of the doubt: GUILTY

    • I don’t agree with that, under the precepts of logic.

      Don’t take your eyes off the proximate causation, which is GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS running directly at and lunging at Wilson at 12:03.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Provided Brown violently assaulted Wilson, under the law Wilson could legally shoot Brown in the back simply for attempting to flee. I think whether charges are filed or not is going to hinge on Wilson’s injuries.

    • jambi19

      The officer’s orbital fracture decreased his vision. Explains the eight rounds fired.

      • bilejones

        Do you have any evidence as to when this “orbital fracture” took place?

        It was not mentioned until days after the event.

  • me

    Who are you going to believe? The coroner, the facts, or this lying Negro?

    • phillyguy

      I will offer the lying Negro a year’s worth of free Popeyes Chicken dinners and a 40 of malt liquor, we shall see how fast he changes his story.

      • Magician

        Offer a week’s worth of KFC, along with a couple cheap cigars and you will see how fast the story changes

  • pants up don’t loot!

    • dukem1

      You win the internet today!

  • TruthBeTold

    Watch for ‘the narrative’ to evolve.

  • phillyguy

    It looks like officer Wilson don’t stand a chance, the lying negros just keep pouring it on.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Officer told Thug Brown to STOP three time, even after he’d been shot.

    OK, How many times should Wilson have backed up and yelled “Stop!” as the Gentle Giant kept coming?

    With all the political pressure, Officer Wilson would have been indicted by now if the facts proved he shot down Michael Brown in cold blood for no reason.

    Officer Wilson has already been tried and convicted by the press and the Governor but they can’t get the facts of the case to fit the media version of events.

    The Facts keep getting in the way.

    Blacks want a to lynch a White Cop, facts, evidence and most importantly, Rule of Law do not matter.

    They want the “democracy” they keep shouting for – IOW, Mob Rule.

    Remember: This video is what Michael Brown’s mother called “Character Assassination” of her thug son and the DOJ tried to prevent the police from releasing:

    • 4321realist

      “Officer Wilson has already been tried and convicted by the press and the Governor….”

      That governor stood before the cameras and declared that Wilson should be “vigorously prosecuted,” ……….not vigorously investigated……… but prosecuted.

      He reminded me of the entire Florida judiciary that all joined hands to do what they could to railroad an innocent man into prison just in order to placate the black mobs to keep them from tearing things up.

      These incidents are excellent lessons that tell us that the only thing these people respect is the threat of violence and the willingness and means to carry it out.

      They have no morals, scruples or ethics, and they deserve to be locked up themselves.

      They’re a disgrace.

      • A Freespeechzone

        if this circus continues and Darren Wilson is railroaded to appease violent negro mobs; they will be embolden to expand their violence and the shooting race war will happen.

        Negroes will find they are outnumbered and out gunned–and there will be little the government will do.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Wasn’t to placate mobs. There weren’t any “mobs.” The reasons were insidious and having everything to do with political correctness and the essence of BRA dogma.

        • 4321realist

          “Wasn’t to placate mobs. ”
          Of course it was.
          Referencing mobs has to do with the entire debacle that occurred up to the point the governor denounced the cop by encouraging his prosecution, which amounted to large scale looting, attacking people, setting fires, burning cars and buildings.
          How you equate that with peaceful protestors is a mystery.
          And whether your allegations about the Trayvon Martin case have any validity has nothing to do with the fact that it was the fear of black mob violence that brought the corrupt Florida judiciary together to try to prevent any of it.
          And this same fear is EXACTLY why people like the Mo. governor and the Florida politicians will prostitute themselves shamelessly with any kind of sycophantic rhetoric that they believe will circumvent or prevent black riots from happening.

  • Luca

    Black witnesses are notoriously biased against White cops and never hesitate to embellish and outright lie. Too bad we don;t have a video of the event, although admittedly, video evidence is almost always racist.

    • Who Me?

      Amazing how this went fron “Didn nobody see nuffins” to having been personally eye-witnessed by everybody in Ferguson by now. They ALL want to tell how “they saw the ‘gentle giant’ ruthlessly gunned down in cold blood by the racist white cop.” Naturally most of them are of a darker complexion. (Funny how that works.)

  • Ed

    Sounds like this case is pretty much over. The issue is in the interpretation of whether he was surrendering or not. Which is very grey. Benefit of doubt goes to officer.

  • Late breaking news:


    They call them “protesters,” I call them “stalkers.”

    The irony of this is that Nixon yanked the locals and county off of riot duty on the Fergaza Strip on the Wednesday after the fact and slid the Highway Patrol in its place as the lead agency and put Captain Rastus in charge of the whole operation precisely to placate these kind of people, and also to placate the media, who were upset that the local/county “militarized” cops were picking on media members.

  • Jeff Traube

    This witness sounds credible, but it’s very telling that though he concedes Wilson repeatedly asked Brown to stop repeatedly, and backed up (the cop who shot the guy with a knife did this as well), he considered this down outright murder. Not just questionable, unnecessary, or the last three shots excessive. Sir, unprovoked killings by civilians without warning are downright murder, not this. Can’t you see the difference ? And if it were a white guy being chased, would y’all have been thinking please, please stop ?

  • Anon Emus

    On the video, he robbed a store and roughed up the clerk. That video tells me he’s a thug. What else do I have to go on, eyewitness accounts from different people with conflicting stories? Blacks kill Blacks every day, all the time, and you don’t hear a word about it (and sometimes the thugs kill the innocent Blacks for no real reason)… so should we really care about this one thug getting some lead?

  • MannyR

    No one on the grand jury should trust a word out any any witness who is black. The video from the convstore says everything, period. He steals from the store and then goes back to being a good natured totally respectful young man just walking down the street. Yeah sure.

  • gregCall

    As much as I generally support the making good of any “urban youth” I’m keeping an open mind here.
    As typical as the black response has been and as much as that in itself poisons my view of the incident, I just don’t want to see another bad cop walk with the catch all excuse of “officer safety”.
    If the officer was being advanced on after an earlier initial attack he was likely completely justified in shooting the “youth”. If however the “youth” was actually 25 feet away and not advancing when shot the cop should do jail time, he won’t even if guilty, but that’s another problem with our system.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    I’m looking forward to see how many of these black liars get charged with perjury when the facts come out.

    • Magician

      Facts will never come out

      No recorded video clips or photos available

      And even if there are pics or clips that work in favor of officer Wilson

      Liberals and blacks will simply claim that those are made up

      By the way, it made me feel disappointed in my country, when I read in this article that many witnesses are testifying only after they are assured of their privacy. We are now living in a country where we have to be in fear when telling the truth or speaking to protect the innocent

      • The whole – very public – “Stop Snitching” campaign by US blacks is all about intimidation of potential witnesses to any incident which places black criminals under any sort of unfavorable light. I read on Yahoo news recently about two – race unspecified – men who were shot outside a federal courthouse. The guy wearing an ankle monitor died of his wounds, though the driver of the car survived his own. Since he was wearing an ankle monitor, I suspect he was a co-defendant who was out on bond and had decided to turn state’s evidence.

        Two of the three men currently on Colorado’s death row are there for murdering the witness to an earlier killing they had done. They had also shot and killed the witness’s girlfriend, who was in the car with her boyfriend when he was gunned down.

        This is what thug culture does to people who tell the truth.

        • Magician

          When Eve Carson was murdered, one of the murderers’ childhood friend, named Jayson McNeill, testified against him in the court, in return for his sentencing for drug charges being reduced


  • Jeff Traube

    The common thread of Brown, Vonderrit Myers, knife-wielder in St. Louis is black defiance. Can’t move to sidewalk or be arrested, or even stop advancing. And if a guy in Philly pleas for vandals to cease damaging cars, he is assaulted. They’re compelled to stand up to whitey. There’s something metaphorical here, about Wilson saying stop, stop, stop and Brown kept coming. In this light, one may criticize Wilson for one thing. Blacks won’t stop coming and it was a mistake to back up. Stand your ground, officer.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Not much new here except a corroboration of what we already knew – no hands up, no execution-style shot in the back. The witness thinks it was murder, but then blacks think that Whites are obliged to let themselves be murdered by them.

  • Stan D Mute

    I had to reread the second to last paragraph about six times. I kept thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe they printed Truth and accurately quoted Brown’s last words: ‘ook, ook, ook, ook, ook’.”

  • Pants up Don’t Loot…..Pants up Don’t Loot….
    now there is a chant worth chanting……

  • Johnny Clay

    I think a lot of blacks are raised to lie to the police, the courts, and just about all of law enforcement to make themselves look like innocent victims. I watch some court shows on TV, and the testimonies most black defendants give are just too outlandish to be true.