Fox59 Crew Held at Gunpoint, Carjacked on Eastside

Michael Anthony Adams, Indy Star, October 15, 2014

A Fox59 crew was held at gunpoint and had its vehicle stolen Tuesday night while on location covering a prayer vigil for the victims of a recent shooting, said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Rafael Diaz.

As the crew was getting ready to film a live shot in the 3700 block of Emerson Avenue, a male, armed with a black semi-automatic pistol and wearing dark clothing, approached the marked Fox59 SUV and told the crew to get out, said Diaz.

Police said a Fox59 camera man attempted to offer the man money, but he refused, and demanded that the crew get out of the vehicle. The suspect, who police said is possibly in his early twenties, then fled the scene in the SUV, taking the crew’s equipment with him.



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  • MekongDelta69

    “A [generic] man.”

    The race who shall always be unmentioned in the MSM…

    • John Smith

      If it was a white man who pulled this stunt, you can be the anti-white media cabal would have mentioned it…especially if any of the media crew were black.

      I would be very curious what % of these brazen carjackings is committed by our fellow whites comprising 65% of the population – and what percentage is committed by blacks comprising 13% of the population.

      I would be equally curious as to the avalanche of excuses given if the black % was somehow released. Now that would be hilarious.

      • Fathercoughlin

        If it was a white man he would be my hero!

        • I’m not a big fan of armed robbery no matter who does it, but if a white AmRen poster had ice-picked the sidewalls of all four tires on that SUV, leaving the Faux News Mediatards (Propagandatards?) stranded in that neighborhood, I wouldn’t feel very bad about it.

      • Luca

        Black females typically do not commit carjackings, nor do elderly blacks. Therefore you may want to revise that figure from 13% to about 7%. Therefore 7% of the population is committing about 50% of the carjackings (my best guess). And they say the justice system is racist.

    • Luca

      Indianapolis + carjacking + pistol + nondescript male = the usual racial suspect.

      In other news, 2 + 2 = 4.

    • Mybad

      Heck, at least we know that the gun was black. That should help, shouldn’t it?

      • Nonhumans

        Not all black guns are like that. I “keep” a few black guns around so as to appear tolerant.

    • evilsandmich

      At least they’re consistent, they won’t even defend their own kind.

    • Max

      Note however, that the GUN was black. That is the important descriptor.

  • Only Africanus Bellcurvius would be dumb enough to steal about the least nondescript of vehicles.

    • me

      HA! We should be so lucky if this becomes a fad in the ‘hood. I’d love to see every mainstream media propaganda vehicle jacked by the bruthas. Preferably, with the ‘news’ crew held hostage. Priceless! “Nondescript”. Ha! Since when did a Negro ever utter that word for anything? The Negro motto is, “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” I’m surprised it wasn’t an ‘amberlamps’.

      • none of your business

        I thought it’s ama lunce? Different dialects in different parts of the country I suppose.

        • me

          Taken from a ‘famous’ youtube video. Ha! A must see!

        • Diana Moon Glampers

          That is the southern pronunciation, but up north it’s definitely amberlamps.

        • Bambalance?

  • SouthernReality

    “Dark Clothing”, though…. thank goodness that can’t be changed! But, on a more serious note…. bwa-ha-ahhahaaahhaaahhhaaa! This reminds me of the 70’s in NY where pedestrians were advised to carry $20 to ‘throwdown’ when they were mugged by junkies. I suppose if I decide to head to the StL area I should carry an extra SUV. Inflation…. whatcha gonna do??

    • No, no, no, no no! Go to the St Louis area with a friend, and leave with an extra SUV!

      • If not the whole SUV, some shiny new chrome spinning rims looted from the Fergaza Strip. Because, Michael Brown.

  • MindHead99

    Indianapolis is being lost to the Dark side. Once the Black population ratio gets to the tipping point it is uninhabitable by Whites.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      Cities become uninhabitable except for psychopaths, murderers, drug-dealers, drug-users, Bigfoot, Social Workers, Pawn Shops, Payday Loan companies, fried chicken franchises, liquor stores, Title Loan companies, gas-marts, whores, pimps, and the rest of that sorry race of apes and baboons which we see in evidence in the crime roundups each day…

      • phillyguy

        Earl its a shame,we as descendants of Europeans have been living in cities for thousands of years, I walk the same streets as George Washington ,Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin. They are going to have to try to kill me to let me leave my city!!

        • Earl P. Holt III

          If you live in a “mixed” neighborhood, all I can say is get the hell out while you can. Don’t be the last white guy on your block to leave, because it won’t get better.

          I speak from experience: For 30 years I lived one block from where the most recent police shooting of a nigro transpired in St. Louis, that garnered all that media attention…

      • LHathaway

        You forgot children. Some of these cities are more or less a giant project.

      • Bigfoot has not been proven to be that uncivilized that he would live in Bantuland.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          Even mythological entities must have their standards, mustn’t they…?

          • When I see a video of Bigfoot robbing someone, playing the knockout game, or raping a white woman then I will hold him to African standards. Until then this fantasy creature has proven to be more civilized.

      • OS-Q

        Rats, raccoons, feral dogs, coyotes, and even coywolves seem to do well in the diverse Cities of Tomorrow.

        Chupacabras will probably drive out the Bigfoot population by harassing their young.

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I don’t know: Any species with a perfect record at eluding America’s millions of deer hunters — particularly since the invention of rifled barrels — must be pretty smart and pretty resourceful…

          • OS-Q

            Most Bigfoot accounts have the hunters reluctant to shoot at something that walks like a person and is most likely a person in a suit. If you want a good Halloween story, Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Wilderness Hunter” had a violent Bigfoot story related by a grizzled German trapper named Bauman. There are a few sites that most of the story online.

            For all the stolen pies and emptied traps, Bigfoot would have to be an insanely shy animal to not become acclimated to people the same way most primates do if you feed them – most primates actually get dangerously pushy if they realize they can get food from people.

          • Stingrays love being fed by human SCUBA divers off Grand Cayman (google “Stingray City”), and they aren’t very bright. There is (or was) a stingray petting tank at the Monterrey aquarium in California, and while they seemed preoccupied with chasing each other around like a bunch of kittens, they had become quite used to people.

          • Earl P. Holt III

            We would have found their remains, particularly their bones. The fact that Gen Xers and Gen Yers are so fascinated by Bigfoot (and Zombies) is an indication of just how effectively the communists and nigros have destroyed the public schools…

          • OS-Q

            Only about 14% of our population believes Bigfoot is real. OTOH a little less than half of the country believes in ghosts, even though Christians aren’t supposed to officially.

            Most people I know are pretty tired of zombies. The zombie is probably one of the cheapest monsters for films – just put some bloody makeup on a person with street clothing. You don’t have to write some complex motivation or science for them even though the idea of basically unnamed and brain-dead sick people conquering the world with their teeth and fingernails is ridiculous.

    • I recall reading here, years ago that once an area is 30% black, it rapidly becomes 70% black, as anyone who can afford to move does so in short order. It thus seems that 30% figure is the tipping point.

  • dd121

    You’d think that if a news crew shows up on scene to do a sympathetic piece, you wouldn’t threaten them with death. On second thought, that seems pretty normal for the darker races.

    • Truthseeker

      Any Black with criminal tendencies likely doesn’t understand gratitude or empathy. Only aggression. Although we were never given the race of the perpetrator, the odds are good that it was such a person.

      • dd121

        If they don’t give the race, you don’t need to ask.

    • Committing an armed robbery against a sympathetic, Libtard news crew would not normally be a good public relations move, but the Libtards anticipated this and cheerfully cooperated by concealing the race of the perp.

      Keeping the US public well-informed is simply not something the mainstream media does anymore.

  • UncleSham

    I would like to know if Fox59 actually reported this story.

    • Lewis33

      They did. They too left out a description of the attacker. But where this happened is ghetto central and I wouldn’t walk down that street even during the day.

      • UncleSham

        Thank you for finding that out. I assume Fox59 was on their way to tell a sympathetic story about peaceful Black victims when they had their own experience with diversity; talk about destroying the narrative haha. It would have been fantastic to see someone become a race realist on live television, but I know that didn’t happen.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    It must be the fault of Fox News that he is retarded, criminal, stupid, savage, illegitimate, useless as tits on a boar, and ugly as well…

  • John Smith

    A carjacking happens to people who work for the filthy creatures who run the anti-white media cabal…who systematically distort information to the masses…who systematically withhold valuable information from the masses.


    It will probably take a Knoxville like atrocity happening to to media folks or family of politicians to possibly wake up the masses of white lemmings.

    • Rhialto

      Newsers vs. Black thug: As columnist Steve Sailor wrote, “I haven’t got a horse in that race.

      • LHathaway

        I was thinking something similar. In this case, I hope they don’t get caught.

    • Who Me?

      It will probably take a Knoxville like atrocity happening to to media folks or family of politicians to possibly wake up the masses of white lemmings.
      I wouldn’t wish that on the Devil himself

  • none of your business

    Got the age, sex and even clothes but no mention of the second most important part of a description., the race. It goes sex, race, age size and then clothes on police reports. I refuse to use the feminazi invented term gender for sex. Gender is a grammar term in some languages, has nothing to do with male or female. Can I still write male or female, man or woman, boy or girl? Or will the Vicars of Satan on earth the Judges soon outlaw those terms?.

    • MBlanc46

      ” I refuse to use the feminazi invented term gender for sex.”

      Thank you. I fear we’re fighting a losing battle, but when it’s sex that’s at issue, I say “sex”. Sometimes when filling out a form (such as how you liked a theatrical performance), if they use “gender” when they want to know whether you’re male or female, I cross it out and wrist in “sex”.

      • IstvanIN

        Gender is masculine or feminine, not male or female! People look at me like I am two-headed when I complain about that. I understand that language evolves and that words can have multiple meanings but this gender replacing sex thing has been shoved down our throats and in just the last few years.

        • MBlanc46

          One reason for it is that even many feminists have a hard time denying the biological reality of sex difference. It’s much easier to say that gender is a “social construct”.

          • I have noticed that the same people who say that sex roles are artificial also tend to say that sodomy is natural. These seem contradictory; which way do they want it?

          • MBlanc46

            Even social constructionists have noticed that many social constructionists can be “essentialist” when it suits their purposes. It can be very amusing to see them try to explain why their statements about whites, men, etc. are nonessentialist while they argue that statements that whites might make about blacks or men about women are essentialist.

      • Maybe so, but now days if you get a form that has “Sex” before a line in which you’re supposed to write either “M” or “F,” a lot of people will write things like “yes” or “lots” or “every night.” That and here in the Era of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, you have many more choices other than M and F. Facebook has more than fifty options.

        The confusion that sometimes comes from open ended lines on forms:

      • Aaron997

        What’s funny is that the politically-correct feminists have been saying “if you think women are mentally different from men, you’re a sexist pig ,” but the politically-correct transsexuals have been saying “some people are born with the mind of one sex and the body of the other.” They’re going to get in heated confrontations one of these days, and it’ll be fun to watch.

  • Aaron997

    I’m betting he was Laotian. No, wait… Italian?

  • I have some dark clothing and I can possibly pass for in my 20’s. I hope the vehicle insurers Faux News has chosen refuse to pay on the claim, because these Apoligitards have just described me, when I have not been out of Colorado Springs since late September.

    I am completely sorry that it was not an MSNBC crew that was robbed.

    • mikekingjr

      I hope you can prove that claim about your whereabouts, Mr. Scott. What you have offered re: your physical description is tantamount to a confession these days.

  • mikekingjr

    Only 23 years old and undoubtedly gainfully employed and sending his chirrens to a college prep private muslim school.

    • He needed to borrow the vehicle so he could go buy some Skittles, tea, cigarillos and a sandwich.

  • I think we all know who the “man” was…aka a black savage hell bent on getting his “reparations” from white people. Surprise, Surprise…..

    White people need a country of their own. Northwestfront.

    • Fox Blue River

      We can start by keeping Wyoming.

  • John R

    The suspect, who was in his early twenties, wore black clothes and had a black handgun. So, what else about him? What about his skin color? I know, forbidden to mention. It might be “racist” and we certainly don’t want to offend the sacred race, don’t we?

  • Love it….let them rant, let them loot everything is recorded, we even are beginning to see even liberals tier of this crap, and soon as this administration is out, Perhaps we will get an administration that respects and follows the laws as well the constitution, and serve the American people as a whole and not a select few……I know wishful thinking as of the last 30yrs it seems.

  • Chris


  • me

    Epic Beard Man!

  • lies die

    I’m surprised he wasn’t one of those rascally teens. Seems like most crimes these days are committed by teens

    • Douglas Quaid

      If he was shot by the news crew defending themselves form his robbery, then and only then would he have undergone the metamorphsis and became a “gunned down unarmed black teen”.

      • Fox Blue River

        Quatto lives!

  • I give him points for being able to write at all.