FBI Releases 2012 Hate Crime Statistics

FBI, November 25, 2013

According to statistics released today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 5,796 criminal incidents involving 6,718 offenses were reported in 2012 as being motivated by a bias toward a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, or physical or mental disability. The statistics, published by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program in Hate Crime Statistics, 2012, provide data about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of the bias-motivated incidents reported by law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. Due to the unique nature of hate crime, however, the UCR Program does not estimate offenses for the jurisdictions of agencies that do not submit reports.

Hate Crime Statistics, 2012, includes the following information:

  • There were 5,790 single-bias incidents. Of these, 48.3 percent were motivated by racial bias, 19.6 percent were motivated by sexual-orientation bias, 19.0 percent were motivated by religious bias, and 11.5 percent were motivated by ethnicity/national origin bias. Bias against disabilities accounted for 1.6 percent of single-bias incidents. There were six multiple-bias hate crime incidents reported in 2012.
  • Of the 3,968 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2012, simple assaults accounted for 39.6 percent, intimidation accounted for 37.5 percent, and aggravated assault for 21.5 percent. Ten murders and 15 forcible rapes were reported as hate crimes.
  • There were 2,547 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property. The majority of these (74.8 percent) were acts of destruction/damage/ vandalism. Robbery, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, and other offenses accounted for the remaining 25.2 percent of crimes against property.
  • Of the 5,331 known offenders, 54.6 percent were white and 23.3 percent were black. The race was unknown for 11.5 percent, and other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.
  • Most hate crime incidents (32.6 percent) occurred in or near homes. Over 18 percent (18.3) occurred on highways, roads, alleys, or streets; 8.3 percent occurred at schools or colleges; 5.7 percent happened at parking or drop lots or garages; and 4.1 percent took place in churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques. The location was considered other or unknown for 12.8 percent of hate crime incidents. The remainder of hate crime incidents took place at other specified or multiple locations.

[Editor’s Note: The data table are available here.]

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  • JohnEngelman

    I dislike the concept of hate crimes. Laws against hate crimes assume that we can get into the minds of the criminals.

    If teenage white boys write the n word on the home of a black family that has moved into their neighborhood, this is called a hate crime. What they write passages from Martin Luther King’s speeches? Laws against vandalism are sufficient to deal with this sort of thing.

    • John Smith

      In addition to disliking the concept of hate crimes, I dislike even more “how” they are tracked.

      According to the FBI, a hispanic committing a hate crime is classified as “white” while a hispanic victim of a hate crime is classified as “hispanic”.

      To illustrate how ridiculous this is:

      eg, Baseball player David Ortiz rapes actress Halle Barry and calls her a “n*****”…this is a “white-on-black” hate crime.

      eg, Football player Tom Brady punches same baseball player David Ortiz and calls him a “s***”…this is a “white-on-hispanic” hate crime.

      Don’t ya just love the FBI?

      AHHHHH !!!

      • Jefferson

        David Ortiz is a “White Hispanic” because his last name is Ortiz. If his name was David O’Reilly, he would be Black. Extremely retarded FBI logic.

        I am tired of the FBI classifying any Darkie with a Spanish last name as “White”.

    • Anna Tree

      Hate crime is to crime what affirmative action is to discrimination, a
      dangerous fraud. Those two imply we are not equal citizens, that white people have less value than Non-whites.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Well, “hate” is an emotion, which is a thought, so “hatecrime” comes dangerously close to “thoughtcrime” in my mind.

    • Martel

      Above you see the result of your desire to not allow whites to protect their interests. Bogus statistics which will further the agenda of those who wish to turn America into a non-white society, and which will further increase racially motivated assaults against whites while the upper class has another reason to ignore and trivialize these crimes.

      Meanwhile, you spend your time mocking the whites who understand our future will be nothing short of a dystopia, if we don’t protect our interests now.

      • JohnEngelman

        How are my statistics bogus? I substantiate many of my factual assertions using sources I have found on the American Renaissance website.

        How are my interests different from those of Jews and Orientals?

        • Martel

          Do you believe the above statistics are representative of the actual distribution of racially motivated crimes in the US?

          Every ethnic group has different interests based on their ideology, position in society, physical capabilities and so on. This should be obvious, especially in America, where most minorities are constantly fed the impression that whites have a tendency to discriminate against non-whites. Minorities are therefore likely to organize politically against whites, as all minorities do currently, including Asians and Jews. America is a country where you are treated differently depending on whether you are white, or a minority. As a minority, how well you are treated as minority citizen of the United States depends on the level of political organization amongst your ethnic peers.This is the reason Asian Americans have set up the 80-20 initiative, its the reason Hispanics have set up La Raza, and why Jews have developed various political movements desribed in the works of Kevin Macdonald. Besides posturing politically for subsidies and political power, many Asians will most likely feel pressured if America gets into conflict with any Asian country, and the Chinese government is undoubtedly trying to influence Asian communities as we speak.

          Since you have not reproduced, you only have personal interests, you do not need to worry about the fact that America is turning into an ethnically divided country, where differences in political interests between all ethnicities will stifle economic growth and will be a constant source of tension.

          • JohnEngelman

            America is turning into an ethnically divided country, where differences in political interests between all ethnicities will stifle economic growth and will be a constant source of tension.

            – Martel

            Orientals and Jews contribute to economic growth with their superior intelligence.

          • Martel

            What economic growth?

            America was at its strongest when it was a ethnically unified country, currently America is dying. Its a country where the media unanimously proclaims someone to be a racist if they criticize Obama in any way. The media considers it normal when democrat politicians call opposition against obamacare “racist”.

            My explanation for this is the ideology which was devised during the sixties, and further on popularized by the channels owned by those of the same ethnicity of those who spearheaded this new ideology. It has been documented that both parties did so to protect Jewish identity and break down white gentile identity in an unreasonable effort to eliminate “anti-semitism”.

            Do you have a different rational explanation for the behaviour of the media?

          • JohnEngelman

            In the United States the media is not as homogeneous as you claim.

            Jews do not control the media. Over the decades they have come to dominate every field in the Untied States that requires superior intelligence. They have achieved this despite antisemetic prejudice and discrimination because of their superior intelligence.

    • MikeofAges

      Here I agree with you. When you have a prosecution, it is already assumed that there is an improper motive. If there was not, then you would have a justifiable transgression.

      But I do think that hate crimes should tracked. I just want it to be done on a legitimate basis. Many crimes are treated as common crimes in the statistics but actually are racially or ethnically motivated. The reasons for the classifications of people are very convoluted and lie in the realm of legal theory, particularly the reason why Hispanics are classified as white when the greatest number of them in the United States are Mestizo Indian.

  • sbuffalonative

    We know there are hate crime hoaxes.

    I would like to know when a hate crime is reported and filed as a hate crime but later turns out to be a hoax, is the hoax hate crime removed from the list of hate crimes?

    I suspect there is no follow-up or mechanism in place to unreported a hate crime lie and the numbers are bloated.

    • panjoomby

      correct. & the gov’t does not keep track of hate crime hoaxes! that is as appalling as this whole hate crime concept – & that our tax $ (mainly $ from whites, is used against us & to promote the idea we are busy being hateful – when in reality we are busy working, to pay taxes). such lunacy is not a sign of a healthy government!!

  • Jesse James

    More government deception and outright lies. Like the lies they tell about unemployment, keeping our health care plans, the national debt, inflation, what they did with the stimulus spending, Benghazi, who is linking info that keeps getting Seals killed, the Bin Laden raid, Fast and Furious, the Pigford settlement, why they went into Libya, why they wanted to go into Syria before we stopped them, what the banksters did with all the bail out money, what the actual number of non-whites in America is now, how many people are deported, why Obama has a Connecticut SSN, how Obama could go from being on a scholarship at college for foreigners to suddenly being an American, why did we suddenly turn on Mubarak in Eqypt just to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, who killed Kennedy and Patton, where is all the gold that was in Fort Knox. You know all these lies that keep building up and are never corrected even after they are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be lies. Who can possibly believe anything the government ever says anymore?

    • Sick of it

      I agree with you completely, but was not a fan of Mubarak considering how the Christians were treated under his regime. Obviously I despise the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Jesse James

        The Egyptian army, which provided Mubarak’s power base, though had to be careful not to be too open in their actions against the Copts as they had and have to be more accountable to the greater world and America in particular since that is where there money comes from. The Muslim Brotherhood is unlikely to show as much restraint and can be expected to push for the final solution to Egypt’s ancient Christian community. Before Obama our President’s were all practicing Christians (at least to my knowledge) and could be expected to put up a little more support for the Middle Eastern Christian community. Not that you could tell that from what has happened to the Iraq Christians over the past ten years. Our military is being purged of Christians in a movement from the top that reminds me of the French and Russian Revolutions. I really wonder why our country has not been more forceful in demanding these minority populations be safeguarded.

        • Sick of it

          The police forces under Mubarak routinely tortured and even killed Christian boys (including testicular torture). The girls were often kidnapped and forcibly raped/converted to Islam. Egypt has been hell for Christians since the Arabs invaded.

  • libertarian1234

    With Holder as AG, is anything coming out of this administration that can be relied on as accurate?

  • bigone4u

    When one of my students at the university (half white/half Mexican), a pretty girl, was anally raped all night by an ugly black guy with a gun or knife at her throat, it was NOT a hate crime. So what? She was just as destroyed as if he had been yelling “cracka” at her.

    In one sense every crime is a hate crime, but in the sense it’s defined by government, hate crimes are just another way of justifying more indoctrination of children: “See, kids, somebody wrote the word “K***” on a synagoue and somebody else wrote the word, “N*****” on a church and that’s a hate crime and so we must stop all racial thinking and eventually become a single mixed race.”

    • Jesse James

      The answer to the government’s seemingly contradictory and illogical ideas on hate crimes (and many other issues) is given by Orwell in his description of ‘doublethink’ that I just read as a quote in “Revolution From Above”:

      “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out , knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all , to apply the same process to the process itself. That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis that you had just performed. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink.” (George Orwell, 1984)

      I vaguely remember reading 1984 in High School and once in college in the early 1980s but I didn’t really understand Orwell’s emphasis on this doublethink process. Now, everyday it helps me better to understand the absurd nature of the current political and cultural situation in the US. It certainly explains the lies and deception and deep felt righteousness that have been a constant feature of the administrations roll out of the Obamacare. We also see it at work in this weeks MSMs acknowledgement/denial of the black on white racial attacks that are and have been running out of control. I think that far back we weren’t as far along the socialist progressive path and so it just didn’t seem to fit. Orwell knew where this was all going way back then.

    • MBlanc46

      The entire idea is noxious, and, as you indicate, makes no sense in practical application.

  • Reactions to this news:

    SPLC: ZOMG~!!!!1 Rising tide of HATE~! Send money, quick.

    ADL: Censor the internet.

    WaPo: Women and children most directly impacted.

    Slate: It’s all the fault of the Tea Party.

    Al Sharpton: Stop the hateration, y’all!

    Barack Obama: (Whatever is loaded on the teleprompter)

    Noel Ignatiev: Proof that all white people must die.

    Tim Wise: I’m with Noel.

    CAIR: Islamophobia, something something something.

    National Association of Midgets: A tragic consequence of all the vitriolic hateful rhetoric spewed toward midgets.

    WSJ: Markets plunge on news of hate crimes.

    Cato Institute: It’s why we need comprehensive immigration reform.

    And, saving the best for last:

    Countenance Blog: Snore.

    • emiledurk16

      That’s too ——- funny !

  • 1stworlder

    So if 2 Colombian drug lords shot each other and one died the survivor would be a white murderer who committed an anti Hispanic hate crime.

    • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

      ummm…yep, pretty much.

    • Jefferson

      If George Zimmerman raped and murdered Elizabeth Warren for example, the FBI would classify it as a “White” on “Native American” hate crime.

      Even though the irony is that the so-called “Native American” in this case actually looks physically Whiter than the so-called “White” person.

      • Bossman

        In a country like the USA, “white,” “Hispanic,” and “Native American” are all loose definitions.

        • Jefferson

          Indeed they are all very loose definitions. According to the U.S census, a Brown skin person from Yemen is “White” but a person with White skin who is 1/32 Amerindian for example, can be considered a “Native American”.

          • emiledurk16

            Wish I read down a couple of posts……you already knew about the phoney.

      • emiledurk16

        She classified herself as, get this, 1/32 Native American, or what I would call Indian.
        That was to assure her entry into Harvard.
        Talk about repulsivity!

  • Ograf

    It definitely sounds like bullcrap to me.

  • Chip Carver

    One reason the FBI classifies “Hispanic” perps as “White” is to make the gap between Black and White crime appear smaller. People should be aware that while the FBI DOES classify “Hispanics” as victims, it NEVER lists them as perpetrators.

    Here in L.A., the local media is forever presenting sketches of criminals on the loose, always listing them as “…White or Hispanic,” when in fact the perp is Hispanic, and in most cases described by victims or witness as Hispanic. It’s a farce.

    • thebaldchick

      Several years back when I used to blog & do a YouTube show on illegal immigration, we coined the term “Arizona White” — Arizona was the first state where we caught authorities listing everyone as either white or black. You are absolutely correct. Hispanic perpetrators were counted as white; victims were counted as Hispanic. Isn’t that convenient?

      • Sick of it

        It’s strange to do this with Hispanics who don’t have much of an historical presence in America. However, at a certain point in our history, we did generally classify American Indians as white. Unless they self-identified as American Indian. They were treated as white under Jim Crow.

    • Jefferson

      I have seen the F.B.I classify individual members of MS-13 as “White”. MS-13 is a gang from El Salvador.

      Since when is El Salvador a White country ? This is new to me.

      • IstvanIN

        Since when is the UK a white country these days?

        • Jefferson

          The U.K is 90 percent White. The U.K is still a hell of a lot Whiter than El Salvador.

          • IstvanIN

            You think? 90%? Sounds awfully high.

          • Jefferson

            If you take out London, the U.K is still a very White place. Especially Scotland and Wales.

            El Salvador is overwhelmingly Brown no matter what region of that country you go to. There are no predominantly White regions in El Salvador.

          • IstvanIN

            El Salvador and diarrhea are similar, I know that. But even Scotland has towel heads in their devolved parliament.

      • Bossman

        El Salvador is a majority Mestizo country and some Mestizos can look white.

        • Jefferson

          El Salvador has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world. If El Salvador was a predominantly White country, it would have a similar per capita murder rate as European countries.

          Now why is El Salvador one of the most dangerous countries in the world to live in ? Because of it’s dark racial demographics that is why. El Salvador is definitely not some peaceful safe Whitopia.

  • MartelC

    I surprised there are that many, considering that many on the left think only white heterosexuals can commit ‘hate’ crimes

  • Spartacus

    I’m pretty sure they missed a few…

  • Jack Burton

    Two main reasons why these statistics are pure BS.

    1. We all know how difficult it is for non-Whites to be charged with hate crimes against Whites, unless the victims are Jewish. Knockout game attacks are a good example, we didn’t even see it in the mainstream media until Jews were victims. Hate crime charges were only filed against blacks who attacked Jews.

    2. Hispanics are counted as White when they are perpetrators, the Zimmerman case a notable example.

    American media and government clearly engage in anti-White bias and reality distortion.

  • Greg Thomas

    How does this White-hating governmnet expect me to believe any statistic they present, especially when its mantra is to protect beloved diversity at all costs? This is the same government that tries to tell me there are only “11 million” illegal invaders curently squatting on US soil.

  • Luca

    No statistics on how many of these hate Crimes were hoaxes and which race commits the most false reports?

    Gee.. that’s odd. Journalistic oversight i am sure.

  • negrolocaust

    warning to any TOWSON UNIVERSITY students in marlyand: groups of BLACKS armed with knives and guns have been stabbing and robbing students of their cell phones on and near the campus. police and pols have been downplaying the violence and covering it up. beware if you see any blacks avoid them do not talk with them and report them as suspicious persons if they approach you. if they appear armed report it as possibly carrying a knife or a gun when you phone 911. one student is still in critical condition after being stabbed repeatedly in the upper body by three blacks. visit drudge report and amren for updates on the KNOCKOUT GAME being played by BLACKS all over the country. hannity and savage are the only national figures to discuss the knockout assaults by blacks in the past few weeks. hannity has discussed it every day on his radio and every night for the past week on his tv show. anybody dissing hannity on this board, it just shows how anti white you are and that you need to not comment on this board.Thank you.

  • White Dragon

    Anyone that promotes diversity is promoting hatred against Whites and their culture.

    • Jack Burton

      Not just hatred, but displacement and replacement.

      Opportunities and resources are not infinite. When a non-White takes a job or is accepted at a prestigious university in a White country that means a White person didn’t get that position in most cases.

  • blight14

    Oh, only about 99%………………the rest are ‘real’ crimes!

  • Van_The_Man

    The key here is “reported”.

    I, too, object to the separate and subjective classification of “hate crimes” and have carefully read with great interest incidents where 1, 2, 3 or more Blacks have assaulted, beaten, raped, murdered and otherwise savaged whites–after having clearly yelled racial epithets of “whitey” “honkey”, etc. as they stalked and circled the victims before trashing them.

    Hate crime? Not on your life. The crimes were conveniently said to be nothing more than random and race played no part. Can’t upset the Blacks don’t you know.

  • emiledurk16

    I can’t remember an incident where an assault of a white by
    a black was categorized as a “hate” crime.

    As the reports of “knockout” assaults increased, I waited
    with bated breath to see if the term “hate crime” would be used.

    Every incident I saw, with the exception of one, was black
    youths attacking white middle aged people..

    Then I heard a man of a certain monotheistic faith was
    assaulted in NY and said to a family member: “Hate crime alert”.

    Like clockwork, in the next day’s news “Victim of hate crime
    assaulted in NY”.

    Another time a black Detroit Tigers player (Delmon Young)
    assaulted someone of a fairer complexion and to my shock, a hate crime was

    The 3rd sentence of the article, depicting the
    victim, explained the anomaly.

    Not too hard to see who calls the shots (and controls the
    language) these days.

    • Martel

      Engelman and those who appreciate his commentary claim this is just a coincidence. Jewish media treats Jews and gentile whites exactly the same 🙂