About Half of Kids with Single Moms Live in Poverty

Josh Mitchell, Wall Street Journal, November 25, 2013

Children raised in single-parent households in the U.S. are far more likely to live in poverty than children with both parents present, according to Census figures released Monday. As a result, far more black and Hispanic children are raised in poverty than white kids.

Among all children living only with their mother, nearly half—or 45%—live below the poverty line, the Census Bureau said. For those living with just the father, about 21% lived in poverty. By comparison, only about 13% of children with both parents present in the household live below the poverty line.

{snip} About 55% of black children and 31% of Hispanic children live with one parent, compared to 20% of white children and 13% of Asian children.

Other new data released in the report:

– One in four women raising children are doing it on their own. Women are far more likely to be single parents than men, the figures show. Two-thirds, or 67%, of mothers living with their children have a spouse present, compared with 86% of fathers living with their children. One in four mothers with a child under age 18 has no partner present, compared with 6% of fathers.


–The share of households that are married couples with children has declined by about half, to 19% this year versus 40% in 1970.

– Households also are becoming smaller. On average, 2.5 people share a household currently, compared to 3.1 people in 1970. That’s in part because families are having fewer children. Average children per family fell to 0.9 from 1.3 during that period.

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  • Puggg

    Try this out:

    Kids raised by single mothers are more likely to live in poverty because the kind of people who tend to single parenthood would be in poverty anyway for their low IQ, no future time orientation and chronically bad choices.

    • Bingo.

      The cause is race. The effects are single motherhood and poverty.

      To read this article, you walk away thinking the cause is single motherhood and the effect is poverty.

      • bilderbuster

        Give the propagandists credit because that’s the spin/impression the writer wanted to leave the reader with.

      • pcmustgo

        Some of it’s just basic math…. two incomes from two working parents equal more than one income.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Lack of morals is a reason for their poverty, having many babies with many different fathers.

    • LolKatzen


  • JohnEngelman

    Children are the responsibility of their parents. Those who cannot afford to raise children properly should not have any.

    • Lewis33

      What about white children, John? Should poor whites stop having children?

      • JohnEngelman

        If they need to raise them on welfare you bet they should.

        • bilderbuster

          And most Whites realize this where many generations of Blacks seem to believe they’re “entitled” to welfare & all the children they can breed whether they’re wanted or not.

          • rowingfool

            Who you talking bout? You lazy shiffless cracker. My family ain’t like these people that jus come on welfare. We’s THIRD GENERATION welfare. We ain’t trash like these other folk jus coming up thinkin they somethin.

      • John R

        Statistically, poor Whites do tend to have fewer children than affluent Whites. You see, White people generally don’t like to reproduce if they can’t afford children, in contrast to black people.

        • Jefferson

          On average if you see a White couple that has 3 or more kids, they usually have high paying jobs.

          That is not the case with Bantus and Mestizos. They will have absolutely no problem breeding so many kids on a Taco Bell salary for example.

        • M&S

          College educated women, _by far_ have the fewest children and college educated women are beginning to predominate in the work forces, having already secured some 8% more of the highest paying positions and having nearly double the number of enrollees at all levels of education compared to white men.
          If those are your rich, then their decision to postpone family until after completing college (and the numbers reflect this with 97.5 kids per 100,000 vs. 96 in the 34+ vs. 24+ groups) and doing something to accumulate sufficient wealth to pay off loans and generate some degree of social stability is your first order proof that the wealthy are NOT having more kids than the lower classes because Boopsy the Cheerleader from college is making a career of having brats and even if she /has/ the IQ to do so, cannot afford children.
          To a large extent this has to do with suppressing a biologic urge which begins at 12-13 and peaks at around 15-16 before leveling off at around 17-19. If, in this period, a woman doesn’t already have a mated partner she begins an intensive search for one, in the period 19-21. Men, whose drive actually begins a steady decline around 18 tend to become more socially detached and career as mentor or guy-friends oriented in the ideal careerist pattern. And so you have a condition where the guys who didn’t get ‘tricked’ into early fatherhood, separate from women except for opportunistic sex and the women, who are looking for mate partners find none because they are too young to be attractive to an older male, even as a trophy and too old to be eligible to cougar back into the teen groups without social censure.
          It is around 21-22 that women exit the slutty stage and start to knuckle down to getting on with their lives and thus they are likely to be deep in college when their second high-urgency mating interval comes on, around 25-27 and doesn’t stop until 30 or so.
          By the time they are able to think about the option for real, at 35, they are on the back side of fertility as organ efficiencies necessary to bear the burden with lowered cardio-respiratory, liver and kidney function and heightened risk from blood pressure related issues as preeclampsia. Even things like their pelvic girdle are starting to fuse together which makes the first birth a very much harder event than it would be, normally, in the 19-22 period.
          This plus time off from work and general lower wage levels (though now higher than men in many of the same fields, they are lower than married men equivalents) as safety-reserve all tend to drive women back to work and away from a second child.
          In the poor classes, with whom I have had much unfortunate association, it’s more about opportunity than anything. A woman who is reasonably attractive in a day shelter environment will have several suitors who will provide her with everything from extra food to cigarettes and the trade is obvious. Indeed, in the one shelter in Denver which is nominally couples friendly, having a partner gets you a private room which is ten times better for BOTH sides. And where there is opportunity and little secondary consideration (for lifetime unemployable females as well as men with felony, substance or psychological issues) children tend to happen.
          The reality, across the board, is that heightened HDI or Human Development Index in both poor and wealthy nations, tends to drive humans away from correct acknowledgment of necessary biological instincts and towards social disenfranchisement of the pair bonded mating system.
          Since these high work ethic peoples are the basis of advanced capitalistic systems and importing idiot populations from sub-90 IQ normed regions of the planet artificially boosts TFR _but not GDP_, the result is predictable: Make people work like mad supporting their toys as social status in a life where job class sets social _stability_ (never mind mobility) and by the time they think of having kids they can only afford a few. And those few children tend to grow up with no sense of familial intimacy because the parents they know provide them material wealth whose value they come to depend on but no empathy as a sense of energy from those tired out by the rat race.
          The combination of a second generation middle classer who doesn’t feel the drive to succeed and fewer middle classers overall thus destroys capitalism as the basis for social advancement altogether.
          And what is left are the squatters of a wage slave secondary genetic algorithm, brought in to lever up what is no longer growing.
          Again, there is significant proof of this in the birth rate demographics of the post WWI environment onwards. Even the so-called ‘Baby Boom’ period of 1946-64 was only a mild return to /almost/ the social norm of the period 1900-1919.
          Whatever happens in major wars, be it a loss of social psyche or functional work force, the effects are terribly dysgenic and long acting.
          But the ultimate fault of society lies in denying nominally _good_ (non criminal, shared genes) people the preeminency of their genes as gender instincts which would (pre-feminism) have driven males to sire a child and become a good provider and women to be loyal to that man rather than seek independence from him because the time constraints of caring for a child are too critical (and too nurture-instinct affirming) to make competition in the workplace viable.
          Did we do what 90% of the Patriarchal cultures now do, from China to Saudi to Mexico, we would not have a problem with sub-replacement level reproduction. And capitalism would likely be doing just fine so long as it acknowledged the need to create wealth base as class permanency by which, having won a house, it was yours forever. Having made money in the Markets, it was not capital gains to death. And refusing to do menial work did not mean outsourcing it other countries or importing wage slaves.
          All of which points towards a transformation of (white) culture completely away from the ditch digger legacies of our forefathers and towards something more akin to an enlightened communal system whereby smaller scales of population resulted in fewer loads on the support systems and less wealth generation requirements to sustain function (automation is a key here).
          That will never happen so long as our elites are determined to grab for wealth and power through a system which abuses and disenfranchises the majority rest of us.

          • John R

            Uhhhhh, did you get that all off your chest?

  • Jesse James

    If your children are on any form of government welfare program then the parents should be forced to be on some form of long term birth control like Depo Prevara shots. If you can’t support the children you have you shouldn’t be incentivized by the government to have more. The government shouldn’t be taking money from productive people and their families and transferring it to an ever growing underclass of non-producters.

  • bigone4u

    The traditional white Christian family was the bedrock foundation of all that was good in this country for some 150 plus years. It did NOT “take a village” (i.e. wealth transfers by an anti-white government) to raise children. The deliberate policies laid out by academic Cultural Marxists, including feminists and Hollywood, sold us a sexual utopia that is nothing but A FALSE FLAG PSY OP. There is no sexual utopia to be found in the sexual revolution. Thanks, Siggy Freud and friends. Thanks for nothing.

    • Jesse James

      Big I am reading “Revolution From Above” by Kerry Bolton and am not in it but two chapters so far. It is very interesting reading and I can recommend it to you. Bolton has some very interesting things to say about why the globalist push feminism, women working, and sexual promiscuity.

      • Sick of it

        Reading any of the classics like A Brave New World or 1984 tells you these people want to control sex completely (including reproduction, obviously through artificial means). When former members of the Fabian society warn you about something, it’s wise to listen to them.

        • Jesse James

          Just in the first few chapters of “Revolution From Above” Bolton quotes from “Brave New World” several times. I haven’t read Huxley since college and will have to pick it up again and give it a re-read. I only remember that it seemed sickly and unnatural and it put me off.

          • Sick of it

            I don’t think any of the dystopian novelists considered that the people in power would use chemicals to feminize men over time. Joe Haldeman suspected we would pushed in that direction (toward society-wide homosexuality) via sociocultural influences.

          • Jesse James

            Do you think this poisoning was deliberate or just an unintended byproduct of “better living through chemicals”? There is no doubt in my mind that young white males (forty and below) have higher pitched voices in general. We are on well water now but before we left town and when we were still on city water we began to filter all our drinking and cooking water through a Big Berkey filter. They claim it removes many chemicals including pharmaceutical residue from the water. I have no way to verify this claim but I figure anything is better than nothing.

          • Sick of it

            I’m sure it’s deliberate. Consider the massive shift to plastic products which contain estrogen-like chemicals. The companies producing these things are massive corporate conglomerates involved in a lot of evil activities around the world.

      • bigone4u

        Jesse, I am a regular reader of Dr. Henry Makow (“Exposing Feminism and the New World Order”). He says the same thing. The Globalists want us all to be debt slaves, voracious materialists, without ties or loyalties to family or to race. I’ve been impressed that Dr. Makow, a Jew, has recently begun to publish essays relating to race, including anti-white strategies by the Globalists. He does not spare anyone from his criticism, including his own people. He published an essay I wrote last month called “Sexual Revolution: Bestiality and Pedophilia are Next.” Our enemies just keep pushing the envelope.

        • Whitetrashgang

          Yes if you pay attention that is the plan, the sexualisation of children to destroy the family and make us all animals controlled by the tribe.The more I live the greater respect I have for Nazis.

          • Whitetrashgang

            This god damn sick Country.

          • Jesse James

            I am part Slavic WT so I can’t get too excited about emulating the Nazis. Where I will giver Hitler full marks is that he attempted to get his people out from under the thumb of the globalist banksters. I think that what really sealed Germany’s fate was the success of their economic program in the 1930s. They rebuilt the economy and regained control of their currency. It is refusing to give the globalist banksters full control of your national currency and economy that is always the kiss of death for a country. The American South, Boer South Africa, Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany, and most recently Libya were all destroyed in part I believe because their leaders were nationalist who insisted on keeping control of their currencies. Part of the reason for the Cold War was that Stalin was a nationalist first who refused to co-operate with the international financiers in their post WWII attempt at creating the NWO. Khadafi I think was finally taken out because of his attempts at creating a gold backed North African currency that would compete with the US dollar.

        • Jesse James

          I don’t know the works of Dr Makow. I will make look into his work, thank you for the lead.

          • Alexandra1973

            I believe his site is called Save the Males. I go to that site every now and again.

          • bilderbuster

            I like the name of the site but at the same time it’s sad that there is a need for one like that.

        • rowingfool

          Debt is the key.

          When you were born, your parents were probably in debt for their home.

          You borrow to go to college. You graduate with big loans. The collectors begin pestering you immediately. No time for a year’s travel to see the world and stretch your eyes and legs after 4 or 5 years of grueling study. You must get a job immediately. To work you need an automobile. So you borrow for that. You get married and borrow to buy a home, a boat, another car etc on and forever.

          They have you right where they want you. Forever in debt. You are not free. Ever. When you’re old, your health fails. Medicare covers some but not all. You must sell your home to pay your hospital bills. You die. They pluck the very last dollar bill out of your claw just as they throw the last shovelful of dirt over your face. You have broken even. Congratulations, you have lived a successful life.

  • Lewis33

    About half of single moms had kids with black guys. Fixed.

    • Jack Burton

      Your step-sister and female cousins are dumb bitches, but your male cousin is the dumbest of all. He willingly married a woman with a mixed baby, he’s cuckolding himself. All of them need to be sterilized.

      • Lewis33

        Preaching to the choir, son.

    • Who Me?

      There is NO WAY that HALF of all single mothers are mixing with blacks, If you think that you need to get out more. As for your relatives, I’m sorry. We can pick our friends but not our relatives, you know. Just keep your own kids away from them as much as possible.

  • Mergatroyd

    But according to new, PC-standards, single motherhood is to be exalted and honored, and is and should be normal and natural. The aberrant is a nuclear family with an “authoritarian” at the head, i.e., the father. This is what is to be vilified and destroyed as sick, twisted and abnormal.
    Want to destroy Western Culture? Break apart the family and praise what has been considered amoral for 10,000 years. Looks like it’s working.

    • Magician

      And feminists loooooove single mothers. The younger, the better. They think traditional mothers who got married and gave births after finishing college and live happy married lives with their husbands are losers

      • Sick of it

        You mean “breeders”…the lovely name that homosexuals have for us.

  • Magician

    I remember walking around my local mall a few weeks ago and I was quite surprised by what I saw. While there wasn’t any black man blatantly walking hand in hand with a white woman (or black woman with white man) most black families had three kids or more. Can they even afford that?

    • Truthseeker

      I don’t remember where I read this, it might have been one of Steve Sailer’s articles, but making babies and deserting is a pretty common practice for men in Africa. It’s actually common for an African woman’s brother to raise her children because she’s unlikely to know who their father is. Blacks who do this outside of Africa are following their genetic tendencies.

      • IstvanIN

        Genetic tendencies in rearing the young may not be far off the mark. If you look at chimpanzee troops, the troop is organized into two basic groups:

        1) the adults males who lead the troop from one nesting location to another, fight off outsiders and mate with the females; and
        2) the adult females who band together along with the children as well as the elderly and crippled males who are no longer capable of living with the adult males.

        This is called a matriarchal society because chimps base their family relationships on who their mothers and sisters are. Chimps don’t actually know who their bio-fathers are but they do not mate with close female relatives. This is, and I am not being a smart guy, very similar to modern ghetto society.

        • Who Me?

          Matriarchal society works very well in a society without fathers, or rather a society with unknown or uncertain fathers. The uncle is obviously very sure that the daughter of his mother is his sister, or at least half-sister. Therefore having his sister’s children as his heirs insures that family wealth stays in the family. The children his wife gives birth to, (maybe his, maybe not) are not his responsibility, but rather the burden of his wife’s brothers. It all seems to work out for them, I wouldn’t want the headache.

          • Bossman

            Matriarchal societies belong to pre-history. The radical feminists like to believe that there was a golden age of matriarchy but that has never been proven.

          • Alexandra1973

            Seems to me they’re trying to put us on the level of animals when you think about it. I’m sure there’s at least one group advocating bestiality…after all, we shouldn’t be speciesist, right?


      • Brian

        R-selection vs. K-selection.

      • Rhialto

        That point has been discussed here many times. Different parenting strategies are effective in different environments.

    • Sick of it

      Their total welfare benefits far exceed the average wage nationally. Yes, they can afford to have 3 or more kids.

    • Non Humans

      Both. Definitely Both.

  • Ograf

    The world is truly a ghetto. I figure at the rate of decline we are in socially it won’t be that many generations before we resemble Haiti, or even Detroit.

    • Jesse James

      Driving around the US state of Georgia and the South in general is like driving through some weird bubble reality where you keep popping in and out of reality or from one reality into another. Oh look what pretty roses, how nice like Europe, two blocks further, lock the doors drive faster those little kids are chunking rocks at us, another half mile oh what a nice garden gate, I bet I could make that how beautiful oops bumpty bump over the railroad track. Jesus how can people live in such filth. Though to be fair the chaos and disorder and unkempt slovenliness isn’t solely the fault of the negro. A historian named Grady McWhiney wrote a book “Cracker Culture – Celtic Ways in the Old South” that is a pretty interesting read. Some of us down here with a little more Celt in us sometimes aren’t too prompt about fixing that broken garden gate and would rather let our hogs run wild in the brush while we sit on the porch drinking and playing the fiddle.

  • MartelC

    Single parent female only households (with thestate as ‘ husband’) is progress to the left

  • Jack Burton

    Notice how it’s always an implicit attack on Whites.

    “As a result, far more black and Hispanic children are raised in poverty than white kids.”

    Considering Asians are actually less likely to be raised by single parents and live in poverty, why didn’t they compare them to Asians. Because there’s always an anti-White bias in the media.

    • Jefferson

      Family is extremely important in Asian culture. They look down on dead beat fathers who abandon their kids.

      Family is so so important in Asian culture, that it is very common for them to live with their parents until they get married.

    • Brian

      Funny how the single-mom percentage is best for Asians, then whites, then hispanics, then blacks at the bottom. Hmm, where have I seen that progression before? IQ tests, crime rates, salaries, high school dropouts…

      • John R

        I know. How can any thinking individual still believe the “all races of people are equal” crap? Notice that they will NEVER have a real debate on race with someone like Jared Taylor, who has his facts straight. They invited him once on a show, and obviously regretted it. As Mr. Taylor said, “You invited me here because you thought you could control me…”

    • Who Me?

      Whites are in the middle, medium, so to speak. Smarter than blacks, not as smart as Asians. Same with everything else.

      • Garrett Brown

        Mmmm no. Much closer to Asians, an extreme distance between blacks and mestizos.

      • Jack Burton

        “White” is a broad category, that’s like including Amerindians in with East Asians, which would surely bring their average down.

        Germanics are ahead of East Asians.

  • Sick of it

    “About 55% of black children and 31% of Hispanic children live with one parent”

    Where did they get these rather positive numbers? I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary.

  • APaige

    I have a question. I always read that 70% of black kids are born without a father in the home. How can just 55% live with one parent? Is the former based on birth certificates? Does the father later move in? Just a little lost-help.

    • jane johnson

      Grandmothers “raise” many black kids due to incarceration, drug addiction, etc. of the baby mamas.

    • Brian

      72% of blacks are born out of wedlock, but the father may or may not be cohabitating, then or later.

    • Luca

      Common law, live in baby-daddies, or a revolving door of boyfriends who act as step daddies for a period of time.

      • Sick of it

        Which isn’t what WE would consider a two parent home.

        • Jesse James

          I had a cousin that was failing the “try and act white” life test. He was still living with his girlfriend without marrying long after the kid was born. One day I was at a family reunion and asked him when he was going to get around to marrying the mother of his only child and he told me he wasn’t sure she was the right one. I said yonder walks a four year old that says you are a little late on your figuring. He never did marry her and she eventually left him and took his boy.

    • Andy

      The other 15% are probably being raised by zero of their parents (grandmothers, etc).

  • tickyul

    Roll out the Baby Momma Bennies……..and they will purposely get preggers!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Somebody actually had to do a study to figure this out?

    After Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then with the Department of Labor, released his government report: “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” in 1965…

    The fundamental problem is that of family structure….[T]he Negro family in the urban ghettos is crumbling. A middle class group has managed to save itself, but for vast numbers of the unskilled…[and] poorly educated…the fabric of conventional social relationships has all but disintegrated….So long as this situation persists, the cycle of poverty and disadvantage will continue to repeat itself.

    …he was attacked mercilessly by lefties who called him every name for racist and accused him of “blaming the victim.”

    As a result, future discussion and debate were curtailed.

    At the time Moynihan wrote his report, black illegitimacy was 25%; today, it’s 70%.:

    Forward to 2013:

    More than six out of 10 women who give birth in their early 20s are unmarried, the Census Bureau said.

    Census demographers said that single motherhood, while on a steady uptick since the 1940s, has accelerated in recent years. The birth rate for unmarried women in 2007 was up 80 percent in the almost three decades since 1980, the report said.

    Doesn’t matter, we live in a world created by feminism, which has caused tremendous damage, and, the feminists will still blame men for the damage they caused.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’ve gone through a divorce I absolutely did not want. Still praying for reconciliation with my beloved husband (yes I do forgive him).

    Being a “single” mom sucks. Big time. My son wants his daddy home.

    Sadly we’re pretty much in poverty. On top of that my son is on the autism spectrum. This is not where I wanted to be…but it’s a learning experience, let me tell you.

    Rest assured, though, I won’t be punching out kids to get more benefits.

    • IstvanIN

      I hope it all works out for you. Thank you putting “single mom” in quotes because you are not a single mom, you are a divorced mom. Single moms are trollops. May you find a good man and give your son some brothers and sisters, he’ll need them in the terrible years ahead.

      God Bless.

      • Alexandra1973

        Well, I believe that when my husband returns, he’ll be a new man. Look up “standing for marriage restoration.”

        I’m 40, a bit old to be having more kids. My son’s almost 12.

        I wonder if they’re lumping in divorced moms with single moms.

        I too think single moms are trollops. My husband and I had been married for 8 years when our son was born. I was happy that my son was in a two-parent household…but as the saying goes, s*** happens. I won’t go into detail…suffice it to say he’s welcome back when he figures it out.

        • IstvanIN

          They use the term “single mom” so that we won’t judge trollops any differently than divorced or widowed moms. But there is a difference. I wasn’t a single dad, I was a widower with a daughter. Single dads are sperm donors. I hate the way they lump us all together.

        • Garrett Brown

          I hope he didn’t cheat on you. It speaks loudly for your character and integrity to even take him back. That takes a very strong woman.

          Hope everything goes well and you and your son are doing okay.

          • Alexandra1973

            Actually, I get rental assistance and food stamps. *winces*

            Well…look at it this way…I’m getting my money back. I was working up until my son was a toddler. At least I’d paid into it.

          • PesachPatriot

            I am sorry life has dealt you such a rough hand….just keep your head up and keep on keeping on….don’t let the bastards grind you down…..you’ve mentioned being a fairly religious person on other threads so just remember the most famous line in the bible….”This too shall pass”

          • Alexandra1973

            Yep, it’ll pass. And I often think about the patriarch Job. That guy lost everything…but it was restored then some.

          • Sick of it

            Thinking about Job does put things in perspective. Almost none of us have gone through all that he did. Yet he still believed.

          • Garrett Brown

            Meh, don’t wince. I’m sure you looked at your options and took it as a nessecity. As long as you and your son are eating well and staying healthy, that’s what’s important.

  • John R

    How do you reduce poverty? Don’t have children that you can’t afford! Make sense?

    • Alexandra1973

      You can tell them about contraception until you’re blue in the face. Remember about blacks and future time orientation…or lack thereof. Of course they’re not given an incentive to care…they just figure, if another baby comes along, that’s more gibsmedat.

  • Luca

    Ann Coulter covered this topic quite well about 5 years ago in her book “Guilty”. The statistics are undeniable. 70% of juvenile inmates, 72% of juvenile murderers, and 60% of rapists come from single-mother homes.

    70% of teenage births, suicides,juvenile delinquents and child murderers also come form single-mother homes.

    80% of all prison inmates and 90% of all runaways…you guessed it.

    But let’s keep rewarding them for reproducing and praising them in the media and Hollywood. Whatever you reward, you get more of.

    • Sick of it

      Your last sentence is a perfect explanation for our modern deviant society.

  • Unfortunately we were able to only get one [child at present]. Hardly a month goes by when we don’t send some outrageously large check out to some Gov’t agency for permits or taxes or something.

    I run a engineering business which does mathematical predictions for the chemical, nuclear, and manufacturing industries. My wife is also a professional w/ an advanced degree. Out sone who just turned 4 is extremly bright {in my unbiased opinion – like all good parents} and is very knowledgeable about space & the solar system. He can usually name the dwarf planets and the Galilean moons of Jupiter for example.

    Yet we are exactly those “evil” people that our very own Government is trying it’s darnest to destroy and to make sure we don’t have any more kids: just so they can bring in more people from Somolia. We seem powerless to stop it.

    I think I’m going to write a letter to that power hungry, lawyer, pro-immigration, Republican Senator we have.

    • Chris Granzow XI


  • Massif1

    That’s a lot of wanna be basketball players, rappers, and drug dealers.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m a bastard, then. 🙂 Seriously, my natural father got my mom pregnant then abandoned her. (He’s Polish.) For my first three months I lived with my mother and maternal grandparents.

    When I was three months old my mother married my stepfather and he adopted me, and we moved to Detroit–inner-city Detroit. Dad was disabled, had been since 1971 (I was born in 1973), and he and my mother were on welfare for a time, until his disability benefits started coming in. And my mother did have a college education.

    At any rate, they managed to claw their way out and when I was 3 we moved to the suburbs, bought my grandparents’ house from them. When my younger half-sister and I were in school Mom got a job as a substitute teacher.

    My mother made a mistake and there were consequences, but thankfully things turned around. She doesn’t regret having me, but she wanted to make sure my sister and I learned from her mistake. Funny thing is I never gave my parents any reason to worry…but my sister makes up for it!

  • Mergatroyd

    They claimed not only are males NOT necessary to the formation of normal families, but they are destructive to normal families.
    Who would ever listen to these bitter, old, dried up, childless harrigans? They have nothing to say to me or a single white person, but this is what is now considered mainstream conventional wisdom and has wrought considerable damage to ALL races, including the white race.

  • Puggg

    In my parents day, you were a bachelor, bachelorette, married, widow, widower, divorce, divorcee, old maid, or confirmed bachelor (a polite way of saying gay).

    Now there’s just married and single.

    Language can be a tool of morality.

  • emiledurk16

    Reckless procreation with the result being a welfare

  • Is single motherhood not the optimal social arrangement? Yes.

    Will white single motherhood ruin our people and turn us into ghetto blacks? No.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      One of the sad side effects of societal denial of race differences is a loss of real compassion. Even for one’s own.

      I like a society that makes reasonable efforts to care for its less fortunate. Certainly that word, “reasonable” is the sticking point – for me and for many. I would posit that it IS possible to emulate societies like the Germans – to combine a solid social safety net with competitive economic output – even in a racially “diverse” society such as ours…

      But ONLY if it can be done not through the human meat grinder of mindless ideological egalitarianism but rather through acceptance of Truth and Its consequences.

      Until we can really have an HONEST discussion on race we are stuck playing an un-winnable game of cruel hypocrisy dependent upon throwing one group under the bus to benefit all others. How are our rulers different from the Nazis?

      Well, lots of ways of course, but they sure are better at the genocide thing than any Nazi. Our “Nazis” are nice and know how to genocide a people without them even knowing it…

      You know, it’s really a wonder to me that more White women haven’t gone out and gotten all r-style than they have – considering the ideological/cultural/moral poison spewed on them in such an unrelenting fashion these last four to six decades…

      • M&S

        You are wrong sir. Even before Thilo Sarrazin’s _Germany Commits Suicide_ book made the details explicit, Germany demographers were making very pointed comments about the ‘Greying Out Of Germany’ and specifically how highly skilled, multiply educated, groups were retiring without being replaced because the Herrrenvolk attitude of cultural excellence for it’s own sake had been lost.
        Many attributed this to the shattering of the German weltanschauung (sp.) due to double losses in two World Wars but a detailed study revealed it was in fact due to a much more pragmatic reason:
        The children of these groups were doing their own numbers, concluding that they could never get ahead of their parent’s -and- their immigrant welfare dependent neighbor’s vamping of the safety net and so deciding, young, not to have any kids until they could leave the country.
        With destinations as diverse as Argentina, Australia, Canada and Switzerland, Germany’s brilliance is beginning it’s own exodus of migration to places where being white is seen as it’s own economic value and the associated /class/ privileges that go with are deemed greater than any need to tax the newcomers into the dirt, supporting Other Populations low IQ and low cultural intent to assimilate.
        Native Germans all over the country are seeing and despising the de-Germanification of their nation, even as some of the smarter émigrés now go back to places like Turkey, having mined the vein dry.
        But most are working class stiffs who could do no better elsewhere than they do at home. What is terrifying to the German elites is that their Lysenkoist ideals of an interchangeable humanity are not being proven out and thus the /quality/ of things like technical and engineering leadership that, along with Nazi plunder spirited away and then brought back under the Flight Capital program, has brought a defeated nation back to economic leadership of the EU, cannot be maintained.
        Because the German elites have tried to pound the square peg into a round hole in abandoning the homogenous ethnic wishes of their own people and in turn have been abandoned themselves.
        Germany’s future is as a dark as ours is, they just don’t mention the trendlines which are still a few decades away into the future.
        I’ve said it before: Society is a Racial Construct.
        And it is so for two key reasons: One is the compatibility of the genetic algorithm with the society that it creates and derives benefit from. And the other is the Social Contract whereby it is _understood_ that that society works through the contributions of the gene group because the benefits of that society are solely for the contributors.
        This is not just a social safety issue net sir.
        Because safety nets are ultimately accident and end-life conditioned ameliorative benefits for the -rare- occurrence of not having a family and a life savings program sufficient to make one’s own way, particularly in a country as a nation as blessed with intelligence as the Germans have.
        Rather, the problem with Germany is that continuity is a not a given for the young. They can be ‘fully Germanic’ in submitting to a totalitarian dominance of their socio-ethnic policy and tomorrow’s Germany will still be a land that is overpopulated by the Untermenchen and under opportunitied for those who have spent half their lives going to university to become the best they can.
        Because the lower class society which the world is trying to recreate as a feudal system has no need for the high end skillsets as specialist careers that a German mind might once have excelled at.
        And when you betray the sense of entitlement to not just wealth and happiness but _who you are_ as a being driven by a genetic algorithm, of highly differentiated evolutionary modifiers, there is no loyalty to the system as the Gesselschaft/Gemeinshaft understanding that community wellbeing derives from individual interaction with it.
        Not the other away around.

    • Sick of it

      Don’t be naive. White single motherhood WILL ruin our people over time. Feminists may think it’s all hunky dory, but the nuclear family is the basis of civilization. I’ve known too many white people from broken homes who became criminals or misfits generally.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        But some make it. I think a LOT of resistance to social welfare stems from the win-lose nature of it in our context.

        I think a poor White child of a single mother, raised around other Whites, given access to health care, maybe a “program” or two…

        Is far more likely to benefit from such and become a non-parasitic member of society than Blacks or Hispanics. Sociology and sociological theory tends to work WITHIN groups but falls apart when disparate groups are wrongly lumped together and treated as one.

        I think many American Whites would be far less libertarian with a lot of things if their own were the beneficiaries – even those who only understand the Truth subconsciously (race deniers). What the average White sees in regard to “welfare”, is money leaving his pocket and being thrown into the burning Black cauldron. And he’s correct.

        Add in a semi-competent “civil service” that serves to create half the Black middle class and we have what we have.

        • Sick of it

          I’m talking about society moving in that direction generally. It will collapse civilization. It is a guarantee. I have nothing against the poor and wish only the best for those in a bad situation, but I’ve seen old friends turn into criminals and push everyone away. It’s a bad environment for any child.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah…it’s a tough one, bro…

            You know what I’ve seen? I’ve seen precious White children the products of some combination of misfortune and bad parenting decisions…chock full of potential for good, bad, or…at least non-parasitic…

            Thrown into a Black pit of hopelessness, violence, stupidity, waste and…HELL, known as our schools.

            I thought it was bad when I was a kid. Middle school was the worst. Bipolar mom, 85% GHETTO BLACK PROJECT…schoolmates. That’s where I learned to tiptoe between violence and invisibility, ha ha…

            But then later I saw it again when I taught. White kids with some potential sucked down into that nasty Black hole. Who knows how they would have done in rural North Dakota? I hear they have shiftless Whites there too – even Germany spits some out from time to time – but…

            We gots our die-versity to beez thankfull fo’ don’t weez?

          • Sick of it

            For a time I attended a 97% black school and absolutely hated it. They looked at me with abject hatred (considering what my family had done for theirs, it was a truly vile situation, but you know what little gratitude they have). That, of course, did not alter my brainwashing in the slightest at the time.

    • M&S

      It could. Because once, white women who -were- the common property of a white society, protected and given shelter by it on the basis of handing out their reproductive assignment to a white male are not going to end up victims of black cads because they know that our support of them stops when they let themselves go to other races.
      Remove that incentive by providing Social Welfare and EBT to young women and they have just enough of a rebellious ‘forget you too!’ option out to be enticed by the easy lay as social acceptance of other, likely anti-social, behaviors.
      Added to which is the very real effects of single parenting on childhood development. Female rebellion begins when she sees no gender-role as dominance and submission interaction between her parents but -does- grow up expecting the pseudo safety that that provides, via a cash replacement. Her choices are likely to be made worse in turn. The same is true for boys who begin ‘experimenting’ with drugs and unsafe activities and whose grades begin to plummet when dad isn’t there to say: “No, it’s not alright. You will go to school and you will study hard or I will make your life a living hell until you straighten up and fly right.”
      In the Scandinavian countries the ‘Nordic Marriage’ system leads to very young couples getting together for a couple years centered around sex and a child bearing event, after which the boy is allowed to wander off or is kicked out of the female’s household as she is old enough to leave her parents care and go on State Welfare.
      Swedish social welfare is among the best on the planet and it lets as 19 year old woman pretend that her little dalliance didn’t happen as she resumed all the social fete`ing of her narcissistic behaviors without worry.
      Except that, where all of Europe averages around 1.6:1 TFR, Scandinavian only does 1.25:1. And so they are hemorrhaging tax base as brain trust at an /incredible/ rate. Which is why you see Sweden’s top leadership classing all complaints about SWA immigrants turning whole cities (Malmo) into ghettos as ‘racism’. Because in this hyperliberal country, they cannot afford to admit that emancipating women from their essential social roles has been the biggest mistake they ever made.
      By 2100, Sweden will be a majority Islamic nation /because/ their imported wage slaves keep their women in their place as breeders and have no problem with having 4-6 kids per family.
      What they do have a problem with is acculturating to the high Swedish work ethic and the high intelligence requirement jobs that characterize a heavily industrialized, engineering, society.
      ‘The Germans are almost as good’ will no longer apply to high IQ Nordic groups like the Danes, Norse and Swedes if they continue an existence where women leave children to latchkey existences while failing to support, themselves, a high tech social system.
      Whites here in the U.S. were never that smart to begin with, having taken groups from too many low-IQ portions of SE Europe and Ireland among others. So our skew for IQ as self discipline already varied a lot but the indicators (which I have seen for myself from white women’s behavior in homeless shelters) all point towards dissolution in the lower classes as they no longer have young men who are driven to retain sexual access by going to work in industry where a married white male had a guaranteed job advantage. Instead, they are shifting to the ethnic groups who make a living out of self-victimization as a social-networking skill.
      And in this, blacks are past masters but the real threat are the Hispanics. Who have a much higher work ethic, intermediate IQs and an insular, patriarchal, ethnic system that makes sure their women are available to date by the time they are 15 and are attached to a long term boyfriend if not husband with kids by the time they are 19. Or the family intervenes.
      I won’t go into the more grotesque details of how proud Hispanic papas make little girls into little strumpets with constant reinforcement of female role expectancies (dress pretty for me…) but the truth is that ‘however they do it’, it works. Because Hispanics are to America what Pakistani and Palestinian groups are to the Scandinavian countries: a monstrously high TFR and chain migration threat.
      The last time Hispanic birth rates peaked was right after Reagan when the hit 4.4 but even now they are around 3.2 (vs. 2.4 in Mexico) which means two things:
      1. Via an internal social dependence system of family collective labor they can /afford/ to have these kids.
      2. They are not dependent (especially the increasing majority who live rurally) upon a working welfare system or even economic base because they flatly -take over- entire specialty industries as local manufacture, landscaping and construction to name but a few and turn them inwards to become Hispanic fiefdoms where there is absolutely no competition allowed.
      Couple the above to and explicit Hispanic fondness for white women and particularly Nordic blondes and you create a situation where a near-future failed white society leaves a lot of ’empowered’ (which is to say helpless on their own) white women looking around at where all the goodies went, just like blacks, and resorting to the one commodity they always have, innate to themselves.
      There is real _instinct_ to the “Must do better than me.” selection process. And it is blind to racial solidarity because women only care about passing -their- genes forward.
      What I predict will happen, in a post-U.S. environment, will therefore be a mass defection of lower class whites to ethnic groups who are more successful than the shattered white male groups can compete with (one of the many penalties of specialization) and whites will thus suffer not a gradual fade out due to our stupid belief in delaying breeding until our mid thirties and having only one child.
      But rather will end up imploding almost totally as a combination of uneven stratification between age groups leads to a lack of wisdom and a lack of breeding pair options in a fragmented U.S. society saturated by ethnic groups which cage and separate us from co-access as controlled territory with each other.
      Don’t pretend sir that being white includes magical wisdom. If it did our homicidally insane leaders would not be selling their own genes as much as ours to literal ‘outsourcing’ by immigrative exogroup replacement.
      Stupid People who think that intelligence, as some kind of golden standard of quality, will always prevail, evolutionarily, have no idea how Darwinian selection works on a skew range of good traits and bad vs. _environmental_ optimized conditions that can wipe out given group in an evolutionary instant that took thousands of years to create.

    • dukem1

      Ghetto whites, maybe.

  • Magician

    Maybe Beyonce meant being a single lady was better than being in an abusive relationship

  • Sick of it

    Which one of the banned guys are you, StillModerated? I’ve known several people banned from posting here under their regular account.

  • Joanne Nugent

    I think it is unfair to say all women who are single mothers are trollops.My dad’s mum got pregnant out of wedlock back in the late 30’s when it was even more taboo,but she did a damn good job of raising him.I think there is a difference between someone who gets pregnant and does a good of it and someone who has kids by multiple partners/and or doesn’t stick around.

  • IstvanIN

    The kids aren’t at fault, it is the “adults”.

  • dukem1

    100 up-votes.