Noose Found Hanging in Berkeley High Tree

Jana Katsuyama, KTVU (Berkeley), October 10, 2014

A search continued Friday for whoever hung a noose from a tree on the central campus green of Berkeley High School, district officials said.

According to district officials, a safety officer found it October 2nd and reported it to the Berkeley police.

The school staff announced the incident to students Thursday and sent messages by email to parents explaining what had happened.

Some students say they are upset.

“In my opinion I feel angry and at the same time sad,” said Asya Keele, a Berkeley High School student.


The school’s vice-principal Ashley Milton says the district is taking it seriously. A message to students and their families stated that the staff plan to hold school assemblies and classroom discussions about the noose and its impact on students.

“We are investigating this incident. And, at this time, we’ve not been able to determine who was responsible for it or the intention behind it,” Milton told KTVU.


Berkeley police say the intent is important as investigators determine whether this is a hate crime or something else.

“We don’t know if this is some type of prank. We don’t know what the intent is,” said Berkeley Police spokesman Officer Byron White. “If this does turn out to be some sort of hate incident, it’s not something that we tolerate.”

What many people might not realize is that California’s penal code specifically addresses the issue.

Section 11411 states that: “Any person who hangs a noose” on private property or “on the property of a primary school, junior high school, high school, college campus, public park, or place of employment” could potentially face “imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year.”


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  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s not nationwide news yet, so I’m suspecting even the news stations are wary about hopping on this latest stunt. Remember Professor Kerri Dunn, who vandalized her own car?
    I had a feeling you did, so I felt obliged to remind you.

    • Kenner

      I remember. Didn’t she get fired?

      • propagandaoftruth

        The face of dangerous eloi mental illness.

        • Kenner

          Flanked by morlocs.

    • Lagerstrom

      Yuk. Look at the hands held in prayer and the weepy look on her face.

      • ElComadreja

        She’s a poster child for liberalism as a mental illness.

  • Gawd, I hope there are enough psychologists and therapists in the Bay Area to handle all these hurt feelings.

    • propagandaoftruth

      “In my opinion I feel angry and at the same time sad,” said Asya Keele, a Berkeley High School student.
      I don’t give a rat’s fart, Darkita. Almost certainly a black, by the way.

      If it’s a White they probably won’t get caught and more power to them. When the revolution comes, “angry and sad” aren’t going to begin to describe your feelings, future affirmative action farce.

      Now get back to class and do some work for a change.

      • TruthBeTold

        I feel angry and sad but for different reasons.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I feel gaseous and at the same time constipated. Nobody ever asks how I feel…

          • me

            I feel obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant–but nobody cares! Boo hoo!

          • Lagerstrom

            Yeah, that’s right! Nobody ever asks me neither, so how are you feeling today Prop?

          • propagandaoftruth

            As stated above. Swearing off fast food.

            Thanks, you?

          • Lagerstrom

            Pretty good, thanks. Just had my two cups of coffee and it’s the weekend.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Rat’s fart… that’s about all this farce is worth, and maybe not even that.

      • HE2

        Here is this little cutie from her F/B page.
        Asya Swagboss Keele

        • propagandaoftruth

          Ashy Skankbox Peal? What?

          • HE2

            No jive, prop, that is her F/B moniker.

            I am not going to attempt uploading the photo again, because of the mod. hang up.

            Perhaps we are seeing a wee tightening of mod screws presently because of Salon’s brutal, but incredibly nonsensical attack on Mr. Taylor.

            Means there might be more scrutiny brought down on us?

          • ghettovalley

            I can’t get through half of a salon article without throwing up in my mouth a little.

          • HE2

            Propaganda, I only happened on to the article via reading O.D.

    • Pathfinder75 (formerly Shadow)

      Why would they need psychologists and therapists when they have all of that pot available to puff themselves into a stupor?

  • MekongDelta69

    Not a CHANCE in Bezerkeley. Another hoax.

    But don’t worry, they’ll excuse it as a ‘teachable moment‘ about the never-ending oppression of… blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

    • me

      This is getting so old. Why doesn’t some Negro hoaxter do the Tawana Bradley thing again? Wrap yourself up in a garbage bag and cover yourself in s*it.

      • Bandmoo

        Who could tell the difference with or without in the bag?

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Speaking of “wrapping-up”, there is a strange case in Georgia about a black high-school wrestler found wrapped up, dead, in some gym mats. Of course, the assumption by the media is that he was the next Einstein and that all society lost one of the brightest of minds

        • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

          Saw that story several months ago
          It appears Einstein had crawled on top of rolled up mats to try to retrieve an item possibly one of his b ball sneakers and fell in headfirst and struck head and suffocated. Family keeps trying to claim racism in investigation and shake down city for cash. Just my take on it.

        • gsrider

          What a shame. I understand the victim was only days away from revealing the cure for Ebola. Pity.

      • My favorite was Sharmeka Moffit, who set herself on fire and blamed the K-people. Police found the can of charcoal lighter fluid in her car. Sharmeka should have used the whole can.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Charmeka Poptart? What?

        • ElComadreja

          She should have drank it and then had a cigarette.

  • JustJeff

    I can’t believe someone would do such a thing. That noose probably never hurt anyone. He was a good boy.

    • Garrett Brown

      Dat noose din do nuffin!

    • Kenner

      Hemp gone wrong.

    • newscomments70

      We need more after school programs.

  • Berkeley has white students . . . .I’m shocked ..
    If there are white students they’re inert as pranksters ..
    White Guilt has crushed any activism they might have ever had..

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    The noose was almost certainly hung by a black person or by a white liberal trying to incite hatred against other whites for “racism”. Now, we just sit back and wait for confirmation…

  • Adolf Verloc

    One dollar for the rope, fifty cents for the time to tie the knot, the reaction – PRICELESS!

  • LHathaway

    One noose = approximately how many black on white murders or assaults?

    Perhaps close to infinity.

  • I’m hard to impress. When a Negro is found dangling from one of these nooses that are always showing up, then I’ll be impressed. But not before then.

    • Would you be willing to settle for a lesbian vegetarian cultural Marxist with a nostril ring? Those are so common in Berkeley that two or three wouldn’t be missed.

  • John R

    The caption reads that Amren thinks it’s a hoax. My take? WHO CARES!!!??? With the thousands of Whites victimized by blacks every year in this country, we make a news story about something that caused no physical harm, or property loss to anybody? I don’t care that blacks got “hurt feelings” from this. Good. My feelings get hurt everyday from seeing this useless race worshipped constantly by my society. I can’t tall you how many times my feelings and self esteem are hurt by this feral sub species. I hope it isn’t a hoax, but in the end, it probably is.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hoax or not, because whichever it is, the powers that be always manage to use it against us anyway.

  • Who Me?


    • B.A_2014

      I hope a white liberal battling his inner racist demons decided to put that noose to good use.

  • Greg Thomas

    Sure, it is a hoax but that does not matter, as the diversity zealots will never let “a good
    crisis go to waste.” This will be another “teachable moment,” about how oppressed blacks are at the hands of evil Whites. It will be yet another opportunity to hold more “discussions” about how much “further we need to go” and how “not enough resources are being devoted” to the minority community to create “opportunities” for “oppressed minorities”.

    It will require more diversity indoctrination, which Whites will be mandated to participate

    You see, there are never enough of these types of incidents occurring in real life, so they must be fabricated in order to further gibs me dat, as well as project more venom at

    • OS-Q

      The truth of the story doesn’t matter, it’s the truth in the story – the
      brave person of color that hung this noose has raised awareness and it would be racist for him/her to be prosecuted or reprimanded in any way.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Some students are upset…. Awww…the poor dears, are they doing better now or should they be taking their medicine?

    These big-egoed, know-it-all punks going to college on the taxpayers dime need a lesson in intellectual fortitude in worrying themselves over the constitutional destruction of the separation of powers, the intolerant anti-free speech radicals who shut down civil debate that deals seriously with race and immigration, and the coming Ebola threat that will collapse our healthcare system.

    What a bunch of sissies.

    • LHathaway

      The debate on AmRen has reach a new intellectual high, “sissy”. I must say, I like calling other posters black,’yer black’. Most of them are, or may as well be.

    • v. varnado

      …” need a lesson in intellectual fortitude in worrying themselves over the constitutional destruction of the separation of powers, the intolerant anti-free speech radicals who shut down civil debate that deals seriously with race and immigration, and the coming Ebola threat that will collapse our healthcare system.”
      Well said.
      These noose incidents really illustrate how the race issue has been staged-managed by the left. Its more accurate to say that race functions in this country like a noose around the neck of the Constitution itself. Suppressing the idea of individual rights given by God, and the natural premise of government being limited & restrained. Blacks in my age group bear the responsibility for the sissification of the generation since the 1960’s, those of us who were starting college & entering the adult world in the late 1960’s, just as the ink was drying on the 1965 civil rights law. Truth be told, we are the last generation of blacks who did the work “blacks won’t do” today.
      There is only one way this country and the West can be extricated from the tyrannical noose of political totalitarianism that liberals have successfully crafted from questions of race: and that is to go back to the Creator, the One whose image we are made in, ( Gen 1:27), and in whose Soveriegn purpose it was to make, “of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation”. ( Acts 17: 26 & Gen 9: 18 – Gen 10: 1-32)
      v. varnado

  • HE2

    My feelings are hurt because a member of the Berkeley Zen Center, a 72 year old White woman was stabbed to death by one of Obama’s sons in a “carjacking gone wrong.” He cut her throat, the animal.

    Apparently this thug was from Richmond, but finagled a way to be in
    attendance at Berkeley “Continuation High School,” aka, school to prison
    pipeline stage 4 for losers.

    He was p.o.’d because his Richmond
    mates left without him, so needing a car, he was forced, by virtue of
    the terrible legacy of slavery and her White privilege, to kill an lone elder White woman just
    starting her car after leaving the Zen Center. I mean, what else could
    he do?

    The community is justifiably in an uproar over this. This crime occurred on the street where the Zen Center is located.
    I suspect his is a reaction to the crime. She died Saturday after four days in Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley.

    • HE2

      There are errors in my post re the Berkeley stabbing, but disqus will not accept my edits.

      I mean to say, “a lone elder White woman….”
      and “this is a reaction…”

    • DonReynolds

      Ah ha….Makes total sense now. The 72 year old white woman hung the noose and the hero from Richmond found out about her crime against ALL people of color and decided to cut her throat and fine her an amount equal to the value of her car.
      This is social justice at work.

      • HE2

        That sounds about right.
        Actually, this lovely woman voluntarily kept the pristine garden and grounds healthy and happy.

  • DonReynolds

    Based on my own observations, nearly ALL of the “noose” incidents have turned out to be a hoax. Why does this make sense? Because anyone who would go to the trouble of making a rope noose would USE IT for something…..and if you are not going to hang someone with it, the only purpose remaining would be as a hoax.
    I can remember when the big boogieman was a burning cross (correctly stated as “lighting” a cross). But since they are so rare the past few decades, the weak minded need another symbol they can latch on to. Of course, a rope noose!
    Big deal.

    • LHathaway

      Well, it could be meant as a symbol meant to intimidate but in these days of overwhelming white guilt a noose hanging would likely only intimidate whites, and also serve as a way to arouse hatred of whites?

    • I’ll bet it wasn’t even a real, proper hangman’s noose with the regulation 13 turns of the rope.

      • bubo

        That would require some effort and the ability to follow directions.

      • Lagerstrom

        Probably not even a ‘reef knot’, maybe a crude bow.

      • propagandaoftruth

        In New America this will earn you a badge in the New Boy Scouts.

        I think you would make a great scout master, goblin.

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    Everyone’s so upset about this but not about the attacks on elderly women in Berkeley, at least one resulted in woman dying. I think I saw reports on Dailykenn and Nicholas Stix this week. 8

    • HE2

      Yes, De’Ont, but that is Berkeley insanity for you.

      I posted earlier about the elder woman’s murder [throat slashed] by a Richmond thug attempting to jack her car.

      A wonderful woman, and a member of our Berkeley Zen Center, she artfully designed and maintained the zendo’s garden and grounds.

      www dot berkeleyside dot com forwardslash tag kamau dash berlin forwardslash

      Excuse the funky link posting technique, but laying it out in normal link style hangs it up in moderation for hours, if not days.
      The link as I posted it, if edited literally, will take you right to the proper “Berkeley Side” site.

      • none of your business

        Are the members of the Zen center doing anything to publicize the women’s death? Will they go to city council meetings and ask for more security around the outdoor prison aka continuation school for thugs? Will members of the Zen center have a march?

        • HE2

          none, are you kidding? This is Berzerkeley, remember?
          The vice-abbott said of the incident:

          “I’m struggling to understand
          what we can learn from the incident that we can turn back toward the
          community. If this serves as a catalyst for reducing violence, this
          tragedy will have had a positive outcome.”

          Makes me want to puke. They need to take a lesson or two from the Buddhists in Malaysia or Myanmar, or wherever, who finally fed up with muzzies whacking them, took action.

        • newscomments70

          I understand your sarcasm, and we all know that most women at the “Zen” center will sympathize with the black criminal. Out of that group of ridiculous women, after this incident, at least a handful have become race realists.

          • HE2

            news, read the vice-abbott’s gratuitous statement I posted a few minutes ago.
            Hopefully, some of the members will awaken.

          • newscomments70

            Interesting quote, thanks. The liberal secularist wants us to be introspective and search for answers. (It couldn’t be that the black youth was simply racist, violent, and cowardly…or that liberal social experiments are failures). Some fruity clergyman would offer forgiveness and pray for everyone. Neither will never place any blame on the black criminal though.

          • HE2

            News, count us fortunate. We need no deep introspection to find the answers.

            Years working with this dysgenic demographic in medicine provided all I need to know.

          • newscomments70

            I imagine you could write a thousand pages of horror stories…that is a good idea actually. You might have a best seller.

          • HE2

            I imagine you could write a thousand pages of horror stories.

            I could.
            H.P. Lovecraft and EAP have nothing on what those of us who work ghetto Trauma could compose.

            We are in trouble in this country, more than most will ever know.

          • newscomments70

            I wasn’t just speaking casually, I think you should write the book. Something like that will go viral.

          • HE2

            news, currently am writing Cardio-Thoracic Trauma Care textbook, first the didactic, later clinical hands on.

            Between that, and supervising the childrens’ for thorough hand washing when arriving home and before handling food, I am one busy woman.

            Otherwise, as most children, they think nothing of coming home, bolting for the fridge, grabbing what they want with bare hands. Uh Uh.
            No more.

            They do not like the attention to their hand washing one bit, but I am wary of the swarming Mexican and Central American invaders as infectious disease vectors.

            Who wants to live this way?

          • newscomments70

            I understand. I enjoy your comments, just the same.

          • Hand-washing after returning home is an outstanding practice. We started doing that when my wife was pregnant, and none of the three of us has been sick in about that long.

          • HE2

            Good for you, MCS.
            I do not recommend routine use of antibacterial soaps.

            The antibacterials should be used only after possible bacterial exposure dirty jobs, or say, um, er, a trip to Walmart.

            Though not a germaphobe, I wipe down the shopping carts before touching them.

            Never, and I mean never, ever place a pack, handbag or groceries in the kiddie seat part of the cart.
            The kiddie seats are used by certain groups who do not change their toddlers’ diapers often enough.

            I have some nasty memories of Trauma care infant or toddler patients brought in with unchanged diapers so deeply soiled they stuck to the babies’ bottoms. When removed, the first layer of skin adhered to the filthy diaper, exposing the second layer of skin, raw. and in some cases, infected.

          • ghettovalley

            I was told that many times blacks will actually physically attack ER personnel. I can’t even imagine any conceivable reason to do a thing like that.

          • HE2

            ghetto, oh yes, I have been assaulted more than once, by both blacks and browns.

            This includes a few times in the waiting area by various family members when delivering bad news that a patient did not survive.

            Have had family members manage to breach security, pop into an exam room and assault me.

            Have had to treat fellow staff members seriously assaulted by patients or families.
            On and on. It is a jungle.

          • Who Me?

            Doubtful, but we can always hope.

          • HE2

            Do not hold your breath, Who.

            Buddhists are just as crazy as Christians on the subject of negroes and “come let us reason together; what can we do to help?”

    • HE2

      His name if Kamau Berlin, a Richmond resident who was attending Berkeley Continuing High School, for losers and dropout, status offenders.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Leroy Jenkum Jones.
      Name of an obnoxious negro character I played in a RPG years ago. Everyone hated him.

      • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

        What is RPG?

  • Who Me?

    Remember all the overwrought, hysterical drama over a few cotton balls on the ground? Not sure but wasn’t that in Berkeley, too?

    • University of Missouri.

      • Who Me?

        Missouri? Oh, of course! They recovered from the attack of the cotton balls, just in time to march for John Brown and this latest genetic mistake that got himself killed in suicide by cop.

  • IstvanIN

    Russia recently gave citizenship to two Nigerians.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Pfft, someone hung a piece of knotted rope on a tree. Ooooh scary! Drop everything and call in the National Guard! Meanwhile, elderly white women are being beheaded by negroes in broad daylight, gangs of marauding negroes are rioting, looting, shooting, raping, attacking, and assaulting white people for kicks as usual, but hey, blasé blasé. The joke that passes for American law enforcement understands what the REAL danger is.

  • In August, I had some Afritardistanis ask me where the leasing office in my neighborhood was. I told them the complex was for people dying of incurable diseases and to call the CDC. They burned rubber getting out of here.

    Yes, as a matter of fact I enjoy being crazy.

  • gah

    I can’t think of any real event like this. All of them I’ve heard of are hoaxes. In Minneapolis several years ago the big story was how black cops were receiving “racist” emails, and even “racist” messages left in their departmental inboxes. The investigation dragged on for months, and was headline news off and on during that entire period. There were numerous hand wringing, and tear filled demonstrations which were always well covered by the local media.
    They finally traced the emails and inbox messages to a black woman working as a police dispatcher.
    Needless to say, the whole story died right then and there, and was flushed down the Memory Hole.

  • JohnEngelman

    Watch me not care.

  • A Freespeechzone

    What happened to free speech?

    Libs love to promote that regardless of how vile or offensive it is to Christians, Conservative or those who try to live moral lives.

    • Douglas Quaid

      Isn’t it interesting how those who champion “free-speech” and “tolerance” only intend for those principles to be applied to their perversions and vulgarities?

  • A Freespeechzone

    Free speech and free expression is dying and in some places–dead.

    This is the future of the Constitution.

  • Douglas Quaid

    Must be the work of the massive Berkley based KKK again…those guys are always doing stuff like this on college campuses.

    • HE2

      Well sure, Douglas. Goes without saying.

      Berkeley is cheek-by-jowl white sheeted, cross burning KKKs, disgruntled Confederate Rebels, German Shepherd dogs, and Tea Bagger men and women stalking blacks and shooting them down like dogs in the street.

      Especially on UC campus and Telegraph Avenue.

  • Let’s assume for the sake of argument that I somehow drove to Berkeley in a Saturn that currently fires on only three cylinders, two days’ driving each way, without breaking down on the highway or even my absence here at home being remotely noticed, and put the “noose” there myself. If the worst these crybabies have to worry about in life is a bit of knotted string, they have things pretty good.

    “In my opinion, I feel angry and at the same time sad.”
    –Asya Keele, Berkeley high school student, quoted in the original article.

    “Grow the hell up, sweetie.”
    –Michael C. Scott

  • ghettovalley

    This kid definitely looks like a habitual jenkem addict.

  • World_War_Me

    “In my opinion I feel…” Asya, do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? You’re just throwing a bunch of phrases together in an attempt to sound poignant. Leading a sentence with “In my opinion” usually indicates that the follow up should be, oh, I don’t know, an OPINION? It’s like saying, “In my opinion, I feel hungry.” Which is it, Asya, do you have an opinion about the noose or do you have feelings about the noose? Or does it even matter because you’re really just a trained drone who has been taught her entire life that opinions and feelings are all that matter in life, not facts or statements?

    Asya, in my opinion I feel that you feel neither angry nor sad about this noose. But your Marxist school leaders expect SOME sort of sound bite out of you, so just throw together a bunch of phrases so the nice white people in their nice white gated communities can shake their collective head in sympathy while you pretend to process two emotions (one you’ve heard referred to as “sad” and the other as “angry”) at the same time. You are a robot, Asya. Every opinion you’ve been told to express and every feeling you’ve been told to feel has been spoonfed to you by various indoctrination sources for which you are to regurgitate upon command for the benefit of your fellow Marxist consumers.

    I think we should make this into a meme: whether expressing an opinion or a feeling, to start it with, “In my opinion I feel ….”

  • Voland

    With hate crimes it is becoming a case of he who smelt it, dealt it.

  • HE2

    Guest, I did just now.
    Berkeley is out of control. So glad I moved out of there.

    On the fourth of this month, a black woman walked past, then abruptly about-faced and sucker punched an eighty plus year old woman on Shattuck Avenue.

    The old woman was knocked to the pavement, injured, not fatally.

    You Tube has a video of it.