Obama: ‘It Is Suicide’ for GOP to Not Do Immigration Reform

Justin Sink, The Hill, October 9, 2014

Republicans will commit political suicide if they fail to pass immigration reform, President Obama said Thursday during a town-hall meeting in Los Angeles.

“It’s anybody’s guess how Republicans are thinking about this,” Obama said. “If they were thinking long-term politically, it is suicide for them not to do this.”

He argued that the demographics of the country were changing and that Hispanics were becoming a larger part of the population. If Republicans fail to pass immigration reform, Obama said, a generation could conclude that the party didn’t care about them.

At the same time, Obama said, “the Tea Party and others who often express virulent” opposition to immigration reform are making Republican lawmakers reluctant.

Still, the president predicted that immigration reform would pass Congress before the end of his presidency.

“Congress will see the light because the logic of it is too compelling,” Obama said. “I’m going to keep fighting on this.”


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  • TruthBeTold

    He’s bluffing/lying.

    Immigration reform is a losing issue which is why Obama is now waiting until after the election.

    If Obama tried to pass immigration before the election, it would be a referendum and the Democrats would lose in a landslide.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The GOP should make this election a referendum on Ebola and the diseases coming across the southern border which Obama makes no attempt to stop.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        According to yesterday’s NYT, they are. (A1, right column)

    • MannyR

      Unless they commit voter fraud on a massive scale it’s going to a land scale against the Democrats no matter what.

    • Lionel Hutz

      It’s already shaping up to be a landslide on par with 2010. I just hope against hope that this year’s class actually has some ideas instead of being the default “white’ alternative.

    • Periapsis

      No, it’s a win for the Tribe, large corporations, banks and the super rich. It’s lose-lose for everyone else, but for one fact. Dieversity always leads to chaos, rival ethnic groups constantly jockeying for power, lack of unity and ultimately genocide. It will always turn on the ruling class, because inevitably it will split into two or more hostile factions too.

  • Here’s what Obama is really saying:

    “Please, Republicans, pass some sort of legislation so it’s not entirely my fingerprints and my party’s fingerprints all over amnesty, so that when people get angry I can try to pawn the blame off on someone else not named me and not of my political party.”

    • propagandaoftruth

      OK Republicans…listen to your enemy. He has your best interest in mind. He really wants to help out you guys and is therefore giving you great advice…

      He is pretty magical.

      Or is he laying down the law? Hey, you may make some gains, but I’ll executive privilege every disease ridden, criminal, penniless, White hating, Muslim jihadist in this country illegally…

      Into voting Democrats! Then you’ll never get elected!

      Either way, Republicans, you guys are living on dying ground. Your only real hope is to attack. And never take advice from your enemies.

      Maybe a former enemy.

      • “He is pretty magical” – Hey, wait a minute! You’re not saying he’s a ‘magic negro,’ are you? Well, you’d be right if you were! His voodoo is straight out of some Kenyan mud-hut and has worked in charming an entire generation of brain-dead zombies (mostly whites).

        • propagandaoftruth

          Ha ha…

          The long legged mac daddy pimp from chi-town – or wherever – is about to find out that ISIL and the ME are not amenable to community organizing.

          Also I’m seeing an unexpected punking on the domestic front soon, perhaps tangentially related to this. My prophetic sight has improved some since I got into Pastor Manning.

          Obama = evil magic negro

          Manning = God’s magic negro

          Hey…it IS Sunday. Good excuse to find another good Manning sermon/tirade.

          I love a good Godly tirade in the morning!

    • TruthBeTold


      If he ‘goes it alone’ he will be known as the black president that ended America.

      • MannyR

        He could disappear for the next two years and he’d still be remembered as the worse president in US history. Just wait until the ACA really kicks in and makes seeing a doctor like a trip to the DMV.

        • A Freespeechzone

          He will be portrayed as a victim of racists that blocked his vision at every turn—and that ‘there is still more work to be done’.

          • MannyR

            There will always be more work to be done until Whites are literally extinct or begging to be left alone.

    • mobilebay

      If the Republicans, as a party, don’t come through for him, there’s always George Bush by his lonesome to blame it on.

    • Valmont

      In the tradition of Obamacare, let’s dub it Obamnesty.

    • archer

      Absolutely no amnesty, we tried it once and it didn’t work, we don’t need these people, if they are working it’s probably in a service job that has come about to take care of people who shouldn’t be here. Meanwhile very expensive infrastructure will have to be improved or built including more government jobs and health care jobs to take care of people that will wind up being a drain on the tax base.

    • Right on! That’s exactly what the ‘Nothing Man’ is really saying!

  • MekongDelta69

    Now here’s somebody who has everybody’s interests in mind and at heart.

    Prime Directive: Whatever this black muslim Marxist Dictator (and his regime), think, say, or do – YOU think, say, or do THE OPPOSITE.

  • JohnEngelman

    He argued that the demographics of the country were changing and that Hispanics were becoming a larger part of the population. If Republicans fail to pass immigration reform, Obama said, a generation could conclude that the party didn’t care about them.

    – Justin Sink, The Hill, October 9, 2014

    In other words, the way to solve the problem created by Hispanics it to increase Hispanic immigration.

    • WR_the_realist

      Bad as Romney may have been, I doubt he would ever have tried to give six million illegal aliens amnesty by executive order. Are you still happy to have voted for Obama?

      • JohnEngelman


        • You’re happy that you voted of Obama??! Good Lord, some people really are beyond hope!

          • JohnEngelman

            I would vote for Obama again against any Republican. I would rather vote for a Democrat who can defeat the GOP and push it out of the way.

          • WR_the_realist

            Why? Given that Democrats always promote illegal immigration, affirmative action, and racial set asides, which you are against. Now I don’t blame you for not voting for McCain — we’d be in a disastrous war with Iran by now had he been president. But Romney, although no Ron Paul, wasn’t quite as belligerent. And suppose, against all odds, Ron Paul had got the nomination? He’s more pro-peace than any Democrat other than Dennis Kucinich, and while not strong on border control at least didn’t favor illegal alien amnesty. Would you have voted for him? Or does your hatred of rich people who aren’t being taxed enough override every other consideration?

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not really hate rich people, but I recognize that economic policies – like more immigration – that benefit them do not benefit me. Fortunately, most Americans agree with me.

            Economic inequality is a sleeper issue, which by its nature benefits the Democrats. President Obama has been too incompetent to exploit it. In the Democratic primary of 2016 a clever Democratic candidate can ride it all the way to the White House.

          • WR_the_realist

            So far Obama has shown no inclination to raise taxes taxes on George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, or other billionaires (most of whom fund the Democratic Party). He has given us one big new tax — Obamacare (it was only deemed constitutional because it’s a tax). That tax hit the middle class good and hard.

  • Truthseeker

    The sad thing is, the Republican Party is probably stupid enough to take advice from Obama.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Hey, we play another game against each other soon. I punked you pretty bad last time, so…

      Let me give you some advice guys. You want to beat me?

      Just do what I say.

    • No they’ll listen to morons like Karl Rove and John McCain peddling the idea that Hispanics are conservatives that just don’t know it yet.

      • JohnEngelman

        Karl Rove, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and a whole lot of other Republican leaders like to pretend that the typical Hispanic male owns a small business, takes his family to the local Spanish language Roman Catholic church every Sunday, and wants his daughters to be virgins when they get married there.

        When they are not pretending, they are looking forward to the downward pressure on wages more Hispanic immigrants will cause.

        • WR_the_realist

          Ron Paul voted against amnesty and in favor of ending birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants. So please don’t include him on the same side as John McCain or Jeb Bush. Yes, he’s weak on some parts of immigration law enforcement and naive about some racial matters, but any politician who isn’t naive and speaks out about it gets destroyed by the media.

    • JohnEngelman

      It is worse than that. The business community, which has dominated the GOP since it was founded in 1854, wants more immigrants so that employers can lower wages.

      • WR_the_realist

        Fortunately some Republicans like Jeff Sessions and David Brat are willing to stand up to the business community on that issue. Can you name any Democrats in congress who are?

  • ricpic

    The Republicans will never glom on to the fact that if they made themselves the overt defender of white rights and white interests they would be unbeatable. But I always forget, middle class whites embarrass Republicans.

    • JohnEngelman

      Since the Republican Party was founded in 1854 it has been the overt defender of the rights and economic interests of employers and investors.

      Anything else Republican politicians talk about is an effort to win the votes of those who do not make enough money to benefit from Republican economic policies.

      What did the Republican Party do to advance the agenda of the religious right? Nothing. That is what the Republican Party is going to do to slow the next wave of Hispanic immigrants.

  • Did Obama really say all that without a teleprompter? I’m impressed if he did. It must have been one of his days when the cocaine stash ran low.

  • John R

    So Obama thinks that Republicans will hurt themselves by not supporting immigration reform? Nice to know that he cares so much about the Republican Party! I think this is the strongest argument yet I heard of why Republicans should NOT go along with this president on immigration. Following Obama makes about as much sense as a young child at a playground following a creepy adult who says “Follow me; we are going to play a game!”

  • Simonetta

    I believe that as a result of the culture war and the Repub’s anti-abortion and anti-contraception stand, they will not win any more presidential elections. Since the Nixon era, they have simply pissed off too many people and the numbers have finally turned against them. The Democrats will split into the ‘progressives’ and the ‘realist’ factions, and all the political debate will be between these two groups. The Republicans aren’t going away and they will appear to be strong. But in the final count, the presidential elections will be roughly about 49% to 51% in favor of the Democrats for the next four or five presidential election cycles.

    The Republicans could change this by NOT having their initial primary candidates be ideological extremists (i.e. the kind of guys who go on TV and say things like “Jesus told me that any woman who uses birth control should be put in prison”). These guys just cement the impression held by all the women, all the minorities, all the liberal undecided, and all the young people in college that voting Republican is self-destructive. And once the Repubs lose these people, they’ve lost the election as early as the Spring of an election year. But the early primaries is the place where right-wing ideological extremists blossom like rare flowers on a three–week per four year cycle.

    Republicans however will continue to win congressional elections, especially as long as ‘octopus’ -shaped gerrymandered districts are allowed to be redrawn to favor the party currently controlling that district.

    So it looks like political gridlock is going to become a permanent condition.

    • anti-contraception stand


      The Republicans could change this by NOT having their initial primary candidates be ideological extremists (i.e. the kind of guys who go on TV and say things like “Jesus told me that any woman who uses birth control should be put in prison”)

      Who? Name at least one example.

      These guys just cement the impression held by all the women, all the minorities, all the liberal undecided, and all the young people in college that voting Republican is self-destructive.

      Those people already have the Democrat Party to vote for. Trying to compete for their votes is like trying to win a urinating contest with a drunk.

      But the early primaries is the place where right-wing ideological extremists blossom like rare flowers on a three–week per four year cycle.

      But look who actually wins the nomination: John McCain, Mitt Romney and next up is Jeb Bush/Chris Christie/Mitt Romney again. And again, name me an example of a “right wing ideological extremist.”

      You’re parroting paranoid left wing agitprop.

    • baldridge999

      If the Republicans did somehow manage to outlaw abortion, that would only mean even more non-white births and we’d be even worse off demographically. Non-white women have many more abortions per capita than white women.

  • Greg Thomas

    Why would the donkey party be encouraging the GOP to do something if it were truly in their best interest?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Wow, how nice of Obama to offer political advice to the opposition party. I’m sure they’d be wise to take it.

  • drattastic

    And who cares more about a successful Republican party than ozero and the democrats?

  • Lionel Hutz

    The Republican party is garbage, but half the Country votes for them, so how bad are the Democrats?

    The Democrats point out the declining White majority as evidence the Republican party is doomed. But how doomed are the Democrats, whose coalition is comprised of highly educated Whites and uneducated minorities?

    As garbage as they are, if the Republicans can pull 10% more of the Black/Hispanic/youth/gay/whatever vote, it’s curtains for the regressive presidential coalition, and we’ll see (relatively) sane Democrat nominees along the lines of Biden/Clinton, and avoid what I believe is the inevitability of a Warren nomination.

  • fgbrunner3

    Impeach Obama Now

  • WR_the_realist

    Amnesty is suicide for our country. I wish Obama would commit suicide.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    It is SUICIDE to allow non-White immigration!. Whites will be ethnically cleansed due to HUGE non-White birth numbers and competition for resources.

    Why are we still sitting on our asses watching western civilization slowly wither and die?!

    • Why?

      Because we have been brainwashed into believing that we don’t have a tribal team to save and defend. If you’re fighting a war against someone, sure you could smash them or defeat them head-on, or you could do something like Clausewitz and convince your enemy not to think of themselves as a team and a side and a tribe worth defending collectively, to turn their natural propensity to defend their tribe and group interests into some sort of pathology.

      Our enemies suffer no such delusions. No way Jose.

    • baldridge999

      We’re not being eradicated due to low birth rates. Many countries (Japan, China, Iran) have low birth rates but their governments aren’t inundating their countries with alien races.

      If whites had higher birth rates, these bastards would be demanding even more non-white immigration and creating more welfare programs so non-whites could keep up with whites.

      Back when whites were having more kids, the left was going nuts about the so-called “Population Bomb.” Its nothing but a deliberate program of white genocide always.

  • Yancy Derringer

    The cocksure smugness of this conniver grates. Seventy percent of the country is against amnesty, by any honest poll. The burden on our social services – entitlements – will become enormous, the biggest babysitting and welfare project in world history. It’s utterly insane to do this at 18 trillion in debt. Taking away this lunatic’s pen and phone must be the nation’s top priority.

  • Obama’s correct on both counts. Democrats don’t need Republicans to pass immigration reform. They can just wait. In 12 years when this current class of first graders are voting age, Republicans will be unable to win National elections. This country will finally become the one party, 3rd world Banana Republic, Marxist always wanted. At which point the border, to the extent it exists will, be basically eradicated. Peaceful succession or Civil War will be the only way out. Unfortunately, we have neither the will or stomach for either. See you all in hell.

    • It’s more than that. A piece of legislation called “comprehensive immigration reform” is not necessary, Obama doing some sort of massive blanket executive order isn’t necessary. Really all that needs to happen is for Obama and whoever succeeds him just to keep on keeping on in terms of not enforcing immigration law. You know that the odds are very high that the next President won’t be enforcing immigration law, either. Any given Democrat who could win the nomination won’t, and the heavy odds on favorite Republican troika of Bush, Christie and Romney won’t, either.

      Then there’s always the quiet tactic available to the executive branch, the one I call “refugee is the new amnesty.”

      • Greg Thomas

        That’s right QD. While the two parties squabble over “immigration reform,” the border remains wide open, with millions of illegal mexicans entering and pumping out litters of anchor babies once they arrive. The amnesty debate is simply a diversion.

        The government simply stops enforcing immigration law,thereby creating a defacto amnesty. This has been going on for the past 14 years, with millions of illegal mexicans violating our borders over that
        period. Eventually, they will have the numbers on their side and then all bets
        are off.

      • You’re right on. No matter how you shake a stick at it, we’ll be pressing 2 for English soon and our elites couldn’t be happier about it.

        • Press 2 for English, but you’ll be getting the kind of English that Thermanidishju (“Mark”) in Bangalore speaks.

  • AmericanCitizen

    “Republicans will commit political suicide if they fail to pass immigration reform”

    And America is committing national suicide by allowing reform. Reform is a code word for full legalization of illegal immigrants, giving them the benefits of citizenship without any responsibility. These new citizens will not posses the civic virtues that people who grew up here have. Even a naturalized immigrant who competes the arduous process of become a legal immigrant gets the sense that they belong to a greater good.

    The illegal immigrant has none of these feelings, and is already a pawn of one political party in its war on the GOP. Things are looking bleak for traditional white Americans.

  • Alex Dihes

    STUDY: Obama gives most dumbed-down presidential speeches since WW2…

    This is a link from the Drudge Report and… it is a lie.
    I protest. The Obama’s speeches are in the complete harmony with his intellect. For a one with IQ 65 the speeches are GREAT!!!

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s just purely insane and obviously mendacious to the nth degree.

    Of course, as the strap-line to this story says, for the Republicans to ‘commit political suicide’ is the one thing Obama and all the rest of the Democrats desire and strive for more than anything else in the World. So, obviously, it the notion *was* true, Obama & Co would never ever even hint at it, in the certain hope that the Republicans do actually kill themselves.
    I mean this is just so obvious. One thing’s for sure, Obama would make a very poor poker player.

  • ElComadreja

    “Hispanics” have been shoved down our throats as a result of Hart-Celler in 1965. I hope Ted Kennedy’s burning in Hell for his part in that evil piece of legislation. It’s time to stop using the term “Immigration Reform”. Immigration Reform = Amnesty.

  • WR_the_realist

    Obama knows that 80% of those illegal aliens will vote Democratic once made citizens. So it’s suicide for the Republican party to favor amnesty. Making America a one party country is Obama’s true goal.

  • A Freespeechzone

    When the MAJORITY of all Americans are AGAINST amnesty—Obama is full of crap.

    Make NO mistake, rewarding illegals with citizenship will bring new demands from this group–they will literally ‘go to the head of the line’ for education, social services, healthcare and affirmative action—and get it at the cost of legal citizens.

    Illegals have been embolden and rewarded time and time again by those who HATE legal Citizens.

  • Augustus3709

    Is this the same type of “suicide,” like how unless Europe becomes a brown racial soup, “it will not survive”.

    These lefty loons have a funny way with words. Maybe they read the dictionary backwards and learn the words in reverse. Freedom is slavery.