Six thugs have been jailed for 36 years after battering two men almost to death because they were black and non-Muslim.

Ringleader Abu Bakr Mansha–who was previously jailed under the Terrorism Act for plotting to kill or harm a decorated soldier–was with a teenage boy when the pair began the unprovoked attack at a busy Tesco store in Bow, east London.

He assaulted the two victims before following them home to discover where they lived–then called four other thugs to help.

Armed with baseball bats, they beat the two men in a vicious attack which left both victims needing hospital treatment for serious injuries.

One of the victims, who were 40 and 49 at the time, suffered two broken wrists and a fractured skull.

The Inner London Crown Court heard there was both a religious element and a racial element to the attack on the two men, who were black and non-Muslim.

The vicious assault sparked an investigation by the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command.

All six of the attackers, who the Met Police confirmed were Muslim, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent.

Judge Ian Darling said: ‘Not only was there a religious aspect to this offence, but there was an undoubted racial element.

‘Both prior to and after the attack, Mr Mansha is heard to use language that is foul, unacceptable and which reveals a degree of racial intolerance that is worrying.’

Ringleader Mansha, of Newham, north London, was jailed for 10 years.

He had already been jailed under the Terrorism Act in 2005 for plotting to kill or harm a decorated British soldier who had served in Iraq.

A court heard he had collected newspaper cuttings about the exploits of Corporal Mark Byles, who had been awarded the Military Cross after leading an attack in which five insurgents died.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed the Abu Bakr Mansha jailed this week was the same Abu Bakr Mansha jailed over the plot in 2005.

Of the others involved in the 2012 attack, the teenage boy–who cannot be named because he is currently 17 years old–was sentenced to an 18-month detention and training order.

Salim Jada, 32, and Javed Patel, 29, both also of Newham, were jailed for eight years each.

Ibrahim Mohammed, 32, from Newham, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years’ jail, while 30-year-old Zuber Kara, of Bow, east London, received a two-year jail sentence.

Acting Commander Duncan Ball, the head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: ‘This was a vicious, cowardly, racist and religiously-motivated attack during which the victims received serious injuries.

‘The support and assistance of the local community was vital and illustrates the refusal of the public to feel intimidated by such violent criminal behaviour.

‘The fitting sentences provide strong reassurance that we remain resolute in pursuing those who carry out acts of violence.’

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘This was a criminal act and we condemn it unreservedly. Our thoughts and sympathy are with both victims and their families.

‘Criminals are not motivated by anything other than their own base desires. If they claim they were motivated by faith, as some have reported, then they are surely misguided.’

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  • I vaguely remember from history that London was once an English city.

    • David Ashton

      It changed quite rapidly in fact. White flight. Our capital city and much of its outlying areas have become a giant Afro-Asian colonial settlement. My aunt’s shop in the former white town of Walthamstow, north-east London, became a base for a Muslim sky-bomb terrorist plot. We had five grammar schools in the borough of Waltham Forest, turned into “comprehensives”. One boy’s school went from a white grammar to a largely non-white comprehensive in just a few years, and is now closed down. Its girls’ partner school escaped being renamed the Winnie Mandela High just in time before the Mother of the Necklace was implicated in a child murder. My own top-quality grammar school (founded 1527) is now a tradition-less third-rate polyethnic “sixth form college” to which Walthamstow High Girls’ almost entirely Black or Asian leavers now go if bright enough. I watched all this happen and spoke against it to no avail.

      • IstvanIN

        I am surprised they didn’t imprison you for speaking against it.

        • David Ashton

          This is only a fairly recent danger, but it has been accompanied by government apprehension about strong public opposition to immigration, compulsory political correctness, &c. I feel no “hatred” towards the immigrants generally – criminals and Brit-haters apart – but only against the political class and the liberal ideology. It has always been possible to choose the right words. I care only about threats to my closest relatives and friends. We have some media support – McKinstry, Liddle, Tebbit, &c. Following the Parliamentary expenses scandal, there is now brewing a huge explosion over under-age sex abuses by politicians and their cover-up. Combined with economic failure, the chances of a patriotic uprising are better than ever.

          • LHathaway

            “I feel no “hatred” towards the immigrants generally – criminals and Brit-haters apart. . . the chances of a patriotic uprising are better than ever”.

            If it’s anything like the USA, supporting Britain now means support for multiculturalism and it’s history of ‘tolerance’.

            It seems whites will never learn that it’s time for something new.

          • ElComadreja

            It’s time to start hating the black and brown scum that hates us.

          • ATBOTL

            Tebbit is a fraud very much like US Republicans.

          • David Ashton

            Please summarize your reasons. I have read his Parliamentary speeches, his books, and knew him personally as my MP in Chingford even after the IRA paralyzed his wife in their murder plot which he has never forgiven. There have been policy disagreements, but fraud is a different issue.

      • Magician

        What is Paris like nowadays? I heard the worst area in France is Marseilles.

        • David Ashton

          Marseilles has always been a bit “ropey”. In Paris the Algerians are to a large extent segregated in their own areas, and emerge periodically to burn a few vehicles. Calais is perpetually pestered by would-be immigrants to Dover which the French police get tired of moving elsewhere, since they always turn up again like a bent euro. The whole situation in Europe borders on insanity with the liberal lobby and the EU “anti-racism” bureaucrats for ever moaning about asylum seekers v neo-nazis, &c.

      • I suppose Oxford and Edinburgh will soon go the same way.

        • David Ashton

          I don’t know about Edinburgh, but my university city seems to have more and more at the Cowley motor works &c and the colleges are well subscribed with Chinese girls &c. I get notices from my old college about PC lectures on this and that.

      • Erasmus

        Repeat after me: “Our diversity is our greatest weakness.”

        • David Ashton

          I am the last person who needs to learn that refrain, as all my previous posts on AmRen should reveal.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      That’s what gets me…I can understand (to a degree) the sense of white guilt in the US, where we still have the luxury of feeling we have plenty of land at our disposal, but the degree to which the historically white UK has surrendered its relatively tiny territory to the nonwhite invaders baffles me. I can only ascribe it to a form of collective insanity.

      • It just gets my goat that what we have here are Middle Eastern Muslims almost killing black African non-Muslims. None of it would be happening if London was still an English city, full of identifiably English people.

      • David Ashton

        It is the result of a cunning incremental process – its members called it “agenda networking” through the institutions. In the mid-1980s we were assured that primary immigration was virtually over, but chain-migration, asylum seeking, illegal entry and overstaying continued, with border controls being officially crippled, and then under Blair a deliberate effort was made to bring in at least two million immigrants surreptitiously. This was accompanied, as planned earlier, with restrictions on freedom of speech and association, and organised propaganda in the schools and academic institutions. There are a few books already exposing much of this process, and I hope – Deo volente – to put the major facts and explanations in my own book, still far from completed, titled “The Murder of England”.

      • John R

        I made a post that said essentially the same thing. While I can understand to SOME extent the “heritage of slavery and Jim Crow” argument in the US, in Britain it makes no sense: These people are VOLUNTARY immigrants for crying out loud! And, although America, it could be argued, is a nation of immigrants, everybody knows Britain is for the BRITISH! Please! Why don’t the Brits tell all the darkies there to stfu, or get the hell out of Britain?

        • LHathaway

          The only one’s being made to sthu seem to be whites. It’s as if the film Planet of the Apes, and it’s allegories, were never made. I agree with your last statement, however, get the h out of britain.

      • Rhialto

        You make a key point, but massive non-White immigration is occurring into all Western countries not just the UK and US. Western countries have different cultures, economies, and politics; yet all seem susceptible to the same immigrant lust. What force is causing this? I don’t know!

        • John R

          Good point. It IS like “Planet of the Apes.” It is a world turned upside down: “Apes evolved from humans.” “Humans are capable of doing a few simple tricks.” “Diversity is our strength”; “there is only one race: The Human Race”; “White privilege”; etc.

      • ElComadreja

        I don’t understand “white guilt” at all.

        • David Ashton

          It may have some racial basis – the East Asians have “shame” instead. It may also be a by-product of north European Protestantism. There is quite an interesting book about – and against it – by a Z**n*st, Pascal Bruckner, “The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism” (Princeton UP, 2010). Its orchestration in the USA is described by Ann Coulter in “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and their Assault on America” (NY: Three Rivers, 2009). It is not a new phenomenon: Gustave LeBon, Oswald Spengler and later James Burnham noted its linkage with western decadence. It has its sectarian beneficiaries who make the most of it: the “descendants” of slaves, the “survivors” of The Holocaust, the “victims” of apartheid and colonialism, for ever and ever, Amen.

      • DiversityIsDeath

        The white guilt of the English elites comes from the fact that at one time they ran the whole world from London. You know, “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. The tiny island of England is being forced to repent for their racial superiority, and for their global colonial conquests in Asia, Africa, North America, the West Indies, etc.

  • Truthseeker

    I really hate that this is my first thought, but would the authorities have been so outraged if the victims had been White?

    • TruthBeTold

      That was my first thought too and I doubt they would have gotten such a sentence.

    • David Ashton


    • Martel

      It would have been blatantly ignored, as it is always.

    • Magician

      If the victims were white they would have received 36 hours of community service + house arrest, instead of 36 years

    • LHathaway

      Actually, I was wondering what the black folks had done. . .

    • Diversity Fatigue

      In the UK most Arab victims are white. Most black victims are white. Write this down for future reference: race is NEVER an issue when the victim is white.

    • ElComadreja

      Of course not, unless they were homosexuals.

  • MekongDelta69

    Mooz-lims beating blacks.

    What a conundrum. What’s a groveling white leftist to do?

    • ElComadreja

      Let them kill each other and good riddance I say.

  • I have to admire the manliness and the action agenda of these muzzies, while not forgetting that they are my enemy too. They would bash my head in as quickly as they did the blacks.
    Only when the white man becomes as angry and radicalized as muzzies, with a burning desire to save the white race from extinction, can we be safe and secure.

    Ann Barnhardt calls out our men as pussies over on her site today. She’s right. All we would do if we saw a white woman being raped by any of these minorities is stand around and watch. Ann blames feminists for turning us into ginny women.

    • Sick of it

      I’d probably kill the attackers, to be honest. Though I’m sure the victim would do everything in her power to destroy my life these days.

    • IstvanIN

      The feminists, who overwhelmingly belong to a ceratin tribe, have not only driven a wedge between our men and women, but have made our men and women competetive with each other to a degree, and have made common courtesies like holding a door banned activities that represent the patriarchy holding women back. I hope that some day we realize that we, white men and women, are on the same side.

    • Paulie Boy

      Whites (with the exception of Eastern Europeans) and some Asians are, on the whole, pussies. Whites when confronted by an invasion of negroes tuck tail and head to the ‘burbs. You ever heard the term “Mexican Flight”? Obviously not, Mexicans fight back, Whites are uniquely deracinated weaklings.

      • David Ashton

        In the British case violent opposition to the early black immigrants was severely punished, and at a later stage “hate speech” laws were introduced. I don’t think British soldiers have lacked courage or competence, but our people as a whole tends to be quite conformist towards internal authority – though this is beginning to fray. “I will all end in tears and blood” said one upright but maverick Conservative ex-minister to me.

        • watling

          As far as I can make out, for the past 20 years or so our leaders in the UK have followed a deliberate policy of replacing whites with black and brown immigrants.

          All other policies appear to be subordinate to this one, so that where there is a policy conflict, whatever course of action will perpetuate the replacement of whites is followed.

          This white replacement policy is being pursued by both Labour and the Tories, although Labour are more avid implementers of it.

          Presumably the people want to be replaced, otherwise they would stop voting for parties that follow the above policy.

          So the question is: why do tens of millions of people want to be replaced?

      • ElComadreja

        I’ve been saying this for years. Cowardly “white flight” ruined America. Now the black hordes are following them to the suburbs.

      • UncleSham

        Whites are the only ones who face backlash from their own people. A white person who attempts to defend his own race often becomes vilified by the very people he is trying to protect. A black person can be confident that other blacks will aid them in a fight with a white person, but whites have to fear that their own people will turn against them.

        I did not personally witness this, but a few streets down from where I was a few years ago in a college town in Ohio, a drunk white guy got into a confrontation with a drunk black guy. The white guy used the N-word and a group of nearby blacks immediately reacted. They stomped him to death in the street as all the other whites stood by and watched.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          I know. I have witnessed on the NYC subway several incidents similar to what you have stated, though not nearly as dramatically violent. When a little misunderstanding, a little scuffle, breaks out on train between black and white, the black strangers who do not know each other reflexively band together in tribal solidarity, while the few cowardly, feminized White men on the train hide behind their newspapers, scared to death, and pretend not to notice, leaving the sole white man– or woman– to fend for themselves against the threatening black horde. Sickening. Those faggot so-called “White men” should be made to pay for the cowardice and dishonor. I ought to snap their pics on my cell phone and post ’em on the internet, detailing their cowardice and shaming them, for all to see….

    • LHathaway

      What’s a ginny woman?

    • M.

      They may be hotheaded, but they ended up in jail, so… Overall, that wasn’t a smart move, and it will only garner more sympathy for black “Britons”, just like the KKK murders did in the the 60’s.

      Those Muslims only did that because they are dumb and haven’t thought the consequences through.

      • Jail isn’t so bad. The food is completely hideous, but I already ate garbage during the 1991 war in Croatia. There was no rape in jail, because if anyone hurt one of us, he was going to be dead within the hour. Everybody knew it, and it was glorious.

        • Magician

          What were some of the food items you received while in jail? I thought they would look similar to meals provided to patients at hospitals

          • Do-it-yourself sandwiches made on rolls, the dough for which had not been allowed to rise before being baked. Turkey balogna, with never any cheese or veggies. These “rolls” were rock hard. I bet I could get 100 yards out of one with a Number One wood golf club. Never a hot meal for lunch.

          • Magician

            “Have you ever had soup made out of leftover pizza? I have. It isn’t very good.”

            Thanks for your response. I guess they were not “similar to meals provided to patients at hosptials”. Not quite.

            Why didn’t they simply warm the leftover pizza and serve those slices to the inmates instead of turning them into soup? It was a waste of time, energy and labor to make soup out of leftover pizza.

          • The pizza had probably been left out too long, and someone decided that boiling it was the right way to kill the germs and put it back into circulation.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Those 5 mug-shots are probably Jack Burton examples of a “Schlomo in the woodpile”?

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Ringleader Mansha, of Newham, north London, was jailed for 10 years.

    He had already been jailed under the Terrorism Act in 2005 for
    plotting to kill or harm a decorated British soldier who had served in

    The fact that the English government didn’t deport this arab muslim invader tells you all you need to know about England and the rest of the Western world for that matter. The irony here is so thick you could cut it with a knife ; an invading muslim plots to kill a British soldier who signed up to protect England and her people from middle eastern terrorism.

    • David Ashton

      There are EU regulations which restrict deportations and forbid the death penalty. The government is often overruled by the courts. This a scandal that is currently a live issue in what little real political debate occurs in Britain.

  • Mary

    Good grief. I remember reading an article in the 90s regarding how non-whites had reached 10% of the school-age population in Britain. Anglophile that I was, I thought that was shocking and appalling. Soon after, I was watching coverage of Princess Diana’s funeral and I was reassured that the crowds appeared very White. So I was lulled into the belief for a number of years that non-White Britain was overstated. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s very difficult to reconcile my fantasies of Britain while growing up with this maelstrom of
    grossly incompatible cultures. A tragedy and an outrage.

    • IstvanIN

      The crowds were white at Diana’s funeral, the Queen Mother’s funeral, and at the various jubilee and birthday celebrations for Queen Elizabeth because it is only English people who can relate to and experience both the sadness and joy of events that mark the passage of history and tradition that comes along with their royal family. The blacks and muslims will never be British and will never have an emotional attachment for anything traditionally British. The crowds that welcomed the Netherlands’ new King were overwhelming white. In Germany crowds still gather to celebrate the weddings, births and deaths of the local royal families. Even in Romania the long exiled royal family has not only returned but has become much respected. Why? Because they represent our extended family and a muslims or black can never, ever be a member of our extended family.

      • Diversity Fatigue

        Dianna was shagging an Arab at the time of her death. In fact, the Arab was in the car and killed too. They were on a date. As the first “royal” to openly miscegenate with a Third Worlder, I had NO sympathy for her.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Racial foreigners should be encouraged to fight each other for access to already scarce resources. It just makes it easier for whites to throw these foreigners out when the liberals are finally swept from power. When that time comes, the blacks and Muslims will be thankful to us for allowing them to escape with their lives. This is because the blacks and Muslims have no place in Britain. Britain is for whites only. If they choose to stay, they’re going to have to fight for every square inch of the British territory that was seized by liberal traitors and unjustly handed over to these racial foreigners.

    • Once in a while I do porn research for my website. Look up British porn stars Danica Collins and Kerry Marie (using google images–some porn sites are virus infected) . I think the former is half black, but could be Hindu. I think the latter is Hindu. But these and other mystery meat are represented as British. It’s disgusting, but what do the whites do with the half breeds like these two females if a white takeover occurs?

      • David Ashton

        What do we do with the white porn stars if a decency takeover occurs?

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          I don’t think any moral reformer could ever successfully do away with porn or any of that other stuff. People have tried down throughout the ages, but this always leads to undesirable social problems. The crusader King, St. Louis IX, and his Christian reformist attitude toward prostitution are instructive in this regard. He tried to ban prostitution in the 13th century and expel all prostitutes from the kingdom of France. Instead, he merely drove the trade underground and was eventually forced to rescind the order.

          You can’t do away with porn, prostitution &c. because (a) men have much stronger sex drives than women and require the necessary visual stimuli in order to achieve “release” on a daily basis and (b), for men anyway, it’s incredibly difficult to find an available woman when you need one. Many would have to endure years of grinding celibacy, which would cause great discomfort and numerous difficulties. Any decency takeover that attempts to suppress the male sex urge is bound to fail. Wiser to adopt St. Thomas Aquinas’ view of prostitution as a necessary evil and leave it at that.

          • IstvanIN

            Perhaps pornography and prostitution can never be gotten rid of entirely but do we have to be so inundated with porn, even “light” porn, all the time? I can’t go to a movie anymore or even watch most TV shows because of all the constant sexual innuendo . I, for one am tired of it.

          • Sexual friction, even intended as comedy pains me.

          • Magician

            I actually notice that most current Hollywood movies contain less sexuality than they did in the past, because once a movie contains more than a certain amount of sexuality, it cannot be viewed by young viewers, which will result in a significantly smaller profit for the producers.

            Let’s look at a few examples.

            Spider-Man triology
            Matrix triology
            Lord of the Rings triology
            Dark Knight triology
            Harry Potter

            No there is no sexuality in any of the ones I just listed.

          • IstvanIN

            I have seen both Despicable Me movies with my grandson and they were fine but I wasn’t thinking of kid’s movies, although nowadays even they aren’t necessarily safe.

          • LHathaway

            “Any decency takeover that attempts to suppress the male sex urge is bound to fail”

            Maybe it’s just me, but everything I read on this website these days sounds like pure delusion. Maybe it’s just me.

          • David Ashton

            Impure delusions gripped our entertainment culture. We now see that having gone through the whole gamut of consensual paraphilias, there is now a demand for “coercion” as a stimulant for jaded appetites.

          • David Ashton

            You have a point, but we had a reasonably successful Obscene Publications law in Britain long before the internet made visual stimuli of all kinds, including child torture, available. Celibates are quite able to masturbate without a vast array of commercial porn, and the fact that prostitutes are younger and prettier than they used to be is a social problem. Our society seems to be in a state of sexual psychosis. This whole question is interesting and important, but I have no time and this website may have no room for further debate.

            All I would add here is that sexual promiscuity has led on to racial promiscuity, with the added problem that black males worry less about contraception. Like immigration, there are profits for the “right” and disruptions for the “left”, with nationhood and family values caught between two pincers – just recently the lesbian feminist Julie Bindel was complaining that the LGBT revolution had halted, and that its aim to abolish marriage altogether must be renewed.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        They’re nonwhites, not “Brits.” Let’s eliminate the problem of miscegenation once and for all by sending them back to wherever their nonwhite side came from.

    • David Ashton

      There are already unpublicised clashes between ethnic groups or sects, reproducing foreign conflicts here – an obvious risk with multi-ethnic “societies”. But the real enemy are the “white” traitors rather than the “racial foreigners” who have kept the law and work for a living. People are happiest among their own kind, but preferably in national territories rather than neighboring “ghettos”.

  • Bill

    The authorities sound like they’re really kissing the you-know-what of these animals. The sentences aren’t very long considering the crime – conspiracy to commit murder.

  • John R

    Gosh, the poor liberals. This must be confusing for them:
    Attacking two men because they were black: A vicious, intolerable hate crime. They should get the max for doing something like that…..
    And because they were not Muslim. Well, we have to understand, that Muslims are just reacting against the Western world attacking their culture and beliefs. While we don’t condone this attack, we should remember that in many ways, it was provoked by non-Muslims. But they were black, too. But, of course, there is no condoning racism….
    Gee. what is a liberal to do?

  • obot

    Sentenced to 36 years in the UK means they’ll be out in 6 years

  • Who Me?

    “Six thugs have been jailed for 36 years after battering two men almost to death because they were black and non-Muslim.”
    WRONG! They were NOT jailed for 36 years. They were jailed for a TOTAL of 36 years with all their sentences added together. The longest term handed down was 10 years.
    I can’t get too worked up over this stuff because it was muzzies vs. blacks, in Ye Merrie Olde England, which is totally in the crapper anyway as far as I can tell.

    • One gets 5 years in the feds in the USA for being a felon in possession of a firearm. This aggravates and doubles to 10 if the ex-offender is on paper. If the weapon is on some sort of “assault weapon” list, it gets aggravated again, so then the idiot gets 20. There is no parole in the feds since 1986, so even with time off for good behavior, that would wind up being a bit over 17 years.

      In Colorado, sexual assault on a child is automatic life, and the judge has no discretion in the sentence. The age of consent here is 17, so you get an automatic life sentence for sleeping with a 16 year-old girl. Mandatory life on parole, even if one ever makes it out. I know this because a former friend who stole from me is currently doing that. His out date (MRD) is December 31, 8888. I doubt he will live to be 6913, so he’s done like a dinner. I look him up online once in a while, and his mug shot has gone from being that of a really angry guy to one who expects to die in the next half hour. He tried to have my probation violated and thus sent back, so I think this is hilarious is a completely tragic way.

      I’m not completely fond of US federal or state laws, but Europe certainly needs to do more of what we do.

      • David Ashton

        I’d say your slammer practices are “cruel and unusual” by our standards, but our laws and enforcement are way too soft. Trawl the internet and you will uncover some disturbing but all too plausible allegations against some of our top politicians over the sexual abuse and trafficking of children, and I do not mean nubile teenage girls.

        • One group of lunatics wanted a death sentence in Colorado for child-rape here. I tried to point out that the sickos who already prey on kids would just kill more of those poor girls and boys.

          I approve of the death sentence here, but only for civilian murder, or in military service: cowardice, rape, murder of civilians or prisoners, looting or desertion. I prefer that it be done very carefully, as I would not want anyone railroaded.

          I do not think it is fair to free workers that US prison workers get paid 12 cents an hour. Military contractors then buy the stuff, so perhaps it is good for the nation, but this is not fair to free labor.

  • bubo

    Arabs call them bantu and consider them lower than animals. I guess Pakis don’t care for them either. Collectively they all hate and distrust each other. I guess this is Multikult.

  • After the Knoxville Horror, I feel no pity for Africans. It still hurts me, but I understand that it was supposed to do that.

  • archer

    The teenager should be deported not sent to detention and training whatever that is, the ring leader should have been deported immediately after serving his sentence for his first offence, we all know who is really running Britain.