As Hate Crimes Rise, British Muslims Say They’re Becoming More Insular

Steven Erlanger, New York Times, February 14, 2014

Alum Rock, a neighborhood of Birmingham, looks the way Pakistan might, if Pakistan were under gray northern skies and British rule.

The streets are lively but orderly, with shops that provide the largely South Asian population with most of its needs. The huge Pak Supermarket, with its 10-kilogram bags of spices and rices, is matched by the nearby Pak Pharmacy. Nearly every face is South Asian, and people wear a vibrant mixture of clothing, from Western styles to head scarves, knitted caps and full-face veils, or niqabs.

But the Muslims of Alum Rock, Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook, who make up most of the more than 21 percent of Birmingham’s population who declare Islam as their religion, are newly uneasy, they say. The backlash from the killing of a white soldier, Lee Rigby, in London in May by two fanatical young British Muslims, combined with anxieties about the flow of jihadis between Britain and Syria and the sometimes harshly anti-immigrant tone of leading British politicians have combined to create a new wariness among British Muslims.

“It is a less comfortable country than it used to be,” said Sadruddin Ali, 35, born and raised here.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are up, the police and Muslim advocacy groups say. In response, many British Muslims say they are becoming more insular and more reluctant to leave their areas of Britain’s big cities, where they are among other Muslims and South Asians.

To many Muslims and non-Muslims, that is a worrying trend in what is considered to be a generally tolerant country as it heads toward the 2015 general election. A divided Conservative Party has a populist, anti-immigration party to its right in the U.K. Independence Party, and even the opposition Labour Party is supporting restrictions on benefits for immigrants.

“There is more hostility and more aggression,” Mr. Ali said.

He mentioned the firebombing of a nearby mosque after the Rigby killing, as well as the fatal stabbing in April of Mohammed Saleem, 82, as he left a local mosque. His attacker was a recent Ukrainian immigrant, who also placed three small bombs outside mosques. In June, a police officer and three other people were stabbed outside another Birmingham mosque.

In other parts of Britain, Mr. Ali said, “I feel a bit intimidated and don’t feel welcome, to be honest.” When he travels, he is often pulled aside at the airport for special questioning, he said, adding that this happened “even when I was cleanshaven.”


In London, anti-Muslim episodes rose from 318 in 2011 and 336 in 2012 to 500 by mid-November in 2013, the police reported. The Greater Manchester Police recorded 130 offenses in 2013 compared with 75 in 2012. The West Midlands Police force, which covers Birmingham, reported in response to a freedom of information act request that there were 26 anti-Islamic hate crimes in 2011, 21 in 2012 and 29 through October 2013.


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  • dd121

    Maybe they’ll feel unwelcome enough to go back from whence they came?

    • sbuffalonative

      I will pray that they will but the chances of these people voluntarily jumping off the gravy train is slim.

    • toldev

      That won’t happen. Articles such as this may make a big deal out the violence faced by Muslims in the United Kingdom. But a Muslim in the United Kingdom is still literally hundreds of times safer than what they would be in Pakistan.

  • Media say “backlash,” I say “white people noticing things.”

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      For now the disinfo from the British media is pinning all of the
      anti-immigrant sentiment on Eastern Europeans. I can assure you that
      when your average Brit is talking about limiting immigration, the image at the back of his head isn’t a family of blonde Poles.

      • Long Live Dixie

        . . . the image at the back of his head isn’t a family of blonde Poles.

        I remember Emma West cursing about Poles in her famous tram video three years ago.

        Dispossession is dispossession whether it is done by Pakis, blacks, or Poles.

        • Homo_Occidentalis

          What you say is true, but until the elephant in the room of massive non-white immigration is addressed, it is unfair of the MSM to pick on the most benign immigrant groups in Britain.

        • Bantu_Education

          She probably realised she had gone too far in attacking darkies so in a futile attempt to prove “I’m not a racist” she threw the Poles into the pot.

          • Long Live Dixie

            She probably realised she had gone too far in attacking darkies so in a futile attempt to prove “I’m not a racist” she threw the Poles into the pot.

            I think a more likely explanation is that she, like many other western Europeans, has had enough of all immigration. There are more than a million eastern European immigrants on her tiny island. BTW, she mentioned Poles 4 seconds into the video on Youtube. From watching that video, she doesn’t strike me as the type of woman to be worried about proving she’s not “racist”. I honestly don’t see how mentioning Poles would mean she is not “racist”, anyway. Some of the most radically racialist people in Europe’s history were anti-Polish.

        • John R

          BULL! Watch what you say! I am of mostly Irish ancestry, and am WHITE! My ancestors were able to ASSIMILATE TO THIS COUNTRY! Millions of us came here, and we made the country better and stronger than we found it. So did the German, Scandinavian, and Polish/Slavic immigrants.

          • Long Live Dixie

            What you are saying is that diversity is a strength and that England is better off with fewer English, per capita. It’s funny how white nationalists so often show how much they have in common with the multi-racialists.

            Sane western Europeans do not want to end up with a rootless, cultureless, nationless, pan-European melting pot like what exists in the US. I don’t blame them a bit for that. From a purely racialist point-of-view, such a society is extremely easy prey for the multi-racialists. The people in such a society do not feel the kind of natural bond to each other or to the land that those in nationalistically homogenous and rooted societies feel. It’s no wonder that the pan-European US has been a leading force in racial destruction worldwide.

          • Garrett Brown

            Diversity IS a strength when it is white diversity.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Diversity IS a strength when it is white diversity.

            Could you explain, specifically, how England is weaker with an Anglo-Saxon population than it is with a mixed population of Anglo-Saxons, Poles, Russians, Greeks, Hungarians, Serbs, Romanians, Italians, etc.?

          • Garrett Brown

            Doesn’t get weaker, stays about the same. Just as the US continued in quality when Italians, Germans, Irish, Scottish, Russians, Hungarians etc immigrated here. I don’t need to explain it. It’s pretty obvious that whites assimilate just fine into white countries.

          • Long Live Dixie

            So, you’re backtracking from saying that pan-European diversity is a strength? That’s probably a good idea.

            Stays the same? Hardly. Europe’s history is full of one white people replacing another. You sound like you’re in some sort of dream world if you think the people of Britain can absorb countless numbers of eastern Europeans and stay the same as before. It sounds a lot like the dream world of the multi-racialists.

            It’s funny you use the example of the US as a success story; the US is the most racially-destructive and dysfunctional of all white majority countries. It is not a coincidence that America is solidly anti-Western and that there is no sense of blood and soil among the American people.

            What you and the other orthodox white nationalists support (or at minimum, don’t oppose) is the eradication of the Teutonic and Celtic people through mixing and mass immigration with non-native elements from different parts of Europe.

          • Garrett Brown

            The US was the greatest country in the world before the 60s and it was 90% plus white. Those whites were made up of peoples from many different countries in Europe. Just because our elitist controlled government decided to change the country doesn’t negate its’ example as the greatest country for almost two centuries which was made up of many different European people.

            European history was full of one white ethnic group replacing another, yet it was still the most technologically and politically advanced part of the world for thousands of years.

            If Germans all immigrated to Ireland because of a natural disaster, I’m sure there would still be Celtic culture celebrated in Ireland. It’s when the darker races immigrate that you have the destruction of the established culture.

          • Long Live Dixie

            The US was the greatest country in the world before the 60s and it was 90% plus white.

            Nonsense. Many countries have outshone the USA. England, Germany, and others have been light years ahead of the US in political and cultural developments. Aside from technological accomplishments (much borrowed from European scientists) and the luck of geography, there has been little great about the US.

            The US was founded as an experiment on radically Leftist ideas and it has only become more degenerated since those days. An empire that was visibly crumbling under its own weight by the late 1960s – a mere 180 years after its founding – is your example of the greatness of pan-Europeanism? Seriously?

            Just because our elitist controlled government decided to change the country doesn’t negate its’ example as the greatest country for almost two centuries which was made up of many different European people.

            The US became committed to pan-Europeanism only in the last half of the 19th century. You’d be really hard pressed to explain how incorporating millions of non-English speaking, non-British immigrants against the will of the natives made the US a better place. Again, you sound just like a multi-racialist by saying that immigration makes the host country stronger.

            It’s when the darker races immigrate that you have the destruction of the established culture.

            You really need to study your history of Europe. Many established cultures in Europe have been destroyed by other whites. England itself barely survived the Normans in any recognisable form – and the Normans were fellow Germanics. The Poles and other eastern Europeans in Britain today don’t even have as much in common with the English as the Normans did.

            If you want to celebrate your rootless diversity in the US, then more power to you. Quit showing your Yankee arrogance by trying to export it. Europe has been strong in the past precisely because it has been nationalistic.

          • Garrett Brown

            “Nonsense. Many countries have outshone the USA. England, Germany, and others have been light years ahead of the US in political and cultural developments”

            Not at all lol. We had the strongest military. We had the strongest economy. We had the most advanced technology. Not only are you delusion, you’re now lying.

            “Aside from technological accomplishments,there has been little great about the US.”

            That’s like saying except for Plato, Democracy, and the foundation of what defines an advanced country, Ancient Greece didn’t do much at all for contributions to the world.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Not at all lol. We had the strongest military. We had the strongest economy. We had the most advanced technology. Not only are you delusion, you’re now lying.

            The US has had the strongest military only since the 1940s. Even then it was a close match with the Soviet military up until the collapse of the USSR. The US will almost certainly lose that position to Russia within several decades.

            The US has had the world’s strongest economy only since 1900. It will lose that position to China during my lifetime.

            US technology has been heavily reliant on European scientists. This is especially true in relation to the space race. If Germany had not been bombed into ruin, it would have easily been the winner in this category.

            That’s like saying except for Plato, Democracy, and the foundation of what defines an advanced country, Ancient Greece didn’t do much at all for contributions to the world.

            Except for two things: 1) To repeat myself, US technology has been heavily reliant on European scientists, and 2) Technology is one of many measures of a civilisation’s greatness. It is undoubtedly the US’s strongest point, but it does not make up for the US’s failing in other essential areas.

          • Garrett Brown

            “The US has had the strongest military only since the 1940s. Even then it was a close match with the Soviet military up until the collapse of the USSR.”

            The only thing the USSR was on par with US was technology. Our land and Air Force was far superior. Their navy was pathetic compared to ours.

            Sorry for only responding to one statement a post. They’re all wrong so I figured I would just pick one and keep you happy. Keep lying to yourself, you’re doing great!

          • Long Live Dixie

            They’re all wrong so I figured I would just pick one and keep you happy.

            Really? It’s wrong that the US military has only been the strongest since the 1940s? It’s wrong that US technology has been heavily reliant on European scientists? (Google Werner von Braun). It’s wrong that the US economy has only been the strongest only since 1900? It’s wrong that China will overtake the US economically during my lifetime?

            Out of everything I said, you chose to bicker with me on the tangential point about whether the Soviet military was a close match for the US military during the Cold War.

          • Garrett Brown

            The US military has had a strong military since the beginning of the 20th century. It became top five after Pearl Harbor.

            “It’s wrong that US technology has been heavily reliant on European scientists?”. What an incredibly stupid statement. Everything from the US is inspired from Europeans. The entire demographic of the country was EUROPEAN.

            I’m going to watch the fights. You have fun southern nationalist.

          • Long Live Dixie

            The US military has had a strong military since the beginning of the 20th century. It became top five after Pearl Harbor.

            Backtracking again? We’re talking about the strongest – the number one spot – per your claim that part of the US’s supposed greatness is in having the strongest military in the world.

            What an incredibly stupid statement. Everything from the US is inspired from Europeans.

            I see. Werner von Braun’s genius clearly proves America’s greatness. How stupid of me to have doubted that.

          • John R

            We should just give up. Mr. Long Live Dixie is just a White Southern rebel, who would see the whole country go down rather than forge ties with other Whites who might be “Yankees”. Maybe we should remind him that the all White, and diverse North defeated the multi-racial, but more ethnically “pure” South. Hey, maybe he is part black and therefore can’t stand logical argument.

          • John R

            England could do well with some South Philly Italians, who would know how to keep those blacks in their place! Our former mayor, Frank Rizzo, knew how to handle the Black Panthers back in the day.

          • John R

            “Long Live Dixie” seems to forget that all of these “ethnically pure” White societies were themselves founded by different tribes of Northern Europeans who have been migrating back and forth across borders for millennium. The “pure” British are themselves composed of Angles, Saxons, Normans, Celts, Gauls, etc. And the United States did not decline because of the vast European immigration that came here. These people, Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, etc. Helped make America great and powerful. Even his “pure Southern” culture is a hybrid of old time English, and Scots Irish roots. We Whites are a good kind of diversity.

          • Garrett Brown

            Yah, someone who regards themselves as a “southern secessionist” doesn’t really understand the basic concepts of white nationalism. Except for Slavic civil wars I haven’t really ever seen historical examples that prove white diversity is a bad thing. Most of those wars could have been handled peacefully. Slavs also have a lower IQ compared to Western Europeans.

            English aren’t Celts anymore like the Scotts and Irish. They were mixed in with Italians when rome occupied them.

          • Long Live Dixie

            I certainly do understand the basic concepts of white nationalism. My rejection of it does not imply a misunderstanding of it.
            White nationalism is egalitarian. It is un-European and un-Western. It is American to the core.

            Slavs also have a lower IQ compared to Western Europeans.

            So, you bash Slavs while simultaneously defending their mass migration into western Europe?

          • Garrett Brown

            Their IQ is still higher than blacks and mestizos. They can take the low skill jobs just as they did in the US in the early 20th century.

          • Long Live Dixie

            You talk so casually about turning someone else’s country into a mirror of your own.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Souther nationalism doesn’t exist . . ..

            Sure it does. There is a Southern nationalist movement that has revived in the last few years. This very blog has written about the Southern nationalist movement.

            Both you and John R. have tried to deny the identity of the Southern people. This is a classic tactic of internationalists. The first step towards eliminating a people is to deny that they exist.

            Why are you so anti-Southern? I have not said a single word against Slavs on this blog. I have only said I want them to stay in their own lands. I have even said I hope for the best for them in their lands.

            . . . therefore you do not understand nationalism

            I have a traditional understanding of nationalism that is folk-centric. White nationalism is a post-1945 concoction by people who had no understanding of nationalism and so tried to merge nationalism and racialism as one. It is thus inherently hostile to people who have a true national identity (which is nearly every white person outside the USA). It also tends to be especially favourable towards non-Western whites, as seen here: white nationalists often justify Slavic migration to the West and react angrily to historic examples of Teutonic migrations to the East. There really is nothing nationalistic about white nationalism. It is the replacement of nationalism with racialism. A traditional nationalist understands that racialism and nationalism complement each other.

          • Garrett Brown

            There is no such thing as southern nationalism.

          • Long Live Dixie

            There is no such thing as southern nationalism.

            You’re clearly an anti-Southern bigot, a liar, and someone who is prone to repeating things already shown to be wrong (which Middle Eastern tribe does that sound like?)

            I see no reason to continue our discussion.

          • Garrett Brown

            There is no such thing as southern nationalism.

          • Long Live Dixie

            The “pure” British are themselves composed of Angles, Saxons, Normans, Celts, Gauls, etc.

            Every tribe you have mentioned is either Germanic or Celtic and has far more in common with each other than with eastern Europeans.

            As always, your reasoning is just as flawed as that of the multi-racialists. They say the exact same thing that you do, that is: “we’re not pure, we’re all mixed, so just let the barriers come down.”

            The English and the other people of Britain have forged, over the centuries, national identities. Those identities are being threatened by post-1945 mass immigration from eastern Europe. They are also being threatened by mass immigration from the Third World. Both examples of mass immigration are supported by the very same internationalists. It’s clear which side you’re on.

            Even his “pure Southern” culture is a hybrid of old time English, and Scots Irish roots.

            There you go again with your Leftist-speak. How does the fact that Southrons are of English and Scottish ancestry justify opening the floodgates to all of Europe – turning the South into the same rootless melting pot as places like Chicago and New York? What preposterous reasoning is behind that? We Southrons have developed together and forged a common, Anglo-Celtic identity during our centuries on this land and we wish to keep it that way.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Eastern Europeans have a LOT in common with the rest of Europe. Ukrainians are descended from the Goths, Vikings, and Celts. Some of their predecessors among the Goths seized present day Spain and became the Visigoths. Slavs however have far more reason to regard western Europe and the U.S. as their enemies, because the genocides against my ancestors were funded and directed from there and the U.S. Ukraine was a country six times longer than the U.S. was, albeit not by that name and my ancestors had a written Constitution two hundred years before the adoption of the U.S Constitution. Moreover, they have been here in America from the Mayflower. Guess what, we’re not going anywhere. Making enemies of us is a bad idea, because we have a much longer memory than Americans do. I’ve come to dislike intensely a lot of white Southerners like you, and not wrongly I think.

          • Long Live Dixie

            Eastern Europeans have a LOT in common with the rest of Europe.

            Compared to Somalis, perhaps. Compared to other western Europeans, not so much.

            Making enemies of us is a bad idea . . ..

            The reasoning here is really bizarre. I oppose mass eastern European immigration to western Europe. How is that making enemies of you? It is your people who are moving to another’s land. All your people have to do is stay in your land. Or, do you think of anyone who opposes eastern Europe’s colonisation of the West as an enemy?

            I’ve come to dislike intensely a lot of white Southerners like you . . ..

            Who is making enemies of whom? I have not made a single anti-Slavic comment on this blog. I have only said that I want them to stay in their land and leave the West for Westerners.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Hitler and Napoleon did, does what came after ring any bells?

          • Long Live Dixie

            Hitler and Napoleon did, does what came after ring any bells?

            I see this is a reply to me, though I have no idea how this follows from our earlier discussion. Since I have not mentioned invading Russia and I have stated very clearly that I hope for the best for the eastern Europeans in their own countries, I am left wondering what you are talking about.

            I think that if you interpreted my comments as supportive of invading eastern Europe then you are clearly very paranoid and irrational. Again, traits of the hysterical Left.

          • M&S

            Reductio Ad Hitlerum leads to the inevitable Victim Entitlement Psychology which is itself merely a blind for “What you have I want and because I am white, I deserve, same as you.”
            Non Anglo-Saxon whites are born to this notion, reinforced by the outcome as much as actions of WWII, and thus /vulnerable to it’s suggestion/ from other races (hello Liberals) because they are not Master (Alpha) class achievers but only Slaves as Beta beneficiaries.
            Tearing down that which they aren’t is thus the tearing down of the mirror which affirms their exclusion has a cause.
            Nietzsche said much about this in the manner by which those who can, do, and value what is done as moral good. While those who cannot simply ‘re-sent’-imentalize the success of others and so see morality only as the benefits accrued by being party to the group’s success for themselves. That this is assured, not by Blut Und Boden, but by sharing power with the other dispossesseds as an alliance of rats simply never occurs to them (or they reject it so utterly it never passes threshold for conscious awareness).
            Those who have never experienced it cannot understand that membership in a Herrenvolke or High Folk comes from a set of common /beliefs/ in good things coming from good work as the precursor of sharing the benefits of outcome.
            And while this is not necessarily exclusive to a given group, region or gene set, the fact that the system works to refine genes by selection for fitness/compatibility will, over time, create a substantially different population, even from close neighbors.
            Which is what the Germans, like the Jews, have always chosen to Live Apart, even from those whom they conquered.
            As a proof in contradiction: I know two Poles who lived through the 1940s occupation in the General Government zone and part of the Russian equivalent before escaping West and despite one of them being a Jew, they both respected and preferred working with the Germans to the Russians because ‘The Germans you could do business with, the Russians simply thought it was all theirs for the taking…’.
            I found this astonishing to say the least but it points to the reality of what happens when a nation of the weak finds there is nothing strong left to lamprey and only those with the rights of the gun can forcibly seize what is left. Which is what _the people_ of The West are headed towards.
            It is genetic envy Dixie, only by cosmopolitanism of access to benefits can these people see themselves as part of a greater whole. The access then becomes the justification for commonality, never comprehending that what they are doing is killing the goose for the gold.

          • John R

            Thank you. Good reply. And, might I add, that, unlike the Anglo Saxon countries, the Eastern Europeans had the experience of being invaded to the east by non-Europeans, so they understand better than most Western Europeans, the very nature of this conflict. Your people would be very good allies indeed.

        • Peter King

          re Emma West – the croydon magistrate who refused her bail Gerald Ellis has a sexual interest in young black males. Google him up. Google up Kieran Brown ABH – in December 2013 he kicked a white women unconscious on London bus , Also on the transport police web site – black male who did the same to a white women in December 2013

      • 1stworlder

        At least they mentioned a few muslim attacks but ignored the gang child rape “grooming” cases that have came out.

      • sbuffalonative

        Brits should make this a tee-shirt saying, ‘Diversity in Britain’ or ‘This is our future’ or ‘RIVERS OF BLOOD’.

  • MekongDelta69

    Muslims in Britain feel “less welcome”?

    Remember what the stewardesses used to say when you deboarded the plane?:

    • NeanderthalDNA

      As Whites awaken in horror and realize what they’ve done…

      Muslims begin to fear…


      • M&S

        Muslims begin to fear…

        No. Not good NDNA,
        Not without a means to replace the system which invaded to invite them to begin with.

        After generations of being better socialists than the communists, we have elevated PC Conformism to a high degree of stupidity.

        This means that a large percentage of WASPs are now themselves the living model of the self-effacing, non-congnitional, reactant to society.

        Which means that we are no longer in a position to lead the world by brains alone.

        Sans a working industrial capacity, those people will need a wage earning capability that gives them a decent life without the degradation that manual labor, which is all that a majority are qualified for, brings.

        Similarly, the notion that the rich ‘must’ enable their capital wealth by crafting mass consumerist and service industries as a replacement for actually /making things/ (room at the top) must be discarded because capitalism is thermodynamically unsustainable by the Three Laws.

        All of which, together, means that we must have robotics so that common people can gain the work product of multiple non-salaried, automatons as their own. And genomics. To clear our genes and push towards a 125 baseline IQ which is no longer possible ‘the old fashioned way’ where a combination of low fertility and long lifetimes leads to little if any downwards mobility for the best genes.

        If all’s whites do is rise up in arms and shrug off our life sucking parasites in a fury of identity crisis, without having a social system to replace the cheap labor and junk consumer status which those non-white imports represent, we will simply fall back, exhausted and subject to the same external influence as OWG demands for ‘diversity’.

        There is no god NDNA. If there is no god then there is no reason to slave like a drey beast in harness in the hopes of paradise, after. With that as a given, what purpose does it serve a lower class mass population to fight for our cause or any cause whose outcome is more of the same as dispossession?
        OTOH, assume that this is your one shot at happiness. How do you want to live it? If your answer is as I think it should be: with comfort and joy of experience’ then a small population can, by it’s very nature, be more generous with it’s resources. And a population of R-Breeders that are used to domination by family size cannot understand this at a basic, instinctive, level. Which is why they have to go from our lands.

        Yet until we have the guts to formulate a /how/ condition for achieving that measure of happiness as the answer to the One Life question, there will never be more than a token resistance by the brainwashed youth to their own displacement and annihilative blendout. Because they are already sensing their powerlessness and thus stakelessness in what they perceive as our fight, to reestablish what is good for us. Not for them.
        Fear is nothing if it leads to random slaughter. It’s what comes after that has to make sense before the young warrior recruits will come to us instead of fence sitting or betraying us to the PC attitudes they have been indoctrinated with.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I’m what I refer to as a neo-fascist technocrat. I am a privately religious person, somewhere between a Buddhist and a Christian, a modern Cathar so to speak. Not that I consciously assert my religious beliefs into political debates. I assume there to be no God nor karma for the purpose of these debates regarding the nasty brutish shortness of life, no matter how hard we attempt to make some form of heaven on earth (the end result more often than not some form of the opposite).

          That said I detest both unrestrained capitalism and Marxism, which, by the way does not make me a “moderate”. As a neo-fascist, I do not ascribe to all the tenets of 30’s style Italian fascism, especially regarding foreign military adventurism or even “democracy” in some (limited depending on the national character of a people). I believe in a meritocracy as well.
          You make an interesting point in regard to automation.

          Regardless of the specifics of a political system there are simply going to be less jobs for people, and therefore, even without encouraging irresponsible consumerism, wealth will need to be responsibly redistributed.

          All this I say assuming a relatively homogeneous population, not a state ruling over separate clades of peoples of dissimilar capacities. Normal folk have a very hard time (and rightfully so) empathizing with those who they feel (generally rightfully so) are working against them is some from, either purposefully or by simply being incapable of competing without special considerations. This is why there must be a Ragnarokian reckoning, or the threat of such, once the numbers of parasitic ethnies reach a certain point. The hope is that some form of repatriation will at that point occur, but better Ragnarok and rebuilding than the capacity lowering consequences of miscegenation.

          Folk below a certain IQ level are incapable of envisioning a world beyond their own and perhaps their children’s lifetimes in any but the most abstract manner…

          The challenges are many, not the least of which involves a form of wealth redistribution that does not create a slothful, destructive, leisure addicted populace of parasites. Below a certain IQ, no overly “democratic” system can sustain this, as the parasites vote themselves in tyrannous fashion too much resources, enabled by clever demagogues…

          • M&S

            I believe I like what I hear of your words.
            That said, The Voice Of The Masses will not be denied sir even if it is ultimately fey and suicidal. If we allow ourselves to be outyelled by High TFR morons who are headed towards recreation of Mexico City or Kibera level desolation, it will be no different than if we have a mass civil war which results in millions of dead, only to be confronted by external OWG pressures, with the warriors of our Racial Ragnarok either too few to continue.
            Or demanding exactly what those they have defeated wanted:
            A commanding chunk of a pie that no longer exists.
            My problem is that I see the poor and stupid allying with each other (and thus with leftist ideals as socialist handouts) based on shared affinity and identity with each other’s powerlessness.
            This is what Nietzsche meant when he showed his utter contempt for the Slave as the Democracy which enabled him.
            This is what happens when the Slaves get together and ‘just be talkin’ with the pidgin understandings of the unempowered envying and at once fearful of, their dole distributors of handouts. Distributors whose empowerment they have made possible by weight of numbers as ‘democratically voted for stupid’ lack of vision.
            They come to such a state of powerlessness by virtue of refusal to buy into the ideal of ‘dream a little bigger/better’ elitism which has already Ponzi’d them out of a society they thought was for them too. But never was.
            Such a meeting of little minds as a détente` of the weak majority will defacto give The Left their victory if we don’t pull out _now_ and so destroy society through non participancy.
            I say this would be a tragedy not because society as it now is is saveable, for us. But rather because only poor whites breed young enough in anything like the numbers required, to _win_ the millions vs. millions death struggle that will follow, here in the U.S..
            More than died in all of WWII, put together.
            And if our poor and lower classes refuse to sit at the card table and play the long hand to the finish, whites are done for.
            The critical tipping point you are talking about will come in the period 2020-2040 when the Leftist demographers are cheering hardest for the death of the white majority as aging baby boomers and Gen-X leave this world and our numbers halve, overnight.
            Without understanding what will happen when they are left alone in a darkened room with all those young = stupid = impulsive browns and blacks who now outnumber them.
            There will be no ‘greater elegance of socialist understanding’ then, there will be a mad power grab for societies remaining resources which are no longer sustained by a white base.
            We cannot wait for that moment sir.
            Because without the white poor, who _will not_ fight for a promise of wealth redistribution that ends with “And robots will replace you once most of your are dead…”, the remaining whites will be, on average, 30-40 years old and too scattered to form even a shadow government as regional occupied resistance similar to the Vichy rule in France.
            And so we will follow our elders from this life, a lot sooner than we thought, in a manner similar to that which the Boers now endure in Africa.
            This is why I argue for graduated separation and resocialization on an _internal_ model of excluded, and occulted, white middle/lower class populations.
            While we still have the numbers as the freedoms to shrug off Federal vilification and retaliation for our ‘racist’ beliefs.
            Private dealings and internal networking can then ensure whites-only enclaves which are unbreakable when Society dissolves and the Leftist freaks find they have no other whites to help them manage the dark masses as the lights go out.
            But to get there from here means starting, right now, to bring together white-exclusive economic systems that less redistribute than _lock down_ capital worth (Come live with us, if you do well for two years, we will sponsor your to a condo and a car. Keep true to the process and when you find a girl, in another two years, we will move you up to a house and a birthing package.).
            As White Spatial Occupancy.
            For too long, we have followed a system of meritocracy in a condition where success bred separation from our own as a K-bred society where women attached themselves to ‘better than me’ elitism and bred small families apart from society.
            Comparatively, R-Breeding keeps a constant group control over all of their own assets and so merely waits for the moment when K-Bred populations become diffuse enough to begin infiltration and advance. Still controlling whatever they take as forever theirs, never to be yielded.
            This is not Chess, this is Go. And it’s time we understood it’s rules as checking our competitors.
            Breeding so selectively that we have a tiny minority of really capable people, only in it for themselves, and a huge majority of also-rans, poisoned by plenty into not having to struggle hard. And thus no longer generating excellence on their own as society leaves them behind in a backwater position of disdained menialism is not how whites will move forward.
            Humanoid Automation will give back strength to these people because they will see that only be doing more can they gain what they want from life. But they will not have to break themselves in the process.
            Because we don’t need Terminator level replication of human ontologic behaviors. We need little more than a self-aimed screwdriver that lifts garbage cans, fills potholes, paints walls, and repairs complex machines without understanding what they do as _limited_ instruction set behaviors.
            Robots may in fact be superior brain surgeons because they can cut to a micron level of accuracy. But they can’t find the hospital where they are scheduled to work because they don’t have an ontology of what a hospital or a roadmap to get there in fact is.
            A man who then drives these systems to work sites, supervises them through the day and perhaps teaches them his own basic ‘toolkit’ of manual skills as teleo-imprinted motion captures, can build an empire out of controlling base labor, just by participating in the effector portion of society as white elites refuse to do.
            That is NOT wealth redistribution. It is wealth building.
            The way it should be done. Not by owning pieces of paper which say you have a right to a share in production rewards because you own stocks in the process patent. The latter is true parasitism.
            To get there from here we have to have these people on our side as the conserved genetic and societal modalities that make it worthwhile for us to trust in our own future’s assurance.
            And that means investing in lower class whites for a change. Not as a handout. But rather a promise that /because you are Kindred/ because my daughter will marry your son and their children will be beautiful and intelligent and maybe produce brilliance or at least lawfulness in their children, our common genes will not be lost in a cesspit of other racial barbarism.
            And so I will do this for you, today.
            Bring you in to my community. Give you a home. Give you job training for a position (electrician, plumber, farmer, construction) in which you are exclusively market dominant as a guaranteed position which will never be outsourced.
            That maybe, tomorrow, you will remember me and fight hard for a system that has protected and advantaged you over all others.
            For such is what racism really is: the love of a people for itself, sufficient to sacrifice everything for the folkway that they represent to each other.
            At present, I do not think that robotics will come online before the end of our grace period while the other races build up to crushing numbers in our homelands. We will not have Terminators on our side in battle (I hope not, because the Feds will have them first).
            Which means that we can only exist as rocks of enclaves, before the pounding racial surgetide, so that, when the lights go out, the food stops being delivered and there is no more gasoline, we are faced with 60+ days of die offs in the millions per day.
            And can still endure.
            Because we will endure beyond that.
            No robotic labor means no robotic defenders and white blood will have to be spilled in a fashion which MATTERS because it’s not lost in desultory engagements for no reason but to sate black and brown hatred of who we are.
            And what they will never be.

  • BonV.Vant

    HEY! Muhammed Abdullah Wallah or whatever your bloody name is- IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET ALOT WORSE!!!!

  • BonV.Vant

    It is likely to get a lot worse.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    It is the patriotic duty of every indigenous white Briton to ensure that Muslims feel as unwelcome as possible. The foreign invaders will soon leave the country when they can no longer handle the heat coming from the frying pan.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      I hope the heat gets turned up a lot higher than that.

  • BonV.Vant

    Well, we really need to do something about this! Why not pay for an arabic production of “The Vagina Monologues”!!

    • Kenner

      Lets get that camel-toe under the tent!

      • BonV.Vant

        ahhh, “the Camel Toe Monologues!” as in “What do you call an arabic version of the vagina monologues.

  • IstvanIN

    I bet there are far more hate crimes committed by Moolsims against Britons than the other way around.

    • BonV.Vant

      Yes, but there is video of an older English couple reporting violence and attacks against them by gypsies, and the liberal apparatchik who listens to them sneeringly tells them that they are racists and that they can not seriously think that he will take consider what they say. So, yes, the only “hate” crimes are the ones that have a “minority” victim. In other words, the government is their enemy.

    • 1stworlder

      Yes but they are not reported. The press was trying to deny that mud slums beheaded the soldier until the cell phone video of the guy saying alli Akbar circulated online.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “Alum Rock, a neighborhood of Birmingham, looks the way Pakistan might,
    if Pakistan were under gray northern skies and British rule.”

    You mean like when Pakistan was ruled by the British from 1843-1947? I’m pretty sure it didn’t look like England. I’m pretty sure it was filthy and decrepit.

    • JDInSanD

      I’m pretty sure it still is.

    • sbuffalonative

      Which is why the leave.

    • Bantu_Education

      I’m sure its got much worse – pop’n in 1890 was 18m, in 1947 was 35m, now over 200m. And that in a country 80% desert and barren mountains.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    This is a good beginning, but wholesale expulsions are required for whites to have any future at all in their own homelands, along with a return of the influence of both Christianity and nationalism.

    • me

      I weep copious crocodile tears for these poor, downtrodden freaks.

    • Major

      I pray that we don’t wait as long as they have.

  • Long Live Dixie

    Anti-Muslim hate crimes are up, the police and Muslim advocacy groups say.

    Good to know whose side the police are on.

  • Spartacus

    “Anti-Muslim hate crimes are up, the police and Muslim advocacy groups say.”


    They’re proportionate to the murders and gang-rapes you vermin are responsible of…

    • Bantu_Education

      Sparty – you are an absolute genius at finding pictures to match the stories..!

  • Truth Teller

    Muslim murders of Whites are simply common crimes, the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time and randomly selected. But let a White look at a Muslim in full jhadi gear and it is a hate crime. Well, what does one expect from the NY Slimes. That commie rag has covered up black on White crime and the destruction of huge areas of NYC for 70 years.
    Will the muslim Pakistani gang rapist of 13 year old girls stay in their ghettoes because they feel uncomfortable? No. Will English parents and teachers who try to stop gang rapes of
    13 year old English girls by muslims still be accused of racism and hate crime? YES YES YES!

  • bigone4u

    It is insanity to allow ANY Muslim to reside in any white, Christian country. Sooner or later the muzzies will force whites to submit or be killed. It’s part of the belief system. To avoid the future ultra bloody Christian-Muslim War, we must confront and defeat them NOW. If we don’t it will just be worse in the long run.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      OR they will force us to slaughter them, all of them to the last. That is what those who flooded them into our lands want, they are starting a clash of civilizations designed to slaughter whites, and if huge numbers of Muslims are slain too, that is just fine and dandy with them. In other words, this will a kill, or be killed situation for us. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would rather have the blood of hundreds, thousands of them on my hands than submit to this desert death cult.

  • I’m glad the muslims don’t feel welcome. Why should they? I would urge all whites to treat the muslims in their countries with disdain. You don’t have to physically persecute them, but let them feel by your frown and by that certain ‘look,’ that you don’t like their presence.

    We need to stop being friendly to these people because their intentions for us are not good. When the opportunity arises, these same muslims will join the their brethren to slaughter every one of us.

    Don’t do business with muslims, don’t greet them on the street, avoid their stores, and do everything in your power to make them feel unwanted. And when they inquire, tell them exactly what you think of their bloodthirsty religion and how you intend to keep your nation as white as possible. Be careful, but when the opportunity arises, give them a piece of your mind.

    Don’t worry if the muslims get upset . . . because they already hate you!

  • sbuffalonative

    The huge Pak Supermarket, with its 10-kilogram bags of spices and rices,
    is matched by the nearby Pak Pharmacy. Nearly every face is South
    Asian, and people wear a vibrant mixture of clothing, from Western
    styles to head scarves, knitted caps and full-face veils, or niqabs.

    It sounds wonderful So vibrant! So colorful! Far better than that stogie old British culture. Did the British even know about colors before Asians arrived?

  • Rhialto

    One more example of groups who can dish it out, but can’t take it. As long as White men cringe and apologize, they attack. If White men get nasty, they whine and demand governmental protection.

    • dukem1

      Boy, is that it. In a nutshell.

      We are doomed.

  • JustJeff

    If they get anymore “insular” they’ll just collapse in on themselves like a black hole.

    • BonV.Vant

      The black hole of Calcutta…

  • Sangraal

    ‘The streets are lively but orderly’


    Lively – adj., overcrowded, teeming with darkies, having a high incidence of hostile third-world faiths, esp. of formerly white neighbourhoods in which indigenous population no longer feel welcome.
    (Oxford Leftist Dictionary, 2005 edition)

  • MBlanc46

    Perhaps instead of making themselves more insular, they should make themselves more subcontinental by repatriating themselves.

  • BonV.Vant

    Well, not outside of the BBC anyway.

  • negrolocaust

    MICHAEL SAVAGE just opened his show with the knockout attack on the white cleveland vet

    • Kenner

      You should see the comments at the original story. White hot rage–

  • NM156

    Next nitwit who uses “vibrant” gets a pie in the face.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    ”’ ”There is more hostility and more aggression,” Mr. Ali said.”

    Said the man from the hostile and aggressive Muslim culture.

  • Bantu_Education

    To get truly insular they must go and live in caves, where their satanic cult originates. Darkness is the natural environment of a people who cover up their women in black cloaks and spend so much of their days with their heads stuck in the ground. They also scorn knowledge and intellectual enlightenment. They, and blacks (who are naturally drawn to Islam) are the aggressive Morlocks of HG Wells whilst we are the passive Eloi. Truth is stranger then fiction..!

  • Bantu_Education

    Yesterday I caught yet another example of the insidious BBC diversity programming (pun intended) in a news item from Denmark about how the Danes (like all white peoples) are not having enough children to “finance future welfare needs”. The piece ended with an “upbeat” note by showing a “young couple who are doing their part by having a baby”. It was a slightly swarthy dark-haired man (he had a typical Muslim name) and a blond Danish woman. The baby of course will be brought up as a Muslim, and therefore an enemy of Denmark.

  • Bantu_Education

    The “backlash” is about as threatening as a feather duster…!

  • arthurenglish

    The increase in “anti-Moslem” hate crimes has proven to be a lie. The organisation (Moslem led) that reported this was using every negative quote that they could find in newspapers, facebook etc. whether it used hateful language or not to show an increase.

  • ViktorNN

    At some point sooner than later, they’re going to have be persuaded or compelled to go back to where they came from. Preparing for that moment is the challenge.

    But making them feel “uncomfortable” is a good start.

  • Dutch

    And there’s no room for dialog, because there never has been. They have more freedom in their own country.

  • MartelC

    For the new york times, sex grooming of English girls is a non-story, the skyrocketing increase of violence and rape of (english) women is a non-story…muslim terrorism – and blatant support for organizations which want to demographically displace us AND impose their social mores, like sharia law, is a non story..
    **this** is the big news.

  • DaveMed


  • John R

    AWWWW those mean White Britons are not accepting of those poor Muslims? Terrible! I just can’t understand that: I mean Muslims are just such good, peaceful people, who show such tolerance and respect to all other cultures and faiths. I mean, non-Muslims in Muslim countries are just treated so well. Okay, enough sarcasm. If the Muslims don’t like life in Britain, then I have a suggestion: Get THE F%^&K OUT OF THAT COUNTRY AND GO THE H#$&L BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!! There. Had to get that out. Thank you.

  • Major

    Did these neanderthals actually believe there would never be any push back from their host’s citizens? Bravo to the Brits who are finally reacting to the threat to their country.

  • Major

    They’ll just have to contend with the rest of the insane squabbling tribes over the true meaning of allah…and get “justice” there.

  • blight14

    I hope the collective declaration to these primitive invaders is ‘you haven’t seen anything yet’….

    • benvad

      I hope we get inspired by this great man.

  • NoMosqueHere

    So, let’s see if I understand this. Vicious muslims invade western nations and make life unbearable for the native whites. The whites take reasonable (actually, half hearted) actions to defend themselves and their nation, so we are supposed to therefore see the muzzies as the victims. This is how the demented liberals at the NY Times see it.

  • BonV.Vant

    She never saw a European Country that she did not want to genocide

  • BonV.Vant

    muslims chop off the head of an English man then complain that the are the victims of “hate crimes’

  • benvad

    Long live the Ukrainian hero

  • I don’t believe it for a minute that they are suddenly in some sort of fear and that hostilities have ramped up.

    UKIP certainly aren’t anti-Islamic in principle and policy, so the nonsense about anti-immigration parties does does not correlate to the “fears” the Muslims of Birmingham allegedly feel to have increased.

    They command – according to the article – 21% of the city and they are already in enclaves and insular – that is precisely how they have got to be so large, by looking after their own interests and expanding outwards in the fashion described of the area the reporter went to.

    To think that people in that area are somehow fearful, I just do not buy it. It is more like yet another “social narrative” piece to reinforce the dogmas and victim-hood tenderness.

    If they are feeling under threat and persecuted (and what section of Muslims in this world DON’T say that?) then good. They know where the door is. They can shut it on their way out.

  • Truth Teller

    Vibrant clothing, shabby, wrinkled black sheets. One good thing about the face veils, it hides the ugly faces and unwashed lank hair.

  • Truth Teller

    Long Live Dixie
    The Norman troops who conquered England in 1066 were comprised of about 1/3 Normans and 2/3 Bretons or the people of Brittany aka little Britain. When the Saxons conquered the 6 counties of south east England that became Saxon England, many of the indigenous celtic Britons simply fled across the Channel and with the permission of the GRand Duke settled in what were the mostly empty lands south of Normandy they named Brittany or little Britain. They built dykes and land fills. Much of the coast of Brittany was created from the sea and coastal swamps by the refugees from Britain.
    The Bretons were mostly aristo warlords who kept in touch with Cornwall and other celtic areas. They were totally revanchist. When Duke William decided to invade,his force was 2/3 descendants of the Britons who had been conquered by the Saxons 500 years before.
    The Saxons never had more than 6 counties of south east England. There were no Saxons north of the Thames, south of the Tamar or west of Wessex.
    We are all American Whites here. Our aim is to unite Whites not quibble about small differences. Refighting the civil war is useless. So is 19th century English romantic gothic revival movement glorification of the ancient Saxons.
    So is bewailing the 19th century non English immigration. We need to remember who brought those non English non Saxon immigrants to America. Anglo Saxon protestant employers who recruited them in Europe while refusing to hire Americans.
    We also need to remember that it was the colonial English settlers, not 19th and 20th
    century Irish, German, Italian, Greek, Balkan and Eastern Europeans who created our greatest problem the blacks by bringing blacks to America.
    Were it not for blacks, affirmative action would never have happened nor would millions of White children and tens of thousands of white teachers have been subject to the hatred harassment and verbal and physical assaults by the black savages brought to America by the Saxon founders.
    This is an White site, not a southern heritage or Saxon heritage site.

  • Truth Teller

    Long Live Dixie
    As long as you insist on wasting space discussing minute details of White ethnicities, I would like to remind you that the Lombards, Burgundians, Franks, Belgae (Belgians) Helvetians (Swiss and Venetians) Goths, Germans and others including the Saxons arrived in western Europe from the Eastern European Slavic lands during the latter days of the Roman Empire.
    Saxony is a very small area of Germany. I doubt the millions who claim Saxon heritage are really Saxons but the standard British mixture which north of the Thames was mostly Danish.
    I am sure there are southern and Saxon heritage sites. This is a White nationalism site.

  • George

    If they stay home they will make even more children. Hate crime is a bad strategy.