UN Warns of “Unspeakable” Horror as Mass Grave Found in Central African Republic

Colin Freeman, Telegraph (London), February 12, 2014

International peacekeepers were accused last night of failing to prevent ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic, as the discovery of a mass grave laid bare what a visiting United Nations official described as “unspeakable” horror.

A human rights group said that Christian militias were being allowed to slaughter Muslims within impunity because French and African Union peacekeepers were too thinly spread to stop them.

Amnesty International said that it would lead to further tit-for-tat violence, a warning given credence yesterday when peacekeepers found at least a dozen rotting corpses at a barracks occupied by members of the Muslim Seleka militia in the capital, Bangui.

Meanwhile, Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN’s refugee agency said Wednesday he had witnessed “a humanitarian catastrophe of unspeakable proportions” during his tour of the country.

“Massive ethno-religious cleansing is continuing,” said Mr Guterres.

“Shocking barbarity, brutality and inhumanity have characterised this violence.”

The Amnesty International report said that despite the presence of some 1,600 French peacekeeping troops and some 6,000 African Union soldiers, Christian militias, known as “anti-balakas” were still carrying out attacks on ethnic Muslims.

“International forces have failed to swiftly deploy to these areas to protect civilians and have allowed anti-balaka militias to assert themselves,” Amnesty said. “As a result, further violence now threatens to spread across the Central African Republic.”

Only last week, a group of CAR soldiers in Bangui publicly lynched a man suspected of having been a rebel, as a jeering crowd took photographs which were later beamed around the world. Burundian peacekeepers were at the scene but withdrew for their own safety.

Among the massacres documented by an Amnesty research team in the CAR is Bossemptele, where on January 18 more than 100 people were killed during Muslim-Christian clashes. No peacekeepers were based in the town at the time, leaving civilians at the mercy of armed groups.

“For two weeks we have been calling for the (African) and French forces to come . . .  but we have had no response,” one local priest told Amnesty. “The situation, for the displaced people and for us, is getting worse every day.”

Amnesty also reported a case in Bangui in which the bodies of a number of Muslims who had been killed earlier were mutilated and set on fire. “French forces barely 50 metres away did not intervene to stop the mutilation of the bodies,” Amnesty said.

The group warned that the violence was creating an “historic” exodus of Muslims from the CAR. As well as sowing the seeds for further conflict, it carries risks for the CAR’s economy as Muslims make up the bulk of the country’s trading and business class, Amnesty said.

Yesterday Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, appealed to France to send more troops, saying he feared the country could spiral into genocide.

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  • “UN warns of unspeakable horror … in the CAR”

    UN notices typical black behavior in the CAR.

    There, I fixed it.

    Again, I’ll say it every time this story comes up — It’s not religious violence as such. The religion is just a front for blacks doing what blacks do and have done since the eighth day of creation — Gang up and fight each other. It’s just that the religious angle is a convenient front that all involved can latch onto. But if it did not exist, they’d find another pretense.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Did you notice French prez Francois Hollande, the Socialist buffoon with the 19% approval rating, sent French troops into this bloodbath and he’s STILL getting blamed for not stopping the violence?

      I guess the UN and Amnesty Int’l just have to somehow find whites to blame for black-on-black violence.

      • Puggg

        He has a 19% approval rating, so the genius does something politically genius like sending white French troops to get stuck in the middle of a bunch of rampaging black Africans. But that’s a good way to turn that 19% into 9%, and guarantee that Marine Le Pen is the next French President.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Ms. Le Pen should make a campaign pledge to bring the troops home from Africa and to send them into France’s “no-go zones” to round up the illegal aliens and car-burning “youths”.

        • jackryanvb

          I like France and other White countries sending trioops in to African anarchy. White troops need experience being in and around a black violence, that way they aren’t shocked when they see similar things in say France.

          White casualties are usually very low in such interventions .

          Plus, maybe we’ll get some more pro White General like Franco or the French Algerian Generals to try a coup back in the a white mother country.

          • Puggg

            If white people get as much as a paper cut trying to break up fights between and among blacks, it’s a tragic waste.

            The French don’t need to go to Africa to experience blacks, when Africa is already right there where they are in Paris.

    • Conrad

      Heck these sub-humans kill each other because one of them is wearing the wrong color snot rag.

    • dukem1

      I’ll admit I mostly kinda scanned this report..But I think I got the gist of it… These savage barbarians cannot help but slaughter one another, but, somehow, it’s my fault?!?!?!
      OK. Put it all on me. But that won’t help, because I DON’T CARE!

  • BonV.Vant

    the numbers are too low, typical bantu laziness

  • David Ashton

    Blame King Leopold, I say!

    • anton drexler

      Exactly! The last things we wicked whites must notice is the truth before our noses. Everything is eternally our fault. The notion that, as a general rule, blacks are stupid savages, is as ludicrous as the notion that 1+1=2.

    • IstvanIN

      He gets blamed for way too much. His methods were probably the only effective ones.

      • David Ashton

        Irony, of course. We Brits would not go further than Sanders of the River.

  • Luca

    Business as usual, no headlines here, just Africans killing Africans and it’s the White mans’ fault for not containing it.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Oh my God! Something barbaric and ghastly happened in sub-Saharan Africa!

      Somebody send some money!!!!

      Sorry ’bout the copy/paste from last story, but…

      What more to say?

  • Spartacus

    “Shocking barbarity, brutality and inhumanity have characterised this violence.”


    How’s that different from any other black country/city/town/neighborhood ?

  • Truth Teller

    The CAR whatever it is has no police or military to control the genocide? Wasn’t it only 50 years ago that the European colonists were expelled as the UN cheered the locals on? So why are European troops needed to keep the locals from exterminating each other?

  • bigone4u

    Europe and the USA need to do a whole lot of ethnic cleansing too. But of course, only in a nonviolent, humane manner benefiting the dignity and humanity of our White race.

    • Conrad

      They are doing exactly that. Of course, whites are the targets.

  • IstvanIN

    Let them settle things for themselves, the only alternative is a permanent occupation force, which would only be effective if brutal, and the UN and EU would never go for that. This is a no win situation for White people. Once again, we can only lead by example, we can not “persuade” them with reason to behave.

    By letting them fight it out among themselves perhaps they will whittle down the population enough that the fighting will either peter out from lack of participants or the sides will get tired and divide the country up into two separate nations that each can live in among their own.

    • M&S

      …or the sides will get tired and divide the country up into two separate nations that each can live in among their own.
      Shame we can’t do the same.
      It’s also indicative of the black mental process that when one gets too far ahead they are acting beyond their starting position (and being rewarded in turn) and must be brought back to commonality with the rest of the group.
      In this, I would say that the Muslim population is likely subject to slaughter out of class envy as much as hatred and that this is something which needs to be _well documented_ that we might understand the concept which is operant in the black psychology the world over.
      “Give us some or watch us bring you back to our level because we will not allow you to succeed without us.”
      Religion is still an applicable -cultural- modifier here because Christianity is all about the nobility of the elective victim who will ‘get their’s back tenfold’ for their sheepish humilitary and submission to other’s control impulses.
      Whereas Islam is much more business friendly, despite the Fourth Pillar rule.

      • IstvanIN

        I doubt blacks are capable of being real Christians. Islam is easier for them because it is violent.

  • rightrightright

    The media is remarkably sleepy about reports of unspeakable horror when it is moslems doctrinally slaughtering the filthy kuffar.

    • HKopp

      You beat me to it. We live in interesting times.

    • Anna Tree

      Indeed! The mainstream media doesn’t care and publish nothing when the Christians are being hacked to death, but now the Christians are attacking back and it’s all over the news… This journalist (and others) is calling the Christian militia “anti-balakas” but the journalist does’t explain the name, if he was ever interested to understand what he was reporting, he would translate (like they all translate what boko haram means in every article I have ever read). “anti-balakas” is anti-machete:

      Not trying to excuse the barbary of what is happening, but muslims use machetes to kill Christians there so Christians in self defense attack the muslims back and call what they are doing anti-machete. That term is pointing that their violence is a reaction to the usual jihad.

  • Lagerstrom

    Seal the joint off and let them fight it out amongst themselves. That country is not worth the life of one European peacekeeper.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    He’p Us! He’p Us! Sends white troops to protects us. Sends money! Sends food! Take us into yo’ white countries. We bees refugees ‘n sheeit!


    • Luca

      I say we send African birth/population control devices, better known in the civilized world as AK-47’s.

  • JohnEngelman

    This is the way those people have always lived, with a brief intermission during European colonialism.

    The Chinese are increasing their presence in Africa. Maybe they can impose civilization on the barbarians.

    • Luca

      Actually the Chinese are fond of monkey meat. However, I don’t think they’d waste their time teaching pigs how to dance or teaching Africans how to be civilized; both are lessons in futility.. They’re not even interested in cheap labor since they have plenty in abundance, they want the natural resources.

      • Spartacus

        The bastards are eating the wrong monkeys…

    • Lagerstrom

      The Chinese would be more likely to enslave, exploit and slaughter the barbarians I’d be thinking.

  • Nathanwartooth

    International peacekeepers were accused last night of failing to prevent ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic

    Can we please hold Africans responsible for their own actions? Maybe just once? Not even when they commit genocide is it their fault.

  • Brian

    “Colonialism wrecked everything in a formerly peaceful, prosperous continent, complete with spaceships. Go away whitey!”
    [A case of Africa breaks out for the umpteenth time]
    “Why haven’t you French sent us more troops to restore order in our country when we can’t?!”


  • Brian

    Nah, the state fair ‘exuberance’ had the ghostly fingerprints of Stonewall Jackson all over it. Stuart’s in charge of instigating rapes and liquor store holdups, and NBF’s bailiwick is tricking them into drug use and baby-daddyism.

  • If I can figure this out correctly, the bongonians don’t like other bongonians any more than they like whites, Asians, Mexicans or Arabs.

    Yes, there is no such place as “Bongonia”. I call these areas “Bongostan”.

    • Malgus

      “Bongonia”.. LMAO!!!

      Okay… that got me laughing. +1

      They’ve been slaughtering each other for thousands of years… perhaps the Muslim Bongonians should be glad that the Christian Bongonians didn’t eat them too or wear their skins as clothing…

      Sort of remind me of the Reavers from Firefly…

  • Erasmus

    For pity’s sake they’re talking about Africa. Wait for something newsworthy. Call us when there’s not unspeakable horror.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    These spontaneous outbursts of tribal savagery are just Nature’s way of reducing African population growth, which has already exceeded the maximum carrying capacity of the land.

  • Rhialto

    Note the presence of military forces under UN control, classified as “International peacekeepers”. It was the UN that requested the French government to engage in acts of war against elements with the CAR, and the French government did so. Thus the UN has acquired the power to wage war. Granted it is meager power; it’s war against a feeble non-governmental entity, and using forces not directly under UN control. But precedents have been set, in the CAR and elsewhere for the UN to wage war against nations. In fact, these precedents started in 1950 with the Korean War, which was officially a UN police action. Although in reality, it was the US with its allies fighting Russian backed North Korea and

    Liberals are masters of using precedents. Consider how the Liberals went from court ordered desegregation in 1953 to court ordered forced integration in 1968.

  • David Ashton

    In some ways, this is no joke.
    Britain is now being blamed for initiating black slavery and Jamaica is demanding reparations. We are now also accused of being not just bystanders but being “facilitators” of “The Holocaust” a bit nearer in time. But next up, compensation for Agincourt and the Armada? The Irish and Bengal famines. And your war of Independence, why not?

  • Ella

    The UN prepares to guilt Europe in accepting more Muslim refugees who are the real “victims” of murdering Christians in CAR.

  • David Ashton

    Agree with much of what you say, but you and I do not determine the forthcoming PC agenda – watch the space in Huff & Puff, Hollywood, The Guardian, “Holocaust Memorial” trends….too busy at present to get out my cuttings files on the straws in the wind. Oh, I forgot, the persecution of transgenders from time imm…oral.

  • Truth Teller

    David Ashton
    I’m overjoyed to see that Jamaica and other islands are suing England for slavery. All the English people my sister and I know hate America and constantly make nasty remarks. Talking about blacks they won’t even admit it was England that brought the black plague to America. We’re still lynching and burning them a the stake. All blacks are unemployed because of racism. Black crime is a racist myth.
    I hope the Islands get billions in reparation and I hope the Guardian, New Statesman and BBC blather on and on about the sins of the English slave trade for the next hundred years.

  • Truth Teller

    An African told me how Africans choose between Christianity and Islam. The Christians offer them alcohol and free hospitals. The Muslims offer them rape and polygamy Christianity will win because Africans love alcohol above everything else and Christian Africans ignore the laws against rape.

  • Strider73

    And race hustlers like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton will never be seen anywhere near the CAR. No money to be made there.