No, The FBI Hasn’t Ditched The Southern Poverty Law Center

Carlos Maza, Media Matters, March 27, 2014

Conservative news outlets are hyping a minor website change to suggest that the FBI is distancing itself from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)–a group that monitors hate speech and violence–in response to criticism from anti-gay organizations. But the FBI has issued a statement debunking that narrative and continues to publicly tout its partnership with SPLC on its website.

On March 26, Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard asserted that the FBI was ending its relationship with SPLC, noting that a link to the group had been scrubbed from the FBI’s Hate Crime “resources” page and calling it a “significant rejection of the influential legal group.”


But the claim that the FBI is ending its relationship, or even its website’s relationship, with SPLC in response to right-wing outrage is false. As Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper noted, the FBI continues to list SPLC as a partner in the fight against hate crimes on its website.

The right-wing narrative is also contradicted by an official statement from the FBI. In a statement to The Daily Caller, and FBI spokesperson said:

“Upon review, the Civil Rights program only provides links to resources within the federal government,” an FBI spokesman told The Daily Caller. “While we appreciate the tremendous support we receive from a variety of organizations, we have elected not to identify those groups on the civil rights page.”



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  • MekongDelta69

    The only way I’ll ever believe something from the far-leftist Media Matters, is if I’m on some kind of acid trip from the 60s.

  • sbuffalonative

    I knew there was a reason no one on the left was ‘outraged’ over this decision.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Bon from Babble dissected the fine print.
      Can’t put anything past her…<;-D

    • Jim

      I also had doubts about the story as related by conservative sites, but this statement from the FBI (quoted by Media Matters) casts doubt on Media Matters’ version of the story, too :

      “Upon review, the Civil Rights program only provides links to resources
      within the federal government,” an FBI spokesman told The Daily Caller.
      “While we appreciate the tremendous support we receive from a variety of
      organizations, we have elected not to identify those groups on the
      civil rights page.”

      Sounds very much like they’re distancing themselves from everyone, possibly to distance themselves from the few. (All in equitable government fashion, of course.) The SPLC has been representing itself as an organization with quasi-official governmental status through their association with the FBI. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is somewhat annoying to the FBI. In truth, they have no more official status than any other non-profit non-government organization, such as the Humane Society or the Council of Conservative Citizens.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate criminals.

    Of the Southern Poverty Law Center serves any useful purpose, that can better be handled by a new government bureau that can be called the Federal Bureau of Political Correction.

  • You mean I have to put the champagne back on ice?

  • dd121

    If it were ever in my purview to assist the FBI on any criminal matter, I would stonewall them completely.

  • Deception and deceit are the hallmarks of the Obama administration, aren’t they? They pull the SPLC link off the website as window dressing and we’re so hungry from some sign of decency from this bunch that we break out the champagne. How do you tell they’re lying? Their lips are moving. Don’t forget it.

  • Dave4088

    How can the FBI list the NAACP as a partner when that organization’s refusal to condemn savage black violence against whites has only encouraged more blacks to attack and kill innocent white people?

    The FBI is just the USSA’s version of the Soviet Cheka. Rather than root out real crime and criminals, an increasing amount of their time and resources are spent enforcing the will of prominent American Jews, black and brown race chauvinists and monitoring those who oppose cultural Marxism.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I agree BUT the FBI did take out 3 non White state senators here in CA. I think that there are “rogue” White agents in the FBI that do their best to fight against the beast.

      • Dave4088

        Wish I could share your optimism, but I believe the non-white politicians caught up in the sweep was calculated to fool white people into thinking justice is color blind and that the system still works despite the harassment of the tea party and deep seated anti-white bias of Obama-Holder. Call me cynical.

        I predict all the non-whites will have their charges plead down to practically nothing and given a modest fine. Already the three blacks arrested for corruption charges have had their charges dropped by the Pennsylvania AG. Membership in the master black race has its privileges.

        • Pro_Whitey

          I agree. As others have pointed out, there is a good chance that this is the first shoe, dropped now so it can be forgotten by November, whereas the arrests of GOP officials will happen in the weeks leading up to the elections.

      • Long Live Dixie

        I think that there are “rogue” White agents in the FBI that do their best to fight against the beast.

        FBI agents are just the same as career US soldiers. They do what they’re ordered to do and don’t think much about any higher cause.

    • Romulus

      Thank you for that. It is a hobby of mine to study Russia and all it’s history. I’m particularly interested in refreshing my mental database since the Ukraine. I’ve found TOO BY K. MacDonald has excellent geo political analysis. I like to compare and contrast his site with the semi non Eskimo leaning American thinker.

  • Glen

    This was nothing but a ploy designed to give false hope to naive
    conservatives who think that they still have a say in what is done in this country. Ten years from now we’ll fall for it all over again.

  • John Smith

    Amazing…years back a fella named WLP spoke of the dangerous corruption of law enforcement and the FBI by groups like the ADL and SPLC.

    Both of these groups are viciously anti-white. Too bad more of our people don’t realize it.

    The ADL was busted for stealing many confidential police files and even gave a major award (“torch of liberty”…yea right) to a you-know-who mobster who just happened to donate millions of his ill gotten gains to a certain little country in the Middle East that resides along the water.

    The SPLC makes its living suing groups with very few assets and ability to defend themselves and then brags in its publications (appeals for $)

    But the anti-white media creatures never mention this…

    • Romulus

      Yet, fascinating that their group isn’t listed separately in census taking. When I use the word “white” I’m referencing specific European peoples and not all caucasoids.

      If we revisit the feature above titled ANOTHER HAITi and scroll down to the pic that poster JAMES was so kind to put up, you can see what I’ve called attention to before. We can see that a half aborigine with an Irish father, her daughter from an Irish father and her grandson with an Irish father. The evidence is crystal clear. You can breed people in or out depending on what males seeds the eggs. In this case, white males did the siring. Now witness the reverse, as every foreign male is spreading their spore into our females. It only takes 4 generations.
      The frequency of foreign alleles into our pool does not bode well for our survival.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Any organization that has anything to do with the Southern Poverty Law Center has zero credibility in my eyes, and is also an enemy of my race. The FBI is morphing into the SS or NKVD.

    • Long Live Dixie

      If the FBI is morphing into the SS, then the SPLC is about to be in a world of hurt.

      • WR_the_realist

        The FBI is not morphing in the SS. But the FBI along with the NSA is already a pretty good imitation of the Stasi, which would get along fine with the sociopaths at the $PLC.

    • Agreed. Professional law-enforcement agencies ought to remain above politics. As a potential juror, I would have to refuse to convict any defendant in any case brought to trial by an agency that the $PLC had contaminated. This is called “juror nullification” and it works.

  • MBlanc46

    Too good to be true, apparently.

  • Wolfy

    Darn! For a sec there I was real happy!

  • JohnEngelman

    Has an organization on the Southern Poverty Law Center hate list ever engaged in an act of terrorism? I doubt it.

    • I am on the Terrorist Watch List and not even I have ever engaged in any terrorist activities.

      • JohnEngelman

        They have probably added me to the list because of the comments I have submitted to American Renaissance.

  • Brandon

    The Famous But Incompetent (H/T Mindweapon) organization is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mossad