Posted on October 1, 2001

O Tempora, O Mores! (October, 2001)

American Renaissance, October 2001

Special Forces to Save Whites

In South Africa, a former member of the special forces has founded a new security company to protect farmers. Wynand du Toit points out that more than 1,100 white farmers have been murdered since the ANC took power in 1994, and has no doubt about the purpose of the killings: “There are no traditional criminals involved in the farm attacks. It is well-planned, military-style operations that are taking place. It is a well-planned action [aimed at forcing] white farmers to abandon their farms so that blacks can move in.” Lately, he says, attackers let their victims call neighbors for help and then ambush and kill the rescuers as well. He adds that it is no accident blacks target children for rape and torture: “Children are the future. Destroying children prevents us from having a future. Of course, the killing of children is also a psychological onslaught against the farmer, which might force him to leave his farm in order to protect them.”

Mr. du Toit’s new security company, Lanseria Protection Services, has teams of ex-special forces men on call 24 hours a day, who can be helicoptered anywhere in the country or parachute out of airplanes. He says the attackers have been frightened away from the areas in which his men have been active, and that local farmers look on his service as their only hope for survival.

Mr. du Toit thinks the killings are orchestrated by the Pan African Congress, and that the ANC is not yet at the stage of systematically killing whites. At the same time, police morale is so low, and so many experienced white officers are quitting, he thinks that within several years it will not be possible to solve major crimes. He notes that whites cannot count on help from abroad: “I have not noticed any response from the U.N., U.S. or the UK to the killings by blacks of white farmers in South Africa. Remember, we are white. Only whites can be racist. Blacks can’t be racist. They do not lie, and in the eyes of many overseas people, these attacks must be seen as a justification of the past. I do not think that the U.N. will spend one minute a month on the murders in South Africa.” [Anthony C. LoBaido, Wynand du Toit, a Special Forces Hero Committed to Saving Farmers at Risk in Southern Africa, WorldNetDaily. com, Aug. 15, 2001.]

One of the more hideous recent attacks took place on July 27, when eight blacks attacked Mr. and Mrs. Johan le Grange, an impoverished rural couple in their 80s. They tortured both victims with hot irons and tore out fingernails before beating Mr. le Grange to death. Mrs. le Grange survived but remains severely traumatized. The men then went next door to the home of the le Grange’s daughter and her four-year-old daughter, whom they raped and tortured for several hours — but did not kill.

Henda Wolfardt, a South African farmer who lives near Ventersdorp with her husband and two sons has noticed a world-wide pattern: “The blacks are killing whites in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and even in the U.S. in the recent riots in Seattle and Cincinnati. In Australia, the Aborigines are calling for the blood of the white farmers. The Russians are fighting against Islam in Chechnya. White Christians are attacked in the Balkans and Macedonia. What will it take for people to wake up?” [Anthony C. LoBaido, Killing of South Africa Farmers Intensifies, WorldNet, Aug. 1, 2001.]

Zim: Bad to Worse

Deterioration continues in Zimbabwe. On August 26, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported that it had received a copy of a secret government document called “Operation Give up and Leave,” which outlined a terror strategy for ridding the country of whites. “The operation should be thoroughly planned so that farmers are systematically harassed and mentally tortured and their farms destabilised until they give in and give up,” it read in part. It says the “Pamire-silencing method” should be used on any farmer who resists, a reference to Chris Pamire, a businessman who fell out with President Robert Mugabe and died in a mysterious road accident.

A Zimbabwe government spokesman says the document is rubbish, but events seem to be following its plan. Though the area around the town of Chinhoyi has been particularly hard hit by blacks looting and vandalizing white farm houses, the town itself has been safe. Recently, Pres. Mugabe’s followers forced all whites off the streets of Chinhoyi, beating up any they could find. Joy Moolman, a white farmer’s wife, has circulated an e-mail message reporting that blacks later went on an especially nasty tear through the countryside, turning out whites and making off with wagon loads of their possessions. Mrs. Moolman writes that her husband is a pilot and flew over the area reporting which way the gangs were headed so farmers could evacuate their families.

Under the title “Whites Finished in Zimbabwe,” the August 12 issue of the British newspaper Daily Mail published a letter from a white Zimbabwean that read, in part: “There is a fin de atmosphere among white people now, a sad, bitter resignation to the fact that our world is crumbling around us. It’s like going through a bereavement for the beloved country many of our families came to from England 100 years ago. It’s an agonising process: anger, denial, bargaining — then maybe death.

“The entire younger generation of whites know they are not wanted and have left or are leaving. The older generation is still desperate to live out what remains of their lives in what is left of British colonial style . . .”

“Suburban street signs have been removed wholesale — we think they are being melted down and made into coffin handles. Graves have been opened, corpses dumped in the bush and coffins taken for resale, spruced up with the aluminum from the signs.”

He writes that the whole country feels like one big departure lounge, as whites clear out. At 50,000, whites are 0.6 percent of the population, down from 200,000 when Robert Mugabe came to power and asked whites to stay. Even face to face with hatred, whites seem unwilling to shed their illusions. The man writes that one white “revealed that what really depressed him was the seeming indifference of most black Zimbabweans to what is happening to the whites.”

He continues: “The government knows if it can drive whites out of Zimbabwe the rest of the world, and particularly the Western media, will lose interest and then it will be able to deal with its political opposition in no uncertain terms. If that happens, there will be a descent into poverty and terror from which Zimbabwe, once a civilised and sophisticated nation, may never emerge.”

What has been the reaction in white nations to this clear example of ethnic cleansing? Australian MPs have discussed the possibility of asking Mr. Mugabe not to come to the October Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Brisbane. Members of the European Parliament have urged the 15 member states to freeze any bank accounts held by Mr. Mugabe, to refuse to let him visit, and to consider suspending financial aid to Zimbabwe. American congressmen have considered — but not passed — legislation to impose financial sanctions.

In the latest round of pusillanimity, Britain has agreed to head up a group to compensate whites for the farmland to be taken from them, if Mr. Mugabe will only agree to an orderly, non-violent program of dispossession. Mr. Mugabe says he will study the agreement, announced September 7 in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, in late August, Britain denied asylum to a white Zimbabwean fruit farmer who was beaten unconscious by Zimbabwean authorities who also murdered his girlfriend. Roy Page says he is afraid to go home, and says a number of his 300 former employees were killed simply for saying they wanted him back. The British position is that Mr. Page has nothing to fear if he returns, but has permitted him to appeal the ruling. [Christina Lamb and David Bamber, Mugabe’s Secret Plan to Evict All Whites, Telegraph (London), Aug. 26, 2001. Zimbabwe Denies It Plans to Evict All White Farmers, Reuters, Aug. 27, 2001. Kathy Kittley, Beaten-up Farmer Pleads to Stay Here, Telegraph, Aug. 30, 2001. David Blair, The Last Gamble of Zimbabwe’s White Tribe, Telegraph, Aug. 18, 2001. Glenn McKenzie, Zimbabwe to Stop Occupying White Farms, AP, Sept. 7, 2001.]

Durban Debacle

Meanwhile, the nine days of bile and blather known as the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance staggered to a close in Durban, South Africa. After a day of overtime, the South African foreign minister abruptly declared the conference over, since the interpreters had gone home. Many of the 9,000 participants were upset that the conference was dominated by arguments over Israel and reparations for slavery, which overshadowed their claims to victimhood. Kurds, Indian untouchables, homosexuals, and “refugees” said they didn’t get the attention they deserved. Arturo Sanchez came all the way from Mexico to alert the world to the troubles of “multiple minorities” — who may be young, black, poor and homosexual — but says no one noticed. “The governments aren’t seeing us as a priority because we aren’t Palestinian,” he says. There was a huge fight before the conference to make sure everyone talked about “indigenous peoples” (with an “s”) rather than “indigenous people,” and Eskimos and Indians were distressed that the “s” didn’t always appear in the final documents. Needless to say, no one had much to say about anti-white atrocities in Southern Africa.

There was unhappy compromise on the big issues of the day. Israel was not officially declared a “racist” state, but concern was expressed “about the plight of the Palestinian people under foreign occupation,” and there was a call to let refugees — understood to be Palestinians — return to their homes. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was dubbed an “appalling tragedy” and current slavery was called “a crime against humanity,” but no one offered reparations. A half-dozen members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus left early when prospects dimmed for a shakedown, but Jesse Jackson stayed to the bitter end, hoping for handouts.

Nigeria was the only African country officially to oppose reparations, but there have been other dissidents. Abdoulaye Wade, president of Senegal and descendant of slave-holders, says he is insulted by demands for reparations. “If one can claim reparations for slavery, the slaves of my ancestors or their descendants can also claim money from me, because slavery has been practiced by all people in the world,” he says.

Although the conference never mentioned it officially, some people were graceless enough to point out that although the Atlantic slave trade went on for a couple of hundred years, Arabs and East Africans trafficked humans for 1,000 years. One of the best-known slavers was nick-named Tippu Tip from the sound his guns made. Based in Zanzibar, this son of an Arab slaver and black mother led expeditions of up to 4,000 men into the interior to bring out slaves and ivory. His great-great-granddaughter, Ummi Hammid, says she is neither proud nor ashamed of her ancestor’s slaving but notes “He was a very good businessman.”

Jesse Jackson sees no subtleties or complexities. He says the United States only pretended to walk out of the conference because of Israel-bashing, and that what Americans feared most was talk of reparations. He says he will make reparations the number-one American civil rights issue for the fall. [Steve Miller, Jackson to Make Reparations for Blacks in U.S. a Priority, Washington Times, Sept. 7, 2001, p. A1. Betsy Pisik, Racism Parley Irks Overlooked Groups, Washington Times, Sept. 8, 2001, p. A5. Betsy Pisik, Bid to Censure Israel at Racism Summit Foiled, Washington Times, Sept. 9, 2001, p. A1. George Mwangi, Slaver Descendant Not Proud or Ashamed, AP, Sept. 6, 2001. Senegal’s Leader ‘Insulted’ by Slavery Demand, AP, Aug. 30, 2001.]

Escalation in France

At about 11:30 p.m. on September 1st-Saturday-police in Béziers in southern France got a call about a fight in a tough neighborhood between Gypsies and North Africans. When four officers pulled up, a round from a rocket launcher blew off the back of their patrol car. Miraculously, no one was hurt. The assailant disappeared, but telephoned Béziers police to say he was laying siege to police headquarters and was going to “kill cops.” The officer in charge called the mayor’s chief of staff for security matters at home, and Jean Faret got out of bed to drive to headquarters. By chance, two assailants saw him stop for gas. They killed him with a machine gun and escaped into the night to make more taunting calls to the police.

At 11:00 in the morning, officers persuaded the caller to meet them at the parking lot of the town’s convention center for “a real duel.” Safir Bghiouia, a 25-year-old North African showed up in a stolen BMW, stepped out of the car and pointed a machine gun at police who promptly killed him. Inside the BMW were the rocket launcher, an assault rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, explosives and detonators. Police knew Mr. Bghiouia as a small-time car thief but do not know how he managed to acquire an arsenal. His accomplice has disappeared.

“This is war,” says Raymond Couderc, mayor of Béziers. “They have attacked police headquarters and killed my chief of staff in cold blood. Events of this kind strike at the very foundations of the republic.” [Catherine Bernard, A Béziers, Coup de Sang au Lance-roquettes (Bloodshed by Rocket Launcher), Libération, Sept. 3, 2001.]

Tunneling to England

Each night, hundreds of Third Worlders try to sneak into the railway tunnel under the English Channel, which links France and Britain. They try to hop freight or passenger trains, or even hike the 31-miles to England. If they hop wrong they can be killed or lose a leg. The ones who are caught aren’t repatriated — they go home to the Red Cross refugee camp at nearby Sangatte, France, where they rest up for the next attempt to get across. Although they have already managed to make it to France — where they could apply for political asylum — the word is out that the British are an easier touch, and that Britain is a good jumping-off point for the United States. During the first six months of this year, police caught 18,500 illegals trying to get to England through the tunnel. During that period, 3,200 made it, and promptly applied for asylum. The British government wants to fine the Eurotunnel company $2,905 for each illegal alien who gets through, and a bill to that effect was to go before Parliament on September 18. [Keith B. Richburg, Perilous Passage: Refugees Try to Flee Via Eurotunnel, Washington Post, September 3, 2001, p. A14.]

Judicial Restraint

Judge Charles R. Jones of the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals was upset because he thought the court didn’t hire enough blacks. On January 31, 56-year-old Judge Jones arrived at work to help interview lawyers who wanted a staff job at the court. Instead of interviewing, Judge Jones, who is black, started swearing at the two fellow judges on the hiring committee, Miriam Waltzer and Steven Plotkin, both white.

“He called me a bitch, he called me a liar, he called me a conniver, that I pretended to be as innocent as the driven snow, and I was in on the conspiracy and on and on,” Judge Waltzer told the Louisiana Judiciary Committee, which investigated the incident. Every one of his sentences, she said, started with an expletive. When Judge Jones turned toward her, Judge Waltzer thought, “Is he going to hit me? What is he going to do?”

Judge Plotkin, 64, tried to intervene on behalf of his lady colleague. He says he called Judge Jones a bully and told him he resented his foul language. Judge Jones replied with another string of expletives. “He was just rageful, loud, screaming, yelling, angry. I mean, it was a demonstration on his part . . . of rage, as best as I can describe it.” A court deputy who witnessed the encounter said Judge Jones was “cussing and hollering and going on. The words were coming out of his mouth so fast. He was saying ‘You all are sons of bitches, you are all f***ing sons of bitches. You all are after my job, you all have always been after my job.”

Judge Jones then told Judge Plotkin, “Get out of my face,” and pushed him. Judge Plotkin pushed back. The six-foot, 200-pound Judge Jones then took a swing at the 5-foot four-inch, 155-pound Judge Plotkin, picked him up, and, according to Judge Waltzer, threw him either on or against a table. “And all the time he was cursing. I mean, he never stopped cursing,” Judge Waltzer told the judiciary committee. Judge Plotkin ended up on the floor in a daze, bleeding from a gash on his head.

Despite the testimony of witnesses, Judge Jones maintained that Judge Plotkin was the aggressor and threw the first punch. He denied arriving at the meeting angry, and further denied that he cursed at Judge Waltzer or was “spewing obscenities.” He did admit, however, that he did use “the F word.” “And I know I used it more than once,” he told the judiciary committee. Judge Jones also admitted he had problems with his temper. “I’ve been trying to use restraint,” he said. “And [in] that incident with Judge Plotkin, I thought I was using restraint.”

On August 8, the Louisiana Judiciary Committee ruled that Judge Jones disgraced the judiciary, and has recommended to the Louisiana Supreme Court that he be suspended for three months without pay and ordered to pay the $4,772 costs of the investigation. Judge Jones was unavailable for comment after the committee ruling, but his lawyer says the court’s record of minority hiring deserved more public attention than the fight. “Hopefully,” she adds, “now that the recommendation and entire record of the matter are public, this topic can be afforded the focus it deserves.” [Gwen Filosa, Suspension Endorsed for Judge, Times-Picayune (New Orleans), August 9, 2001, p. A-1.]

Another Hoax

32-year-old Camille Fulton made headlines in August after she showed up at a Texas hospital with bumps, bruises, and the letters “KKK” carved on her chest. She claimed she was abducted by two hooded white men in a pickup truck, who held her for 17 hours, sexually assaulted her, and scratched the letters into her skin. Miss Fulton made fewer headlines in September when she admitted to Cass County police that she made up the story and defaced herself with a pair of scissors. Police got suspicious when they noticed the letters were backwards. Miss Fulton, who says she doesn’t know why she faked the attack, was charged on September 6 with felonies for filing false information and fabricating evidence. A warrant was issued for her arrest, but she has disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Texas NAACP is suspicious of Miss Fuller’s recantation, and is conducting its own investigation in light of the area’s “history of racial incidents.” Miss Fuller’s family says authorities made her change her story. [Woman Says Men Carved KKK on Her Chest, AP, September 4, 2001. Woman Recants KKK Attack Story, AP, September 4, 2001. Kidnapping “Victim” Admits to Making the Whole Thing Up,, September 4, 2001. Woman Charged With Filing False Claim That She Was Abducted, Beaten and Sexually Assaulted, AP, September 6, 2001.]

Burn Down the Fire House

Firemen in the overwhelmingly black town of East St. Louis, Illinois, often put out fires deliberately set in abandoned buildings. Recently, they got three calls between midnight and 1:00 a.m. at a time when only three men were on duty. As they were busily putting out a blaze at an abandoned building, they got another call — their own firehouse was burning. By the time they got back, it was almost completely destroyed. The building appears to have been burgled and then set ablaze. [Arsonists Hit Firehouse, International Fire Fighter, March-April, 2001.]

Strictly Local News

On May 8, 2000, Leo Cavallaro, Jr. and his son, Leo III, were driving to West Memphis, Arkansas, to pick up some auto parts. The elder Mr. Cavallaro noticed that a friend had been pulled over by an Edmonson police officer, who was issuing a ticket. Officer David Turner, who is black, was out of his jurisdiction, and Mr. Cavallaro stopped to explain to his friend that he could therefore get the ticket revoked.

As Mr. Cavallaro approached, Officer Turner told him he was interfering with a traffic stop and to return to his truck. Officer Turner and Mr. Cavallaro, who was white, began arguing. Mr. Cavallaro pointed his finger at Officer Turner, whereupon the policeman grabbed his finger, bending it all the way back. He then struck Mr. Cavallaro several times in the head with his fist. Mr. Cavallaro suffered a fractured skull from the beating. He went into a coma and died on November 10, 2000, never having regained consciousness. When the younger Mr. Cavallaro tried to help his father, he says Officer Turner told him “to get back to the f***ing truck or I’d be in the same situation.”

In August, Officer Turner was tried for second-degree murder but got a hung jury. Crittenden County prosecutors say they will try him again. [Kenneth Heard, Son Testifies on Blows Fatal to Dad, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock), August 8, 2001, p. B1.]

‘He Loved His Children’

George McHeard, III was a Pratt City, Alabama, black who left behind at least 16 children when he was murdered on April 3, 2000, at age 21. According to his mother, Audrey Williams, Mr. McHeard had children by at least nine different women. She says her son was a good father: “He loved his children and took care of them. He bought them whatever they needed.”

Mr. McHeard also loved fast cars and motorcycles, and had some kind of business buying and selling them, though the business had neither a name nor an office. One of his children is named Mercedes and another is named Infiniti. The program for his funeral devoted a full page to pictures of fancy cars he had owned. The service was marred by a brawl involving at least three of the mothers of Mr. McHeard’s children. Police restored order.

At the time of his funeral, police still had no leads on killer or motive, but Mr. McHeard’s mother could tell something had been wrong. During the week before his death she said her son was unusually quiet. “He just wasn’t saying anything,” she said. “It was like he knew his time was up.” [Toraine Norris, Slain Father Left 16 Kids at Age 21, Birmingham News, April 12, 2000.]

Rat Attack

On July 11, Kevin Jordan, a black cocaine dealer, hit Elizabeth Garcia in the back of the head with a fistful of keys as she pushed her 17-month old daughter’s stroller down the sidewalk on Manhattan’s First Avenue. Mr. Jordan then kicked over the stroller, which tumbled into traffic. Several cars managed to swerve out of the way, and the baby was unhurt, but Mrs. Garcia was hospitalized. Mr. Jordan, on the run from police for three weeks after skipping out on a pre-sentencing examination, says he attacked her because she is white. “White people treat me like a rat!” he told police. Mr. Jordan will undergo a psychiatric examination to determine his fitness to stand trial. [Larry Celona and Laura Italiano, Racism Behind Stroller Attack: DA, New York Post, July 13, 2001, p. 2.]

Rodney Gets High

On August 28, a motel clerk in Claremont, California, called police to report a guest acting strangely. When police arrived, they discovered the guest was Rodney King, the black criminal who won $3.8 million in a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles after police beat him in 1991. According to Lieutenant Gary Jenkins of the Claremont police, “The officers determined that King was possibly under the influence of PCP and [he] was subsequently arrested without incident.” Mr. King was booked for PCP use, a misdemeanor. This is only the latest arrest for Mr. King, who has been convicted of drunk driving and hit-and-run-driving, and plead guilty to misdemeanor spousal abuse. [LAPD Beating Victim Rodney King Arrested, AP, August 28, 2001.]

The policemen who stopped Mr. King in 1991 thought he was on PCP, which would have explained why he was so difficult to subdue.

Border Casualty

The following letter appeared in American Legion:

As a property owner in southern Arizona, I am familiar with the problems facing our country on the U.S.-Mexico border. The problem is escalating and has hit my home radically.

On Feb. 12, my husband was murdered in our home by drug smugglers who were upset that he patrolled our property with a million-candle-power light. They lost a sizable drug load and assumed he was responsible for the bust. He was not responsible, but was killed nonetheless . . .

On the border in the Douglas/Naco sector, where my home is located, local ranchers are threatened with litigation by the Mexican government if they defend their own property. Yet my husband can be murdered in cold blood in his own bed and we can do nothing?

If the U.S. government doesn’t send the military in, they are negligent in protecting citizens, especially those living close to the border. My husband’s life was taken from him at 47, leaving behind six children, four stepchildren and a wife. How many more families must suffer before the government takes control of our borders? [Deborah Divver, Letters, American Legion, May, 2001.]

Blacks Leaving

Large numbers of blacks are leaving San Francisco. Since 1990, more than 18,500 have left, a decline of 23 percent. In 1970, 96,000 blacks lived in San Francisco, but today there are only 60,515 — eight percent of a total population of 776,773. Whites are just under 50 percent and Asians 30 percent. At more than 150,000, there are two-and-a-half times as many Chinese in San Francisco as blacks.

Population experts say blacks are leaving because of high housing costs, and a desire to be with people like themselves. According to William Banks, a black studies professor at the University of California at Berkeley, many want to be closer to family or want their children to grow up with other blacks. “People will move where they can feel at home,” says Prof. Banks. “There you have the institutions intact.” Prof. Banks lives in Hayward, a suburb across San Francisco Bay, whose black population has risen 40 percent since 1990. San Francisco’s one black neighborhood — Bayview-Hunters Point — is becoming less black all the time, as more Asians and Hispanics move in. [Olga R. Rodriguez, Blacks Leaving San Francisco in Droves, Census Shows, AP, September 7, 2001.]

Cultural Misunderstanding

Last year the State Department decided to resettle 3,800 Sudanese men in their late teens and early 20s — the so-called “Lost Boys of Sudan” — in various places around the United States. Before coming here, the Lost Boys had spent a decade in refugee camps, and were unfamiliar with electricity, motor vehicles, and cold weather. Two dozen settled in Arlington, Massachusetts, with the help of the nearly all-white congregation of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

On August 24, 19-year-old Lost Boy Daniel Majok Kachuol was lounging outside his apartment when a 20-year-old woman walked by. According to her, Mr. Kachuol introduced himself, then grabbed her by the arm and pinned her against the side of the building. “You’re beautiful, I love you,” he said, and burned her finger with a cigarette. The woman says Mr. Kachuol then threw her to the ground and began raping her with his finger. Another resident of the building heard her yelling, and pushed Mr. Kachuol off of her. Mr. Kachuol plead not guilty to charges of rape and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The Lutherans vowed to stand by him, and posted $50,000 bail. As Pastor Susan Henry explains, “He’s a member of the congregation. He’s part of the family.” Susan Bailey, 28, who lives across the street from the apartment building, has a theory about what happened. “We feel it was probably a cultural misunderstanding,” she says. [Ellen Barry, One of Sudan’s ‘Lost Boys’ is Charged With Rape, Boston Globe, Aug. 28, 2001. Farah Stockman and Ellen Barry, Charges, Racist Flyers Test Church, Boston Globe, Sept. 3, 2001.]

Raping Australian Whites

Last month we reported a spate of gang-rapes of white Australian teenage girls in Sydney by men described as “Middle-Easterners.” The culprits who, in some cases, told their victims they deserved to be raped because they were Australian, are now known to have been Lebanese. In one case, a teenage girl was raped over a period of six hours by at least 15 men, some of whom used cell phones to ring up friends and invite them to the party. The first two gang-rapists to plead guilty got sentences of six years and 18 months respectively. Robert Carr, premier of New South Wales has led opposition against the lenient sentences. He also says current rules for identifying crime suspects — “aborigine,” “white,” or “Asian” — are too narrow, and should include “Middle Eastern.”

Talk show callers are promising revenge, and have hardly been mollified by the explanation of one criminal — who came from Lebanon in 1993 — that he didn’t realize rape and forcible fellatio were crimes. Pauline Hanson, the leader of the anti-immigration One Nation party, called for Australia to introduce “Singapore-style” justice, with flogging of rapists. “A lot of these people are Muslims,” she says, “and they have no respect for the Christian way of life that this country’s based on.” [Patrick Barkham, Crime Pays for Australian Right, Guardian (England), Aug. 27, 2001. Melissa Fyfe, Ethnic Crime Debate Rages Out of Control on Sydney Airwaves, The Age (Australia), Aug. 25, 2001.]

Kill the ‘Racists’

Simon Sue, a 19-year-old mixed Chinese/Indian whose parents immigrated from Guyana, lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He organized a paramilitary-style organization called OARA, inspired by insurgency groups in Guyana, and had several white high school students as members. He reportedly made them pass inspections, file monthly reports, and turn over part of their earnings from after-school jobs. The group was opposed to drugs, “racism,” alcohol, and homosexuality.

One day, when a white member, Isaac Grimes, was visiting a classmate, Tony Dutcher, he heard Tony’s grandfather refer to Mr. Sue as a “chink.” He reported this to Mr. Sue, who decided the Dutchers would have to be killed. He allegedly told Isaac to draw up a plan to kill the “racists,” but was not satisfied with it, and had another white member, Jonathan Matheny, draw up a better one.

Reportedly acting on this plan, Isaac and Jonathan visited the Dutchers on New Year’s Eve and had dinner with the family. Late that night, Isaac slit Tony Dutcher’s throat while he lay in a sleeping bag. Authorities think it was his friend Jonathan who then shot the grandparents, first killing Mr. Dutcher. Mrs. Dutcher ran into the bathroom but was shot six times through the door and left with her head in the toilet.

Isaac Grimes, Jonathan Matheny, and Simon Sue are all charged with murder, but Mr. Sue’s lawyers say the slightly-built young man could not possibly have forced the boys to kill the Dutchers. They say he cannot be guilty because he was vacationing in Canada with his parents at the time of the killings. Prosecutors point out he was in telephone contact with Isaac and Jonathan just before and after the murders, and that he told the boys he would kill their parents if they did not obey him. [Erin Emery, Motive in Slayings: Getting Rid of ‘Racist,’ Denver Post, July 24, 2001. Steve Lipsher, Witness: Racial Slur Led to Triple Killing, Denver Post, Sept. 6, 2001. Steve Lipsher, Hearing Delayed in Triple-Slaying, Denver Post, Sept. 7, 2001.]