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Gypsies must integrate or lose welfare.

The Bern canton plans to create 36 camping spots for Gypsies despite local opposition.

A Racial Introduction to Chile, Part II

Conflict between Amerindians and Europeans went on for centuries.


Life in a White Country

Ukraine may be poor, but it is white.


Is Romania Part of the West?

A warning against romanticizing the East.


Gypsies: Just what we need!

They’ll just set up camp elsewhere.

Ukraine: A Last Bastion of Whiteness?

An American finds a racial identity far from home.


Europe’s First Underclass

The Gypsy problem and its origins.


Freedom of travel means they are now everywhere.

High-rolling Gypsies are finally caught.

And they have the most children.

Western Europe can expect a plague of Gypsies.

Labour MP warns community could “explode” if gypsies don’t “change their culture.”

“You don’t need to share the same blood to be family.”

The children do not look like their Gypsy parents.

He doesn’t think the Gypsies can integrate.

France Laid Waste

Immigration and crime in la belle France.


Race in Eastern Europe

Is the East a beacon of European culture?


Most will be deported back to Romania.

Even socialists send gypsies home.

Gypsies are a big problem.

Whites and gypsies don’t get along.

New group wants to get on the victimization bandwagon.

Bulgarians don’t like Gypsies.

Just a different kind of immigration.

So-called vigilantes say they are just doing traditional military-style training.

“Equality” means special treatment for gypsies.

Now Jobbik wants to outlaw opinions.

Sarkozy: “I am head of the French state. I cannot let my nation be insulted.”

EU Threaten France Over Roma Crackdown, Sky News (North Sydney, Australia)

France deports more gypsies anyway.

Italy doesn’t want France’s expelled gypsies coming there.

First Roma Expelled From France Reach Romania, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network

Expulsion of gypsies from France begins.

France shows the way.

Gypsies are allowed to camp even though residents fear crime.

Why isn’t it “in the public interest” to prosecute these gypsies?

“Romanians” actually means “Gypsies.”

Ancient Saxon villages in Romania fall into the hands of gypsies.

What do Romanians know that Americans don’t?

Yet she makes sure Italians know there is a difference between Romanians and gypsies.

Integrate the gypsies into European society by putting them on the police forces!

Not everyone is happy.

. . .  Because desegregating schools works so well in the US.

Gypsies blamed for rising crime rate.

Welcoming gypsies’ “contributions to the rich tapestry of Britain’s diversity.”

Townspeople attack gypsies when they try to steal a baby.

“Just because I live in Britain doesn’t mean I’ve got to behave the way you lot think is right.”

EU parliament calls for millions in aid to Gypsies.

Gypsies afraid court battle will reveal their secrets.

Italy’s Third World Future, FrontPageMagazine.com

EU states threatened by immigrants.