Hindus stress that apartheid, atrocities, repression and persecution faced by Roma (Gypsies) in Europe for centuries should be included in the history textbooks of European schools.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Europe had been practically ignoring many mass atrocities and repression suffered by  Roma for centuries; including those associated with Holocaust, concentration camps,  genocide, fascist persecution and maltreatment, enslavement, internment, expulsion, mob violence, etc.

Inclusion of atrocities against Roma in Europe over centuries, their culture and history in school curriculum would bring transparency and better understanding among coming generations of the communities, Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, argued.

Rajan Zed also suggested building memorials honoring Roma victims of maltreatment over centuries and museums displaying their traditions/history and apartheid faced by them. When would this group of about 15-million Roma, living in Europe since around ninth century, be treated at par with other Europeans, Zed asked.



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  • Boereseun

    I have an idea. I’m sure that Rajan Zed knows how best to treat Gypsies, certainly better than us whiteys, and wouldn’t mind if they all came back and proudly started stea…. erhm I mean, working in India. Right Rajan? It always amazes me that those who think whites are evil and cause harm, never take it upon themselves to leave whites to our own evilness. Why?

    Gawd, it sounds just like the ANC, wanting to change documented history with pure propaganda. I never used to agree with a good book BBQ but damn, if history textbooks start printing rubbish I guess they’ll make great firelighters for my braai!

  • The_Bobster

    These parasites earned the abuse they received. 

    • Oil Can Harry

      Gee whiz, why did the Europeans of yesteryear abuse these hardworking, law-abiding citizens who contributed so much to Western Civilization?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The first Roma Gypsies arrived in Britain in the 16th Century. Their east European, swarthy, slightly darker skin caused many people to think that they looked like Egyptians (wrongly) – from which the word ‘Gypsy’ is derived. They were later followed by Irish Gypsies (the word gypsy now being associated with travelling folk) in the 18th Century.
    I don’t think in the US you have a problem with ‘Gypos’, as we call them. But in the UK we do.
    Every time Irish or Roma Gypsies move into an area, there’s trouble. Shoplifting, burgalaries, anti-social behaviour, etc. Since Romania joined the EU, petty crime has soared in just about about every city. I work in retail, and we’ve had had lots of problems with Roma Gypsy gangs shoplifting.
    London has an abundance of Roma gypsy aggressive beggars and pickpockets.
    Gypsy gangs may well have been persecuted in Europe, but not without reason.

    • We do not have a problem with ‘Gypos’, but we are being invaded by mestizos, who bring with them many of the same problems.

    • regkeane

      Irish Gypsies are not Roma. They are racially Irish.
      The British dispossesing Irish people created Irish “Gypsies”, actually called travellers. These peoples ancestors lived peacefully in their homes in Ireland until the Brits attacked us. The British gentry were then given great swaths of land that formerly belonged to Irish people. The Irish people, if they were lucky, then become tennants to absent English and Scottish landlords. Many Irish couldn’t pay the blood rent the Brits demanded. These Irish were thrown off their land. Some few Irish people became travelling people, with no fixed abode. Historically this is where they come from.
      It always amuses me to see ordinary middle or working class jingoistic Brits. The working man in Britian was treated just as badly by their gentry as we Irish were. I don’t hate ordinary Brits but I sure hate their upper class.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Irish gypsies have always been known as gypsies – ‘traveller’ is the modern politically correct name for them. I do agree, though, that the history of the Irish gypsy is quite different from that of the Roma, and that we, Britain, unfortunately, had a part to play in that history. I wish history had happened differently, but that’s a futile wish.
        I have lived close to Irish gypsies on several occasions, and it’s obvious that they really hate us, the ordinary Britons – judging by the crime and generally hostile attitude towards us. This is unfair, because the current generation of Britons are not responsible for the past. Most Britons today, not counting Rangers supporters, would be quite happy for those six counties in the north to be conjoined to the whole – so to speak. And I actually think it is inevitable anyway.
        Anyway, peace brother.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I don’t have a problem with persecution faced by Roma (Gypsies) in Europe being put in textbooks. Most of mankind’s history comes down to one group abusing another.  Let’s face in most of our ancestor have been victims of someone else ancestors.

  • .

    Most people don’t realize that gypsies have their own religion. It’s a very interesting religion. It tells them that since they don’t have their own country they are allowed to steal and harm those who do. That’s what they need to put in the school textbooks.

  • JohnEngelman

    Since I was a child I have thought of gypsies as mysterious and romantic people. Because I have never known any I will reserve judgement. 
    I have learned during my life that the anti black stereotype, while an over generalization, is an over generalization of the truth. Consequently I am unwilling to dismiss stereotypes, but I do not accept them without question. 
    I have known many Jews and many Orientals. I have I have liked nearly all of the Jews, and all of the Orientals. What I have read about these people reinforces my high regard for them. 
    Many who post comments on American Renaissance seem inclined to dislike anyone who is not a Caucasian of European descent.    

    • Oh God. John Engelman being a gatekeeper and plumping for Jews and Orientals again. What else is new? Oy vey, take that crap to Takimag. If it ain’t White it ain’t right.

    •  Hey, where did my comment go? This John Engelman guy is always here promoting Orientals and Jews on a race-conscious, Pro-White website. Why are all comments about this censored?

      • JohnEngelman

        The moderators here dislike personal attacks. They dislike bigoted comments. There is a difference between race realism and race bigotry. 
        If Jared Taylor has given a succinct definition of “race realism,” please quote it. 
        I see “race realism” as a recognition that racial groups differ intractably. What characterizes Orientals is praiseworthy, and makes them good citizens of any country. When I promote them I like to quote what Jared Taylor and Professor J. Philippe Rushton. Professor Rushton has spoken at American Renaissance conferences.   
        Half the Ashkenazic Jews in the world live in the United States. The Ashkenazim are the only Caucasian sub group with a higher average IQ than Orientals. We certainly benefit from their presence. 

    • The_Bobster

      You’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies, produced by another professional victim group.


      • JohnEngelman

        If you mean the Jews, they distinguish themselves everywhere by their superior intelligence. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      You’re right, John, to reserve judgement about Gypsies, because you’ve never known any.

      I have, though. There are literally thousands of Irish and Roma Gypsies in the UK, and there have been many occasions where they have resided (often illegally, without permission) in my home city; they travel around, and have graced most British cities and counties with their ‘enriching’ presence.

      I know that you’re a bit of a liberal on race issues, but you can take my word for it on this one:
      Gypsies are unpleasant people, and they’re a nuisance.

      • JohnEngelman

        I respect your judgement and observations. 
        Why are the Gypsies that way? That is an honest question. I do not know.
        I believe that blacks and Hispanics owe their distinguishing characteristics to the fact that fewer generations separate them than Caucasians from a paleolithic existence. In addition, large numbers of Negroes only began living in cities during the last century. Blacks and Hispanics are less evolved than Caucasians because they have had less time to evolve.
        The Gypsies migrated from India. India has a tradition of civilization which may be four thousand years old, and a tradition of agriculture that is older than that. 
        Of course if one is robbed by a Gypsy these considerations are irrelevant. Nevertheless, they arouse my curiosity. 
        I am inclined to suspect that the Gypsies are they way they are because they have been persecuted. Nevertheless, persecution of the Jews bred them for superior intelligence. 

  • All of these persecuted and despised groups are typically persecuted and despised for excellent reasons. Gypsy culture? A culture of what? Aggressive panhandling, theft, child exploitation, grifting, drug abuse and welfare fraud? It reminds me of that saying: If everybody hates you then YOU are the one with the problems.

    • nBmnp

      This panhandling/prostitution/pocketpicking is actually the harmless side of them.

      When they increase in numbers, they will take over the place and kill at will:


      One thing we have to understand is that peace is not really possible with welfare-addicts, because they are neither able nor willing to feed themselves nor their hordes of children.

      When we stop the welfare, that is a declaration of war for them. We should be prepared.

    • JohnEngelman

      Would you say that of the Jews? What have they done to deserve to be persecuted? 

  • Abe Foxman is not going to like this! 

    Only the Chosen have been victims in Europe, according to his kind.

  • Southern__Hoosier

     I don’t think that most people realize how much our ancestors suffered at the hands of others. They think we have always been top dog inflecting harm on others.

    But I do agree being a victim only gets you so far in life and most of us want to go beyond that.

  • JohnEngelman

    We’d LIKE to see our country the way it was in the ’40s, ’50’s, and ’60s – especially socially.                                                                                                  
    – jemjunior                                                              
    During the 1940s to the 1960s the top tax rate never dipped below 70 percent. One third of the work force was in labor unions. The minimum wage bought more. Back then most blue collar workers could support a house in the suburbs, several children, and a wife who did not need to work, and who could stay home with the kids. Now that way of life is difficult for many college educated professionals to support.
    The Republican Party has exploited nostalgia for that era in order to promote economic policies that make that way of life increasingly unaffordable for most Americans. 
    There are issues where directions promoted on American Renaissance can be successful. These include restricting immigration – especially third world immigration – increasing the severity of the criminal justice system, and ending affirmative action and forced school busing.
    The civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s is not going to be repealed. Non whites and who are here legally are not going to be deported. A movement that tries to achieve these things will lose credibility on issues where it can win. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Birds of a feather flock together”, as the saying goes.
    I think gypsy groups are natural gatherings of people who share the same basic pychology, worldview and character traits; that is, laziness, probably low intelligence, a sense of selfish entitlement, a pre-disposition towards criminality, and a general ‘we don’t give a damn’ attitude.
    Put these people together, add a few caravans, and you have a gypsy gang.
    The general criminality of gypsy gangs is determined ,in large part, by the personality type of the individuals who make up that gang – those personality types being listed above.
    Which is probably why they were persecuted in the first place – after all, what reasonable person would want such a type of people as neighbours?. 

  • atum

    people dont leave whites to their own evil… part answer 1. whites continue to invade other territories where they r unwanted to this day. they wont stop tryin to impose there beliefs onto other ppl. 2. over the yrs thru murder, embezlment, extortion of nations, lies and deceit they acquired the material wealth of the planet and therefore their settlements provide the more convenient lifestyle, even tho whites usually have a ‘good as dead’ spiritual life, it is still on the surface more ‘easy’