Study: Violent Crime Has Spiked in Haiti’s Cities

Trenton Daniel, Google News, March 4, 2012

Haiti has seen a dramatic increase in violent crime in the shanties of its major cities over the past six months, helping undermine faith in the country’s police force, according to a study released Sunday.

The preliminary findings in the report titled “Haiti’s Urban Crime Wave?” speak to rising concerns among Haitians that their country is entering a period of political turmoil that could thwart efforts to help rebuild in the aftermath of the powerful January 2010 earthquake.


While the homicide rate in Port-au-Prince is lower than that of some other Caribbean cities, Haiti’s capital saw 60.9 murders per 100,000 residents over the year leading up to February 2012, the highest recorded murder rate since 2006, according to the study. {snip}

“This murder rate is not just high—it’s enormous,” [one study author, Athena] Kolbe said.

In comparison, New York City’s homicide rate was less than 7 per 100,000 in 2011, while Oakland, California, had 23 homicides per 100,000 residents.


Haiti is at a fragile moment in its history with quake reconstruction effort advancing slowly and hundreds of thousands of people still living in rough-and-tumble camps. Also, Haiti’s prime minister abruptly resigned last month because of infighting with President Michel Martelly and it’s unclear when a successor will be approved by Parliament. {snip}

According to the authors of the study, there is no single factor to explain the rise in violent crime but they point to a frustration that stems in part from the many international humanitarian groups that came to Haiti after the earthquake.


“You have people coming in from aid agencies, giving money to some groups within the community and not others,” Kolbe said in an interview at her home in the Port-au-Prince area. “This disrupted the community, and then there’s been this abrupt pull out now of the funds.”


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  • Mahound

    The white man’s fault no doubt. Imagine when all white people are gone from this earth what a harmonious paradise it will be!

    • IstvanIN

      Exactly…there was no violence in Japan because there weren’t any nosey white folks messing things up.

  • The_Bobster

    “Violent Crime Has Spiked in Haiti’s Cities”

    How could they tell?

  • Oh Lord, here we go again, another flood of Haitians on their way to Florida.  Haitians are the nastiest of all the Caribbean blacks.  Maybe not the most violent, that would belong to the Jamaicans.  Well I can say one thing, the Haitians sure got rid of the stray dog and cat problem in Miami.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So Haitians are blaming their crime wave – which has been going on for two hundred years-  on visting aid groups?

    Well then let’s protect the Haitian people by ending all foreign aid!

    • Mahound

       Uh, maybe there’s some truth to it … there was nothing to steal before the aid agencies arrived!

  • According to the authors of the study, there is no single factor to
    explain the rise in violent crime but they point to a frustration that
    stems in part from the many international humanitarian groups that came
    to Haiti after the earthquake.

    Translation:  When the white do-gooders came with money and stuff, there was finally someone to rob and some thing to get for the first time in centuries.

  • JackKrak

    Yeah, if only those nasty aid agencies and their damned relief supplies and money would stop tempting the good & virtuous people of Haiti to keep killing each other!!!! DAMN YOU RED CROSS!!!!

  • 60 murders per 100,000? Pffft, America is a First World nation and hasn’t had a major nation-wide natural disaster and it has PLENTY of wonderful little pockets of black and brown die-versity that clock in the 40s and 50s plus. Hell, I think Michigan has 4 cities that fit the bill with Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Saginaw.

    Haiti really needs to step its game up, gnomesayin’?

  • Just to be sure, I should have been clearer that what I said was with anger/sarcasm.  First the black neighborhoods lost their strays, then folks started noticing pets missing from their yards.  Now, most folks will tell you that in Miami they watch their pets about as closely as their children.  Sorry to mention it but these people use animals in sacrifice when they practice voodoo and  Santería.  Savages.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    10 years?  Try 10 days

  • LOL, just using people as a scientific label.  You are correct about the treatment of animals.  This can be no clearer than what the forensic psychiatrist would say about sadism and the animal abuser- it is but a tiny step to go from harming an defenseless animal to harming a human. 

  • MrGJG

    ” According to the authors of the study, there is no single factor to explain the rise in violent crime”

    Lots of black people.  Now they can study the single factor of why one dies from jumping from a ten story building.

  • I’ve been observing something. I recently started attending a Bible Study in the Sierras. The Study is made up of 50 and older and mostly the so-called, prominent people in the community.  One has adopted two African girls and one “Christian” tried to tell me that the Mohamadans were a good monotheistic people/religion. Others talk about the political situation and others ask us to pray for Obama.  They are all stuck on ‘the good works’ of the oh so righteous.
    They actually think it is good to pander and boot lick the criminal black/white politicians in our country.  In other words they are liberals.  They also want us to send money to some goofy countries to ‘do the work’.  (How about taking care of your own family first…”worse than an infidel”.)
    “…the fool tends to the left and walks down the road showing how stupid he is.”  King Solomon.

  • bluffcreek1967

    It’s interesting in that even when Whites try to help Blacks in Haiti (via humanitarian aid), things still go wrong and chaos ensues! After the earthquake in 2010 when Presidents Clinton and Bush asked Americans to give, I knew it would be a waste of money and effort. Many of us knew the money would get diverted to their corrupt officials, and very little of it would actually go the people themselves. Moreover, none of it would really help Haiti in the long run because these people are horrifically ignorant and incompetent in running their own affairs. Another case of bleeding-heart Whites helping the Black man because he can’t do it on his own.  

  • bluffcreek1967

    That is more true than most Americans realize!