Sweden Democrats in Bid to ‘Help’ Immigrants Leave

The Local, March 5, 2012

Sweden Democrats’ youth wing wants to entice jobless immigrants to leave the country by offering them “goodie bags” complete with tips on how to facilitate immigrants’ departure.

The project, entitled “There’s no place like home” (‘Borta bra men hemma bäst’), is designed to allow immigrants the opportunity to better understand the options and possibilities available to help them return to their home soil.

“We are convinced that among the many immigrants in Sweden who have ended up in alienation and social isolation the dream of being able to go back to their home land and reunite with their countrymen is still alive,” wrote the Sweden Democrat youth organization (Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom—SDU) in a statement.

Plans call for the party to distribute 10,000 “goodie bags” filled with USB memory sticks, DVDs, and other information in various languages about how to apply for repatriation grants.

In order to pay for the project, the SDU has applied for 100,000 kronor ($14,957) from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket), which allows any organization to seek support for repatriation projects.

Should the funding request be approved, the SDU plans on targeting immigrants who have been granted permanent residency in Sweden but have not paid taxes over the past ten years.

“It’s aimed at those who haven’t succeeded in getting a job and fitting in to Swedish culture,” SDU head Gustav Kasselstrand told the Expressen newspaper.

But Migration Board spokesperson Johan Rahm dismissed the SDU bid as mere “propaganda”.

“This looks more like some sort of propaganda statement where they’re trying to persuade people to go back,” he told Sveriges Radio (SR).

According to Rahm, the agency generally receives funding requests from organizations with “deep” ties to other countries that are focused on helping diaspora populations and people that were forced to flee from their home countries.

Speaking with Expressen, Rahm argued that SDU’s plans were “a way to draw attention to their politics, not to help people who dream of returning” to their home countries.


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  • When will people realize that blacks passed many nations where they would have to work to eat just so they can sit on welfare/dole in a white nation. Living on welfare/dole is better than being in the top 1% of natives in 3rdworld nations.

  • MikeofAges

    This is the right idea. But it should implemented on an industrial scale especially in Europe. People can be indemnified for leaving. For some, it could be a lifetime pension beginning immediately. For others, compensation for property and businesses. In some cases, just a one time payment for people who have made no contribution to society. In other case, education could be paid for children of family which return to the home country. Some, if they have assimilated and adapted, could remain. Expensive? Yes. But cheaper than losing your country.

  • IstvanIN

    Nothing will work unless you shut off the tap.  Stop letting them in and then begin tossing the others out.

  • ViktorNN

    Nice bit of activism, I like it. It gets the group and their anti-immigrant message into the news, it sends a not so subtle message to the aliens that they’re not welcome, which then increases the likelihood in some small way that foreigners back in their home countries won’t make the trip to Sweden. Good job all the way around, I say.

  • JackKrak

    I obviously agree with the sentiment, but come on…. Having voted with their feet, the immigrants have already weighed the pros and cons of living the good life as provided by the generous Swedish people versus the rich & wonderful experience that is daily life in Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. “Goodie bags filled with USB memory sticks, DVDs, and other information in various languages about how to apply for repatriation grants” will be about as useful useful in the fight to turn the immigration tide as magical unicorn tears.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I met a woman yesterday that told me Germany is paying native Germans $70,000 to have children.  She claimed to be there and had first hand knowledge.   I have never read this.  Can anyone confirm?

    I did find this.

    • Anan7

      I didn’t see anything like that in the link you provided.

  • 15 grand U.S. dollars a pop for repatriation times 10,000 minimum equals  a minimum of 150 MILLION dollars just to send the freeloaders home. What bums.

    The unemployed blacks and arabs live like kings off of White welfare money. In one month they can make several thousand in national benefits when they wouldn’t make that much in years in their home nation.

    I honestly don’t think repatriation will work. Only forcible deportation with a ban on re-entry with something like a border wall and law enforcement against immigration would work.

  • Anan7

    I am so happy that they are doing this in Sweden!  Maybe it will put off their demographic apocalypse a few years.

    However, I fear that stronger measures may be necessary.

    Number one, as “Steven” has pointed out, the flow must be cut immediately.  They should begin deporting the non-Whites by the MILLIONS.

    Why would these people want to live with their former colonial oppressors anyway?

    I read somewhere that Sweden will be the first European country to be annihilated through immigration.

    Some bleeding heart will no doubt cry foul about this.  However these people do not have the same respect for Europeans that Europeans have for them.  On the contrary, check out what the Muslims are doing en masse in the UK pushing for Sharia.  They are hostile invaders let in by the Government, and the Government has failed in its primary purpose: protection of its citizens.

  • ‘Goodbye baggie’?

    There is little doubt in my mind that putting in a bagel, lox and a ticket to Israel into some of these bags would be one of the most helpful things one could do for Sweden!

  •  No they do not. Chinese do not benefit the White race greatly. They are hostile invaders. They are the mental foes to Whites just as the blacks and browns are the physical.

    All of these Whites take the IQ stuff so above and beyond consideration of blood it is absurd. You’d support a Martian invasion if the Martians were all MENSA members, right?

    Wouldn’t it be greatly beneficial?

  • Kurt Plummer

    The only way out of this is to export the first world to the third.  The only way to do that, with the rampant corruption in Pakistant (size of Texas, 170 million people) and the idiocy of Africa (average IQ = 70) is through robotics as an enablement which bypasses ‘local labor’ in simply dropping into place the kinds of prefab housing.  And utilities.  And roads and infrastructure.  Necessary to create good lifestyles ‘for free’.
    Since that’s what they are getting in Sweden and Europe in general.
    It’s the latter which should define how black and SWA immigration supporters are treated.  For -they- are the ones who refuse to go abroad and help the downtrodden where they live.  And they are the ones who benefit from the massive enablement of non-white replacement ethnies, at home.
    There is no way past this.  You cannot import the third world and remain the first.  You cannot ignore the realities of profit by which leveraging up the third world without a massive (unpayable) debt crisis would require essentially suspending capitalist interests.
    But, if you bring them in, you get the benefit of ‘investing’ in the creation of a separate ethnic substate within the existing one and so all the profits remain within the borders as the system which enables mercantile economics.

  • MikeofAges

     Absolutely. But note, there is no point in repatriating law-abiding middle aged and elderly immigrants. What you have to do is repatriate people of child-bearing and family-rearing age, along with their children. And let in no more, of course. The reason why I advocate the idea of indemnification is because it frankly sweetens the pot. Some people have worked and paid into public pension systems. Others, if they have not contributed, at least would have less fear of being repatriated to their home country.

    Europe should meet its labor needs from its own population. One simple way to accomplish that is to get young “slackers” to do the dirty work for a couple of years in return for a promise of entry into a more credible career at the end of that period. Europe, being more socialist, could arrange to deliver on that promise more reliably that America could. Of course, you also get people to do the dirty work by paying more. That sounds cheaper to me than paying welfare benefits to cultural infiltrators. At least here, African-Americans collectively have contributed to the country in the form of military service, work in service occupations, and participation in the industrial labor force, back when that kind of work was widely available. Apart from the alarming underclass, most speak decent English and conduct themselves properly on a day-to-day basis. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Not sure that the 3000+ British-descendent White Falklanders would appreciate that.

    However, just lately I’ve been mulling over what I call a ‘Soft’ Final Solution.
    Basically, the government gives all non-whites a reasonable amount of time, say six months, to leave the country. This six month grace period would be more than sufficient (in most cases) for non-whites to get their affairs in order – for example, sell their house (if they have one).

    After this grace period is over, any non-white remaining would lose the protection of the law; by this I mean that any crime committed against them, or their family members, would not be investigated by the Police. This potential threat of violence, or worse, would act as a strong incentive to leave.

    However, this can only work whilst minorities remain a minority.

    And by ‘Soft’, I mean that atleast they are being given the chance to leave whilst their health, and lives, are intact. 

  • MikeofAges

    How about making a better effort to develop our brains? Even the existing non-White minorities could do better than they have up to this point. But make white Americans a primary focus as well. My argument always is, except for those people for whom specific arrangement have been made (i.e. and primarily the hereditary upper middle class) white American are an educationally underdeveloped group. True for all ethnic groups within the white population.

    Honestly, does the idea of making an effort to develop the existing largest population group in America somehow disturb you? If it does you can explain yourself. This is a free speech forum. You do not have to agree with everyone else, and you are still welcome to express yourself.