Posted on March 5, 2012

Philadelphia Cops Bust ‘Black Madam,’ Transgender ‘Butt-Injection Doc’

Philip Caulfield, NY Daily News, March 1, 2012

After a year-long wait, Philadelphia cops finally collared a transgender hip hop artist whose botched backroom butt-enhancement procedure allegedly killed a British woman last year.

Padge Victoria Windslowe, a.k.a. the “Black Madam,” was busted on Wednesday night just moments before one of her “pumping parties,” a shady, back-alley gathering where she allegedly shot silicone into the backsides of men and women desperate for curvier figures, local station WPVI-TV reported.

Last February, Claudia Aderotimi, a 20-year-old aspiring hip hop video vixen from England, died at a Philadelphia hospital after silicone from one of the injections entered her bloodstream and stopped her heart, according to local authorities.

Windslowe wasn’t charged in connection with that case because investigators were still waiting for toxicology reports to prove Aderotimi died from the injections, which she paid more than $1,500 for, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

But earlier this week, cops got a warrant for Windslowe’s arrest when a 23-year-old stripper nearly died after receiving butt injections at one of the pumping parties late last month, the newspaper said.