French Minister Valls Defends Call for Roma Expulsions

BBC News, September 25, 2013

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls says he stands by remarks calling for the country’s Roma (Gypsies) to be expelled.

He said few Roma could ever integrate into French society and “the majority” should be sent “back to the borders”.

He has been criticised by human rights campaigners, the European Commission and one of his cabinet colleagues.

Amnesty International is calling for a ban on forced evictions of Roma people in France in a report out on Wednesday.

It says more than 10,000 were evicted from temporary camps in the first of half of the year.

It has said Mr Valls’ remarks were likely to “perpetuate stereotypes and encourage animosity” among the approximately 20,000 Roma who have settled in France, mainly from Romania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.

“A theory that such and such a person or such and such a people will never, ever be able to integrate just doesn’t stand up,” said Mr Valls’ cabinet colleague, Arnaud Montebourg, according to Agence France-Presse news agency.

“That’s what they said about the Italians, that’s what they said about the Spanish, it’s what they said about the Portuguese, and what they said about the Arabs.

“Decreeing in advance that it is impossible seems to me excessive and is worthy of being corrected.”

Mr Valls was also criticised by the UN human rights body, the European Commission, other rights groups including Roma organisations – some of whom are pledging to take Mr Valls to court for incitement to racial hatred.

‘Nothing to correct’

But Mr Valls – a dapper 51-year-old who polls suggest is a rising star in Francois Hollande’s Socialist administration – said he saw no reason to correct comments that Roma lifestyles were “clearly in confrontation” with French ways of life.

“I’ve got nothing to correct,” he said. “My remarks only shock those who don’t know the subject.

“The majority [of Roma] should be delivered back to the borders. We are not here to welcome these people.

“I’d remind you of [former Socialist premier] Michel Rocard’s statement: ‘It’s not France’s job to deal with the misery of the whole world.'”

The treatment of Roma people – who face widespread discrimination in Europe – is a political hot potato in France.

Mr Valls has encouraged local councils to systematically dismantle illegal Roma slums, and offer the expelled residents free flights back to their countries of origin.

He has also been at the forefront of French opposition to allowing Bulgaria and Romania full access to the passport-free Schengen zone.

Mr Valls is himself the son of Spanish migrants who moved to France during the dictatorship of General Franco, Mr Montebourg pointed out on Wednesday.

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  • Spartacus

    “…and what they said about the Arabs.”


    When were they proven wrong ?

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Yeah. Totally stupid comment, wasn’t it?

  • WASP

    France should deport all non-whites — not just the Roma — while they still have a country.

  • Salarino

    I was just in Paris a bit ago with my wife and there were tons of Rom loitering in parks, sleeping on the street, begging for money and in general contributing absolutely nothing to French society at large. When we visited my mother in law she told us that she had just seen a Rom woman stop using her crutches as soon as her begging act was over. The socialists aren’t going after the real problem, the blacks and the Arabs, because they vote socialist.

  • Sick of it

    So they’ll kick out the gypsies, but not the muslims? One group is a lot more violent than the other…

  • leftists are delusional

    I will be surprised if the frogs expel anyone other than maybe some right wingers.

  • Stan D Mute

    I’ve seen this anti-Roma sentiment expressed in other European countries. How is it they can recognize and take action against the Roma for their inability to function in modern Western Civilization, but cannot see the same is tenfold (or more) the case with Africans?

    • gemjunior

      Good point – if I had the choice who has GOT to go, it’d be Africans, hands down. I’m not fond of Roma but Africans are absolutely the worst of all.

  • Romulus

    We’ve covered who is European and who isn’t so often in the last nine months, that im a little burnt out on it.

  • newscomments70

    I noticed that there are no comments allowed on this article. Liberal and neo-conservative news are all heading in this direction. No one wants the truth to be discussed. This is somehow dangerous to their agenda. They believe that they can somehow silence us, but our justifiable anger will only rear its ugly head in other places. Whenever one news organization silences us, thousands more join Stormfront and similar organizations…no one else will listen. Liberal media is desperately trying to plug the holes and cracks in the overflowing dam.

    • A lot of censorship goes on in the UK press. When comments are not moderated within an inch of their life on the Daily Mail (I have only managed to get about an eighth of my tapped out replies on there in the last 6 months), they are simply not offered to be commented on. The BBC is especially a one-way-street, I find.

      Even my local paper (the area has a high volume of Pakistani residents since the 1960s) resorts to blocking the ability to comment on stories which they know will blow up a storm in the comment section.

      Sometimes they seem to forget, and it soon rages with the pages, both the good, the bad and the ugly. Often, after it has spanned over 60 comments, the newspaper just deletes the whole lot as though no comments ever existed.

      I have also noticed a similar deletion on newspapers like the Daily Mail. Sometimes I save web pages or bookmark the links. I have often gone back to some of those pages and links, only the whole lot of the public reaction to have been wiped off, with a simple “we are no longer taking comments on this article” notice at the bottom.

      However, you can search for various articles that are of no consequence, such as some celebrity event from five years ago, and the comments can be still left there on view, albeit with the ability to comment now removed.

  • MBlanc46

    We need to start standing up for our way of life. We don’t owe people who execrate it anything, certainly not to invade us and prey on us.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Is “execrate” a real word? Whether it is or isn’t, it sounds much better than desecrate.

      Good one, Mel.

      Bdee, bdee, bdee, that’s ALL folks!

      • MBlanc46

        I don’t make words up. At least, I try not to.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        The Concise Oxford Dictionary : execrate, v.t. & i. Express, feel, abhorrence for; (intr.) utter curses.

  • Carney3

    What a dilemma the Gypsies are. The Jews can go to Israel, non-whites to their respective homelands outside Europe. What to do with the Gypsies? Despite neo-Nazi rhetoric, Jews are not parasites and can build thriving communities of their own; Israel would be OK without aid. But the Gypsy lifestyle is solely based on scamming, crime, and sponging. And they have no known homeland. Nowhere to send them.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      The Gypsies come originally from India, that has been proven by linguistic and genetic research. The most logical solution therefore would be that India accepts them. There are some 4 million Gypsies in Europe and a few million in the Middle East and the Americas. Now that India is becoming more prosperous it should be able to resettle them. The Gypsies’ asocial behavior would then become a problem of their original fatherland, as it should.

    • jeffaral

      “Israel would be OK without (goyim) aid”. Thanks for the best joke I’ve ever heard!

      • Carney3

        Israel’s GDP is over $60 billion. Total US aid is about $3 billion, only 5% of their economy. Economic aid to Israel ended in 2007; now the vast bulk of the aid is military aid that requires them to spend it right here on US weapons.

        But facts are a conspiracy from you know who, right?

        • mikebowen55

          I’d much rather that there be no foreign aid whatsoever as that is not a valid nor Constituional use of the nation’s treasure and I think that I speak for most of White America when I say that.

          • Carney3

            Ignoramuses yap about foreign aid. Polls show Americans grossly over-estimate how much of our budget goes to it – they guess about 25% when in reality it’s about 1%.

            By contrast Social Security is about 22% and Medicare and Medicaid about 23%.

            And again the biggest foreign aid recipient is Israel getting military aid, which comes right back to America in the form of manufacturing jobs, many of them high tech an high paying.

            If we’re going to get all constitutional strict constructionist, let’s start with something that doesn’t smash our remaining high paying manufacturing sector.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          There are some other “facts that are a conspiracy” in regard to Israel. The US always vetoes any resolution against Israel in the UN. The US has waged war against Iraq for the sake of Israel. And what does Israel in return? Yes, it SPIES on the US, and sells its industrial and military secrets to its enemies. With friends like these…

          • Carney3

            I see we have scuttled away from the foreign aid issue since the facts don’t fit the anti-Israel obsessives’ myth-making. I’ll take that as an admission of utter defeat.

            You’re correct that we do veto anti-Israel nonsense at the UN. The UN is thick with anti-Western and anti-Israel countries, most of them tyrannies whose misdeeds and those of their allies, sponsors, and clients totally dwarf those attributed to Israel.

            Russia and China in turn regularly veto resolutions against their own puppets, satellites, and allies, including worst-of-the-worst regimes such as North Korea and Zimbabwe.

            Israel has served as a staunch ally for decades, both during the Cold War and today.

            And while it can get a bit awkward, even allies spy on each other on occasion – as recent revelations about the NSA have shown.

            We did not fight Iraq on behalf of Israel. The first Gulf War was waged to maintain stable access to oil and to maintain the principle of respect for sovereignty and independence of recognized states. The second was in response to Saddam’s lengthy history of defiance of his obligations including those coming from the 1991 peace agreement.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            1) I will mention one name only : Jonathan Pollard, but I could easily mention many many more.
            2) Even the Jerusalem Post and Thomas Friedman have admitted that Iraq-2 was a war for Israel, instigated by about 25 Jewish neo-cons in advisory functions in the Pentagon and elsewhere.
            3) The relationship between Israel and the US is one of parasitism and betrayal.
            4) If the US were not a friend of Israel it would not have the whole Islamic world as its enemy. Therefore to say that Israel is a “staunch ally” is a reversal of the truth. The US could have the whole Islamic world as its staunch ally if it would drop Israel.
            5) Your use of the shamrock as avatar doesn’t convince me that you are Irish.

          • Carney3

            1 I already acknowledged that that spying exists. To repeat, we do the same to our allies. A bit of a delicate issue, but it happens. We spy on the Germans, etc. Nobody freaks out. But anti-Israel obsessives gleefully seize on any excuse with manufactured outrage, trying as best they can to alienate America from Israel. Any stick will do to beat a dog.

            2. On Iraq 2, it’s arguable that Israel would have preferred us to stay out, or to take out Iran rather than Iraq. I guess the Jewish conspiracy also controls Britain, Australia, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Ukraine, who went in with us? Also New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, who helped us with the aftermath?

            3. Parasitism? Israel no longer needs or gets economic aid, and its military aid is only 5% of GDP. Betrayal? If anything we constantly backstab them, by pushing them to make deals with genocidal fanatics just for the sake of appearances.

            4. Utter, raving nonsense. Throwing Israel to the wolves would only encourage triumphalist barbarism. The primary beef of the Islamists is that we are not Islamist, and they will never forgive us for that. Our economy and culture is attractive, even seductive, and they resent and fear that. The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood declared WAR on the West in general and America in particular after being outraged at the “decadence” he saw at a dance. In the 1950s. In rural Greely Colorado. In a church. THERE IS NO APPEASING THESE PEOPLE.

            5. Jews, Jews everywhere. Under the bed, behind the tree! Watch out!

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            Under the bed, behind the tree and…on the Internet!

          • Carney3

            For the record, not that I expect an obsessive paranoid crackpot to believe me, I have no Jewish ancestry or identity. I am indeed of Irish origin.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            Usually Irish root for the underdog, because they themselves have been that for a long time. That is why so many Irish support the Palestinians. But alright, there are Irish and there are Irish.
            There are more than one billion Muslims in the world and besides the fact that their countries lie in strategic regions, they contain a lot of the energy sources of the world. Sheer self-interest would dictate that the US have a better relation with them than with a little mini state hated by nearly all of the rest of the world. There is no other explanation for the “special relationship” the US has with that mini state than “the Lobby”, but I guess you consider Mearsheimer & Walt also as “obsessive paranoid crackpots”. They have indeed shown that Iraq-2 was a war for Israel. The Israeli press and even Jewish intellectuals in the US have said the same. Have you ever seen a video of the slavish behavior of US politicians at a meeting of AIPAC?

          • Alexandra1973

            Yes, but who REALLY runs the STATE of Israel? Hint: No one from the NATION of Israel.

          • Ella

            We don’t know how much effect that the US Jewish / Israeli lobbyist groups have on Congress and US foreign policies in the Middle East. Muslim lobbyists equally can lobby against Israel. I do expect some impact since Jewish groups combined (AIPIC, ADL, & ect.) spend up to 3 billion p/y to argue out their Jewish interests in US congress. Fundamental Christian groups also donate monies to their special interests being the Holy Land. I feel very uncomfortable period with all these foreign lobbyists groups who don’t represent the moderate American.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            The Israel lobby spends 3 billion per year to get 3 billion per year aid for Israel ? Now that’s what I call a “balanced budget”!

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I like Socialists who are trying to protect all those bennies for their own white citizens. That’s how it SHOULD work in Europe. When the majority producers take care of a small minority of those are unable to produce (of their own race, of course), it probably works just fine. Add brown-skinned parasites and NO system will work.

  • jeffaral

    France has 66 mio people; at least 20 mio are immigrants, mostly Arabs and subsaharian Africans. The liar Manuel Valls now poses as a tough anti-immigrant french patriot because next year is election time. Who he thinks he’s fooling?

  • lloydsauvante

    God bless the Internet. The truths posted here are so obvious that no fool could miss them… except politicians and journalists.

    • mikebowen55

      They don’t miss them but rather suppress them in order to drive an agenda. They’re a malicious and vile breed.

  • Alexandra1973

    Can you imagine the howling over here if our president said we need to expel blacks and Hispanics?

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Now that would earn him a real Nobel prize!

  • Ella

    Like Prague and Vienna who have many Roma, EU politicians voted to remove the military border crossings as the result of forming the Schengen Agreement. France is a member of it, so talk is tough as usual and then, no policy ever changes . Anyone can leave or come as they wish without check points. Resembling NAFTA, is it a worse deal?

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      The EU is a plot to destroy Europe, politically, culturally and racially. The best thing a European nation can do is to leave that destructive club.

      • Helios Megistos

        EUSSR delenda est!

  • gemjunior

    Yeah that’ll be the day. I don’t care how ‘lower class’ the ‘white males’ are in education or any other field they will generally outperform the richest negros, Africans, African-Americans, Caribbeans or anyone anywhere who comes from Africa. And don’t try and tell me any stories about all of us originating in Africa because you are chock full o’ shite.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Exactly because we came “out of Africa” we are different from those who stayed in Africa. It is not an argument for equality but for exactly the opposite.

  • Helios Megistos

    Down with the masonic republic; Dieu et le Roy!

  • lloydsauvante

    Recommend a couple of books on the Jews’ place in the last century of history. Try “The Jewish Century,” written by an American of Russian Jewish descent, and Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy ending with “Culture of Critique.”

    Ashkenazim have an average intelligence of about 115, the highest of any population group. These writers attribute to them a strong sense of group identification, and a mixture of indifference and contempt at times to their host societies. It would be more becoming, and probably more in their self-interest, if they felt that more of a sense of obligation accompanied their intellectual gifts. When they simply use their abilities to their own advantage in a free market, it generates resentment. It always has, and it is appearing again as the less gifted, especially ordinary white folks, fall farther behind in a knowledge-based economy.