Poachers Poison 90 Elephants with Cyanide in Zimbabwe Wildlife Park

Henry Austin, NBC News, September 25, 2013

Almost 90 elephants have been slaughtered by poachers who poisoned them with industrial cyanide, authorities in Zimbabwe said Wednesday.

Rangers in the Hwange National Park discovered the carcasses of more than 40 of the gentle giants earlier this month and they continue to find bodies in recent weeks.

Park spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo told NBC News that 87 corpses had been found so far, all with their tusks removed.

“Industrial cyanide used in gold mining was put in remote water holes and on salty ground that the elephants like to lick after drinking the water,” she said. “The poison was killing them and they were taking the tusks.”

She added that smaller animals, vultures and predators feeding on the dead animals had also died as a result of the poison, adding that they feared more elephant victims would be found in the park, around 450 miles west of the country’s capital, Harare.


Nine Zimbabwean nationals were arrested August 29, after rangers tracked them to a cache of ivory and Washaya-Mayo said five remain in custody and police to investigate.

They are expected to face trial later this week.

She added that 51 tusks, from a possible 174 had so far been recovered.

Drew McVey, African species expert at the World Wildlife Fund called the killings “truly horrendous” and called for urgent action to be taken against the poaching.


The organisation said 2011 saw the highest number of elephant deaths due to poaching since the 1980’s and they expected that to get worse this year.


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  • Jenkem Huffington

    Unlike the natives, Elephants are actually intelligent, gentle, and compassionate creatures. One elephant isn’t worth a million of those shaved apes.

    • Elephants are anything but gentle, but very little in Africa is gentle. Not much in Africa dies of old age.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        That said, butchering them for their ivory is abhorrent to me. I am a hunter here in Germany, and we manage the wildlife population to minimize disease and starvation. It is no sport, but long standing tradition, as we have a deep attachment to our forests and the beasts inhabiting them.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        Compared to the native orc population there I’d say they are. I doubt elephants kill for fun or because “they’re bored”

        • joesolargenius

          They do kill out of anger though , an emotion not confined just to humans.

  • Rhialto

    1-Biological note: Elephants are NOT “gentle giants”; elephants are nasty bullies.

    2-This article shows what will happen to America’s wildlife and nature environments, if/when America goes Third World.

  • Spartacus

    See ? The dark-skins used to live in perfect harmony with nature, until us White Devils came along and ruined the natural balance of stuff. Shame on us !

    • Extropico

      White man kill the buffalo; dark man give birth to water buffalo.

    • dd121

      I think it’s the lingering effects of slavery blah blah blah.

    • So CAL Snowman

      If there was no global market for ivory, I highly doubt that the africans would go to all the trouble of killing and hacking up elephants, as that is not easy work. I’m not absolving them of blame (as they are clearly monsters) but the Chinese are also incredibly guilty with their lust for ivory, tiger penis and rhino horn. Also I seem to remember that psycho Teddy Roosevelt going to africa to hunt elephants and he did it for “sport.” I understand that hunting is necessary in certain parts of the world to keep certain animal populations in check, but there is absolutely no excuse for hunting elephants, big cats or rhinos.

      • Spartacus

        Rest assured, they’d do it for fun even if there wasn’t anything to gain from it.

        • sbuffalonative

          I disagree. Elephants, lions, etc. hold little value to these people unless other races imbue them with worth. If the Chinese weren’t willing to pay them, Africans wouldn’t make the effort.

          • Spartacus

            In South Africa they kill Whites who live in squatter camps and torture them to death for fun, even though they have nothing to steal.

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            That’s because they are subhuman anthropoids, and anyone who thinks they can be lifted up by aid to Africa is an idiot.

      • Diversity Fatigue

        No, blacks would do it just to be killing something. Zero empathy.

      • Romulus

        I’ve actually been to Teddy house in oyster bay. Spectacular trophy room. I believe it’s a sin to kill something that you don’t eat however. Teddy did create the national park system and implemented the construction of the Panama canal. His ringleaders were excellent soldiers as well.

      • Bantu_Education

        Teddy Roosevelt a psycho? We might deplore his wildlife hunting today – but that occurred over 100 years ago when there was a lot more wildlife. In other respects he was surely one of the greatest US Presidents?

  • Padrig

    Richard Leakey had the best plan ever: fly around in helicopters and shoot them on sight.

  • Derp

    Look, more animals crapping where they live (and I don’t mean the elephants).

  • sbuffalonative

    We shouldn’t be looking for ways to attract blacks to our national parks. We should be looking for ways to keep them out.

    • mikebowen55

      Keeping them out of our nations altogether would accomplish that and so much more.

  • Trevor Pilsbury

    Preserving and protecting wildlife and nature seems to be an exclusively “white thing.”

    • Bantu_Education

      The Chinese are now doing a good job with breeding Pandas but I wonder how much of this is just clever diplomacy? Pandas are leased to foreign zoos for enormous sums of money and any offspring they might have belong to China.

      • Lagerstrom

        If they weren’t ‘cute’ and if White people weren’t mad about them, they’d be extinct.

  • leftists are delusional

    I bet more than 90 Zimbabwe hominoids are killed every week, but the leftist are in a tizzy about elephants.

    Reminds me of a peice by Walter Williams.

    The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism. Colonial masters never committed anything near the murder and genocide seen under black rule in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia and other countries, where millions of blacks have been slaughtered in unspeakable ways, which include: hacking to death, boiling in oil, setting on fire and dismemberment. If as many elephants, zebras and lions had been as ruthlessly slaughtered, the world’s leftists would be in a tizzy.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    A PBS special highlighted the Chinese ivory carving industry. It is vast.

    An undercover reporter filmed stacks of tusks [hundreds] awaiting shipment from Africa, and in China, rows of benches and tables at which sat highly skilled ivory carvers, busy at their craft.

    In a Chinese shop, there were display shelves of beautifully carved statues for sale.

    Finally, the reporter was spotted by a clerk who threw him out of the ivory art store.
    The Chinese have no morals if there is a nickel to be made. Intellectual Property Laws or nature desecration be damned.

    • John Engleman likes these people.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        His viewpoint on Asians does seem to be a bit myopic. But he is married to an Asian, is he not? And if so, she is probably a wonderful woman who colors his opinion of all Asians. This is much the same thing that I experience with my Russian wife, though I tend to view Russians more objectively than John does Asians, I believe.

        That said, I also believe he is a liberal who has become aware of racial differences based primarily on the studies of group IQ and other genetic differences thanks to Professor Lynn, et al. Based purely on IQ and crime statistics, John is correct. But real world experience with these other groups show that they rarely share our Western values.

        I would say that John is where I was about 10 years ago, though I have never been a liberal.

        • Lagerstrom

          I say ‘our people, right or wrong’ above ‘other’ people. The Chinese have a huge country in which to live in and sort out their own problems. The same applies to the rest of humanity. They need us, we don’t need them. High IQ be damned. Look at what British men have invented in the past, more innovations that just about the entire continent of Asia and Africa,

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Well, not like you’re going to get an argument out of me.

        • I doubt John is married to anyone. I’m the one who did that here.

    • saxonsun

      You’re right about the Chinese–Asians, in general, are without morals.

      • I disagree. Japanese have a strong moral tradition, though it is not very Western. The eightfold path in Buddhism (Amerinds say there are only seven) makes for an honest culture.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          What? American Indian Buddhists? Do you mean the modern day Essenes whose teachers are called Rebbe? They teach the seven fold path, but it is not Buddhism. They sometimes call themselves “Zen like” as mindfulness of the earth and nature is part of that practice.
          I am an American practitioner of [Japanese] Soto/Rinzai Zen, though sometimes attend Theravadin Buddhist retreats. Both teach the Eightfold Path.

  • hastings88

    Of all the reasons to contemn Africans, and there are many, their utter disregard for animals and the natural world is my #1.

  • Bantu_Education

    This would never have happened under Ian Smith’s white Rhodesian government, when wildlife parks were properly managed and well-protected. In South Africa under white rule, white rhino numbers flourished whilst they were virtually exterminated in black-ruled countries. Even for some time after, under black rule, they were relatively safe because most game rangers were white, but in the last few years poaching has got out of hand. One can be certain the reason for this is that most of the white game park rangers and wardens have been replaced by useless blacks who are easily bribed by the poachers to look the other way.

    Of course one cannot win arguments against liberals but one of the best ways to ridicule them is to point out that black rule always results in the wholesale destruction of wildlife and the environment and their poor (non-existent) land management has spread desertification in the Sahel, etc. Of course they will riposte that white hunters like Teddy Roosevelt also slaughtered thousands of animals. The difference is that whites usually know when enough is enough. Bantu sub-humans cannot properly conceive of the future.

  • Bantu_Education

    In “Guns, Germs & Steel” the anti-white jewish marxist naturalist Jared Diamond claims that Africans were “disadvantaged” for civilisation because Africa had no domesticable large animals. He claims the African elephant to be “untrainable”, which is clearly nonsense since the white Carthaginians under Hannibal used African elephants for shifting heavy loads and in their battles against the Romans. If whites had been in Africa longer they surely would have selectively-bred the aggression out of African elephants just as the Indians, etc, did with the Asian elephant. Similarly the african wild buffalo and the zebra.

    This foolish book, which was given a Pull-shitzer Prize (hmmm, wonder who sits on that prize committee?) has other ridiculously contrived theories. The most hilarious one is his contention that the African and American continents were “disadvantaged” for civilisation compared to Eurasia by being longer in the North-South direction than East-West. You’ll have to read the book to discover for yourself his absurd “rationale” – if you do, be sure to ridicule the book on the Amazon reviews, where you will notice in amazement that naive liberals have eagerly and uncritically lapped it all up.

  • Whitetrashgang

    They did with horses, their only mode of transportation and they ate them all.

    • Not only did Amerinds wipe out the original American horses, but all of the rhinos and camels as well. South American llamas are so closely related to camels that they have been cross-bred. There was also a glyptodon, a two-ton armadillo that paleoindians hunted to extinction.

  • Freedom Hayak

    The insanity is, of course, Africa could actually (and has) made money from “elephant tourism” but doesn’t really strive to make it happen in a big way. Moreover, this story gives lie to the fact that “indigenous people” are somehow more noble and caring and “natural environmentalists” than “non indigenous” people. How many Afrikaners kill elephants for ivory?

  • We ate all the pigeons in northern Colorado Springs. I can walk for hours without seeing a pigeon. Mourning doves moved in, and I leave these alone because they are a native species. The funniest story about eating pigeons is from federal prison. The Vietnamese were trapping and killing pigeons, and selling them to the Mexicans, saying it was chicken. There was very nearly a riot when the greasers found out. I had walked past trash cans full of feathers many times before that, and knew what was up.

    Pigeons aren’t worth plucking. I used to cut the heads and feet off, gut them, stuff them with dry breadcrumbs and crushed red pepper, and then pack them in local clay before baking them. The clay and bread locks the juices in, and breaking off the hardened clay takes the feathers with it.

    I made a frog-gigging spear with four prongs – a quadrident? All one needs here in Colorado for legal frogs is a fishing license.