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President is worried whites are taking over the country.

“[T]hey survived kidnapping, torture, imprisonment, eviction attempts and criminal accusations.”

Even blacks are at risk.

An African Planet? Part II

Africa could collapse into Malthusian catastrophe.


Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles and Mugabe’s party may even force him out.

Worrying about a dead lion is a “First World Problem.”

Keeping white ownership for some farms is “of strategic economic importance.”

ICC nearly nabs Sudanese head of state. Mugabe is outraged.

The fruits of black rule.

Black Immigrants Pouring into South Africa

Dan Roodt describes a growing crisis.


When he saw a reporter he didn’t want to talk to.

“Whose heritage are we preserving?” blacks ask.

There are still 300 white farmers in the crosshairs.

He says Zimbabwe’s “land reforms” are a model for the continent.

There are fewer than 300 left; there used to be 4,500.

She claims to have magical powers.

Zimbabwe minister says contraceptives were invented to prevent black births.

Snuffing Out South African Identity

The campaign against the Afrikaners.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

“That message should ring loud and clear in Britain and the United States.”

The displaced Zimbabweans are now cheap labor for sugar fields owned by Mugabe’s party.

“When you have one million you want ten million.”

Spent £3 million on 4,000 guests.

The convicted sex offender was found with pornography.

There is a pattern here.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World will now be called “Mosi Oa Tunya”.

Nine Zimbabwe nationals have been arrested.

Zimbabwe reaps the benefits of seizing white-owned farms.

The spoils are the majority of shares in white-owned companies, which he will hand out to blacks.

Government will seize majority shares in all foreign-owned companies.

Maize production is down 80 percent since the government seized white-owned farms.

No, zeroes aren’t missing from the title.

Whites still own 90 percent of the Johannesburg stock market.

With four wives, he’s already married the “traditional” way.

Third crash and third death in two weeks.

We doubt people are lining up to visit Zimbabwe.

Mugabe’s “institutional racism” against whites continues unabated.

“Ian Smith’s Rhodesian era turns out to be better than ‘our’ black government.”

Land grabs would help fix the problem.

Says in the future, miscegenation will appear normal.

“When the black Messiah (Nelson Mandela) dies, we’ll teach the whites. We’ll commit genocide against them: I hate whites.”

The victims’ semen “is believed to be used in rituals to bring success in business.”

. . . for the anti-white party’s annual conference.

Strange doing’s in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: A New Wave of Land Seizures?, Christian Science Monitor

Black Zimbabweans are ruining what’s left of their economy.

This is why they avoid “social justice” measures like the “wealth tax.”

Teenagers take over whites’ businesses as part of an “indigenisation drive.”

Politics as usual in Zimbabwe.

Only 300 remain.

Gee, what happened to their food?

Mugabe’s land grabs are taking their final toll.