Posted on January 6, 2020

Broken Border Fence Allows Zimbabweans to Pour Into South Africa

Desere Davis,, January 3, 2020

A broken fence at Beitbridge is giving sneaky Zimbabweans an opportunity to make their way into South Africa illegally. A video showing a number of people streaming into the country has been shared on social media, causing quite an upset. In the video clip, it can be seen that parts of the international crossing are in a delipidated state and unmonitored.

The South African reported that ex-Joburg mayor, Herman Mashaba also commented on the video. It is believed that the illegal foreigners would travel to Gauteng by walking through farms and then walking to the N1. From there, they would get transport to their desired destinations.

I really wonder how the Zimbabwean government feels to see their own citizens running away from their own country, in such huge numbers? However, South Africa is not only facing illegal immigrants from Africa but from all over the world. We still need to stop this narrative about African immigrants being our only challenge. gathered that 16 illegal immigrants were detained on Thursday, 2 December, after they were heading to Musina. In addition, 54 undocumented people were taken into custody nearby.