European Union Confronts Its Roma Problem

Naftali Bendavid, Wall Street Journal, April 22, 2014

Three bulldozers, backed by teams of police, arrived at dawn to demolish 20 houses belonging to this town’s Roma, or Gypsies, leaving them to pick through debris for their belongings and brave several days of storms.


Eforie city officials say the 105 Roma in the now-razed enclave–some of whom had lived for decades in concrete houses–were terrorizing the area by piling up garbage and stealing.


The Eforie demolition and dozens of such events around Europe show the emotional resistance facing the European Union as it struggles to help the Roma, the continent’s biggest minority with 11 million people.


One-third of Roma are unemployed, 20% have no health insurance and 80% live below the poverty line, according to the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

Now, a decade after countries with large Roma populations started joining the EU, the bloc is aiming to raise that standard of living. The new focus comes with the end in January of travel restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria, both with big Roma populations, which joined the EU in 2007. The opening of borders had prompted fears in older EU countries of a Roma “invasion”–so far largely unfounded–of poor immigrants that could tax welfare systems and public order.

An EU summit on Roma issues in Brussels this month reported countries had made modest progress on early childhood education but listed problems with health, jobs and housing, and said discrimination was widespread.


The Roma left India some 1,400 years ago, according to some estimates, and have adopted the various religions and languages of their new homes, although there is also a Romani language with several dialects. From the earliest days the semi-nomadic Roma were described pejoratively and regarded with fear, chased away or oppressed. Today, their most visible presence in Europe’s capitals is as aggressive panhandlers or in shantytowns on the outskirts of town.

The EU in 2011 urged its members to adopt plans for helping the Roma with jobs, health, education and housing. But the plans varied greatly and were often ignored. In December the EU made the plans a legal requirement, and EU leaders say they are also earmarking funds more specifically for Roma–the previous EU budget, covering 2007 to 2013, didn’t track outlays addressing Roma issues in its spending on disadvantaged groups.

Ms. [Viviane] Reding, of the European Commission, said the problem may not be solved as long as local officials are terrified of a public backlash for helping Roma. That means the EU ultimately may have to issue its own Europe-wide rules, she said.

“I’ve been told directly by several mayors, ‘I am not a racist, but if I call a program ‘Housing for Roma’ or ‘Education for Roma,’ I will no longer be mayor,’ ” said Ivan Ivanov, director of the European Roma Information Office, a clearinghouse and advocacy group.


Critics say Roma help perpetuate their poverty and isolation by turning to crime and not trying to improve their lot. Amid allegations of organized crime, a French court in October convicted 26 members of three Roma families of forcing children to carry out about 100 robberies in Western Europe. Far-right political parties, meanwhile, send out dark warnings about the Roma as a threat to society at large and have found success vilifying the Roma as lazy parasites.


Other Roma activists concede the group could do more to help its own cause–for example, some Roma parents are reluctant to send their children to school, saying they would be unwelcome there.


Romania, where 8% of the population is Roma, has come under fire for failing to address their welfare, using just 26% of the $5.1 billion the EU provides for social integration, which includes job training and education. Romanian officials say they are working hard to increase that number.

In the current budget, which runs from 2014 to 2020, the EU has set aside about $22 billion to help “marginalized or discriminated-against groups,” chiefly the Roma, across the bloc, up from about $19 billion in the previous budget. Officials promise to carefully monitor the programs using these funds.

Numerous evictions like the one in Eforie unfold in Europe each year, EU officials say. Many may be legal, since the Roma often have no property records, and expulsions can be the easiest way for local officials to deal with Roma. While many Roma live in standard housing, others build makeshift encampments due to poverty or as an outgrowth of their traveling culture. City officials sometimes complain that the enclaves are unsightly slums strewed with trash.

In Slovakia, about 400 mayors have joined a movement called Zobudme Sa!–“Let’s Wake Up!”–to coordinate shutting down Roma communities using health and safety regulations. About 12 Slovakian cities have sealed off Roma communities by building walls.


The EU’s expansion to new countries made it easier for Roma to travel within Europe. A group of Roma from Romania has established a camp outside Stockholm, for example, and many now panhandle on the city’s stylish thoroughfares.

“We’re not used to beggars in our streets,” said Lotta Edholm, Stockholm’s vice mayor for education. “You have some homeless people, we’ve always had that–but not people really begging. Normally we try to take care of people like that in Swedish society. So this is something new.”

Ms. Edholm voiced sympathy for the Roma, who she said were simply seeking to escape poverty. But the slum itself is dangerous, she said–it’s cold, flammable and presents hygiene problems. “Sooner or later we will ask them to leave,” she said.

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  • james AZ

    Sympathy for the Roma???????? in 1940 Germany deported many of Roma people. Roma people still same problems as humanroid locusts………

  • . . . Roma parents are reluctant to send their children to school, saying they would be unwelcome there . . .

    Nailed it!

    • BulgAryan

      A gallery of bulldozers razing illegal buildings in Europe’s largest gypsy ghetto – Stolipinovo
      http://www.plovdivutre[dot] bg/gallery/2014/04/25/3154-apokalipsis_v_stolipinovo_galeria

  • borogirl54

    The Roma use their children to steal in EU countries. I saw a BBC documentary of Roma children who are guided by Roma women to steal from people accessing outdoor ATM’s. This money is sent to Romania to build mansions for Roma bigwigs.

  • jeffaral

    The only viable and humane solution to the gypsie poblem is sterilisation. As far as I know, no European politician has come up with this idea. Time for action please!

    • borogirl54

      Or do what the Israelis did with the Ethiopian Jews. Give them Depo Provera shots that prevented the women from getting pregnant.

      • IstvanIN

        That is only temporary. Let the one’s alive live out their lives in peace but let them be the final generation.

    • BulgAryan

      Birth control and one child families are the best weapons in combating poverty, as proven in China, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

    • skara_brae

      I think a certain Mr. Schiklgruber of Austria had an idea or two.

    • The Paleo Conservative

      They are savages. It’s funny how you’d be considered a evil nazi racist for thinking of this. No joke, I’ve seen this (being half-romanian). Gypsies sometimes will completely mess their children up (break their spines, bones etc.). This is so that they will use them as beggars. I saw some once being dragged on planks of wood. Stories have also surfaced about them kidnapping children, taking their organs out and selling them. They will also enslave other gypsies to beg in other nations. Absolute savages. However my neighbors in Romania are also gypsies and they are civilized and well-educated. My conclusion would be, build them a nation and deport them there.

      • benvad

        Cut off a piece of Romania or Bulgaria and put them there. Subsidize it so they won’t leave.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Much of the article sounds like it’s referring to blacks in America.

    • BulgAryan

      They are racially different, descendants of Indian untouchables and Dravidian peoples. Their intelligence is on par with the negroes, ID about 80-90. Emotionally very immature, like 14 year olds. But more industrious, a gyp carry a very heavy manhole cover (stolen, of course) several miles to the scrap metal depot.

  • “‘We’re not used to beggars in our streets,’ said Lotta Edholm, Stockholm’s vice mayor for education. ‘You have some homeless people, we’ve always had that–but not people really begging. Normally we try to take care of people like that in Swedish society. So this is something new.'”

    Yet another example of how diversity destroys a beautiful white country.

  • dd121

    Hitler had a neatly tied solution to the Roma problem. 65 years or so after WWII he seems to have anticipated most of our contemporary problems. To me he just seems to get righter and righter all the time. Does that make me a bad person?

    • dmxinc

      The problem is that killing people is not a moral solution.

      Even Hitler seemed to prefer not to think about it, especially what was planned for Eastern Europe. It was just something that he thought needed to be done to promote a Greater Germany.

      He never visited a concentration camp. Anyone with a conscience would have difficulty facing the result of their decisions that killed millions, especially non-combatants. Best just to keep it as numbers.

      • dd121

        I think you’re right but in light of the impending murder of Western Civilization and the White race we need to look for solutions. What do you propose?

        • dmxinc

          It is difficult.

          I’ve already claimed that we are at a point that our country can’t be salvaged without an armed conflict.

          I’m not saying that conflict will occur, perhaps the toad will boil in water. However, if it does occur, no one will no the final course it will take.

          God help us.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        How do you know Hitler deliberately killed millions of noncombatants in concentration camps? Sounds like Allied propaganda to me.

      • Ella

        I think Hitler did deport in the beginning, and then, he blamed the Jews and others who refused to leave Germany for their homelands. However, he later invaded countries where some ethnics willing left and sent them to camps. Do you imagine deporting 25 million illegals or legals (using welfare programs) out of the US? It will never happen. Whites are the problem to the US government and world agenda.

        • shmo123

          You don’t have to deport anyone. All you have to do is cut off the goodies that so many of them have been given. Once they realize there are no more AFDC, food stamps, Medicaid and on and on, they’ll get the message and leave.

          • Robert Haschberg

            Popular conservative myth. Romas that beg in Sweden does not get any handouts – they still come, because they can make big money here by stealing or begging far easier than in Romania.

    • kjh64

      Sending people to concentration camps and killing them is wrong. The solution would be to humanely send them to India where their people originally came from, give them some money to get by on far awhile and leave it at that.

      • IstvanIN

        Not if it comes down to us or them. This is an undeclared war on our people. We have a right to self-defense.

        • dd121

          That’s the way I look at it too. I just have doubts that the self-preservation response will ever be triggered in our people.

          • It won’t until we’re already a minority, I fear.

          • Anglo

            Yes, we’re almost there. Whites will soon find there’s no where to run and no where to hide.

  • They apparently send all of their money back home to build garish neighborhoods.

    http://nclinksandthinks.wordpress [dot] com/2013/10/21/guidos-of-eastern-europe/

  • BonV.Vant

    ….”From the earliest days the semi-nomadic Roma were described pejoratively and regarded with fear, chased away or oppressed”…..

    What the article fails to mention is that all through Europe’s history there have been migrations of different peoples that almost always assimilated. Those peoples were never rejected and feared. Only two groups in Europe have maintained a pariah status. History shows that Europeans will accept acceptable peoples. The Germans absorbed Prussians and other Batic peoples, Swedes, indigenous Silesians, Kashubians, Wends etc. The French are a melange of different ethnicities: Celtic Britons, Norse, Gauls, Romans etc. The same with every country in Europe. It can even be said that over the millennia even many Jews abandoned their ethnic identity and religion and assimilated into various European nationalities. Europeans accept people who accept, and are capable of assimilation. Why should they accept people who are hostile to them and assimilation? That is insanity!

    • benvad

      Even reasonable muslims like Tatars were absorbed into the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth and the excelled in all the ranks but kept their customs. Of course they weren’t looking to destroy the societies that they took refuge in unlike these other animals.

  • Like in the US, where few Whites want to miscegenate with blacks, Euro whites understand what nasty creatures these things are and have not mated with them. How to get them back to India after 1,400 years is the question.

    • Alexandra1973


      • Unfortunately, the law as now written won’t allow it, just as we can’t legally get rid of our muzzies, hindus, and messcans in the US. How to get the oligarchs to rewrite the laws when its so profitable for them to use the muds to destroy us is the question. Or do we take the law into our hands via revolution?

        • Alexandra1973

          If they’re convicted of a capital crime, execution. Any other crime, deportation along with any relatives. That would be a start, and it would actually get rid of a good number of them.

  • MBlanc46

    How silly of me. I took the headline to mean that the EU was actually going to do something about the Roma problem in Europe. It turns out that they’re going to throw billions of euros at the gypsies, which the gypsies will happily steal before returning to their begging and thieving.

    • Ella

      They will breed even more like our minorities. In a city over 1 million easily, I went to the mall again and I saw 1:10 whites to minorities. I also leave angry at Whites for having their one child birth program.

  • BulgAryan

    In Bulgaria many gypsies are muslim and many more are being converted into Islam. Their best and brightest are given scholarships in Saudi Arabia and Jordan and turn whole neighborhoods into Sharia zones, as the recent court process against the Pazardjik imams proves. They’re conduits for the Jihad on White Europe.

    • BulgAryan

      Pictures above show three of the radical islamist imams on trial in Pazardjik and their supporters in front of the court house

    • benvad

      Send them to Turkey

  • Michael Mason

    There’s no pain to the soul like seeing your peoples’ homeland be polluted with this racial trash.

    • Ella

      I have to admit. Mexicans are not as bad a gypsies but a flood of Latinos does alter our culture and bring its own problems of gang crime and other violence.

      • Michael Mason

        The bad behavior of nonwhites is effective for propaganda purposes, but honestly I still wouldn’t want my people to be racially dispossessed even if it was by a nonwhite race of admirable quality, like the Japanese.

  • Людмил Иванов

    A ‘minority’ more populous than most nations on the continent. Since 2012 the majority of births in Bulgaria are of gypsies, within 20 years the country is going to look like India. The former prime minister Borisov said that the integration of gypsies is going to be complete when we have a gyppo president. Oh, and the tiny little issue of Turkey and Saudi using them as a foothold for their interests and pushing arab migrants through gypsy ghettos.

  • Ella

    “EU has set aside about $22 billion to help “marginalized or discriminated-against groups,” chiefly the Roma….,” wow, for 6 years, what a deal compared to what Americans spend on their minority programs in the USA like food, education, housing and medical!!!!