Posted on July 29, 2011

Eviction of Travellers from Britain’s Biggest Gypsy Camp Delayed While Bailiffs Undergo ‘Cultural Awareness Training’

Andrew Levy, Daily Mail (London), July 26, 2011

A multi-million-pound eviction of travellers from Europe’s largest illegal camp could be delayed because bailiffs supposedly need ‘cultural awareness training’.

Hundreds of people are set to be removed from Dale Farm near Crays Hill in Essex next month, after years of legal battles.

But Basildon Council has started approaching travellers’ groups for bespoke training, ‘specifically for the forced removal of gipsy and traveller women and children’.

Officials are looking for guidance as they fear the process, which is likely to spark violent confrontations, could breach equality legislation. However, one organisation has already refused the request and warns others would follow its lead.

Share, which promotes traveller health and welfare, revealed it had been approached by the council to train staff at Constant and Co, the firm of bailiffs appointed to deal with the situation.

Chairman Tommy Mordacai said: ‘I just can’t believe they would contact us and ask about forcibly removing women and children.’

And in a formal response to the council, he wrote: ‘As you are from the inclusion and diversity team I would expect you to be able to understand and appreciate the serious long-term damage and health implications that the removal will have upon the women, children, and men.’

The stand-off means the operation, which is set to cost up to £18million, including police and bailiffs’ fees, plus returning the land to its former greenbelt status, faces being put on hold.

Travellers have lived on legal plots at Dale Farm for decades but hundreds began arriving in 2001 and set up home there without planning permission.

Around 1,000 are based there now, almost half illegally.

Many marched through nearby Gloucester Park to protest at the town hall over the eviction threat.

They are due to be removed on August 31 after a Court of Appeal ruling last year. But many have spoken openly of having pitched battles with the authorities.

Barbed wire barricades and dangerous high-pressure canisters have been placed around the site in readiness for what some describe as a ‘state of war’.

But local resident Len Gridley, whose land is bordered by the travellers’ site, complained: ‘What training could the bailiffs possibly need? They do this job every day.’ Constant & Co, which regularly handles traveller evictions, yesterday refused to comment.

But its website boasts that staff are ’employed nationally on a daily basis to recover possession of land from unwanted trespassers’.

It adds: ‘We are the most experienced, professional and busiest company in this type of work.’

A council spokesman said: ‘Share was just one organisation which has refused.

‘The funding has only just been finalised so this could not be arranged earlier.

‘We are confident that there will be an organisation which will provide the training.’

However, Richard Sheridan, president of the Gypsy Council, said: ‘I won’t be helping them with it.

‘Those bailiffs will be throwing women and children out from their homes. No amount of training can make them do that in a nicer way.’

12 responses to “Eviction of Travellers from Britain’s Biggest Gypsy Camp Delayed While Bailiffs Undergo ‘Cultural Awareness Training’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We get our cultural awareness training by watching the Atlanta TV news, and watching the swarms of blacks that cover the sidewalks from Downtown all the way up to the fancy malls in Buckhead and beyond.

    The news of the day is that the Atlanta Public School system just found out its “unexpected shortfall” will force $10 million in cuts. How many White teachers in the maj. White schools will suffer because they work under a Black Ruled APS?

  2. Anon says:

    Just to note the Travellers or Pavee (the word they use in their own language Shelta) while often discriminated against because for having roughly the same reputation as Roma Gypsies are White, mostly of Irish stock.

    So just for once cultural awareness training is just that, culture not race.

  3. Stiv says:

    They’ve obviously trashed the camp. Maybe if they didn’t have such disgusting living habits they wouldn’t have people attempting to oust them where-ever they settle. Not to mention they probably still trespass on other private property; no matter where they are permitted to live they believe they have right-of-way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In reading the article I assumed they were real Gypsies (Roma). I recently returned from Spain, where I lived for a year. My four children went to public school (by the way, they don’t offer bilingual classes there; my kids had to learn Spanish), and at least in our town, Gypsies were simply not allowed to attend. They were considered disruptive and slow to learn compared to the rest of the students.

    Forthright, clear-eyed policies.

  5. JasonC says:

    Ive dealt with Gypsies on sites that are legal and viable setups, I have mixed feelings about.

    Id say 50% are the sort of people Id be happy to have as friends and say hi to in the street, 50% will cut your throat.

    The problem is, how do you tell which are good and which are bad ?

  6. Mr. X says:

    This is reads like a scene from the science fiction movie ‘Children of Men’ if you’ve seen it. And it’s not even the end of the world but just another day, apparently.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is a program on cable (TLC, I believe) called “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”..there was a segment on this very article about gypsies being evicted. I just wonder if that photo above with the trash is really from these gypsies? The girls and women clean constantly. From what I have seen on this program those gypsies in England have morals and rules for their young girls and women. They clean and cook and help their mothers with their siblings. Something we do not see in our “culture” today…The girls cannot date without their parent as a chaperone and they can never ever go out alone.

  8. Otto says:

    I worked at a nice restaurant in Florida.

    Many gypsies and Irish Travelers came in usually about 6 to 8 at a time. They ordered the best on the menu and when it was 90% gone called for the manager to complain how bad it was and how they did not intend to pay for it.

    I knew as soon as they called the manager over to alert the local police.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How much longer will NATO last?

    How much longer will the U.S. allow are enemy infested allies to have nukes?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Travelers are The Old Irish Tinkers, who are the left overs from the Irish Potato Famine when many Irish lost their little farms or were evicted as tenants on farms they rented, or any Irish who became homeless. They traditionally played music on streets and begged for money. When I was in Dublin, I was hit on by a few of the female children for money. They were annoying because they were so persistent, and although they were a little dirty from the street, they were otherwise polite and even charming, with many a “sir” and “She’s not my sister, I promise you,” as the worst deception they had when begging more money than the ten punts I gave them. I’m sorry that poor whites who are actually cultural reservoirs are caught up in this nasty situation. When will the Royal Family do something practical to save the nation aside from parading around during weddings and trips to Africa?

  11. Pat says:

    No. 10 – Anonymous….’left over from the Irish Potato Famine’. The famine occurred in the 1840/50s. Give the Irish people some credit, they have recovered. My great great grandmother left Ireland to come to England during the famine and married great great granddad (English) – the Irish element to the family has long gone. Although in America people with Irish ancestry seem to want to cling on to it.

    From what I believe travelling people come in a variety of types – Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, etc. Some are better than others. The ones in this article you would not want near you. They turn up, stop wherever they please and leave huge amounts of mess and damage for local people’s taxes to pay for. They know they can only be moved on through the Council starting legal procedures so they are quite safe for a while. Needless to say they are all on benefits or running ‘dodgy’ businesses. I have neighbours who have had their drive ways renewed, roof tiles fixed, etc. – cash in hand – and have lived to regret it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    There’s a good film out there about the Irish gypsies called, “Into the West.” It is sympathetic, but also a good look at the workings and some of the tension within the Irish Travelers.

    I know that some of them do things as poster #8 Otto mentions, but not in Ireland or anywhere that they are very well known. I would think that they were testing the American system. They must have found out right away that such a dodge doesn’t work here.

    But again, I’d rather be hit on daily by cute, dirty faced Irish children than put up with what Ireland is becoming now, or England, or the entire West. In fact, I’d see all that wasted money spent on helping the Travelers escape their plight permanently. It’s no different that hounding the last free indigenous Europeans who refused to move into the Industrial Age. They need reservations, just like Amerinds. We might all need reservations as whites near extinction – soon.