Romanian Officers to Help Met Tackle Pickpockets and Beggars

Andrew Hough, Telegraph (London), July 18, 2012

On the eve of the Olympic Games, nearly a dozen Romanian officers, including detectives, have been seconded by Britain’s biggest police force.

The 10 officers will work with Scotland Yard over the next three months to counter the wave of petty crime throughout the capital.

The Romanian officers, who all speak English, have been especially recruited due to their knowledge of the Roma community.

They also have access to intelligence systems in Romania but they will not have police powers while on patrol in London.

Seven officers will patrol throughout Westminster and the West End in uniform to deal with gangs of beggars who have been camping out in central London.

The Roma travellers, including young children and pregnant women, have been living around Marble Arch and Park Lane for the past two months.

Since November last year almost 700 Romanian nationals have been arrested throughout the area.

Bernard Hogan Howe, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, said the officers would be available to units across the Met to support Romanian victims of crime and assist in cases where suspects originate from Romania.

“This work will include obtaining intelligence, assisting in the identification of offenders, helping with interview procedures, and supporting pre-planned operations,” he said.

“It is hoped the initiative will prove beneficial for both police forces with the officers gaining experience in how the Met operate.

“The Met (are) making the most of the officers’ skills and expertise, which will prove invaluable when dealing with those issues affecting the Romanian community within the capital.”

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: “These Romanian officers will prove to be a huge asset in cracking down on certain criminal networks who are targeting tourists in central London.

“We are only days away from the Olympic Games and this initiative will help to keep our streets safe.”

The scheme was launched in London yesterday by Dr Ion Jinga, the British Ambassador for Romania.

He said: “The current project is part of a broader approach based on exchanging best practices and fighting criminality.

“We are very keen to protect the good reputation of the Romanian citizens living in the UK.”

The officers will be deployed for three months in a pilot project, three of whom will work with trafficking teams.

Mr Hogan Howe will visit Romania later this year as one his first international visits.

[Editor’s Note: In Britain, 625,000 pickpocketing offences were reported last year.]

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  • 1proactive2

    The Brits must avoid, however, and at all costs, from offending the gypsies that will do harm to them.  Said Brits will go directly to jail without any fanfare or “study”.

  • This article is, ironically enough, about diversity being a strength.

  • Sloppo

    I visited Moscow once.  The gypsy mothers were easy to spot if you know what to look for.  They were the little ladies surrounded by children that they sent into the street to beg for money.  If they found someone who did not know about them on foot, they would surround them and beg and quickly start grabbing for pockets all at the same time.  Then they would run away and eventually bring it back to the mommy.  About ten of them came after me and I ran, but I had a plan.  As I ran, I was yelling at them “nyet” but I was looking for a wall to run to so I could fight them without being surrounded.  I intended to side kick the first one to scare the others into ending the assault.  When I got to the nearest conveniently located wall, I turned and was about to send the first one flying and I heard the woman who was their lady scream.  They all instantly ran away.  It was obvious that it was a well organized attack planned by at least one adult and I was told that such a thing is quite common whenever you are around gypsies.  BTW – I was told in advance that I didn’t have to worry much about the legal system being against me if one of the children got hurt while attacking me.

  • Sloppo

    I believe they should be sent back to where ever they came from (some place in Romania which is exclusively theirs) so they can only rob and cheat themselves.  Eventually, they might learn to do something beneficial in that situation because a parasite can’t exist indefinitely without a host.

    • jeffaral

      They should be sent back to India, which is their original homeland!

      • Sloppo

        I thought they were from Romania, but sending them to India sounds fine to me.

  • 1proactive2

    Romanian gypsies believe they are God-ordained to steal or con, and the most proficient, the most blessed.  On a visit to Strasbourg, France, a group of gypsie women were sitting on the steps of the famous cathedral, dirty and dressed in what looked like bedouin clothing.  Cheap looking metal jewelry hung from their ears and clothes. They were a repulsive.

    A French local told me that the beraggled small children scattered around the square in front of the cathedral, slowly playing small instruments like concertinas, were their children.  These filthy little urchins were taught to display a sad affect as they stared off into space.  A tin cup sat on the pavement in front of them. 

    This theater worked very well.  Tourists, and only tourists, would be taken in by the small sad child slowly playing some unknown music, and drop coins and paper money in the cup. 

    Around noon, the mothers would gather up their bread-winning tykes and take them off somewhere for lunch.  Later in the afternoon, they would be back, bringing in the bucks.  

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Does anyone else see a problem with this?

    “The Romanian officers, who all speak English, have been especially recruited..”
    “Since November last year almost 700 Romanian nationals have been arrested throughout the area..”

    So we have Romanians watching Romanians? Sounds like California’s Southern border and Mexicans working for the Border Patrol…NO BUENO!!!

    • Kurt Plummer

      Used to be a rather famous video (I think it made 60 minutes) showing how ‘prejudiced’ certain EE countries were.  Seems an elementary class was doing the whole ‘what will you be when you grow up’ show and tell thing.
      One girl (blonde, cute, budding alpha) got up and said: “I want to be mayor!”  And the teacher asked why and the girl responded “So I can get rid of all the browns and gypsies.”  Didn’t phase the class in the least.
      As you might imagine, Americans didn’t think the same way.
      It’s only bigotry when you don’t live with the problem.
      We deserve a homeland of our own, where we don’t have to (live with the problem).

    • Guest

      If a whole bunch of American blacks started terrorizing a foreign country and that country asked for assistance from white American cops, would that be a problem? I mean, Americans watching Americans? How crazy!

      The criminals and the officers belong to different ethnic and cultural groups.  There’s no love lost between them.

      By the way, here in Finland the Helsinki police are also getting a little help from a Romanian officer, for the exact same reason. The Romanian undesirables are stinking up the whole of European Union. Only the nuttiest ideologues in the highest ivory towers still try to excuse their behavior.

      • HenryHolliday

        So what’s the story on these Romanian gypsies? How is it that they wander all over Europe?