French police were yesterday breaking up gipsy camps and deporting illegal immigrants found in them.

Dozens of officers in riot gear descended on a settlement near Lille shortly after dawn to oversee the evacuation of some 200 Roma living in mobile homes.

One hundred people were evicted from a site in Lyon, with similar round-ups happening in other major cities including Marseille. Caravans and huts were destroyed in the Belleville area of central Paris on Wednesday, making another 100 people homeless.

‘Many of those evicted will be flown home to Romania,’ said an interior ministry source, who insisted the deportations were aimed at ridding France of ‘illegal’ communities.

Greece has also begun a crackdown on immigrants, with Athens claiming the country faced an ‘invasion’.

The policy being pursued by France’s socialist government was formulated by former conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy, who was frequently accused of pandering to the far right.

His government linked Roma camps with crime, suggesting that many of the thieves and muggers operating in big cities were homeless Romanians.

Many expected the more liberal socialists to show a more relaxed attitude toward immigrants, especially those from European Union member states. But Manuel Valls, the new interior minister, said the camps were a ‘challenge’ to ‘people living together’.

He insisted the police would uphold all court orders aimed at dismantling them.

Neighbours of the camps often complained about noise and anti-social behaviour, as well as serious crimes, said Mr Valls.

Humanitarian organisations have also linked the camps to ill health, including serious diseases such as tuberculosis.

Mr Valls said everything would be done to ensure that vulnerable people, and particularly ‘children and pregnant women’, were rehoused as quickly as possible.

Mr Sarkozy started a purge on Romas in the summer of 2010, pointing to the fact that up to 15,000 were living in camps across France. Mr Sarkozy even proposed that police travel to Romania to fight trafficking and other crimes committed there by Roma.

In turn, Roma groups accused Mr Sarkozy of ‘ethnic cleansing’, pointing to the fact that gipsies had been targeted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

They said that the purge was all part of a generally racist strategy adopted by Mr Sarkozy against all foreign groups, including some six million Muslims living in France.

Romania has been a full member of the European Union since 2007, and its citizens can enter France without a visa.

But they must get residency permits if they want to settle long term and work.

Britain, like France, has transitional controls on Romanians seeking to settle in the UK.

Until next year only those Romanian migrants who have a job or can support themselves are allowed to stay in Britain.

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  • JohnEngelman

    Social Democracy only works with populations that are highly evolved. I am glad that European Social Democrats are learning this, and hope that the lesson has not come too late. 

    •  Socialism is admittance of failure.  Leaning on the government to provide the basics of life is FAILURE.  Socialism is a not so tacit admittance that the population has failed to provide for themselves.

      • JohnEngelman

        The closest approximation to democratic socialism can be found in the social democratic economies of Scandinavia. Those economies have responded better to the Great Recession than the rest of Europe, and the United States. Why do you think that is? 

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Perhaps they have up until now.  But the importation of masses of third worlders is going to destroy that system as well.

          One other point, in answer to your question, I believe that it can work in a small homogenous society of people of good moral character, work ethic, and intelligence.  In a case like that, it is little different from a large family which takes care of its own.  As to whether or not it is particularly efficient, I will leave to economists.

          They also have done better because they told the banks to go stuff it.

      • The Verdict of History

        I’m obviously no socialist, but a limited Socialism can work under the proper racial and cultural conditions.
        The European peoples of Scandinavia have thrived under a heavily socialistic system, with a very robust and broad social safety net and I don’t hear them complaining, and they are some of the most prosperous, industrious and educated of all European peoples.

        God Bless White People. 

        • Stalin said ” socialism is communism for beginners.”

    • ShoutsAtTV

      Social Democracy Worked?!? When? Ah! Yes, for Hitler for a few years, while he was shooting and gassing his disarmed population. Looks like this will come to Britain soon.

  • mobilebay

    Good going. France! Wish we had leaders with enough of a backbone to do the same.

  • Ulick

    Good move, French government. Now keep going and clear out the Muslim banlieues.

  • refocus

    Where is the DNA testing to demonstrate that the gypsies are Romanian?

    If they were tested the results would show they are from Egypt… hence gypsies.

    • haroldcrews

      Actually it’s generally believed that they originate from the Indian subcontinent. 

      • The Verdict of History


      • KenelmDigby

        There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that they originated in India 800 years or so ago.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I wish our own socialist government (and I mean Camoron & Cleggy) would send our own itinerant “community” of shoplifting, pickpocketing Roma Gypos home!
    The French have a fine tradition of doing what they please, and giving the finger to the rest of the world. We Britons should learn from this (or, more accurately, re-learn it).

  • vladimir

    France is looking pretty good – a strong populist/nationalist National Front party ~ 20% of the vote and even the Socialist Left cracks down on Gypsies, Muslim extremists.

    Wish we could say the same about the Anglo American world.

  • IstvanIN

    Too little, too late.

  • Strider73

    I’ve noticed during the Olympics that Romania has added a “u” to its name. It’s now Roumania and its three-letter IOC abbreviation is ROU instead of ROM. I suspect they’re trying to draw a distinction between themselves and the so-called “Roma” (the PC term for “gypsies”).

    • I noticed that as well but didn’t make the connection to the gypsies. I say good call on Romania’s part.

  • Major

    It might be a good thing that the Frogs don’t have a silly, burdensome Constitution like we do?

    One that guarantees illegal scum to have so called “rights” in a country that they’ve invaded..ILLEGALLY?

    America as we know toast…gone….over the edge…off the cliff….when we capitulate to even making concessions to these POS….Press One for Spanish?

    WTF are we made of anymore?

    An illegal can gain and game the benefits that are denied on a regular basis for it’s taxpaying natural born citizens?

    Time to suspend the 14th Amendment…raise the 10th Amendment as the states law of the land. the unthinkable…sue states that have “sanctuary” cities. Cut off all Federal aid…..let these pukes pay for the destruction, mayhem and chaos these parasites have foisted upon the silly, immature, idiotic…”progressives”.

    Let the ILLEGALS claim rights to al the Hollyweird’s homes…no…mansions… estates…no….Berlin type walls around their…sanctuaries. 

    Let them go on Bravo shows…speaking no English….becoming movie celebrities …

    I’m disgusted….aren’t you?

    • The Verdict of History

      We are a nation of cowards.

      • I have faith we will strike when the iron is hot. 

  • I see this as an act of desperation. These governments allowed millions of 3rd worlders into the country and gave them anything and everything they wanted. Naturally the indigenous population begins moving to the far-Right. So the authorities perform token deportations of a few hundred illegals to make it look like they are sensitive to the concerns of the true French.

    When they start filling boats with millions of Muslims, then I’ll start celebrating.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    The EU.  The gift that keeps on giving.

  • KenelmDigby

    You notice how ‘big and brave and ruthless’ the French authorities can be with the Roma (who for all their many faults were residents of central European nations), but they are the most cowardly, jelly-like simpering fools when they are supposed to deal with invaders from the third world.

    • ATBOTL

      Gypsies are Indians.

  • jeffaral

    In a country like France riddled with legal and illegal immigrants, even if one milion of them were expelled overnight wouldn’t make an iota of difference.  

    • haroldcrews

      Yes it would because it would lessen the numbers of new immigrants coming into France and it would cause some already in France to self-deport.  Self-deportation is the most efficient strategy of eliminating the large illegal populations.  Those states in the US that undertook immigration reform and enforcement saw substantial declines in the numbers of illegal aliens residing in those states.  A multi-prong approach is the most likely one to succeed. 

      • Strider73

        Correct. Do a search on “Operation Wetback” in the 1950s. Relatively few illegals were actually rounded up and deported. The vast majority saw the handwriting on the wall and left on their own — IOW, they self-deported. IMHO Eisenhower was the last president who actually took his oath of office seriously.

  • IstvanIN

     Demographically Israel is doomed.  Demographically France is done.  These are just the final battles, sort of like Berlin when the Soviets were just outside the city limits.

    • What do you get out of being so defeatist? Do you get comfort from giving up? 

      • IstvanIN

         I look at the world as it is, not as I would like it to be.  Not only is demography against us but so are our own people.  They are blind to what is happening to them.

        • The demographics of race replacement are based on the current situation. We, literally, cannot afford race replacement anymore. All Western countries are flat broke from giving away all their wealth to the 3rd world. Current trends cannot continue and that is not wishful thinking.

          Major economic depressions cause social issues. Hitler rose to power in part because of the Great Depression. The coming depression will cause great social upheaval in the Western world. Again, not wishful thinking.

          There is no way Western nations will have their populations replaced. It is economically and socially impossible. As for totalitarian governments forcing it on the people, Arab governments were among the most totalitarian and they fell due to social unrest.

          • GravitonX

             To have any minute hope for renewal, you have to change the dogmatic fiction you have been sold that somehow the 3rd world or 3rd worlders are to blame.  This may help you sleep at night along with counting sheep, but it is simply not the case when you look at the structure of global economics and international finance.  Statistically, the 3rd world is a tiny faction of the economy and what role they have in global economics is, largely, at the behest of corporations based in Western economies.  Even, internally, their profile is marginal.  No, the prime movers of all things economic are controlled by a small constellation of elite families, who control these corporations at the board level, and who are overwhelmingly white, but have little to nothing in common with the white masses.

      • GravitonX

         IstvanIN is correct.  Believing otherwise is like believing that the Great Spirit in the sky is going to bring the buffalo back.

    • haroldcrews

      And what law is it that says demographic decline is set in stone?  Demographic trends can stop and even reverse.  Nothing says that a white family must be comprised of two parents and 2.1 children.  Nothing.  The average could very well exceed the replacement rate by several times and that change could be made in a single generation.

      • IstvanIN

         White women could go to an average of 4 children and France would still be done.  Between the higher birth rates of the Arabs and blacks already in France plus the tidal wave coming in each day there is no chance of out breeding them.
        Expulsion is the only answer and that ain’t gonna happen.

        • GravitonX

           True, because in time it would take for those children to grow into the next viable generation, you could import 5-10 times that amount in viable generations from abroad.  This is why countries always vest in immigration rather than the long unpredictable and sometimes problematic route of encouraging native babymaking.

      • Alex

        I can’t help but agree with you on that. I think of my parents’ generation when most white families (the Catholic ones at least) all had 5 to 8 children. However, that will take a great shift in thinking amd mindset. It does seem feasible that it can occur again. It seems though that we will have to get out of the contraceptive mindset and stop shooting for the one or two perfect children.

        • GravitonX

           Lifestyle and culture prevents growing families beyond their current limit.  Ask any Western woman, aside from the most sorrowful, if she looks forward to having more than 3 children, and she will look at you in utter horror.

  •  Churchill was a moron who snubbed Hitler and lost the Empire and England itself.

  • Dr Al

    When will France start printing everything in French and Arabic like we here in the US print EVERYTHING now in English and Spanish?

  • I’m mixed.  On one hand I’ve never met a gypsy, on the other I’ve known europeans who got mad at me for making disparaging comments about blacks and arabs turn around and make comments about gypsies that would make Hitler blush. 

    “In turn, Roma groups accused Mr Sarkozy of ‘ethnic cleansing’,
    pointing to the fact that gipsies had been targeted by the Nazis during
    the Second World War.”
    Yet they never ask themselves why they’re targeted in the first place.  If every single European nation and people despise you, you’d think that would call for a bit of soul searching followed by coming to the conclusion that ‘hey, maybe it’s us after all?’

  • JohnEngelman

    “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”  John Adams. Letter to John Taylor  15/4/1814.     
    In 2012 this seems less accurate than it may have in 1814. Since then democracy has spread throughout much of the world. It only “murders itself” in impoverished countries with widespread illiteracy, or in countries like Russia, Germany, Japan, and Italy between the two world wars. Those countries had weak traditions of democracy.
    Although democratic governments in these countries were unable to withstand the twin blows of the First World War, and the Great Depression, democracy did survive in Great Britain  France, and the United States.  
    Once democratic governments survive for several generations they are usually stable.

    • IstvanIN

      Universal suffrage and democracy are both bad ideas. We were supposed to be a representative republic with qualifications for the right to vote, such as the idea that voters should have some stake in the countries success. Since we allow any old illiterate welfare queen to vote we end up with the new Amerika.

      • JohnEngelman

        After the Congressional election of 1994 gave the Republicans majorities in both houses of Congress a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle decided that this was bad news for welfare recipients, so he went to several welfare offices to ask welfare recipients what they thought of it.
        None of the welfare recipients had voted. Most were unaware an election had taken place. Helping people like that politically is like helping endangered animal species. They do not help back. 

  • Most gipsies i met seemed white to me. They do no want to give their women away the more the other is genetically distant to them, that is, to non-whites in particular. If so, they are whites who are united in freedom and want to secure a future for they children, and therefore are  Aryan. Our enemy encourages white migration as long at it help mixing the different branches of the white race. He does not want white migration if it is to escape annihilation by non-whites migration and miscegenation or if it helps a white group to maintain its integrity. By repatriating the Romanies to another white territory, it is essentially a zero sum game and, precisely for this reason, it is a way for the system to assert the soil over blood principles as opposite to ours which is blood over soil.
    Between nomadism and settledness, we take the side of the peasant which plow his field and not the vagabond. In the difficult cohabitation in Rumania’s reality, we know where we stand. But if in every place it becomes acceptable to see a white women with a non-white, if our children are allow to learn about their forbears only in  association with tortured corps, and if all of our culture has become pretending  we don’t see the stranger in our towns, then it is time to learn from the gipsies to fulfill our destiny which will be in communion with nature and a great but difficult humanity. We must therefore secure a future for white children. 

    (sorry for my English)

    • GravitonX

       Utter nonsense.  Gypsies are not white.  You can dress it in ProWhite lingo all you like, but it’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

      • IstvanIN

         At least pigs, sans-lipstick, are cute.

    • Vil

      I have been in Belgrade last week and can tell you with certainty that Romanians are not white.
      Except for 1 Pakistani/Indian and a couple Asians they where the only non-whites there. Well, them and the Albanians. Luckily I haven´t seen a Negroe there, ever!
      Though the city is right to be called “White City” as it is almost purely white.