Race in Eastern Europe

Eric Rembrandt, American Renaissance, October 18, 2012

Is the East a beacon of European culture?

Anyone driving on the German Autobahn towards the village of Marienborn can see ancient white-grey watchtowers and lampposts. This is Helmstedt-Marienborn, the old border checkpoint between West and East Germany. It is hard to imagine that the now abandoned and decaying buildings were once part of the Iron Curtain, separating the Eastern bloc from the capitalist West. More than 20 years after the fall of communism, the checkpoint is now a museum. Many people lost their lives trying to cross the Iron Curtain, but one could argue that it preserved European culture and people in Eastern Europe.

Anyone who has visited the former communist countries knows that the East did not suffer from mass immigration. It has nothing like the immigrant banlieus in Paris or the huge ethnic minority of Turks in Berlin. However, during my last trip to Prague in the Czech Republic earlier this year, I spotted African and Middle Eastern men selling souvenirs and city tours. It was unsettling to be reminded of the larger cities of Western Europe.

I always assumed that Eastern Europe would not make the same mistakes we have made in the West, but the Czech Republic has been a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004, and anyone with an EU passport can travel from one end of the EU to the other without border controls. A Senegalese who holds a French passport can therefore sell fake designer handbags on the streets of Prague. EU immigration policy seriously threatens the last untouched area of Europe.

The transition to capitalism

At the same time, Eastern Europe suffers from dangerously low birth rates brought on by the transition to capitalism. The change did not always go smoothly, and in the cases of the Transnistrian conflict and the Chechen and Yugoslav wars, it resulted in sustained violence. Ukraine and Belarus still do not have representative government, and are heavily influenced by their former Soviet masters, the Russians.

Before the fall of communism, Eastern European countries had higher birthrates than countries in the West, and their populations were growing. Even when East Germany was crumbling in its final years, it still had a significantly higher birthrate than West Germany. After 1992, fertility rates plummeted, sometimes reaching record lows of barely 1.2 in the Czech Republic (1999), Ukraine (2001), and Slovenia (2003).

The number of abortions rose sharply. In countries such as Belarus and Serbia, alcoholism and an inadequate new medical system also contributed to rising death rates. The table below shows the CIA’s 2012 estimates for total fertility per woman in East Europe. The number in the left column is each nation’s ranking out of the 222 countries studied by the CIA. Not one Eastern European country is anywhere near the total fertility figure of 2.1 necessary to sustain its population. (Greenland, at 2.11, is the only white country that is now maintaining its population. That modest fertility level puts it right in the middle of the world pack. In other words, 112 countries—all of them non-white—have higher fertility rates. Of the top 44 most fertile countries, 39 are in Africa.)

Rank Country Total fertility per woman
176 Russia 1.61
181 Moldova 1.55
190 Albania 1.48
191 Georgia 1.46
194 Belarus 1.45
195 Croatia 1.44
196 Estonia 1.44
197 Bulgaria 1.43
198 Hungary 1.41
202 Serbia 1.40
205 Slovakia 1.38
209 Poland 1.31
210 Slovenia 1.31
211 Romania 1.30
212 Ukraine 1.29
213 Lithuania 1.27
214 Czech Republic 1.27

The economic insecurity and fall in incomes that many people suffered during the transition to capitalism helps explain the decline in birth rates. More women joined the work force and had to pay for child care, which the communists had provided free of charge.

Under communism, the Eastern Bloc had high birth rates despite higher abortion rates than in the West. Why? The answer is economic security and pro-birth and family policies even for the lower social strata. The communists offered long, paid maternity leave and guaranteed retention of workplace seniority when women went back to work. Free nursery care and kindergarten made it easy to have big families. Perhaps these methods could revive birthrates in white countries today.

Failed multi-ethnic states

Communism had yet another effect on Eastern Europe: It held multi-ethnic states together. Once the centralizing power of the state was weakened, suppressed nationalism tore apart both Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. There was war in Chechnya, Abkhazia, and Dagestan, and Czechoslovakia separated into its component parts.

The Yugoslav wars are classical examples of how ethnic tensions can lead to massacres. If even ethnic Europeans cannot live together in one state, why does the political elite believe Europeans and non-white immigrants can live together?

The Yugoslav wars were notorious for war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Even today, more than a decade after the war, mass graves are still being discovered. The wars were a conflict between the nations of Serbia and Croatia, but also between Christians and Muslims. The Muslims have been in the area for centuries and are a remnant of the Ottoman Empire. They have lived among Christians this entire period, but the sudden flare up of animosity shows how dangerous “diversity” can be, even if it has seemed peaceful on the surface for generations.

Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Ratko Mladic are all names that have been widely associated with war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. All three are Serbian Christians who were politicians and military officers during the war, and their trials at the International Court in The Hague have been widely reported.

Ratko Mladic, former military leader of the Bosnian Serbs.

However, the Bosnian/Muslim side was hardly innocent. Men such as Sefer Halilovic, Naser Olic, and Rasim Delic were responsible for murders, torture, and rape, but only served short prison sentences or were even acquitted of charges. By the time of the NATO bombings of Serbia at the end of the war in 1999, the West had officially decided that Serbia was responsible for the war and had to be punished.

As American General Wesley Clark explained during the bombing of Serbia:

Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

Men such as Ratko Mladic are portrayed as monsters by the Western media but they are heroes for many Serbs. The Bosnians were the official victims, so they have not been pursued for war crimes with the same vengeance.

An estimated 140,000 people died in a war that was a direct outgrowth of trying to manage a multi-ethnic state of the kind General Clark was trying to build. The term “balkanization” comes from this area because it already had a record of ethnic conflict, but perhaps the war’s greatest shock was that it happened in Europe, which was supposed to be beyond violence of this kind.

The East joins the EU

In 2004, the first Eastern European countries became EU members: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. In 2007, Romania and Bulgaria joined, and will gain full EU membership in 2014. The expansion is likely to go on in the Balkans, with Croatia to become a member in 2013. There are big differences in economic development, however. Poland has adjusted to capitalism quite well while Moldova, the poorest state in Europe, is economically a Third-World country.

Since the citizens of EU nations can travel freely within the union, while Africans travel East, Easterners travel West: Most Western European countries now have many temporary Eastern European workers. As a result, some Eastern European countries such as Romania and Bulgaria have rapidly declining populations. At the same time, young people leave for the cities and the West, leaving only the elderly behind in the countryside. When they die, the villages die. All of Eastern Europe is dotted with abandoned villages and empty factories from the communist era.

The fall of communism and the relative poverty of Eastern Europe have brought another scourge: sex trafficking. Poor areas are full of young women and girls hoping for a better life. Traffickers especially target Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus, offering women well-paid “jobs” in Western Europe as waitresses or dancers. As soon as they get the girls to their destinations, the traffickers take their passports and force them to pay back “debts” through long hours of prostitution.

Eastern European women are a familiar sight in the prostitution areas of Holland, Germany, and Greece, but can also be found in Turkey, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. Since 1989, hundreds of thousands of Eastern European women have been sold into sex slavery, and Europe essentially ignores the problem. The disappearance of these women from their native countries further depresses birth rates.

The Gypsy Problem

Since East European countries joined the EU, Gypsies have become such a problem in the West that the news is reported in the United States. Even France’s new socialist government is breaking up camps and deporting Gypsies. It was also widely reported when people in the Czech Republic built a wall to separate themselves from Gypsy encampments. The Gypsy problem has now become a little better known to the rest of the world, but what causes tension with Gypsies?

Also known as Romani or Roma, Gypsies have been a problem in Europe for centuries. They originated in India, and there are Indic elements in their language. They arrived in Turkey in the late Middle Ages, and later reached Europe. The majority live in Eastern Europe, but France and Spain also have large Roma populations.

The exact number of Roma living in Europe is unknown, but estimates range from 4 to 14 million. The largest number live in Romania, where they account for 5 to 6 percent of the population. That is where the Gypsies the French are deporting came from.

The Roma are a travelling people, who keep themselves apart from the rest of the population. They live in caravans or abandoned houses, which usually are in bad condition.

There have been many efforts to integrate the Roma, but not even the harsh, anti-nationalist policies of the communists succeeded. During the Soviet era, Roma were forced to work—playing music in restaurants or working in factories—but after the fall of communism, these initiatives quickly ended, and Gypsies reverted to their old way of life.

Roma do not adapt well to European society. Huge numbers of them are unemployed, and they have very high dropout rates in school. However, it is their tendency to commit crime that makes them especially undesirable.

Roma gangs are most frequently involved in theft, drugs, and prostitution. They often force their own people—even young children—into sex slavery. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the EU border policy have definitely made things easier for international Gypsy gangs, and Roma prostitution networks are now found throughout Europe.

Another common sight in Europe’s major cities are Roma child-beggars. Most are members of begging gangs who deliver the money directly to crime bosses. It has been estimated that a successful child beggar can collect up to $3,000 a month.

Gypsies are greatly overrepresented in East European prisons. In Romania, where they are 5 to 6 percent of the population, they are 20 percent of the prison population and more than 35 percent of the young people in detention centers.

Gypsies are adding to the economic burdens of the Eurozone crisis. Countries like Spain should be especially careful. There have been Gypsies in that country for hundreds of years, but they are more or less integrated and live in something like normal housing. It would be a huge mistake for the authorities to assume that the new Gypsies from the East will be like them. Spain badly needs to rein in its deficits, but an infusion of Gypsies would be a new source of heavy social spending.

At the same time, an unprecedented number of East European Gypsies are turning up in Canada, where they file bogus refugee claims. While their cases are being adjudicated, they go on welfare, at a cost to Canadian taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars. They tend to gather in Toronto, where they have been associated with a rise in crime. Only recently has the Canadian government taken steps to keep Gypsies from coming in the first place. It would be hard to think of a policy more unwise than letting Roma into your country.

The Western view

East Europeans face another problem: Many West Europeans look down on them. When Westerners think of Eastern Europe, they think of drab countries and soulless communist apartment blocks. “Russophobia” and bitterness about the Cold War contribute to these feelings, but the contempt is not limited to the older generation. East European alcoholism and prostitution strengthen these prejudices.

There are economic reasons for prejudice as well. Easterners often live in appalling conditions: rickety caravans or “Pole Hotels” designed for Eastern European workers. These are low-rent, minimal accommodations in which people share rooms. Owners of normal apartments complain that this cut-rate housing drags down rents in general.

Eastern Europeans frequently work below minimum wage and are resented as unfair competition. A number of company owners have already been arrested for exploiting them. Ironically, even employers who specialize in hiring cheap Third-World workers have complained about the threat of Eastern Europeans to their business. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Freedom Party started a website for reporting off-the-books Polish and other Eastern European workers.

Unlike Third-World immigrants, Eastern Europeans—other than Gypsies—do not often go on welfare. Instead they work long hours and often have more than one job.

Many Westerners see Easterners as no different from Third-World immigrants. However, with whites beset by so many problems, East/West divisions are a great misfortune. Certainly, compared to Third-World immigrants, Eastern Europeans have a claim on our friendship. They are white, mostly Christian, and have a strong sense of national identity.

Another serious problem is the hatred many Eastern Europeans still have towards Russians because of the long Soviet occupation. A worldwide reconciliation between Europeans is essential if Europe is to survive as a homeland for our race.

The Iron Curtain clearly protected the East from the multiculturalism that began in the 1950s in the West, as travel restrictions, both in and out, kept Eastern Europe homogeneous. But why is nationalism so much stronger there than in the West? In the Soviet Union, nationalism had to be vigorously suppressed to keep so many nationalities, cultures, and races together. The Soviets also dominated the satellite countries, and suppressed anti-communist movements in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Violent suppression of these movements added to the unpopularity of communist authorities.

When 50 years of suppression finally came to an end there was an explosion of national patriotism. Today, multiculturalism is associated with socialism and left-wing parties. Anti-socialist sentiment after the breakup of the Soviet Union seems to have attached itself to the idea of “diversity.” It is remarkable that Russia, despite losing millions of men during the Second World War, probably has more open neo-Nazis than any other country in the world.

The result is a level of nationalism and freedom of expression not found in the West. Mohammed cartoons and videos provoke soul-searching and calls for self-censorship in the West. Earlier this year, however, when a Ukrainian newspaper published an article with a photo that depicted Arabs and Africans as monkeys, it started no national debates and was barely news. In Lithuania, veterans of the Second World War who fought on the German side organized a march through the capital Riga. The march was unopposed, and many Lithuanians saw the veterans as heroes because they fought communism.

Gay-pride parades in Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia are attacked by nationalists, often with the open support of the Orthodox Church. Gypsies have been walled off not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.

All this shocks and terrifies the politically correct Western press. When Poland and Ukraine hosted the 2012 European Football Championship, there were constant reports of “xenophobic” and “racist” fans. The West is constantly promoting multiculturalism and diversity, but Eastern Europe is not receptive.

Healthy nationalism has strong political representation in the East. In 2010, for example, the right-wing Fidesz party led by Viktor Oban won parliamentary elections in Hungary. It has since passed a series of nationalist legislative efforts. For example, Fidesz has taken several measures to increase the Hungarian birth rate. It has also changed social welfare policy with regard to Gypsies: They cannot sit idly and collect handouts, but instead must work. Needless to say, these measures were widely criticized in the West.

Fidesz is supported by Jobbik (an abbreviation that stands for the movement for a better Hungary), which is the third largest party. Jobbik (members are represented in the uppermost picture) describes itself as “a principled, conservative, and radically patriotic Christian party,” whose “fundamental purpose” is the protection of “Hungarian values and interests.”

Needles to say, the European Union is furious about developments like these, especially because Hungary is an EU member. When Viktor Orban of Fidesz visited the European Parliament he was ostentatiously snubbed. Euro-bureaucrats have even threatened to suspend “cohesion fund” payments, which are meant to improve the Hungarian economy—but this was an empty threat.

Serbian nationalism is also very strong. However, the political elite is trying to join the EU, even though many Serbians would prefer a closer collaboration with the Russians, with whom they share Slavic origins, Orthodox Christianity, and Cyrillic. Serbia’s extradition of military and political leaders to face trial at The Hague was widely seen as a treasonous attempt to curry favor with the EU.

The great threat

The great threat to Eastern European nationalism today is the fact that Western Europe and the United States are wealthier. The West will certainly use its wealth to bribe and coerce East Europe to embrace the suicidal forms of diversity that are widespread in the West. The United States is also a source of much cultural poison in the form of movies, television, and music.

I am optimistic that Russia and East Europe will be able to hold the line against the worst of these influences, but it is a race against time. Will the countries of Eastern Europe establish themselves as advanced, culturally and racially confident nations before they are fatally corrupted by the false ideas of the wealthier West? Or will the East European nations lend crucial support to the small but growing Western nationalist movements so as to save the whole continent?

The French author Guillaume Faye has written that if this generation of Europeans does not act, it will be too late. This great drama is being played out in the ancient homeland of our people. It is a life-or-death struggle that will determine the fate of Western Civilization, and Eastern Europeans will be a key element in the outcome.

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Eric Rembrandt

Eric Rembrandt is a Dutch university student who is studying international relations. He also practices martial arts.

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  • FinnyMac

    Superb article, very informative. The author is also to be commended for adopting caution when endorsing nationalism: his diplomatic criticism of Russia-phobia is very good. We must remember that nationalism is like a crazy friend: affectionate, often brave and virtuous, but not always reliable and sane. On the one hand, nationalism is more favorable to the white race; while on the other hand, the volatility and competitiveness inherent in so many different nationalisms might create conditions for another European civil war.

    Another problem remains: what would be the structure of European politics if multiple nationalisms revive. In my view, the only nationalist model that seems plausible would be focused on the rise of Germany over all others; Unfortunately that would require an act of great statesmanship and much sacrifice, and I doubt that the European environment contains the political will for this sort of proposal.

    • Germanacus

      The EU is dedicated to destroying all forms of Nationalism. That is a necessity to keep third world immigration levels as high as possible.

    • you are talking about resurrecting something similar to the Hapsburgh Empire. What would be the point really?

  • WmarkW

    Thank you for an excellently informative article.  I admit my knowledge of the geography of Eastern Europe  dates from the days of Yugoslavia and the USSR.   It demonstrates how blessed is the USA to share a 3000 mile border with the world’s least-threatening neighbor (even if we dislike their domestic politics, it’s fine with me that it’s THEIRS.)

    The importance of this to the USA, though, is that we ought to take more interest in the domestic policies of Mexico.  Remember 20 years ago when NAFTA was being debated, one of the counterpoints to the “giant sucking sound” argument was that it would create better jobs in Mexico to reduce the incentive to illegally emigrate.  We, as American patriot nationalists, ought to put more political pressure on our leaders to press Mexico to improve the quality of their jobs and income disparity, to reduce the incentive to use our border as a social safety net.  

  • Well let’s see- I’ll take everything in order. You’re never going to pull me to the side of the communists. Oy Vey, I have nothing in common with Karl Marx. Secondly, anyone trafficing in White women should be shot over and over and over again and then set on fire. Yes, there is a Gypsy problem, but any such problem could be taken care of in about 30-40 minutes, as they don’t exactly have an army or any technology to speak of. As for Whites looking down on other Whites: that is hideous but true. But I don’t think all of the “whites” in the US looking down on actual whites are exactly ‘white” if you get my drift.

    “The United States is also a source of much cultural poison in the form of movies, television, and music.”

    Truer words have never been spoken, but then again, as I was saying, Hollywood isn’t exactly white owned and operated (wink-wink)

  • EU immigration policy seriously threatens the last untouched area of Europe.

    I pray the Czechs and others can contain the damage before it spreads.

  • Retaining a specific ethnic geography seems natural. What bothers me is the trend of whites to flee ethnic encroachment by ghetto-izing ourselves into smaller and smaller areas while non-whites occupy large tracks. 


    I visited a high school cafeteria once in which white students huddled in 1/3 of the cafeteria while blacks spread themselves over 2/3 of the space, even though the black-white racial distribution was about even, 50/50. 

    It’s also clearly evident in neighborhoods as we embark upon the demographic dance in which blacks move in and whites move out, often inconveniencing themselves by fleeing the undertow of crime and violence. 

    Will we eventually be crowded and contained in Iceland while non-white occupy the planet? Where does it end?

    • jeffaral

      The cafeteria example is a good one: shows how Whites are always retreating, a sure sign of extreme cowardness. 

      • Marc B.

         It’s more of a sign of how Whites lack racial solidarity. If Whites felt like we could count on our neighbors to join us and stand our ground while a few houses  on their block were sold to blacks, neighborhoods would not be ravaged the locust populations a decade after moving in. Instead, White’s leave before their housing values plummet so badly that they will be financially stuck there or their children will be at risk to black predation. This will change only when White’s realize that there is no other place to retreat, and than we will truly show our mettle.      

  • It seems for every action there is a reaction. The forced denationalization of the Soviets led to strong nationalist feelings. Nationalism in the west was never suppressed by the states.

  • NorthernWind

    Hopefully the EU and the US Government will both collapse or withdraw soon. Both have become powerful tools to do evil. I don’t give the EU any more than 10 years before it has to restructure or otherwise collapse.

    And nationalism is rising in the West as well. The big difference between Western nationalism and Eastern nationalism is that Western nationalism is more polite and not talked about publicly except by the media which demonizes it (although many are sympathetic to some of its principles). Eastern nationalism is impolite, active, and sometimes violent, so it’s hard to miss.

    I pray that we find a way to unite all European people’s towards a common goal of preservation. Many Western organizations and parties are already coordinating. We need more of that!

  • SilasCarpenter

    “In Lithuania, veterans of the Second World War who fought on the German side organized a march through the capital Riga.”

    The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. Riga is the capital of Latvia.

  • HamletsGhost

    Riga is the capital of Latvia, not Lithuania.

  • Western Europe has the black and muslim problem enabled by  do gooding white Liberals, Lucky old Eastern Europe doesn’t have this problem as yet ( there is 60,000 African immigrants in Russia ) but they do have the gypsy problem. Either way we’re screwed.

  • Nice to see the Russian, Polish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Czech football ( soccer ) teams all white unlike the English, French,  German, Swedish,  Dutch teams. 

    I think the only football team in Western Europe that is still ALL white is Spain, Even Italy has one African bantu in it, Mario Balotelli.

  • ” of the top 44 most fertile countries 39 are African.”

    Thanks for cheering us up, some one should open an abortion clinic in Africa. I read somewhere that by the end of this century a third of the worlds population will be Black, that’s very disturbing.

    • Eric Blair

      Two weeks ago I received an email from some large, ‘legitimate’ organization trying to solicit money to feed the hungry children of Africa. The lengthy appeal pointed out how many children are abandoned at an early age because their families were too big to be supported by their parents. The appeal then pointed out that the real problem was the culture, where “a man must have many children” to be considered manly, so would I please donate?

         I put down a donation of $0.0 in the “other contribution” slot, and in the comments section I pointed out that it was madness to try to feed kids who would then have “many children”, whose kids, fed by white Westerners, would then in their turn breed like animals.  I pointed out that it could not continue much longer, and stopping the largesse now would reulst in less mass starvation, war, murder, rape, etc. a few years from now.

  • razorrare

    Excellent article overall…

    Under communism, the Eastern Bloc had high birth rates despite higher abortion rates than in the West. Why? The answer is economic security and pro-birth and family policies even for the lower social strata. The communists offered long, paid maternity leave and guaranteed retention of workplace seniority when women went back to work. Free nursery care and kindergarten made it easy to have big families. Perhaps these methods could revive birthrates in white countries today…

    The biggest detriment to reviving birth rates for Whites here in the U.S. is the cost of private schooling where White children are safely protected from multicultural diversities who prey on them…what loving White parent would want to bring their newborn into a world where their  personal safety is threatened by other minorities who not only hate them but are taught by the same public educational system that they have good reason to hate them…if White couples cant afford sending more than 1 White child to a private school-much less one child–to keep their children safe, then why would they do so?….perhaps the methods you give would help but only if we went back to an educational system before Brown vs Board of Education  or back to the principle of separate but equal schools…but we all know that will never happen.If all the money given to blacks  and illegals and those third worlders with no skills & low i.q.s  who have been allowed legally to emigrate to U.S. for every free social benefit you can think of had been spent to support Whites its not so far fetched to think our White population would rival that of China. 

  • Howard, if the Serbian woman you cite, thought of Albanians as “enwords”; then she must never have seen pictures of life in East St. Louis IL, Detroit, Compton CA, Gary IN, or Newark NJ.

    I guarantee you, she’ll rather prefer the company of Albanian Ghegs or Tosks, than a Bantu from the Martin Luther King housing projects in Detroit.

  • KenelmDigby

    A very interesting article.

    Many points raised there.
    Firstly, we must hope and pray that former soviet bloc nations do absolutely everything and anything humanly possible to prohibit non-white settlement in their nation states.
    Secondly, we all must realise what a pile of excrement the EU is – a horrible nation wrecking, undemocratic dictatorship that is inimical to the interests of White Europeans.
     So long as any nation is a member of the EU, it can do nothing to forcibly eject third world riff-raff. The trash and filth who run the EU would be positively ecstatsic in proving what ‘good people they are’, and will delight in inflicting the cruellest punishments on the offending nation.

  • Ed_NY

    My cousin married a very sweet young lady from Bulgaria.  Ten years ago she said “You have your blacks in the U.S. and we have gypsies in Bulgaria, I think our gypsies are just as bad if not worse then your blacks”.

    Since I have no experience with gypsies, I can not compare.  I do know she has had very limited experience with blacks, never having been in a ghetto, housing project or prison.

  • MissBonnie123

    I am of Polish descent and I hope that the Poles in Poland keep their country for themselves and never give in to the multicultural nonsense that White people in America are subject to.

    • IstvanIN

       They already have, giving illegals from Asia legal residency.

  • William Allingham

    We racially conscious people have to organize and unite, if naive liberals want to be dissolved in a mass of semi-savages, its ok. We have to secure for us, European stock, a territory that would be our fort. As long as we protect that place from undesirables  we can let them destroy themselves or live in a new stone age, we dont even have to intervene, just to guard our zone. 
    That would be fair for all involved and we would be standing for ourselves without attacking anyone but that would stop aliens from keep insulting and making fun of our good will.

    • Tina Fiedler

      I’m all for it, but where would we go?

  • IstvanIN

    This sounds so much like what was done to destroy Germany after WWI and WWII.  Germany started neither war but was punished as if they did.  The US was never punished for the sinking of the war materiel carrying Lusitania. Interesting is how nothing this horrible was done to destroy Japan after WWII.

    So Wesley Clark, who isn’t white, supports the genocide of Europeans.  The US, his employer, as we all know, supports genocide of whites worldwide.

    Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Ratko Mladic were all men who were trying to save their countries and their people.  The real War Criminals are Bill Clinton, John Major and Tony Blair, bombing a country that had done nothing to the US or the UK.

    How did the US become so evil.

    • girlofObecse

      Are you crazy!? Milosevic is a butcher, he use the war to kill anybody who was not Serb.
      Read first, write later.  I did get bombed out in 1945 by English planes, and many bad things were done by our government, (now also)  but how dare you to call those butchers people and country savers?  I have seen whole small towns burned down with women, children and man, they were Germans, living there since Maria Theresia. 
      Those so called man are no better then Stalin ( was he also a people saver?) who killed over 10 million of his own people, just because they did not want to belong to the Soviet.  

  • IstvanIN

     I hope you are the majority.

  • IstvanIN

    The criminal must not only be punished for trafficking in prostitution and being a traitor to his people but also his wife and children must be disappeared, with only his parents left behind to let others know that treason will not be tolerated.

  • Speaking as an ol’ fashioned white guy from The South, I disavow and condemn General Wesley Clark’s plans or ideas on eliminating ethnically homogenous nations in Europe. He certainly never asked me to go around messing around with other countries’ internal affairs. 

    He should be charged with all the murders any illegal aliens may have commited in those nations which opposed his meddling and interference.

  • Kronolog

    We’re both white and we both live on the same continent – but that’s about where the similarities between eastern and western Europeans end. They no longer pose the same kind of threat that they once did, and it would be a grievous mistake to think of them as some kind of enemy, but I have doubts as to whether they should be considered as an ally or a beacon of hope and progress. In the end, both the east and the west are decadent, but in their own peculiar way. 

  • James Flower

    Hardly. Compared to most of Europe Iceland is about as white as white can get.

    I was in Iceland for 2 months and didnt see a single non-white face anywhere. You have no idea how fortunate you are (if you are from Iceland)

    • You mean no illegal invading squat mexicans running around, with 4 anchor babies in tow. Sounds like paradise to me.

  • IstvanIN

     And Poland.

  • Last night I got on a bus and sat across the most BEAUTIFUL Russian children (one gorgeous boy and one beautiful girl) and their BEAUTIFUL Russian mother, I almost cried (and I’m a middle-aged guy).  What a sight for sore eyes.  They were wonderfully quiet- the little girl was actually whispering to her mother.  What the Left is doing to the world is a criminal act.  May God reward them with self-extinction before they get to witness everyone else’s.

    • IstvanIN

       From your lips to God’s ears.

      I understand your emotions.  Whenever I go to the supermarket or some other public venue my face breaks into a huge grin and see the rare American baby.  The I feel sad for the horrible world we are leaving them in.  Family and friends have said I am quite obvious in the way my face just lights up.  Yet I also feel sad at the same time.

      • Whenever I attend one of my grandchildren’s high school athletic events, (not basketball or football), I’m always buoyed to see how clean-cut and polite everyone is. Families are enthusiastic but polite and well behaved. There are no gang-bangers and no ghetto-blasters polluting the air with “music.” The people don’t leave the place littered when they’re finished. It is very up-lifting.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Not too long ago, I ran into a German family at Kaufland with 5 children.  5!  Let me tell you, I gave that guy and his wife a hearty “Gut gemacht!”  I gave him a literal pat on the back.  Most Germans don’t go in for that display of emotion with strangers, but then again, MOST Germans think having more than one child is anti-social. They were grateful to have the approbation, rather than frowns, for a change.

          My wife is a “mongrel” Russian and Ukrainian from Moldova.  She is the most mind-staggeringly beautiful woman I have ever seen.  14 years later, we have two beautiful bond children (one with blur eyes like me, and one with gray, like her).  She is also fiercely faithful to me, along with being extremely protective of our Dyeteie.  They speak English, Russian and German now, (as do my wife and I), and so, if things get too dark here in Germany, we are ready to go East.  The thing is, East may not provide the protection and environment we hope.

    • saxonsun

       Here  in NYC the Russians are entitled, loud-mouthed louts.

      • Infantry Battalion

        That’s because most of the “Russians” you see in Jew York City are just Russian speaking jews, caucuses minorities, and individuals of various mixed backgrounds. The actual % of ethnic Russians out of all the Russian speakers you see in Jew Yoke City is estimated to be around 10% at most.

  • “Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in
    modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea
    and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going
    to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

    Wesley Clark is member of the tribe.

    • Wesley Clark is half tribe.  Father is, mother is an Arkansas Southern Baptist.

      • IstvanIN

         Yeah, like Obama is “half-white”.  Nope, he is black.  And all those “white” Hispanics like Rubio and Menendez, not to mention half-white Hispanics like George P. Bush, they always side with the Spanish-surnamed Mestizos, blacks and Amerindians against us.  The half-tribes are not our friends, either.  They are ethnically “other” even if they nominally practicing Christians.

        •  I’m a white Hispanic and have always been loyal to Europeans.  If I have to choose between Anglo whites and Mestizos you can bet your house I’ll side with the whites.  I’ve seen the kind of countries Mestizos create and I don’t want them running a lemonade stand.

          As far as Jews, many of them are liberal multicultis but some are in fact on the side of Western civilization.  Wesley Clark unfortunately is a multiculti liberal.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Rough breakdown: 75% are white-hating progs.  20% are neocons (any war, any time, for Israel).  5% (perhaps) are some of the greatest folks and assets we whites have. 

            Now, 95-99% of blacks are “gibmuhdats” voters, so maybe 1% are decent enough folk to live among us.  

            The big difference is, the first group will mug you legally.  The second commits over half the violent crime in the US.

  • shmo123

     Russia is much different than Poland in terms of trafficking. While Poland matches western Europe and the US in the scale of the problem, (ie. it is illegal, but problems persist) Russia and poorer countries in Eastern Europe are far worse. Check the stats here:

    As an American of Polish descent, I get tired of people lumping Poles in with the dregs of Eastern Europe, as if no differences exist. They have a long history of freedom (the constitution of 1791–even if it were quashed by other European powers), and their economy was firmly tied to the West before they were hobbled and tortured by Soviet totalitarianism. History has not been kind to them, but they deserve some credit for bouncing back as well as they have after Hitler and Stalin. Much is also owed to the influence that Catholicism has played in the last 1000 years of their history. Why should they be put in the same category with say muslims from Albania? There is no comparison whatsoever.

    • gemjunior

      I’m not Polish but I have to say that Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world who has the most amazing history.   Catholicism also a very influential source  that has helped to make the Polish the strong, tough resilient people they are – luckily I’ve never seen or heard anyone compare Poles to Albanians or Muslims.

  • And it’s easy to become rich in any industry when you have no principles or ethics against turning out junk or doing what’s morally or socially harmful.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

    Great article despite not agreeing with the tone. White Europeans created the EU and the EURO. White  Europeans have coddled Romani and Islam making them a cause celeb while forcing poor/working class whites to live alongside them while they still in mostly white neighbourhoods who’s few minority residents are all assimilated.  And white Europeans continue to use the cheap labour. Having spent time in Poland and the Balkans it is doubtful that those countries will become  influx immigration friendly anytime soon.  Poland is a pleasant but harsh place to live with a very difficult language to master. Czech Republic was went multi-culti glam years ago when it became the super star post Commie country so non Czech people selling junk does not surprise me. Frankly with so many Poles coming to the UK and taking jobs from working class white British, I could care less who comes to their country. And, no just because they are white does not somehow make them better than other immigrants. Good immigrants assimilate which many Poles in the UK refuse to do. I can only speak for the UK and truly, the less immigrants coming in the better.

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

     Really?  Than why does very white Oregon have 21% of their population on Food stamps?

    • Guest

      Probably minorities and white homeless drug addicts in the cities. It’s actually legal in Portland to smoke dope. You smell it everywhere.  Whites can be dangerous rif-raf as well as minorities.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Indeed, the lower the riffraff sinks a society, the more of us whites are carried down with their ghetto culture.

  • I definitely disagree with whining about Serbs. As a man who fought in a war to get rid of their genocidal imperialism, I have only one regret about Milošević, Mladić & Karadžić: that they’re allowed to put their stunts in the Haguaroo court. I’d prefer we just eliminated them in extrajudicial punishment. They were nothing more than armed punks.

  • ewcz

     Gypsy violence increases as the activists paid by Soros’ Open Society Fund instill in them the feeling that the Whites are responsible for all their problems. 
    In the nineties, Soros noticed that the Eastern states are ethnically quite homogenous but the Gypsies might be used as an “oppressed minority” to instill the white guilt. So he started to finance The Decade of Roma Inclusion. However, it does not work the way he planned – the majority does not have any guilty feelings and its negative attitude towards Gypsies increases with the degree of economical problems.

  • Ray

    Its times like this that I wish that the Nazis won world war 2, then we wouldnt have any problems with these muslims and other 3rd world leaches.

  • People can live in a country where there are no deep historical divisions & tensions. Take Switzerland, for instance. But in some cases- irrespective of race- there is a gulf between peoples who inhabit a country, and more- generally, national elites have developed strategies how to cleanse the country of the “undesirables” & then you have wars: in Lebanon, in ex-Yugoslavia, in Sri Lanka/Ceylon, or “troubles” in Northern Ireland and India.

    For instance, if US Blacks were not such parasites, they would have long since formed a party with the sole intention of carving out a part of US for their black ethno-state, something Stokely Carmichael had been talking about during 1960s-1970s.

  • IstvanIN

     He is a member of the tribe.

  • NM156

    Women in Eastern European countries have access to a far better system of child care now than the Communist system could ever provide: babcia i ciocia (grandma and auntie). These women delay childbirth and have fewer children because of material concerns and building a business or career. Communism gave everyone an equal opportunity which amounted to s**t, so why not have more kids in the hopes that they’ll help crush the system? They had no reason to have fewer children. This mythical Communist system, like every other form of social welfare, had no price. Without price allocation, the costs of “free” child care meant labor and resource shortages elsewhere, rendering its true cost many times what it would be in the capitalist West. Dirty-faced kids with rickets running around a dirt yard with rats is not anything we’d associate with “child care”.

  • NM156

    Where are these non whites in Iceland? Ice caves in the Vatnajokull Glacier? Ten years ago, I saw no one but Icelanders.

  • sam

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    in a hotel, but rent an apartment. It is more cheap, convenient and
    comfortable. There is a directory of Ukrainian apartments rent services http://ukraine-vacation-guide.com/dir/apartments/6 you can choose and book an
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  • MissBonnie123

    You say that pro-Whites who have respect for their race are seriously morally defective people. I say that maybe if you had the poor experiences with nonwhites like we’ve had, you would feel strong nationalist feelings yourself. If you understood that a homogenous nation has a greater chance than a heterogenous nation of being peaceful, you would understand our nationalism.

  • Viking_61

    Couldn’t the formation of the EU be viewed as an attempt to unite Europeans regardless of where they are from in Europe? 

    IF the EU didn’t have such a disastrous immigration policy
    IF the EU had a successful pro-natal policy 
    IF the EU engendered European pride

    Then the EU would be a good thing. The infrastructure is there. We just have to kick the Marxists out.

    • Tina Fiedler

      The elites don’t want Europe to have a strong white identity.  The EU is for more control over the people.  Then they bring in the Muslims to destroy things.

  • “Many Westerners see Easterners as no different from Third-World
    immigrants. However, with whites beset by so many problems, East/West
    divisions are a great misfortune.”

    In America, we have a damn-good reason. Most immigrants from Europe, whether from Western Europe (excluding professional hunters} or Eastern Europe, will integrate themselves with the pathology that this is a ‘nation of immigrants’ and proceed to assemble with the dark hordes against the historical America.

    My ancestors were tormented when they came here, and I was personally targeted by ‘Italian” Americans due to the fact that my ‘German’ fore-bearers had ‘subjugated’ Italy during WWII.  Do you know what lesson I got from this? Every immigrant needs a brick flinged their way. Everyone needs to know exactly what the score is, and what is at stake here. You came here, or your ancestors did, to win something better. America is a WASP culture, and so you’d best join it or die. Having such a choice is an honor that other races have never earned. The fact that we can win something great together, or all die apart…

    • America is a WASP culture, and so you’d best join it or die.
      Not realistic. De Niro, Marvin Minsky, Feynman, Sikorsky, Von Braun,…
      are not WASPs. You now have a pan-White European identity using English as the common language.


      • The Great Unifier in this country has been TV – especially 1950-2000.

      • Well, De Niro is a textbook example of the sort of man who must be shut-out, along with the Bidens and the Kennedy family (not so much Anthony Kennedy, who isn’t a true member of the American ‘Kennedy clan’, but certainly the rest of them).

        It is true that a great number of America’s best have been of non-WASP origin. We who descend from post-1850 migrants are so ubiquitous that we are the American nation, at least so far as the North-East region is concerned. That does not mean, however, that we should not fully identify with the previously-existing foundation of this country. Hancock, Hamilton, and Madison are *my* kinsmen, before Riedesel and the Hohenzollerns and Martin McGuinness are.

        For a true American nationality… an Americaner folk… to fully realize its destiny, it needs to get beyond petty things like surnames.

  •  Rubbish. Soviet Union killed millions of its citizens, true- this was an ideological lunacy combined with the need for slave labor in Siberia.
    But Nazis’ rate of killing was simply astounding, as well as the death rate in their concentration camps. Read Richard Overy’s book on these tyrants.
    However horrible their crimes had been, Communists have not tried to annihilate Ukrainian nor any other people & consign them to damnatio memoriae. For instance, Ukrainian language schools & universities were financed- unlike in Pilsudski’s Poland, where they were suppressed.
    Hitler & Nazis wanted exactly that: extermination of Poles, Russians etc., annihilation of their material & intellectual culture and in the end, complete extermination as with Jews.

    Hitler’s program was actually a stone age ideology, something like state cannibalism implanted in a technologically advanced society. Considering pros & cons- Germans did take a heavy beating, but they provoked so immense hatred in the Eastern Europe that they could have been decimated as the result of ethnic vengeance, like Avars or Assyrians.

    • What about he Ukrainian Famine?  One doesn’t have to eliminate every single individual to decimate a culture irreparably.

      • Famine was not specifically Ukrainian, although Ukrainians were the greatest victims. So, ca. 1.5 million Kazakhs-who are not white, but Muslim nomads – were starved to death; also, more than a million ethnic Russians. It was a mass ideological crime, but NOT with the intention to eliminate the Ukrainian people. Heck, Stalin has even enlarged Ukrainian national territory- part of contemporary independent Ukraine- by annexing parts of former Polish lands as a result of Hitler-Stalin/Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.
        In fact, during Communism, even in its lunatic, Stalin’s version, Ukrainians have, for the first time in modern history, been allowed to develop their higher education in Ukrainian language, as well as other aspects of culture and national identity, from literature and music to exact sciences.

        Nazis, on the other hand, wanted to eliminate central and east European Slavic nations like Czechs or Poles or Russians, using Ukrainians (and my compatriots Croats) as temporary allies, but only for tactical reasons. Nazi Germany systematically destroyed treasures of national identity of various peoples- for instance, when we’re speaking of Serbs- Nazis deliberately annihilated entire Serbian national library with numerous manuscripts from 13th, 14th, 15th,… centuries. In Russia, they desecrated graves or museums of Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy and Pushkin.

        No, this is not the same.

      • Sun


        That is really a lie. The Ukranians were stripped of all wealth, transferred to their Russians counterparts in the great Union. In fact many farms crops were given away on that note that they would redistributed  around the Soviet Union. Only in the end to be starved. Growing crops to have them taken away from you when you starving and tricked is incredibly cruel. Schools were run down, etc. I don’ t know where you get this idea that Ukraine during Stalin’s regime was paradise. Stalin did not want Ukraine or any other aquired country of the new USSR  to have any identity of their own. Everyone was to be a Soviet citizen. The whole idea of a cultural and ethnic identity under Marxist ideology was a social construct designed to pit the workers of the world against each other. Marxism was a meant to become a international movement designed to encompass all people of the proletarian.

    • Sun

      While I agree with much you wrote. I have to take issue. Stalin killed way more people then Hitler did. It is simply a fact. Stalin starved Ukrainians–men, women, and children in genocide to crush a nationalist uprising (Holodomor). That was a bout 10 million people of a specific group (true genocide). Their were massive killing against other European Eastern countries like Poland. The Gulag was much more extensive. 

  • You are clueless. So, I’ll repeat.

    Year 1991: Serbs are 11% of Croatia’s population. They support Slobodan
    Milosevic’s pan-Serbian movement which took JNA/Yugoslav Army under
    Serbian control. This Army has been financed by all Yugoslav republics
    (Serbia plus Montenegro 36%, Croatia 28%, Slovenia 19%,..). So, Serbs
    literally “stole” all these planes, tanks, ships, rockets, guns,
    howitzers, … and, via their fifth column, Croatian Serbs, embarked
    upon their provincial imperial expansion: they wanted to occupy the
    entire Bosnia and Herzegovina & ca. 70% of Croatia. This was a
    combined aggression: Serbia proper + Montenegro +JNA + Croatian Serbs.
    During 1990s Serbs tried, with the help of JNA/Yugo Army, to carve out
    as much as possible from Croatia (70% max- they succeeded in 26%). In
    the process, Serbs and JNA expelled anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000
    Croats (unarmed, of course) and tried to annex this cleansed area to the
    Serbia proper, ethnically cleansing Bosnia in the process.

    1995.: Serbs fled. As the last war has shown, their behavior exemplifies
    the case of colonial minorities elsewhere-from French in Algeria &
    British in Zimbabwe to Russians in Chechnya & Central Asian
    Republics and Portuguese in Mozambique. They either rule as a privileged
    caste or flee to their motherland when the system of exploitation,
    which they have been so avid a part thereof, breaks.)
    But, during
    their rule in UNPA (UN Protected Areas) zones, they killed more than 600
    Croatian civilians, mostly elderly people who had stayed, unable to
    leave their ancestral homes. Kenyan, Canadian, Jordanian, Danish,…UN
    troops just averted their eyes.

    I was in a Croatian Army howitzer
    unit & saw huge columns of cars, trucks, tractors buses …fleeing
    to Srb & later via Bosnia & Herzegovina border to Banja Luka.
    There is a dispute around how many Serbs fled before us- perhaps,
    100,000-150,000, nobody knows. But, they fled en masse, and only few
    people remained: in the city of Benkovac only one person, a befuddled
    Croat who lived with his Serbian wife in “SAO Krajina” for 4 years- and
    wifey got on a bus & left him to stare, dumbfounded, in Croatian
    camera held by Croatian TV reporter Zeljko Ivankovic. This “exodus” was
    planned a few times before, as documented by Serbian official papers
    & movies. So, Serbian entire project collapsed. I salute a hero, my
    commander, general Gotovina, who is sentenced by the Haguaroo Court in a
    remake of Moscow show trials of the 1930s.

    US did not kill more than 100-200 Serbs in their attacks. They bombed their navigation centers & operational units. During the entire war from 1991-1999, Serbs suffered less tha 40,000 casualties, most of them inflicted by Croats & Bosnian Muslims.

  •  The Anglos can say what they want – there wasn’t a Miami “to destroy” before the Cubans arrived.  It was one sleepy Florida town with a few WASPS and Jews (in Miami Beach)- and of course, some Negroes.

    • T

      Just the fact that the Cubans went there, destroys it.

  • Tina Fiedler

    Totally agree.  It’s time white people everywhere stick together and throw out the faggots and Muslims

  • ImTellinYa

    It’s funny how often I hear the falling birth rate of Whites described as a negative development. Falling birth rates are a sane and rational response to overpopulation, and overcrowding started to become a real problem after WWII.

    But ONLY WHITE PEOPLE seem to understand that you can’t continue to have every generation be larger than the one before if you want to avoid the fates of China and India. Even Japan is definitely overpopulated as are many, many, if not most, nonWhite countries.

    ONLY WHITE PEOPLE understand that it might be best to have a slightly declining population for a time. Property values would fall, labor prices would rise. Many good things would follow.

    Of course our elites would PREFER that we live in overpopulated countries teeming with third-world savages, but the mass of Whites instinctively know what is best. It’s just a matter of ridding ourselves of our current ruling elites and their imported, third-world foot soldiers.

    Let me also point out that even the much-vaunted NE Asians have yet to understand that they must lower their population growth drastically. NE Asians test well, but they seem to prefer tyranny and rigid conformity.

    All in all, Whites seem to combine the best qualities of intelligence and character. Without us, there would be no modern world. But we need to quickly and drastically rebel against the imbeciles that are enforcing the evil of diversity and multiculturalism. They are literally destroying civilization in their attempt to play God.

    • Tina Fiedler

      VERY well said.

  • girlofObecse

     I’m so tired of the sagas of Russian, Slavicpeople, above all other women, and men in the US.   Well, maybe some of them  are.  But when I see Russians, all I see is the bastard young men, who beat my dear Grandfather to dead, simply because he was Hungarian, and rich.  The Serbs, and Russians  just collected Hungarians and taken to them to jail.  In 1945 I lived  in Hungary  when those “gorgeous “Russian Barisnyas” (female solder whores) gether young Hungarian man front of a factory, with  machine guns, and ruin they body. I have seen my neighbors toilet with a hole in it, when the primitive Red Army solders shoot in it, because when they pulled the cord on the “English Toilet”   the fish “was stolen”  (zabra machine)  I have seen them shaking out my mother parfume bottle in to they mouth, I have seen them eating tooth paste on they bread.I know many Hungarian woman who were going to the clinic years after the war with VD.  The Red Army come to us with American money, fighting for the first 3 days of “plunder right”:  steal, rape kill.  They raped any woman and children whom they could get they hands on.  I could tell you horror stories, what I have witness as a 7 years old child.  I remember flee covered, primitive, stinking solders, arms covered with watches, what they stole from our people.  Don’t tell me about nice, cultured Russians, Ukraine blonds.  (there are plenty  Mongols, Arabs, etc. in Russia)  All I can see is that they father was one of the solders, whom come to stamp down a thousand year old civilization,  and I see my grandfathers   tortured body, (we don’t even know where he was buried ), I see our lost country (taken from Hungary in 1918 and again in 1945)  our lost home, and our lost future. 
    By the way have you heard the Russian Maffia all over the US? Have you heard of drunken Russian, Slavic man beating they  “beautiful blond”  wife? 
    And what you man want?  Slim blonds, who few years later just as fat as any other women, and bring all of they family from “back home” for you to support them?  There are plenty of white people in the US and plenty of beautiful blonds, you should try to raise your kids to be nice. Give them few years. They will get “civilized ” living here few years.

    As for free nurseries, daycare centers, and long paid time off after birth in Eastern Europe under Soviet rule,   it was not free:  one did not got paid like in the West:  we lived like paupers.

    And about the so called “roma”, I still have the news paper clip, when in Szeged, Hungary, about 2 years ago they left 5 kids in the welfare office, because they did not get more money.  They were driving a BMW 5, and as they didn’t have an address, the office  had to keep the kids for 2 months, cloth them feed them in foster homes.  Another story from  Austria:  there was a strong movement by the “sinti” tribe.  they wanted to change the name of Lehars  Gypsy – Baron operetta to “Sinti Baron.  Dogooders influence in Europe.

    We should work on our country, to keep it white, have more children, and don’t mix with every race, as one can see it just walking down the street.  Heinz 47.

  • Tina Fiedler

    Totally agree- I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with the faggots.

    I pray Eastern Europe stay pure, white, educated and beautiful.

  • Tina Fiedler

    What does PRB stand for?


  • potato78

    “The great threat to Eastern European nationalism today is the fact that Western Europe and the United States are wealthier. The West will certainly use its wealth to bribe and coerce East Europe to embrace the suicidal forms of diversity that are widespread in the West. The United States is also a source of much cultural poison in the form of movies, television, and music.”


    “I am optimistic that Russia and East Europe will be able to hold the line against the worst of these influences, but it is a race against time. Will the countries of Eastern Europe establish themselves as advanced, culturally and racially confident nations before they are fatally corrupted by the false ideas of the wealthier West? Or will the East European nations lend crucial support to the small but growing Western nationalist movements so as to save the whole continent?”

  • “The communists offered long, paid maternity leave and guaranteed
    retention of workplace seniority when women went back to work. Free
    nursery care and kindergarten made it easy to have big families. Perhaps
    these methods could revive birthrates in white countries today.”

    Actually, feminism has been a big failure in raising the fertility rates but it raises an interesting point. Should whites just give in and go for two incomes, free day care and free public schooling/daycare until age 18?

    Don’t know about that.

  • mistermark123

    I’m gay and white, and I’m not interested in seeing the oppressiveness of Eastern Europe adopted in the West.

  • Julia Lehmann

    Great article! I am from Germany and I can’t
    understand why so many Germans are Chauvinist against East Europeans.
    East Europeans aren’t the guys who attack us on the streets because
    of our race like many African, Turkish and other Non-Europeans do.

    Europe for Europeans! We have to show our brothers
    and sisters from East Europe that we support them and it is necessary
    to show them what happened to the “multicultural fail societies”
    in the West of Europe.

  • elizabeth

    I dated a Ukrainian man on and off for the past three years. I finally ended the relationship because he was very overbearing. He was raised in Kiev. Basically he expected me to stay at home while he hung out with his other Russian buddies. I am used to regular american family life where you go to work and you come home and hang out with your immediate family and on occasion you go to visit with family or friends. Every night it was the same he came in from work for about an hour to eat and throw me fifty bucks then it was off to run around with his boys. He also didn’t like to go out to the movies and out to restaurants or bars with my co workers or family. He was very suspicious of Americans.

  • DutchSomaligirl

    This article was laughable to say the least. Concerning Non Europeans in Europe. Like the ones who live Europe will outnumber the natives. Give me a break. Multiculturalism is everywhere in the world. You can’t prevent it. This quest for a racially pure Europe. Sounds a lot like Nazism. It is obvious that the writer of this article hasn’t learned a lot from history.

    Writer quote: ”However, with whites beset by so many problems, East/West divisions are a great misfortune. Certainly, compared to Third-World immigrants, Eastern Europeans have a claim on our friendship. They are white, mostly Christian, and have a strong sense of national identity.”

    This quote above is simply euro-centrism. It will not work. The extreme is failing in the poles in Europe. I will die in Holland and so will my kids. So choke on that.

    • Tina Fiedler

      It was so badly written, I didn’t understand it, and I’m not going to struggle to guess.

  • The third party

    Eh. Culture changes and evolves over time.

    Thousands of years ago I’m sure the natives of Germany and Russia complained that these pesky Scandinavian ruffians (Vikings) came in their longboats to disrupt culture and spread their vile religions.

    Today you guys are complaining that these pesky africans and asians are comming into these countries to chance the culture, rob wealth what have you.

    In a thousand years wel’l still be complaining that X group is moving into Y group’s land and changing the culture..

    Immigration and mixing doesn’t ‘destroy’ culture. It creates it.

  • Kate Di

    “Gay-pride parades in Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia are attacked by nationalists, often with the open support of the Orthodox Church.”

    You should inform yourself better before writing!

    1. Croatia is not orthodox but catholic (unfortunately, quite hard core catholic)

    2. Since 2005 there has been several successful (non-violent) gay prides in Croatia.