French Police Crush Caravans and Arrest 180 Illegal Immigrants as They Break Up Biggest Gypsy Camp Yet

Peter Allen, Daily Mail (London), August 28, 2012

French police today launched their biggest operation yet to smash up a Roma gypsy camp.

Around 500 officers moved on to a site at Saint-Priest, a suburb of the eastern city of Lyon, destroying makeshift huts and tents before rounding up residents including women and children.

Up to 180 gypsies viewed as illegal immigrants were arrested, with most now expected to be deported back to Romania.

It follows around 70 losing their temporary home in the Paris suburb of Evry on Monday, along with hundreds more in other major cities including Lille and Marseille earlier this month.

The so-called ‘evacuations’ are all part of a policy adopted by France’s new Socialist government to rid the country of migrant camps.

Today dozens of police vehicles moved on to the Saint-Priest site soon after dawn, prompting some of the Roma families to try and escape.

‘It’s the biggest Roma camp in the region,’ said a local human rights activist who asked to solely be identified by his first name of Jean-Philippe.

‘This is private property which has been served with a deportation order. The mayor of Saint-Priest wants it to be used for new buildings.’

Referring to ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, the conservative head of state who started the crackdown against the Roma gypsies, Jean-Philippe said: ‘What is happening now is worse than in the days of Sarkozy.’

Dozens of young children and newborn babies were among those being escorted of the site, as their parents were questioned by officers.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has linked Roma camps with crime, suggesting that many of the thieves and muggers operating in big cities are homeless Romanians.

Neighbours of the camps often complained about noise and anti-social behaviour, as well as serious crimes, said Mr Valls, who is known as the ‘Sarkozy of the Left’.

Humanitarian organisations have also linked the camps to ill health, including serious diseases such as tuberculosis.

Mr Sarkozy started a purge on Romas in the summer of 2010 in France, where up to 15,000 live.

In turn, Roma groups accused Mr Sarkozy of ‘ethnic cleansing’, pointing to the fact that gipsies had been targeted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

They said that the purge was all part of a generally racist strategy adopted by Mr Sarkozy against all foreign groups, including some six million Muslims living in France.

Romania has been a full member of the European Union since 2007, and its citizens can enter France without a visa.

But they must get residency permits if they want to settle long term and work.

Britain, like France, has transitional controls on Romanians seeking to settle in the UK.

Until next year only those Romanian migrants who have a job or can support themselves are allowed to stay in Britain.

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has called for a European Council meeting to make decisions ‘at the European level’ on the Roma – many of whom also come from Bulgaria.

[Editor’s Note: Additional images and video are available at the original article link below.]

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  • ABM

    Much ado about nothing when Blacks and Arabs are filling up the country.

    • when I read that they were crushing caravans I got all excited, but then I read the part about no one being inside at the time. Oh well, I guess that’s okay too…

    • Dear Irony,

      you are right, in the sum, the Romas may not contribute to diversity. Our best indicators for an active participation in diversity for a group in this IQ range, the rape and murder rate, are to low compared to such things as theft and beggary, which irritate our population without effectively participating to its genetic regeneration. In a more general perspective, the proper balance, relatively low impact of diversity for adult and high for children is also not respected, in part because they do not send their children to school.

      If the details of our actions are subject to discussion, for example, historically, gypsies have dwelt in parts of the white territory for a long time but did they prove very effective in adding to diversity?, I am pleased that we agree on the purpose of our politics: Keep the birth rate of Whites as low as possible so that we can concentrate on a few to better help them in their effort to integrate. The white girl to open her heart for the non-white and the white boy to prepare for a rich social live as homosexual.

      Mr Sarkozy, the strong man who first expelled the Roma, is also the man who, for example, change the status of Mayotte from french oversee territory to full french departement with some additional legal provision. In wiki speak: Its non-official traditional Islamic law, applied in some aspects of the
      day-to-day life, will be gradually abolished and replaced by the
      uniform French civil code. The population of Mayotte is 98 percent Muslim Sunit according to the German wiki and probably non-white in the same proportion. Marine Lepen, from the far right, welcome this change on her blog. In a comment I read: A true Patriot does not refuse new territory if it is given for free.

  • Vil

     Don´t throw them back to Romania. Throw them back to India where they are originally from.
    No one in (Eastern) Europe wants them anyway.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Most will be deported back to Romania,” but before that ever happens, the U.N. Human Rights Commission, funded by the formerly Whites Only Ford Foundation, will have all the racist French police arrested and sent to Mandela Zuma Holder Jackson Sharpton, Inc. for reeducation and sensitivity training.

  • crystal evans

    These Roma complain that they cannot find work in Romania. Which is why they end up in France and other EU countries. I am all for sending them back to where they came from but they face discrimination in Romania and I wonder if they would be wanted in India?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      It is worse in Germany. Around 2000, one of my relatives was thrown out their apartment by teh government, and Gypsies moved in. My relatives were paying rent and were never late. The Gypsies were on welfare and didn’t even pay the rent went the governemnt gave them money for it.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I often admire the bombastic nationalistic arrogance of our closest enemy..ahem..neighbour.
    The French are famous within Europe for giving an indifferent shrug of their Gallic shoulders to any law or rule from the EU or UN which doesn’t suit their national interests.
    I wish that the British government would adopt the same attitude.
    They won’t, though. Too afraid of the Guardianistas at the BBC.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    May a band of Gypsies move into your neighborhood.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat
  • Sloppo

    A crackdown on crime would be racist against gypsies because that’s about all they do.

  • CSThinker

    I live in France and have worked around the place this Gipsy camp is situated. Lyon has a very, very big Gipsy population. 
    I would not say that the Gipsies are malevolent, though. Sure they steal when they can and harass you begging for money. Apart from that you won’t see them robbing banks, blowing up people and queuing up at dole centers at 9′ 30 in the morning. At least they happen to sing or play the accordeon to get some money, some of this music is pleasant to the ear and  is actually welcome as it brings some degree of gaiety to your daily transportation.  LWB :EU laws are applied here as much as they are in Britain. 80% of our Laws are transposed EU Directives. 

    • The__Bobster

      I would not say that the Gipsies are malevolent, though. Sure they steal when they can and harass you begging for money.

      Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

  • Theft is the worst crime that can be committed. I shed no tears for a culture based upon it.

  • The__Bobster

    These people can’t go back to India; their ancestors left India centuries ago.

    They did not “leave” India. They were run out of India for being so disagreeable.