Afghan Woman Beheaded for Refusing to Be a Prostitute

Fox News, October 19, 2012

An Afghan woman was beheaded last week after she refused to be a prostitute despite her mother-in-law’s urging, the AFP reported.

The woman was identified as Mah Gul, 20, who reportedly lived in Herat province in western Afghanistan.  This was not the first time the mother-in-law tried to force her into prostitution, authorities said, according to the AFP report.

Four people were arrested in connection to the killing, the AFP reported. One suspect, Najibullah, reportedly said at 2 a.m. the mother-in-law alerted him that Gul was a prostitute and “with the help of her mother-in-law killed her with a knife.”

The murder comes after reports of a 15-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot by Taliban as she headed home from school in the northwest Swat Valley.



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  • MekongDelta69

    Nothing like the ‘Religion Of Pieces’.

    One woman gets beheaded for refusing to be a hooker.
    Another woman gets stoned for wearing something ‘provocative.’

    Islam is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY incompatible with Western Civilization.

    • crystal evans

      The thing is if she got pregnant while being a prostitute, she would probably killed in a honor killing because she bismirched the family honor. Go figure.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      Compatibility is a racist construct.

      The Muslims see themselves as coming here to take over everything. They will exterminate incompatibles.Isn’t it strange that if some other animal species were invading America with the same hostility and proven fatal endangerment as Muslims, that it would be consider every Patriot’s duty to solve the problem locally and immediately?

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         Well, look at it this way – imagine a sci-fi scenario in which craft from another planet dropped in to visit us, with friendly designs and much to share.

        What would be human reaction?

        I believe it would depend on what the aliens looked like.

        If they looked like they walked out of Star Trek (ie, like slightly mutated humans), they’d be greeted with roses and wine.

        If they had fur or scales, tails, horns, hoofs, or whatnot, they’d wind up with their heads stuffed on someone’s wall before they got to say “Hi!”

    • costogie

      Do the muslims have the same ideaology as us Westerners when it comes to abortion .

    •  Not only that, it’s purely evil for what is permitted and done by the ” Religion of Pieces “…

    • Yes, I think the recent dust-up over freedom of speech brought out by the YouTube video (Islam prohibits free speech, the West honors it), shows the incompatibility of the two cultures.  I hope after the European liberals are successful via demographic change in turning a few western European countries into Islamic states that the rest of the world will wake up and work to limit Islamic immigration, as well as encourage emigration of those people back to Muslim countries.

  • Puggg

    Sure.  Another trillion dollars and another ten years of boots on the ground in Afg will make this impossible hole first world.

    • Time magazine has this cover “What happens if we leave Afghanistan” (,16641,20100809,00.html ) that I found wrong on so many fronts.  For every Afghani woman maimed in this manner, you’ll have ten U.S. soldiers killed or injured (losing limbs, eyesight, etc.) trying to prevent it.  Who can claim that’s a worthwhile trade?  Why should primarily Christian U.S. soldiers (and the taxpayers supporting them) have to bleed themselves of life and treasure to prop Muslim people up?  It’s primarily the role of Afghani women (and supportive Afghani men) to fight for female freedoms, just as it was in our own country in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Indeed, the best way to encourage others to cultivate their gardens is to cultivate your own.  By impoverishing ourselves to prop them up, we reduce the delta between us and them, and hence reduce the visible benefits they see they would get by changing their ways.

  • WmarkW

    What’s the opposite of “honor” killing?

    •  Shamefull living ? …like being turned into a prostitute…

  • IstvanIN

    I didn’t think mooslim women were allowed to have jobs????

    • MekongDelta69

      Nope – they can…

      As long as it doesn’t require any reading; they don’t leave the house; dressed from head to toe so you can’t tell what’s underneath; and if it doesn’t require any interactions with any males outside of their family.

      Other than those minor things… Go for it.

  • crystal evans

    Personally, most of these people could not even read the Koran. They are living by tribal laws and customs that have nothing to do with Islam.

  • But I thought all cultures were equal, my liberal friends tell me so.

  • Barrack Osama

    It’s almost like all of this sudden reporting on random murders in islamic nations is meant to stir up support for some kind of war with some kind of unknown islamic nation in the near future.

    Nah – the MSM always reports this type of stuff, year round, unbiased, no agendas.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    We need to compile a list of these typical behaviours, present them on college campuses, and then ask the best Wide Awakening question of all, the one that unleashes the inner prejudice and bigotry unlike anything else, the one that dares force students to make contrasts between us and “the Other”:

    “All these cases are family murders and beheadings. In the same situation, isn’t that what you would do?”

  • KenelmDigby

    They kill women who are prostitutes.
    They kill women who refuse to be prostitutes.

    What the Hell do they want?

    • Sloppo

      Islamic “morality” is a bit different.  Their “highest human example” killed people for all kinds of reasons, so a muslim can commit murder and usually claim to be a “good muslim” with plenty of Islamic jurisprudence to back up his claim of “righteousness”.  It’s a great belief system for violent psychopaths.

    • rightrightright

      To kill women.

  • KenelmDigby

    White men are just being taken for fools.
    This is the leitmotif of the western World.
    There will be a comeoppance, however, at some future date, White men will be so vanishingly rare that all the groups that leech off them and abuse them will be left to fend for themselves.

  • mobilebay

    Since Monday night’s debate will be devoted to foreign policy, wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the candidates discuss the savage mindset of muslims? Then, agree to stop allowing people from the middle east to come here. That includes student visas – that’s what the young man had who just attempted to blow up the Federal Reserve. They cannot be allowed to immigrate to civilized nations.

  • IstvanIN

    Ultimately this is none of our business.  Let the Afghan authorities take care of the situation.  The whole idea that we should shove our form government and culture down every other countries throat needs to come to an end.  We need to stop invading countries that did nothing to us.  We need to send all the Afghan refugees we brought here back there.  This is not our problem.   We need to stop being the world’s policeman (or from my point of view the new USSR/Cuba).

  • ArturoPendriago

    Women are better off dead in those countries.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     And it’s apparently not limited to humans.  I have heard about female apes trading sex favours for food.

  • cecilhenry

     They stand up for them because they challenge who they REALLY resent and envy (and hate for really being superior)  white males of higher perceived status and western civilization.

    This is the dynamic that makes liberals and the like commit suicide–envy.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     There’s a rumour that the Hutterites engage in a sort of prostitution – they’re so insular, they know that the risk of inbreeding is great, so they hire male prostitutes to impregnate their wives.  Of course, one or the other needs a bag over their head and some such thing.

    I’ve heard this too many times to dismiss it as rubbish.

    I’ve also seen enough Hutterites to notice the Mongoloid look of them (can I say Mongoloid here?)  and also have been witnesss to their thievery, to not believe this rumour.

    • IstvanIN

       Mongoloid as in Downs syndrome?

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         In reply to both Istvan and Mr Scott:

        Yes, as in Down’s Syndrome, but they’re not victims of it.  And they really don’t look like Metis, either.   Way too pasty, even though I’ve known lots of light-skinned Metis … they just don’t match up.  Hell, they’re even pastier than I am after a sunless winter of staying inside, and that’s saying a lot.   They’re not … handicapped or anything.  They just have that … look.   At least the women do, not so much the men, which I find … unusual.

         The thievery, I believe, is because for the most part, they get away with it (but not always).

        As far as recessive traits go, Mr Scott, I think that’s simply what your mom has; I have something similar in a Neanderthal-shaped skull (and I would like to donate DNA or some such towards more studies along these lines.  It’s a trait my grandfather had, that I passed on to two out of three kids.  I would actually be very pleased if it showed a further link to Neanderthals.  They were an interesting people, and I would be happy to find personal links to them.)

         Recessive traits are sometimes desirable – I had a parti-coloured purebred toy poodle (registered) as a kid, and unlike other solid-coloured poodles … he rarely, if ever, barked, and was smart as the proverbial whip.

        Mm, and keep in mind also that light eyes and light hair are considered “recessive” genes as well, because they get subsumed by the more common and expressive genes for dark hair and dark eyes.  I did notice that with cross-bred kids – they tend to look more like their non-white parent than they do whites (though in the case of Indians, it gives them facial and body hair.)

  • Pro-gay and pro-Muslim liberals are really just anti-Christian and tend to support Islam despite its pronounced anti-gay perspectives due to a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” way of thinking.  Conservatives do not do a good job in challenging the liberal position that open borders immigration is good for minorities (and hence lose many minorities to liberals in elections); they also fail in challenging the incorrect view that liberals are better for gays than conservatives, as liberals’ support for mass Muslim immigration into the West (particularly from third world areas where gays risk brutal execution) is far more a threat to tolerance than anything the conservatives can cook up.

  • MekongDelta69

    It doesn’t. I was being semi-sarcastic. Not only is Islam incompatible with Western Civilization, it’s incompatible with ITSELF.

  • SLCain

    They have female prostitutes in Afghanistan?  There must be a shortage of boys and goats, if they’re impressing girls into that trade.

    Such a wonderful people – such a wonderful culture.

    • IstvanIN

       They like variety.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     That’s how I know the so-called “feminist”  movement has been taken over by people with an ideology that doesn’t really give a whit about women (or freedom for anyone, really).

    The first warning bell about that came for me years ago, when I heard some so-called “feminist” from some group make fun of women who choose/are able to be housewives – as if someone’s choice is anyone else’s business.

    The original women’s lib wasn’t about keeping us out of the kitchen, it was about us being able to leave it if we so chose – nothing more, nothing less.

    These silly geese forget that having a stay-at-home wife was once a sign that a man wasn’t a bum.  Only “bums” with substandard paying jobs sent their wives out to work.  This would seem to be the real mindset – rather than one of controlling domineering – behind the line “No wife of mine is going to go out and work” heard so much in the old sitcoms.  A working wife was an embarassment to a man.  It’s kinda silly, but now, with mass immigration lowering wages and such, they pretty much guarantee most couples will both have to work just to stay afloat.

    But that’s the problem with society, and has been for a long time – treating men (particualrly white ones) like they were dogs. Or worse, like robots with no feelings.  I mean, look at the design of men’s bathrooms.  There should be privacy walls between urinals, because it’s not right to force men to …. well, do what they have to do without privacy.  Hell, I make sure my CAT has some amount of bathroom privacy in the placement of her box – surely men deserve at least that much consideration?

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    The answer is incredibly simple.

    Tne enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    And feminists see the white men as their enemy, just as muslims do.

    And is very much akin to how USA was allied to the Soviet union during WWII, or with Osama Bin Laden during the 80s.

    And it is, in all of these cases, equally stupid. You will defeat one enemy, only to realize you helped build up another.

    The Soviet union meant years of trouble for USA after their common enemy was defeated.
    Same thing with Bin Laden.

    And the same thing will happen with muslims….

    The old saying “those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it” has never been more true.
    And people wonder why it is important to study history.