The latest poll on public perceptions as to the state of relations between the white majority and Roma (“Gypsy”) minority found that 82 percent see coexistence of the two groups in the Czech Republic as generally bad, with 56 percent of respondents saying it was problematic in the area where they live.

The April survey of Public Opinion Research Center (CVVM) of the Academy of Social Sciences found that 60 percent of Czechs think that Roma people have a harder time finding work than do the majority population, with 36 percent saying they think the group has disadvantages in public and civic life.

The CVVM said the percentage of respondents who said racial relations were “very bad” (40 percent) had increased slightly but otherwise attitudes have remained largely unchanged.

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  • Slightly related news:  The negotiations to form a new government after the May 6 elections in Greece have fallen apart.  That means new elections next month.  I’ll be really interested to see if Golden Dawn improves on the 7% they got this month.

    That this rate, we’ll have monthly metrics in this stead.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Every Greek morning awakens with the golden glow of a new dawn, a new day, a better hope, a grand future, and a White arising of ascendant power. We must pray that the Greeks do the right thing and elect those who can save them from the Diversity Curse and the banker thieves. When the Golden Dawn strings up the EU beaurecrats and corrupt politicians by their necks from the lamp posts in Athens, and while the town guards expel the immigrants from every mainland and island, an eager tomorrow will embrace White Humanity.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Honoring Jean Raspail,” 2012

  • Church_of_Jed

    “The unending problem of race is our strong step in the right direction.  Racial coexistence is not our goal- racial separatism is. Antagonisms and strife are the friends of the solution we need.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism works,” 2006

    “But the grand secret to the separation, or separate existence, of the races is found in the Love of the Beautiful, that instinctive and innate feeling wisely implanted by the Creator in us; it will forever and ever keep the higher race distinctive from the inferior races.”

    -John Campbell, Negromania, 1851

  • Johnny Reb

    Another shattered multicult dream.  It has to be tough to be a liberal nowadays.  Everywhere you look, the wheels are coming off the Diversity Wagon.

    Not that they won’t blame this on “intolerance” and “right-wing, old-fashioned, nationalists” but at some point, even the most brain-washed multiculter has to conclude that we’re getting much closer to chaos and dystopia than MLK’s “I’ve seeeeeeeen the promised land” speech promised.

  • Oil Can Harry

    ” 60% of Czechs think that Roma people have a harder time finding work than do the majority population…”

    Huh? In order to find work don’t you actually have to look for it in the first place?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Joining the EU for financial prosperity is a pipe dream.  You have to sell your soul along with your national identity to be a part of the EU.  Oh, and you have to bare your daughters’ naked breasts to the scum of the planet.

  • JackKrak

    Agreed that Gypsies can never occupy socially useful positions no matter what. You can have a job or you can be a Gypsy – one or the other. They have absoulutely no concept of responsibly and regularly carrying out specific tasks for payment.

    Their kids are quite literally taught from an early age that stealing, scamming and begging are what brings you money. The only exception to this is playing music in the street for change.

    However, there is a distinction to be made with blacks on the issue of crime. With the odd exception to any rule, you need not fear being beaten, raped or murdered by Gyspies.

  • Pat

    Can you safely walk through their areas? – apparently not, at least in London at the moment where bus loads of Roma gypsies are arriving every day (!) to take advantage of the coming Olympics.  According to the Daily Mail (15th) the Police are even having to move them on from one of the wealthiest streets in the capital (Park Lane).    They come in for begging, pick pocketing and prostitution.  They sleep anywhere and use anywhere as a toilet.  The paper has pictures of them, a group can consist of children up to very old women.  They can be quite violent I believe and are a worry to tube travellers.  This is  another’ joy’ of the European Union, Romania is in it so they can travel where they like.  If any are deported the bus company will only take them if they are showered and given clean clothes!

    • Anonymous

      ‘This is  another’ joy’ of the European Union, Romania is in it so they can travel where they like.’

      Much to the delight of the Romanians, who are thrilled to rid themselves of any amount of gypsy population!

      I am white American, married to a white Romanian. I have had plenty of  encounters with both blacks and gypsies. I will take the gypsies any day. They might steal my wallet, be rude, be generally irritating to have around, but they are unlikely to brutally rape, torture, and murder random whites for fun and profit.

  • KenelmDigby

    American blacks have this idea that whitey ‘owes’ them something, they have this sense of entitlement and privelege – and the also force themselves upon Whites and demand whitey takes care of them (whilst simulatenously insulting and murdering whitey).
     European gypsies are undesirables and parasites, but once they’ve done their bit of theft, they withdraw away and keep to themselves.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Interesting. I have no personal experience with the Romany. I can only go by what I’ve read both by and about them. Nothing I’ve read about them has been good, and everything I’ve read by them has been mostly whining about how people discriminate against and say mean things about them without ever addressing the mean things being said. Just the standard “YOU’RE A RACIST!!” claptrap we get from minorities here in the states.

    Case in point: I was recently reading a blog by a young Romany going by the name of Pip. Highly intelligent, very talented writer, despite being only 17 years old. Can anyone here who has more experience with this group check it out & help me with some context? The posters on his page treat his every word like gospel, so I highly suspect there’s more to it than what they say.

    • Token Finn

      I took a look at that page. For all we know it might be ghost written and the writer may have plenty of white genetics. All I saw was whining and anecdotal evidence of this or that. Statistics that prove their inferiority instead of any imaginary oppression; just like with blacks. The cocky imagery with smoking (indicating harmful health habits born out of a low IQ and impulsiveness) does not help.

      Nobody denies that there are a few digestible apples in a generally rotten bunch, and we know that the gypsies who get an education, work and think that others should too are shunned and even threatened with death by the majority gypsies. If they think they are discriminated against, then they are discriminated against by their own tribe who think that they should act like evil retards everywhere they go. The truth about their pathetic average IQ (with many illiterate and literally so dumb they might try to force a greeting card in their cell phone to make it work) and their extreme dishonesty, laziness and violent temper. Nobody in the west/northern Europe is forcing them to be failures but themselves.

      Since part of their failure owes to a culture which is not necessarily wholly genetic (low IQ and the violent temper is more or less genetic of course) the only solution I see would be to do what the Australians were going to do with the Abos and have the children raised by the state. Otherwise each generation is going to be raised into inferior sociopaths with delusions of grandeur based on nothing. One earlier solution was to sterilize them (in addition to Hitler’s work) and this supposedly went on until the 60’s in parts of Europe until PC kicked in.

    • Kurt Plummer


      I see a woman undo her belt and jean front on camera while dry humping a boy in public.  Add to this her general, dark featured, fat, ugliness and raucious voice (like a great many hispanic women I see) and her overtly strutting manner in ‘reacting’ (one might say posing for) the cameraman shooting her doing her hookup dance and you have pretty much summarized why whites will not and do not, -ever-, want ‘inclusion’ of Roma genes in their society.

      If you aren’t willing to breed with a people, don’t bring them into your social group because all you are doing is cutting a slice of the economic pie which zero intermarriage as integration will never bring back.

      Idiots who continue to live without homelands in a world where the landscape is largely settled are simply the evolutionary failures who didn’t realize that the game of musical chairs ended about 100 years ago.

      _Every_ culture practices an institutionalized form of eugenics as a means to improve themselves through a sense of superiority to their fellows.

      Mexicans with their ‘casta’ system system-

      For instance.

      So the notion that this Roma boy is somehow shocked that such intolerance and exclusionism is practiced exclusively by white Central European culture _in their racial homelands_ against his own migratory people is really just posturing suitable for mockery.

  • Czech man

     “What is their murder rate like?  Rape rate? Incarceration rate?”

    In 1990, when official stats were still available, they made up 18.4% of all convicted felons in the Czech republic (13% murderers, 30% robbers). At the same time, their share on the Czech population was only 1.5%. Now they make up ca. 2.5% of the population. You can’t wonder that they make such a mess in the country like if their made up 25% of the population.

    “Do they destroy neighborhoods or entire cities?”

    LOL One word: Luník IX,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1680&bih=731&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=dN-zT_iOLIis8QP2hoG9CQ

    “Can you safely walk through their areas?”

    Yes. You only need one .357 Magnum.

  • Czech man

    “I sincerely hope the Czechs tackle the issue of unearned White Czech
    privilege, and internal White racism holding back the gypsy’s.”

    Actually, our “experts” have been working on it already. After 20 years, when all programs of help to Gypsies failed, they now look for new reasons, why the situation can’t change. Naturally, omnipresent white racism is the most plausible explanation. The average Gypsy IQ 80 is not.

    • Token Finn

      I think it’s appropriate to make a comparison to the sami people who inhabit Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia in very small numbers. The sami were historically persecuted and even forcibly sterilized in Scandinavia in an effort to blend out their culture. Although it’s nearly impossible to find any research today, there are historical hints to studies supposedly proving that the sami have lower IQ’s than whites of the world.
       I’m not sure how to racially classify them but they pass for whites more often than not, whatever their genetic markers are. I’ve even seen some anti-white types trying to bring up the modest technological development of sami as an argument against whites! Of course these days most of them are holding the kind of jobs as everyone else as opposed to herding reindeers. And the crucial thing there is that they are holding jobs and living peaceful existences which match those of good whites and asians. Although they could technically whine, hold grudges and rebel against the society in a loser macho manner (as is customary in any low IQ non-white culture where the males overcompensate for their inability to manage in a modern society with bravado and violent rebellion) none of this has happened. Although they don’t have their own country and their numbers are too small for that now, it seems like they certainly could have it and they make up an ethnic nation within nations, with their own anthems and sport teams as well as municipalities were various sami languages are official. The gypsies have far bigger numbers but much less to show for it and they could never have a nation as they would have to stab and rob each other.

  • La diversité est conflit

    What is their murder rate like? Rape rate? Incarceration rate?

    From memory, the incarceration rate for the native Gypsies (Gitans, Manouches) in France (so not the Roma immigrants) is 17% (!). Life expectancy is 57 years (!). Not even inner-city American Blacks can boast of those numbers, and moreover you have to take into account that European laws are usually more relaxed than in the USA.

    Do they destroy neighborhoods or entire cities?

    They destroy entire neighborhoods but not entire cities, because if a city becomes entirely populated by Gypsies, then nothing works and they have to move to get electricity and water.

    Can you safely walk through their areas?

    If you are White and male, yes but only one time. You will be exposed to the “cigarette trick” (repeatedly asking for cigarettes or money) until you move away from the area. They dislike onlookers. If you are Arab or Black, a pack will insult  on sight and attack if reply follows.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Americans have been trained to embrace ugliness and shun beauty. That we could be so trained proves that we don’t deserve the Beautiful. May all your daughters be a Snookie Kardashian and give you mongrel grandbabies.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why hate should get bigger now,” 2012