St. Patrick’s Day Violence Exceeded Initial Reports, Police Dispatch Tapes Show

Pete Hermann, Baltimore Sun, May 12, 2012

As an unseasonably warm St. Patrick’s Day drew to a close in Baltimore, teens by the hundreds swarmed downtown, keeping one step ahead of police while battling from corner to corner, mostly with fists, sometimes with knives.

As authorities watched from a helicopter and on video from surveillance cameras, youths marched seemingly at will through the Inner Harbor and streets north and west, frequently clashing that Saturday night. Dozens of officers called in from across the city scrambled to keep up with the attacks, shutting key intersections and trying to push the youths away from the center of tourism.

“I need somebody to go to Pratt and Light [streets] for the male who was assaulted, Charles and Pratt for the assault, Pratt and Light again for the juveniles,” a police dispatcher urgently called out in a single breath amid the melee. “I need somebody to go to Pratt and Light, a medic is trying to get through. Somebody has stomped a male in the crowd. The [ambulance] just passed a large group of kids assaulting the male with one child on the ground.”

The full scope of the March 17 disturbance has not previously come to light. Recordings from more than three hours of dispatch tapes obtained by The Baltimore Sun through the state’s Public Information Act reveal a far more violent landscape than police initially described—as well as several incidents, including a reported knifing at a Harborplace pavilion, that were not disclosed.

A police commander and the department’s chief spokesman defended how the agency confronted the youths, making 10 arrests, saying that at no time did events spiral out of control.

“It’s never the idea to make mass arrests,” said Maj. Dennis Smith, commander of the Central District. “The idea is to ensure everybody’s safety. If you find the aggressor, you go after him. . . .   We had over 500 people come from different sides of town. But they didn’t take over.”

That Monday, police confirmed at least one brawl, a stabbing on Water Street and said an officer had possibly subdued a youth with a Taser just north of the harbor. {snip}

But the tapes reveal other calls as well. Among them were a fight that left a man unconscious on Redwood Street, guests at the Hyatt Regency Hotel being harassed and frightened youngsters taking refuge inside a Days Inn to escape an angry mob.

Calls for help piled up as the crowd swelled. {snip}


“Let me know what you see in reference to the kids,” the dispatcher asked the police officer in the helicopter, called Foxtrot. ”They’re everywhere,” he answered.

Azhar Bhatti, a driver for Checker Cab, found himself in the middle of a mob scene, trapped at Baltimore and Light streets.

“There was a lot of people, fighting, arguing, cursing, fists flying,” he said. “You didn’t know who was fighting who. Police were there and they did their best, to be honest, but it looked like the number of police officers was not enough for that mob. It was scary.”

Bhatti, a native of Pakistan who has been in America for 13 years and driven a taxi here for one, said youths kicked his cab’s doors and pounded on the hood when he stopped at red lights.


“It seems to me that the police responded in an immediate fashion and prevented it from getting completely out of control,” said City Councilman William H. Cole IV, whose district includes much of downtown. He noted that officers watching surveillance cameras “could almost predict trouble before it started.”

Anthony Guglielmi, the department’s chief spokesman, said the disturbance “was managed.”

“We didn’t have to announce a press conference to call in the National Guard,” he said. “There were chaotic times, I’m not questioning that. But this speaks to the department’s ability to be prepared to marshal resources and get them to where the hot spots are.”


Police have been unable to learn precisely what motivated the combatants but said community groups from the east and west sides, which have a historic rivalry, coincidently posted Facebook invitations to downtown.

By 8 p.m., officers were responding to a call for a serious stabbing on the outskirts of downtown, and reports of youths massing at Rash Field at the Inner Harbor were trickling in. {snip}


A dispatcher reported that an officer “is on the other side of the harbor making sure [the teens] don’t penetrate us over there. They’re trying to get around on the Light Street side.” The dispatcher said, “I’m going to try to get as many units as I can,” while noting that 11 callers to 911 had been put on hold.

A police commander asked whether officers monitoring video surveillance cameras could also monitor social media networks, saying, “Intelligence I’m getting on the ground is that it’s being motivated by Facebook.”

Moments later, according to the dispatch tapes, the frantic voice of an officer on the ground broke in: “Between Baltimore and Pratt streets, 200 to 400 kids stretched out in that area.” A colleague shouted, “We got a fight, we got a fight, Light and Redwood. We got a fight in the street.”

The helicopter observer radioed: “They’re battling pretty good here.”


The dispatcher called for four city buses to help remove the youths, “going north, going south, going east, going west.”

Police tried to keep pace with the violent outbreaks, but just as they would push through the crowd to reach one fight, it would break up and start again a block or two away. For more than an hour officers appeared to be chasing large groups hopelessly around downtown.


Reports poured in. One hundred youths walking west on Baltimore Street from Light. Another 200 heading east toward them from Charles Street.

Seconds later, another battle at Baltimore and Light was reported, and an officer used a Taser on one of the assailants. Police reported four arrests as another fight broke out at Light and Fayette, then another confrontation at Fayette and Charles.

“Pocket of 24 to 40 walking southbound and a pocket of 40 to 80 at Fayette,” the helicopter officer said. Someone watching video surveillance shouted about a man with no shirt and jeans. “We need to get him, he was involved in the fight on Baltimore. We need to get him off the street. He’s getting ready to fight again, at Redwood and Calvert.”

Just then, another officer: “150 to 200 at Charles and Fayette. They’re fighting right now.”

The incidents piled up. A fight in front of the Gallery at Harborplace. A reported cutting inside the Pratt Street Pavilion at Tir na nOg restaurant. A girl stabbed another on Water Street, just south of The Block. Another fight at Baltimore and Light.


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  • The__Bobster

    Lots of “males”, “men” and “youths” in this story. No mention of race.

    Should we assume the perps were Bantus?

    • Just all American kids out having fun on St. Patrick’s day…

      Youth was used 8 times.  I wonder if they took a special training course that shows how to use the word “youth” correctly.  

      • You could fill a dictionary with all their euphemisms for “black thugs.”

        • blight14

           No offense Wayne but isn’t the term ‘black thug’ redundant?

    • Unless otherwise noted in an article its always black.

    • We are not stupid, we know they are black.  The cops would have opened fire on whites.

      • Just like the National Guard did at Kent State.

        Here’s a joke:

        The little 8 year old boy, Tony, amazed everyone with his knowledge of universities. One woman asked him. ‘Tony, what is Harvard known for?”

        Tony said, “It’s the oldest college in the United States.”

        Another woman asked him, “What is Johns Hopkins University known for?” 

        “An outstanding medical school”, Tony replied.

        “And Notre Dame?”, asked another woman. 

        “A legendary football tradition”, Tony replied.

        Finally, another woman said, “I’ll bet you don’t know the answer to this one: What is Kent State known for”?

        “May 4, 1970”, answered Tony.  

    • ljot2

      We know the msm code:  those terms mean blacks.For, if they were Whites, the police would specify the race, as if “White males, White youths, White men” carries supercharged rhetorical and publicity valence.  The msm and the police and the government practice Soviet-style “Social Realism” as faithfully as Pravda did.  Hey!  You Black Studies, Queer Studies, Globalist Studies, Deconstructionistic English studies, Media Studies, Communications Studies–as well as you geriatric ex-Weathermen– give us the Marxist take on this!  Tell us how prejudiced, bigoted, co-opted, and managed we are by the anachronistic sources we cling to.  But you can’t apprehend and address the irreducible fact of black attacks on Whites.  When the White brothers and sisters wake up, think Tsutsis meeting Hutus.

    • blight14

       Bantus or those flippin’ Amish ‘youths’……….they just love a party…..

  • Johnny Reb

    Baltimore’s “mayor” is a black woman.  Lat year, the cops got a 2% pay CUT . . . meanwhile other parts of government got a raise, new offices and the city has built two new jails.  So her majesty, the mayoress, and her black pals are getting wealthy while cops and firemen pay the price. 

    I don’t know if the mayoress wanted the incidents covered up as a way to hide what’s going on in her slum . . . but that’s where I’d start looking.

  • lmfao
    ANY yuppie that goes to these wogfests
    deserves to get it.

    Like jogging on a xway.

  • V

    yep, America is better than China and other asian countries.

    • ed91



    The police will soon be helping the blacks attack people.  They now just stand and watch and are loosing out on the goodies.  

    • ljot2

      New Orleans North. Wait til’ a hurricane hits DC/Baltimore.  The Authentics will bust a gut blaming Whitey for Nature.  We are metaphysical agents, if not semi-divine ones, to black Americans.

  • frmore

    “Police have been unable to learn precisely what motivated the combatants”? I’m going to guess an hefty infusion of sub-saharan DNA.

    • I’m sure their behavior has left the community, police and leaders searching for answers…always fun to read these kind of statements when concerning “media youths”.  

      • ljot2

        Raises to black teachers and administrators, night basketball facilities, free bus passes, health clinics in high schools, scattered-site public housing, and a commission to study the crisis in Baltimore black society should be a good start. Oh, and multicultural taskforce to evaluate existing programs for intergroup dialogue.

  • Ah, yes, those Irish “yoofs” do get rowdy on St. Paddy’s Day, now don’t they, sure and begorrah!

    Oh! You say they wasn’t Irish? Saints presarve us, and here I thought it was the boyos from the Auld Sod, having a few drinks taken and indulging in a few punch-ups in honor of the good saint, may he live 10,000 years!

    OK, enough comedy. This whole story was a tale of a disgrace, of black hoodlums running wild because they know the police don’t dare give them what they deserve, with a billy club or, better yet, a 9 mm. So the police just chase them around and around, struggle through the crowd to arrest someone who is actively fighting, ignore other, probably more important emergencies to attend to this deliberately-caused one.

    I remember back in 1974, when the first court-ordered, let’s-put-the-black-boys-and-the-White-girls-together, busing for forced school integration plan was implemented in Louisville, KY, an angry crowd of probably 15,000 to 20,000 young White people who were opposed to school integration gathered in a suburban shopping mall area and began rioting one evening. Every available police cruiser in the county was dispatched to the scene, and when the officers jumped out of their cars, what did they do? Did they try to “push” the “yoofs” out of the public areas? Did they try to get through the crowds to pinpoint and nab anyone “fighting”? No, they didn’t. They charged the crowd, full speed, and began beating every head they could reach with their nightsticks. Needless to say, the riot didn’t last for too long after that, and if there was any major re-occurrence, I never heard about it.

    Of course, those kids were White, so anything the police wanted to do to them was fair game. We couldn’t be doing that to “urban yoofs,” now could we?

    • MrGJG

      Actually, back in 1974 the cops had no problem cracking skulls, be it black or white ones.  Now I have no doubt that they’d bust-up whitey while treating the noble black man with kid gloves.
      Luckily, most white people aren’t criminals.

      • ed91

         the work ‘luckily’ doesn’t apply to any of this

      • Sherman_McCoy

        “Luckily, most white people aren’t criminals.”

        As if that matters.

  • sarah stein

    Like Philadelphia, they will put white minors under a 9 p.m. curfew.  Blacks commit the crimes and whites are punished. 

  • There are some places where civilized people should not go, especially places where stone-age savages roam free. Stone-age savages are hunter-gatherers are violent and ignorant; they are not equipped with concepts of civility or morality and they are without a conscience. This helps them survive in the jungle but can really create havoc when they are placed in modern civilized societies. History and left-minded liberals have certainly made some nasty little mistakes that have been visited upon the civilized people of the world.

    Intelligent people should seek intelligent solutions to the savages among them.

    • JohnEngelman

      Civilization civilizes people, but it takes at least a thousand years of evoluton. A thousand years ago the Vikings were pretty nasty, but now the Scandinavians are among the most peaceful and law abiding people in the world. 

      • IstvanIN

        Actually the Vikings were pretty civilized.  Savages can not build ships and navigate the ocean.  They had had craftsmens, villages and others trappings of civilization.  They were nasty to the people they raided, yes, but they were capable of maintaing their own society.

        • To me, the Vikings were simply intelligent savages. The Turks and Chinese are also intelligent savages…. The Normans were the first North-Germanic Vikings to shed that last label and join Western Civilization.

          This is very different from saying that they were animalistic sub-humans… which I think this article is really talking about.

      • ljot2

        Hurry.  All blacks to Mississippi, Louisiana, southeast Texas, southern Arkansas and Oklahoma; a huge grant of cash; walls around the land border; wait 1,000 years, then, open the door.

  • JohnEngelman

    When I was a “youth” and a “teen” I did not behave that way. It was not because I was afraid of being punished. It was because I did not want to. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Somehow I doubt that these “youths” and “teens” were not Irish Americans. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    You KNOW they were black because it doesn’t mention race.  I think they teach that in journalism 101 now.

  • libertarian1234

    “The comments in the original article are very heartening. Lots and lots of regular whites walking up.”

    Comments like the ones you’re referring to are appearing everywhere,  even on the comment sections of T.V. stations and MSM newspapers.  The conservative web sites contain language that wouldn’t be posted on this forum here.

    For example, check out Breitbart’s,  The Daily Caller,  The Blaze and WND….just for starters…. to see what I mean.

    There’s a white backlash growing, and it’s getting more intense every time a new black on white atrocity appears in print or video.

    I truly believe we are seeing a major paradigm shift taking place wherein a large number of whites are in the early stages of becoming race realists,  instead of PC zombies as they have been.

    • You can tell that a lot of the mainstream media are terrified that we White people are finally waking up, by the way they often close any story to “Comments” if it’s about blacks acting as they usually do — that is to say, mindlessly and violently.

    • Celestial_Time

       This would be a good time to explain that you’re not seeing a “shift”…it’s a metamorphosis. It was put in motion several years ago, and it’s not Right or Left.

    • JJDKII

      I truly believe we are seeing a major paradigm shift taking place wherein a large number of whites are in the early stages of becoming race realists,  instead of PC zombies as they have been. ”

      I believe you and Conan are right. I am now waiting for the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  • And Mike King JR day is one of the only opportunities “media youths” have to throw gang signs  from parade floats.  It’s one of their best traditions as a people…

  • slobotnavich

    “Hundreds of clearly intoxicated Irishmen and women rioted in downtown Baltimore on St. Patrick’s Day.”  AP Wire

    • Sherman_McCoy


  • xthred


  • Patrick_A_NonnyMouse

    Ref Wayne Leon Engle’s comment that  “… So the police just chase them around and around, struggle through the
    crowd to arrest someone who is actively fighting, ignore other, probably
    more important emergencies to attend to this deliberately-caused one …”

    Something that struck me was that if the majority of on-duty police are called to certain areas to quell “public disturbances”, it means that OTHER parts of the city may be left woefully under-protected.   Also, one of the tactics of Islamic insurgents overseas has been to plan “one-two” attacks, where a bomb goes off and then 20 minutes later (having allowed time for police and medics to arrive) a second bomb goes off, maximizing the number of casualties.  

    Not to say that the “youths” referenced in the article above would be capable of planning such a thing, but we *DO* have other hostile groups within our borders who might have contingency plans to use the confusion and disruption of some kind of “civil unrest” (when emergency services are largely diverted to riot zones) to attack targets in presumably-unprotected areas well away from the “zone of conflict”. 

    • Never assume that they are incapable of tactical planning. Folks lost their lives during the Miami riots of 1980. Well planned assaults and boobytraps were created to ensnare unaware drivers traveling the interstate. I wish I could give examples here but don’t want that info out in the open. All that I can say is while at a duty station (fire station) I was talking to an older Guardsman who told me that the tactics used by the blacks in the 80 riots reminded him of the VC during his tour. Folks like the NBPP and others, maybe agent provocateurs, who knows anymore, are angling to overcome the advantages of armed innocents or to give the government an excuse to disarm us. Maybe these were just “youts” blowing off steam but these days I travel well armed and where I am not legally allowed to carry, like Baltimore, I simply do not go. I believe that such gatherings of blacks would turn on whites on a heartbeat so to me, this was an example of things to come. And the government lies.

      • I agree although I see the “planning” as more in line with the predatory pack animals who quite skillfully separate their intended victim from the herd. I also no longer visit areas where my concealed carry permit is not recognized. Why take the risk? 

  • Just what TF were Swedes, Bulgarians, Japanese, Greeks and Icelanders doing rioting on St. Patrick’s Day in Baltimore in the first place?

  • razorrare
  • razorrare
  • Whirlwinder

    A police force is effective only in a society that is willing to abide by the laws of the land. When the black youfs come out on holidays and create havoc, the police function becomes ineffective. This will eventually lead to more of a semi-police type of military force that will be needed to police these type of holidays. The question then becomes one of our willingness to give up our freedom and peace so that this lawless element can be kept in check. And further, what will this split in our community lead us toward. My position is that diversity, political correctness and multiculturalism is nothing more than a tactic of the left to divide and conquer a unified nation and make it even weaker than it now is and ripe for the left to rule as they have always dreamed about.

    • Kurt Plummer


      My position is that diversity, political correctness and multiculturalism is nothing more than a tactic of the left to divide and conquer a unified nation and make it even weaker than it now is and ripe for the left to rule as they have always dreamed about.

      Indeed.  This is -practice-, a scrimmage if you will for a game called ‘create a crisis’ in which wide scale rioting, induced by inflammatory postings on public media (by those wanting a disturbance) and enabled by refusal to shut down the interurban (train/bus/subway) transport system, brings ‘youth’ to the center of a town where they are herded like animals, by their own mob psychology.

      You coordinate with overhead (likely a UAV rather than a helo as the operator interface is ‘secure’, in another state) and the end result is something like the food riots that gave Arnold Schwarzenneger his frameup in ‘The Running Man’.

      The difference is the types of systems which are being pioneered -specifically- to deal with these kinds of threats as Active Denial System (millimeter wave heat gun, good for a mile) and focussed noise cannon which can act on individuals within a crowd with mind numbing speed and precision.

      What we are seeing is the runup to the take down of America.  One where Black Swan events are no longer rare because they are engineered.  Racially, Economically and Militarily.

      My problem is that I don’t think it’s the USG which is pressing the buttons anymore.  I think it’s the NWO as a means to disenfranchise America as ‘world defender’ (can’t protect or provide order to our own nation…) and replace us with a global corporate state.

      If so, then the sanity check you have to look for lies in methodology of confrontation.  For, sooner or later, they will -invent- a means to invoke black on white violence and it is the RESPONSE to that which will give them their excuse.

      Be careful what you wish for people, lest the gods answer your prayers.

      This is why we need separation and secession.

  • Black Irish, what else to say …

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I don’t like that handle, because it is a slur on the Irish.  Black Irish only refers to a dark haired white skinned Irish.  I think that we must be careful about such associations, even in jest because non-whites are increasingly taking on white ethnic identities and the media seems to be supporting the trend.  You like to post stats and such in your comments so here is the opening Wiki statement on the issue;

      Black Irish is an ambiguous term used mainly outside of Ireland.
      Over the course of history, it has been subject to several distinctive
      ascriptions, including religious affiliation and poverty. Modern
      traditionalists, however, maintain the term to be synonymous with a
      dark-haired phenotype
      exhibited by certain individuals originally descended from Ireland.
      Opinions vary in regard to what is perceived as the usual physical
      characteristics of the so-called Black Irish:
      e.g., dark hair, brown eyes and medium skin tone; or dark hair, blue or
      green eyes and fair skin tone. Unbeknown to some who have used this
      term at one time or another[citation needed], dark hair in people of Irish descent is extremely common, although darker skin complexions appear less frequently.

      Early 21st century genetic studies have provided new insights into the origins of Irish people as well as their neighbours in the British Isles. Correspondingly, researchers in the field have suggested that migrations from Prehistoric Iberia
      can be viewed as the primary source for their genetic material, having
      demonstrated marked similarities with modern representatives of the
      aforementioned time period in that of the Basque people. However, the majority of Irish males fall under the R1b sub-clade L-21, which is quite rare for Basques.

      • I agree. Most of my family is “Black Irish” (My father is the perfect example, with  black hair and blue eyes and a corner office). It also applies often to Hiberno-Normans, which we are, rather than Neolithic Irish. However… the newest generation on my father’s clan (all but one of my cousins) have all been “Red Irish”, either blond or ginger, except for in the case of one uncle who married a Greek woman and whose children look like Soviet tanks (short, olive, and burly).

      • For God’s sake, learn something about the concept of irony, whether Greek or German…
        Maybe that’s why all US TV “comedies” are boring & unpalatable, with just a few exceptions.

        • Better then the fact that EVERY Brit comedy is boring and unpalatable. I agree with your point overall, but because the fact that “Black Irish” is a historical term pre-dating the modern meaning of “Black-” (e.g., “Black-British”) , it makes us of Irish background very sensitive… I have met many Irish-Americans who literally think they are part-Negro because of the phrase.

          •  I believe you, but this is unbelievable. F. Scott Fitzgerald, noted American novelist, was of Black Irish extraction- look at his photo.
            This has-outside of Irish world- nothing to do with anything “racial”- if it does, it’s good, because those Irish are a bit exotic like Spaniards & sexy, unlike aseptic Nordics.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Unfortunately, we live in a time where poking ethnic fun at ourselves is not funny and rather lends help to those with political aims against us.

          You seem to take yourself pretty seriously when an issue grabs you deeply enough. 

          I think that in this situation, there is a place for humor and a place where the same comment is not humor, but harmful and promoting false notions. 

          When I lived in Europe, I saw many US comedies dubbed over and playing regularly.  But who watches that junk on tv today?  How could a race realist stand it?  I’m out after a couple minutes when I surf into one.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Youth is the N word of the 21st Century. It is always TYB, Typical Youth Behavior, when you read these reports.

  • The__Bobster

    Only 9% of Mexicans are White, and being of the ruling class, very few of them see the need to travel north.

    •  And they are often enemies of Anglo-America anyway…

  • Hunter Morrow

    It already starts with a code. The first 4 words are euphemism for black pathology and failure.

    “Unseasonably warm”

    No other race in America does this gang rioting and race mobbing. See any Whites, Hispanics or Asians doing it? No. “Unseasonably warm” just means “Black people going crazy and since nothing is ever their fault, we have to blame something, so why not blame the weather?”

    That always sets the tone for the article, that phrase “unseasonably warm.”

    Whenever spring and summer come around it is always unseasonably warm in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, East Saint Louis…

    You never read an article about it being “unseasonably warm” in Topeka, Kansas. You never read about the heat wave in Bismarck, North Dakota.

  • Jews are a seperate discussion, but I consider all Europeans, including Armenians and Easterners from the nominally-Christian ethnic groups to be “white” or at least “near-white”. Notice the small cases.

    I regard any and all Moslem ethnic-groups to be non-white for pragmatic reasons, though there may be racial exceptions. The reasoning is that Islam is non-Western and anti-Western. So if a racially-white Moslem wishes to become European (and thus truly White), it is necessary to forsake the Islamic faith.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     In England, Suffergettes were regularly exploding bombs in London and other large cities.  Only the advent of WW1 put an end to the trend.  We can’t tell and couldn’t know how far those women were prepared to go and how much the government would have policed them and how bitter the movement might have become if Gravillo Princip had not killed the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914. 

    Maybe this doesn’t seem important, but it is an ancillary thought to consider when assessing the causes and effects of history.

  • Major

    There’s a great lesson here…learn to triangulate your firepower. And never vist another state where even the cops can’t defend you. And one that won’t allow you to defend yourself.

  • APaige

    “Police have been unable to learn precisely what motivated the combatants but said community groups from the east and west sides, which have a historic rivalry”.., combatants?…community groups-what Gangs? That is a new classic…historic rivalry-what are they football teams? What is more disturbing the actually acts or the media response?

  • Arizona88881

    Anyone else notice that black gangs were referred to as “community groups” in the article? Still laughing over that one.