City Minority Contracts Investigated

Dale Russell, My Fox Atlanta, May 4, 2012

Critics charge that when it comes to awarding lucrative city contracts, Atlanta’s anti-discrimination policy discriminates against certain minorities.

FOX 5’s I-Team found that the city’s minority goals in multimillion dollar construction contracts are set aside for African American and female business owners only. Latino and Asian business owners aren’t eligible.


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  • TomIron361

    These stupid setaside contracts for blacks never work. Established White owned contractors have long since known how to set up dummy black contracting outfits, or set their wives up as female owned outfits.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    Of course they don’t mention Whites, who are also a minority in the city, and certain states.

    I guess Whites will never be called a minority, even if we were less than 1% of America’s and Britain’s populations. (We’re already a global minority.)

    I know I might be pointing out the obvious, but  “minority” is pretty much a code word for non-white.

    “One friend told me just because you are in the minority doesn’t make you a minority.”

  • END ALL these con games rigged for minos and liberal pets.

    IMPRISON ALL city workers who rake it it!

  • Johnny Reb

    I know blacks “built” the White House (big LOL) but other than that . . .  I didn’t think they were much into construction.  The beaver seems to build sturdier structures than what I see in Africa.
    Speaking of . . . isn’t sub-Saharan Africa pretty much a “set-aside” for blacks?  Doesn’t that tell us what happens when they get to building things?
    Haiti?  Jamaica?  Detroit (since the whites left)? 
    I might hire blacks to trash a place, burn it down or tear it up . . . but construction . . . no.  Something very surreal about this whole thing . . . but then again, so is Atlanta. 

  • asians and hispanics, just like the blacks, NEVER have enough at the expense of White People.

    asians and hispanics have larger set-asides from Government/Businesses/Banks than blacks do but do they bring that up?  No, nope, they only complain when they’re “left out” and of course, not a peep from any of them about the non-existent set-asides for White People.

    • Racial set asides for every race should be banned. However I disagree with your premise about Asians and Hispanics having larger set asides than blacks do.  Many Asians work like slaves in their little shops to advance financially. Many Hispanics are the same.  Particularly the 1st generation that are immigrants.  Black African Americans on the other hand are quite possibly the laziest, most catered to, least able, most unqualified race of people I have ever come across.

      • Unlike you, I bothered to look it up.  Tell me, is five billion more or less than two billion or are they equal?  Also, is the word “asian” the same as “african”?  If not, you will have to find the White House Initiative for them as I never could find it.  I only found the asian initiative.

        You are the perfect example of why America is Dead.  You think that because asians are slaves that White People should be slaves too.  The fact is, White People can do in eight hours what takes an asian twenty-four.  White People don’t have to work like slaves because we get our work done in a reasonable amount of time.

        Also, is that old chocolate, so old in fact, it turned white, they sold me, the example of their “hard work”?  That was the first and last time I ever frequented an asian “owned” store.  You’d probably give them a second, third, forth, etc. chance to sell you rotten food but once was enough for me.  I got my money back as I’m not the kind of American to allow them to get away with their filthy rotten and Un American Standards.

        As for your utter hatred for blacks, shame on you.  You’re criticizing and insulting a people that truly cannot help it.  So blacks aren’t smart, so what?  Neither are the rest of the non-whites for if they were, their Countries would not be Third Worlds in this here Year of 2012 and Trillions of Foreign Aide Dollars later.

        You might want to limit yourself to the other asian promoters on here as I’m not the kind of American to ignore the fact that the only reason they have what they have is BECAUSE of and ONLY because of White People.

        I’ll tell ya what, when White People get all the exact same set-asides as your precious asians, then we’ll talk about who works the hardest around here.

        • IstvanIN

          Rocky might be a nice fella but he isn’t one of us.  Two of ‘his’ kids are Thai girls by his wife’s previous relationship and the third is his by birth, a half and half boy.  He supports Asians because that is what he married.  When he dies “whiteness” dies with him.  PS: His wife might be a nice lady and a hard worker but, again, not one of us.

          He is our doom.  Sad thing is, if his life story, as presented here is true, and I have no reason to disbelieve him, he is a personal a success story, truning out good despite bad odds.  If only he had had a white child to pass his genes on to.

          • I never read any of Rocky’s comments.  I read one and it was because he responded to a post that was to me.  But to be fair, he’s not the only one I ignore because, like you said, they’re not us.

            I don’t understand how you can be for White People yet not be with White People.  I find this suspect.

            As for asians, I cannot give an inch ’cause all I hear is how “great” and “intelligent” and “hard-working” they are and all this is said as if White People are dumb and lazy and I will have none of it.

            Funny how America and Europe were the Absolute Happiest, Healthiest and Strongest and all that without any help whatsoever from the so-called “intelligent” and “hard-working” asians.

            As for Rocky, his wife and kid, I don’t care.  Rocky can be as nice as he wants to be but for me, he has shown who he really loves and it ain’t us.  In the end, I don’t care he dates asians as long as he never asks White People for any help of any kind.  Asians and Asia should be at the ready for him if and when he needs it.  White People have very little Resources left and they are to be Reserved for White People, not “white people” who want to come crawling back once they discover their favored non-whites ain’t gonna help them after all.

            It’d be nice if the white people who love them so much, would just leave us alone and go live with people they find to be better than us.  Funny how they won’t do that isn’t it?  They always have to live in White Countries and we are expected to accept their asians because they do.  I don’t like having non-whites pushed on me and especially not by my so-called fellow White People and I HATE being told how Third World Aliens are “intelligent”.  Really?  Explain the Third World and their barbaric culture then.  And if they’re better than us, then what is Western Civilization?  Cave Man?

          • crazy_j

             As an aside, and assuming that I’d ever be given a choice in the matter, I’d choose to live in a neighborhood of Orientals over a neighborhood full of blacks or browns.

            If nothing else, the food is way better.

          • The__Bobster
          • There is a good chance Rocky’s grandchildren and later will be White in every sense of the word- although, of course, another peoples’ lives are not my business.
            Simply, most Eurasians will end up white, like Keanu Reeves etc.

        •  ????????????????Your entire comment is completely incoherent in regards to our discussion. Let me see if I could dissect your comment.

          You say “Unlike you, I bothered to look it up”.   

           Look what up?

          Then you ask me “is  5 billion more or less than  2 billion”?     Again, I am unable to determine what it is  you are even referring to. Are you talikng about the worldwide Asian population? If so, that has ZERO to do with anything we have spoken of. LOL!!

          Then you refer to finding a Asian initiative and how you have not been able to find a “African initiative”.                                                                      
                                                                                                                                              Sweetheart, let me let you in on a little secret. Every major urban area from coast to coast has had a “African initiative” for the last 60 years in this country. It’s called black only college funds, black only TV stations, black only beauty contests, black only government contracts, preference for University admissions, and many many other perks that blacks get throughout the USA. You would have to be living in never never land to not see that.

          Then you go on to say   “You are the perfect example of why America is Dead”.                   

           Really hun?? Let me tell you abit about myself.  I served in the United States Marine Corps. In fact I was special forces. I served in places where I was in imminent danger of serious bodily harm. I put my very life on the line for the USA and its people. During that portion of my life I was willing to lay down my life for my country. I am currently self employed. I work hard, earn a very good living, and pay my taxes.  I  support my wife and children both financially and emotionally. I have never received one penny in government assistance in any form. All the while I have paid well over  a  hundred thousand in taxes since I have started working. Yes hun, I suppose men like me are the reason why America is dead.

          Then you say “You think that because asians are slaves that White People should be slaves too.” 

          Hah????? WOW!!!! I never mentioned white people, or their working conditions in my entire post.  That entire comment by you was 100% extrapolation. 

          Then you go on to speak about how you bought chocolate from a Asian store and the candy was spoiled. Okay, my advice to you is to eat less chocolate.

          Then you tell me that I should be ashamed of myself for having hatred towards blacks.

          When did I say I hated blacks?  My exact comment was: “Black African Americans on the other hand are quite possibly the
          laziest, most catered to, least able, most unqualified race of people I
          have ever come across”.

          Hatred? No my dear. It is called truth. Blacks in the USA as a general rule are extremely “lazy” people. This is a fact. Like it, or don’t like. I could care less. But it is simply a fact. Most catered to? Yes, by far blacks are the most pandered to group of all in the United States. In fact I am a pretty well travelled man. I would go as far as to say that black Americans are pandered to more than any other group of people in the WORLD. Unqualified? Yes, very much so. That is why Affirmative action was implemented in the first place.

          So no, I don’t “hate” blacks. However they are lazy, unqualified, and  catered to as a group. Not hate hun. Truth!!!

          Then you finish your unintelligible   staement by accusing me of being a “Asian promoter”.

          LOL!!!! No, my exact comment in regards to Asians was as follows: “Many Asians work like slaves in their little shops to advance financially”. I am not sure how statement makes me a Asiaphile. I am just stating a simple observation.

          In closing, I will say that I personally think you are misinformed, and grossly ignorant in regards to the world around you. Your presumptions about me, and others I have seen you verbally attack are silly, childish, and groundless. The truth is, men like me build nations. We establish infrastructure, and create opportunity for others. Show a little respect next time.

          • You’re the one who said asians and hispanics don’t get more and I said they do because they do.  Perhaps if you bothered to do just a little research, you’d find the same things I did.

            “five billion” is what Wells Fargo set aside for ONLY asians and two billion is what they set aside for blacks.

            initiative – Office of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans
            and Pacific Islanders.  Again, do a little research will ya please?

            I’m not your “sweetheart”.  You’re a pathetic excuse for a man and a sorry example of a “White Man”.

            African Initiative – NO, that is NOT an Initiative.  All those things you mentioned have their own names and fall under different programs.

            Your personal life is meaningless to me.  I wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.  You’re a Race Traitor and that’s all I need to know about you.

            YOU SAID asians work like slaves and you wrote it as if White People don’t work hard let alone work.

            chocolate – Oh yeah, I eat chocolate all of at the absolute most, five times a year.  Oh yeah, I’d better stop…  NO, you little asian lover, I buy chocolate when I want it, from WHITE People.  I pay more but at least I know it’s clean and fresh.

            blacks – Sounds like hate to me.  Okay, fine.  You show utter disgust for them.  Is that better?

            blacks most catered/pandered – NO, this is NOT TRUE!  asians are the most catered and pandered to.  asians have NO History, NONE in this Country yet they get everything and more than the blacks.  Spare me on the “built the railroad” lie and especially spare me on the camps.  That was more like daycare so don’t go there.

            unintelligible – You mean like your spelling?  And you are an asian promoter.  You’re the one who said they work like slaves as if that’s something to be Proud of.  Sounds to me like they’re pretty dumb since they can’t figure out how to get work done without turning themselves into slaves.

            observation – oh yeah, you “observe” alright.  You “observe” asians while IGNORING all of Europe and all of America and especially the WHITE People who built it all.

            YOU BUILT NOTHING!  All you’ve done is “observe” and by the sound of your writing, admire Third World Aliens.

            Try as you might, your petty little insults don’t work on me and I don’t show Respect for phoney white people.

            Last, I’ve “attacked” people on here because they attacked me FIRST but you being the Third World Lover that you are, it’s no wonder you lie about that as that is a part of their’s and your culture isn’t it?

          • The__Bobster
        • The__Bobster
          • Running Theme:  “I didn’t know and I’m sorry” which is always supposed to make everything right.

            I also can’t help but notice how asians always seem to get very little time for their crimes.  Americans have gotten more time behind bars for smoking a joint than the asians who have hurt other people both physically and financially.

      • Rocky Bass

         Could not agree more. My wife and I opened a Thai and Seafood place in Highlands, Texas called “Sai Tong” (Means Golden Tree, a Sai is a type of tree). We got no loans or help and I was only able to keep the doors open for a few months (bad location, my fault). The wife KILLED herself every day, trying to get that place to work.  In the end I lost about $50,000.00 (I know not a lot but we moved into an old restaurant).
        The Asians I know are not here mopping up any bennies, not saying there aren’t some but the folks I know WORK HARD.

  • Do you want to live in houses built by black dominant companies ? 

    No, your answer did not leave me stupefied.

    • Rocky Bass

       First half answer; No, not unless you like being pinned under debris.

      • The__Bobster

        Think “Haiti”. Afro-engineering at its finest.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    last year the black fire commisioner of baltimore city kevin cartwright stated in a public announcement that the bcfd was hireing and stated SPECIFICALLY: WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR WHITE MALES. WE ARE HIRING BLACKS WOMEN AND HISPANICS. advice: if you live in baltimore, for your own personal safety if you can drive yourself to the hospital before calling 911 or put out a fire yourself do it because the minorities who show up are so incompetant it literally endangers your family

  • Most times minority businesses don’t get their fair share of business because they are not competitive. Doesn’t matter; the City gives them a 10% cushion, so in essence taxpayers are paying 10% above the true low bid. So when Mr. “White” bids on a trucking contract he loses to Mr. “Black”  who not only bids 10% higher but actually can’t handle the work. So Mr. Black cuts a deal with Mr. White and hires his trucking company as a subcontractor at the origianlly bid price. Therefore Mr. Black wins the contract, doesn’t actually do any work but pockets the 10%. Every time Mr. Black’s phone rings and the City has a contract task for him, he turns around and calls Mr. White. All this at the taxpayers expense so politicians can say “See, minorities are capable of doing these big jobs and Diversity is our Strength”.

  • Anon12

    Wonder what Rhett and Scarlett would think of Atlanta today and what it has become.  Wasn’t worth rebuilding was it just to have those blacks tear it all down and lawdy even running the damn city.

  • IstvanIN

    Please, a cat call is the worst thing that could happen to a feminist.  Now Muslims males taking over and turning our girls in prostitutes, that warrants nary a peep, but whites men and cat calls, that means calling out the national guard!

  • Zimbabwe

  • JackKrak

    Government contract set-asides are the only way that 90+% of black-owned business can survive.

    In fact, I’m fairly certain they’re the only reason the 90+% of black-owned businesses are even started.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Walk by any construction site in America.  It is all White and Hispanics.

    Even in Detroit, on government projects, they couldn’t get enough blacks to work construction jobs.  Mexicans had to be used to comply  with the “at least 50% minority rule” they had which meant white guys couldn’t be hired, they couldn’t get enough black guys to apply, so Mexicans ended up with all the jobs.  These jobs paid prevailing wage which was $23.00 per hour.   I know this for a fact.

    They should hire a Yale professor to figure out why there aren’t enough white NBA players.  I think if the NBA ruled that each team MUST start x amount of white players it would send a clear message to blacks that racial “set-asides” are just plain wrong.  But I’d be willing to bet blacks would say racial preferences are not ok in the NBA because they want only the best….. but racial preferences are ok in other jobs like teaching and construction. 

  • CRAZY_J,

    Then go live in one.  Surely no one is stopping you right?

  • You can’t win with non-whites period.  You can barely win with White People.

    There is not one place I can name that non-whites have not taken over or are trying to take over and this includes Amren.  I take that back.  The Klan is a place they cannot have and will never have but that’s it.

    • Johnny Reb

      That’s a good observation.  We moved to a place in the mountains that’s 98% white.  First time we go grocery shopping, we run into two mixed couples (white + negro). 

      I go to a fast food place and there’s some kid in front of the cash register jabbering away and no one can understand him.  I was trying to help and at first I thought it was some Central American perverted spanish.  Nope.  I finally recognized it as tagalog . . . the kid was a Filipino.  Couldn’t speak english worth a hoot but was looking for a job.

      Final anecdote . . . went to a mexican restaurant and I figured it would be an American version of . . . nope . . . it looked like I stepped on an ant pile, there were so many short brown people scurrying about.  Where did they come from?  Where do they live?  Don’t know . . . but here they are.

      I agree . . . it’s getting hard to find a place that’s not mixed company.

      • I think God is doing it.  He’s pushing us into a corner and when you’ve been cornered, you have only one thing to do and one place to go.

        I feel the Trumpets are being blown (Revelations) and my proof lies in things like islam being here and crop (FOOD) destroying stink bugs and Tree destroying asian adelgid and the asian tiger mosquitos, longhorned beetle, snakehead, etc. and the non-whites destroying our waters with their trash for their “religion” and Christianity being quashed and the price of food and Good God, America is being destroyed in every single little area you can name and so is Europe.  The two places God gave us, He is taking away from us.

        He is going to force us to fight whether we like it or not.

        • mikejones91

          Please don’t bring “God” into the mix. This is REAL life, not a fairy tale.

        • Mike,

          I will talk about God whenever and wherever I feel like it.

          I tell ya what, go complain to the moderators and have them delete it since you’re so “offended”.

          And please, NEVER call yourself American for you are NOT! Free Speech my little atheist.  Free Speech.

        • Church_of_Jed

          Send pics now!

        • Send me your e-mail address…:)  How do you make that little smile face?

      • The__Bobster

        They come from here:

        And no White outpost is safe anymore.

  • There is only one reason for an Intelligent People to leave their Intelligent Countries for a less one and that is to take it over or to teach the people.

    I don’t see asians teaching us anything but I sure do see them taking over literally, everything.  That’s not “intelligence”, it’s crafty manipulation.

    As for their food, the smell of it makes me physically ill.  I don’t know what they use but it stinks to me.  Don’t know if it’s true or not but there were rumors of asians stealing cats and dogs both in Des Moines and Virginia and eating them.  Wouldn’t surprise me if they were feeding them to Americans too.  I also heard they use crickets in their food as well.

  • Thank You Very, Very Much.  You and some others here help me more than I can put into words and you and my other favorites have always been right.

    Side Note:  I’ll bet Robert would make an excuse for all the asian trash and asian graffiti that now “graces” my once very clean and very American little shopping center.  He’d probably tell me they’re too busy to clean it up….

  • Truth Hammer,

    You’ve just confirmed what I’ve always said.  Asians do nothing but take over what White People Built.  Once again, Americans had to abandon their neighborhood because they, like the mass majority of Americans, don’t want to be asianized.

    “We” need to stop handing over our Country to these infiltrators.  “We” need to make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.  Do not patronize their businesses, don’t sell to them, don’t associate with them, don’t say hello, don’t be nice, don’t move out of the way, don’t say “excuse me” when you’re trying to move past them in the store, don’t smile at them or give them a nod, don’t look at them and if they’re within earshot, talk about their barbaric culture and the barbaric things they do and all the damage their asian bugs are doing to America.  Make them feel unwanted.

    The above may sound cruel but it’s nothing compared to what they’re going to do us once they gain the numbers here to do it with.

  • The__Bobster

    After a few years of pillow talk from the non-White sex partner, even the most hardcore WN gets soft in the head.

  • Anon12,

    Again, Thank You!  You cannot breed back White.  I would never allow any child of mine to date a mixy.  Mixy’s can breed with mixy’s.  Besides, if a White Person breeds with a mixy, you’re gonna get the same thing all over again.  It’ll be the White Person bowing to the non-white partner in all aspects just like they do now.  No acknowledgement let alone any praise or even Respect for the White Side like you wrote earlier.

  • Bobster, No, he didn’t buy American but at least he bought a White Man Built Product!  I guess the “DESPERATE” part was meant as an insult?  If so, I’m surprised that was published ’cause we all know, you can’t insult the “honest, intelligent and hard-working” asians!

  • Church_of_Jed

    The Fulton County government center has a display of the County Commission: 5 black to 2 Whites.  The County Sup., Manager, and Atty. are all black. That’s 8 to 2.  Whites who live in North Fulton Co. will one day secede, leaving the Whites in town to suffer through the coming Diversity Collapse.Everyone knows in their blood and bones what is about to happen. Unfortunately, too many Whites just dismiss their worries as “unjustified and residual racism that calls me to sign up for another anti racism seminar”.

    “Under the circumstances, Racism really is the best option.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism is the one sin that saves White lives,” 2008

    • Have they drained the pension fund like they did in that County in Alabama which by the way, the pensioners were White Senior Americans with absolutely no recourse whatsoever. They can’t even go and get another job even if we did have jobs to get. By the way, where’s that e-mail address of yours?

      • Church_of_Jed

        ytprivilege at yahoo dot com

        Will trade pics.

  • Or when mr. Black wins the bid he immediateyl goes to the Purchasing Agent, Mr. Brown or Ms Libtard and asks for an immediate PO change order due to unforeseen  circumstances like the price of gas went up 2 cents or there was too much traffic on I-80 so “I need a price adjustment”. And they get the raise because after all they are poor oppressed minorties and BTW minority business is a code word for Black business.

  • Dear Anon12,

    I like the way you put that Ma’me!  How do we repent though?  How do we get our fellow Christians to stop their phoney Christianity and turn back to God?  I’m really lost on this because they won’t listen to reason at all.  They just start calling you names and telling you how that’s “not very Christian” of you and blah, blah…

    I don’t care that they call me names, it doesn’t bother me but they close their ears.  How do you get them to listen and more importantly, stop their ways?  I know this sounds really dumb and naive but I really did believe that Logic would and could cure everything.  I am very, very, horribly wrong on that one.  Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!